Chapter 2- Death, and Meeting God

KMega6KMegacharacter looked at the ‘game over’ message again, and the playback of the details. In truth, he had no malice toward the dragon4dragonspecies. The npc had something stolen from her that was precious. He had seen it over a hundred times in his career, even he would sometimes be the one doing the stealing. He was just completely befuddled on where the respawn notice was. After explaining to the future viewers of his video what had happened in detail as the auto respawn timer counted down, he started filling in the remaining time of why this situation shouldn’t have happened because of the treaty of the dragon king and the leaders of humans. The treaty was a standard for all Green Corporation games, which Sword Kingdom was. As the timer hit zero, his body was enveloped in light and he appeared again in a familiar white temple. The angel he left less than two minutes ago had a floating mirror in front of her, while one hand was picking into her teeth, and the other was scratching an unsightly spot. KMega decided to omit that part of the video.

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Instantly, the angel noticed him and stood up from her stool in surprise.

“You…. didn’t I just see you off?” (Angel)

KMega rubbed the back of his head before speaking.

“Yeah, I died before I could take a single step.” (KMega)

The angel looked at him in confusion. This scenario was beyond her programming. The place she was confined to was a box.

While she was with users, she would do as she’s meant to and send them to their proper places and explain things to them. When she wasn’t busy doing that, she was allowed to indulge in human mannerisms. However, in this case, there was a problem. The method to send people away was a 1 time transport per person. It also only spawned once for every individual.

However, in Kmega’s case, the ‘starting’ area has become a prison that he can’t leave.

This meant that there was an error in the respawn system. In fact, there was no error though, just that the system saved the room as the original respawn point and he hadn’t done anything to initiate the system to make another one. To prevent hacking and cheating the system, you couldn’t log off in this room either.


Weise Blackshore is the lead developer of the game Sword Kingdom. It’s a game built on the back of his preceding games. It’s been praised highly as being a game with no flaws in it.

However, when he saw the new message on his computer that an npc had encountered a bug, he went into his pod to immediately investigate. The process to get into his god avatar wasn’t hard, so then he appeared in the white room with the angel and the man playing cards. The record that showed the angel had generated the item herself. The two of them looked at the holy being, and the angel took a knee when she saw him.

“Creator, it’s an honor to be in your presence.” (Angel)

Weise ignored the npc and looked at the man.

With his admin powers, he could see that the person was a new player.

“Why haven’t you sent this soul to the world below?” (Weise in god mode)

The angel went even lower in apology.

“My humblest apologies Creator, but I did. Not moments later after that, he appeared before me again.” (Angel)

Weise looked at the man and opened his activity log.

“Well, they say there’s a first for everything young man. I can give you two options; I can give you an escape from this room, or I can send you to a random town in the starting kingdom that you wanted. For a third option, I can let you make yourself anew. Don’t worry about the fees, we will naturally accredit you for the trouble. In any case, I think that you’ll be rewarded for finding this unknown error.” (Weise in god mode)


KMega knew immediately what that meant. Weise wanted KMega to keep quiet about the bug.

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“I’m recording this and I was planning on releasing it. If you would like though, I can wait to release the video until after the patch for the bug.. Naturally, I will say something along the lines that this issue was resolved post haste as well. I don’t need any additional reward either. I play the game because I want to, and I let people watch me play because I enjoy it.” (KMega)

Oddly, Weise had a large smile on his face after he said that. More likely than not, this incident was already starting to make some headlines, and this will let him get ahead of it.

“Well, I shall reward you nonetheless. You won’t notice the blessing though, so enjoy my world young man. I’ll be watching you.” (Weise in god mode)


A few days later, KMega was true to his word and released a video about what had occurred, leaving out a few select sensitive details showing Weise in a better light. Right after, there was a stream of incidents where new players were suddenly killed after spawning, but by then, Weise had already released a patch. From that day forward, when he was able to, Weise would watch the videos and streams of the user KMega.

He was deeply impressed by the young man.

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