Chapter 3- Second First Town

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KMega6KMegacharacter finally decided to go through the portal to a random town in the kingdom of his choice. It was a low population kingdom to begin with, and the starting town was really selected at random.

Unfortunately for him, he was expecting to be sent to another town on the outskirts, but he was sent to the capitol instead.

He sighed deeply before smiling.

“All right folks, looks like we’re starting in the big city.” (KMega)

He said those words loud enough to be heard by his recorder and several people around him. Most users just glanced at him before figuring he was a streamer2streamerstory mechanic or something. They were common enough.

The first thing that KMega did was walk over to the priest that gave new players their first quest. His quest was a simple errand. In a small town, this quest chain would just normally give a brief tutorial about local specialties, but in the capitol, there was a lot to do. The very beginning taught the player about food and hunger. The reward was naturally a few loaves of bread.

After that, it moved onto weapons and armor; then potions, crafting, magic, and then….

Three hours into KMega’s video, he finally finished all the tutorial quests.

In all, he accumulated more beginner materials than he would need, so he sent most of it into storage.


After the noob quest chain, KMega left the walls of the capitol. He wasn’t new to VR games, so  he knew that he could probably hunt larger game than the starting rabbits. He then went into the nearby forest with his beginner equipment. He wasn’t in the forest for long before he came across a wolf. He pleasingly smirked, as he knew a trick to VR games.

If you show a skill and ability over your character level, you can get bonuses, and may easily learn a new skill or ability.

Unfortunately for KMega; Wiese, the lead developer of Sword Kingdom, didn’t like this exploit, so he programmed a few surprises into the game when a player tries to do so.

Before KMega could react, the wolf howled after seeing new prey before it. It’s tongue hung out, hungry for the fresh meat it was about to get.

KMega quickly took out his sword to get ready to fight, as the wolf charged.


[Death Counter: 2

Time Elapsed: 8 Hours, 26 Minutes, and 23 Seconds

Time Until Next Respawn: 1 Hour, 32 Minutes, and 44 Seconds

Cause of Death: Level 16 Alpha Wolf]


Only allowed on

The video of the wolf attack will later be called the wolf ambush. This is the victims first hand account of how a new player shouldn’t leave their level range. The encounter rate of strong enemies will dramatically increase, as group combat and ambushes become more regular. In addition, the wolves get a pack bonus, and one of them even became an alpha male of the pack. Even though KMega gained three levels, and several skills and abilities in the fight like he wanted, he lost it all when he died, including all the starting gear he had on him.

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