Chapter 350: Super Green-Furred Rabbit


The aura of the Dark Rock Specter King disappeared? Everyone was started. Didn’t Wushuang just say that this Immovable Magic Array can immobilize anything within its range?

Just when Long Yi and others were surprised and bewildered, the dark cliffs on both sides of this narrow gorge suddenly trembled. Broken stones began to fall from the top of the cliffs as the shaking got stronger.

“F*ck, that big fellow truly doesn’t have any morals, it actually wants to bury us alive.” Long Yi cursed as he anxiously looked at the broken stones which were continuously rolling down the cliff.

“My husband, the cliffs are moving, they are moving towards us.” Nalan Ruyue said in a panic as she suddenly saw that the dark cliffs on both sides of this narrow gorge were slowly closing in towards them.

Not good, the narrow gorge was initially wide enough for four people to stand side by side, now it became more cramped as the walls moved towards each other. Now, it was wide enough to only fit three people standing side by side. Long Yi grumbled in his heart, if things were to carry on like this, then wouldn’t they be crushed into a meat paste?

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Long Yi stopped exerting great effort to break the barrier. Instead, he retracted his hand and started to observe his surroundings.

“I am truly stupid.” Long Yi hit his own head and said. Why on earth did he try so hard to break this lightning magic barrier? This place was already the exit, so as long as he dug a passage through this dark cliff, they could have easily left this place. Thinking up to this point, Long Yi punched the dark cliff, unfortunately, the dark stones remained unaffected. This result dumbfounded Long Yi for a long time. No, although this dark cliff was incomparably hard, it was impossible for him to not be able to damage it even a bit.

In fact, if Long Yi had thought of breaking the walls to get out of this place before the Dark Rock Specter King escaped, then he would have already succeeded. But now that that Dark Rock Specter King had attached itself to this cliff after burning its life-force, this dark cliff had already become incomparably hard.

Now the gap between the cliffs on both sides of the gorge was only enough for two people to stand side by side, and was still continuously shrinking. Furthermore, all the magic barriers used by Long Yi’s group of four were also useless.

“My husband, what should we do?” Nalan Ruyue nervously looked at Long Yi. She believed that Long Yi would definitely figure out a way to get them out of this situation. Wushuang and Barbarian Bull also looked at Long Yi. In the critical moment, Long Yi was their backbone.

Finally, the walls on both sides shrunk till only one person could stand between them, and Long Yi’s group of four had to turn sideways to avoid getting squashed by each other.

And at this moment, those gloomy and cold sounds rang out again. Those Dark Rock Specters unexpectedly began to take advantage of their misfortune, wanting to suck the four people into the dark cliff.

Long Yi smirked. Seeing this, Wushuang and others relaxed all of a sudden, as they knew that Long Yi had definitely thought of a solution.

Feeling the attractive force all around them, Long Yi used his spirit power to envelop everyone, and let the Dark Rock Specters absorb them into the dark cliff.

The Dark Rock Specter King used up its life force to trap Long Yi’s group of four into its deathtrap, but this unexpectedly allowed its own followers to save them. Life was so intriguing.

After Long Yi’s group of four were sucked into the dark cliff, the cliffs on both sides of this narrow gorge completely closed up without leaving even a small crack.

Now, it was complete darkness in front of Long Yi as he felt that they had been completely engulfed by the dark cliff. As for those Dark Rock Specters that had sucked them in, they wished to withdraw. Once they left, Long Yi’s group of four would be stuck to death in the dark cliff. The reason why they were able to enter the dark cliff as if there was no obstruction was naturally because of the ability of these Dark Rock Specters.

Long Yi naturally understood this principle, so how could he let these Dark Rock Specters leave as they please? He wanted to get out of this narrow gorge using these Dark Rock Specters.

Long Yi bound these dark cliff specters with his powerful spirit power and drove them towards the direction of the exit.

Before long, Long Yi and the rest saw rays of lights shining ahead of them, and sweet smelling air directly blew on their faces. After finally exiting the place, this was certainly a mentally refreshing experience.

“What a beautiful place.” Nalan Ruyue gasped in admiration looking at this fairyland-like surroundings. There were jade-green soft grassland, various kinds of trees spread all over, multi-colored flowers, and a clear brook flowing down from the distant hill. With a gentle breeze, a faint fragrance would spread all over this place, this place was truly by no means inferior to the Elven Forest.

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“This place is indeed beautiful, but be careful. Perhaps, this place might have something strange.” Long Yi warned. Was there a safe place in the Lightning God Forbidden Area? He greatly doubted that.

But, the three god-beasts began to play in the grassland. They seemed to find this environment very enjoyable.

“My husband, look over there, it’s a green rabbit.” Nalan Ruyue pointed at a green-furred rabbit under a big tree on the right side and said in a pleasantly surprised voice. Now, she no longer had the cold image of an untouchable saintess, rather, she had the expression of a common young girl.

Long Yi looked over and saw an uncommon green-furred rabbit under a big tree. It was jumping around, playing by itself, and it looked very cute.

“You like it, right? Your husband will help you grab it.” Long Yi gently pinched the cheek of Nalan Ruyue and said. Then, in an instant, he flew near the rabbit and his big hand reached towards it to grab it at lightning speed.

But, to his surprise, he had unexpectedly failed to grab the rabbit. The only thing he managed to grab was the afterimage of this green-furred rabbit. While he was still feeling surprised and bewildered, he heard Nalan Ruyue and others crying out in alarm.

Long Yi turned his head, and along with a cold roar, he saw a sun flying towards him. Then, using his Great Cosmos Shift to its limit, at the final moment, he dodged. After barely dodging the object flying at him, he landed at the grasslands 100 meters away, panting. Despite dodging the object, he was still affected by the attack to some extent. Now, his handsome face had turned black, a handful of hair was burnt, and there were a number of big holes on his clothing. But, in the surrounding within the radius of 50 meters where he was standing just a moment ago, there wasn’t even a blade of grass left standing, only a big, burned black crater remained.

“Monster, what a monster.” Long Yi didn’t dare to believe that that green-furred rabbit he was trying to catch just now was not only incomparably fast, it could shoot a big fireball that was several dozen meters in diameter. Moreover, the temperature of that flame unexpectedly wasn’t that much weaker than the flames of the Fire Qilin. This damn God was truly pulling his leg.

Fortunately, this green-furred rabbit didn’t chase and attack Long Yi again, otherwise, it would be troublesome.

Wushuang and others came over and they also had expressions of shock and disbelief on their faces when they saw what happened to Long Yi.

“Boss, are you all right?” Barbarian Bull asked with concern.

“I’m fine, but what is this goddamn place? The strength of a mere rabbit is as amazing as my god-beasts.” Long Yi complained. As a matter of fact, the strength of this rabbit was comparable to the god-beasts, merely, the strength of the three god-beasts by Long Yi’s side were basically hidden. They were only showing one-tenth of their true god-beasts’ strength, otherwise, breaking through this Lightning God Forbidden Area wouldn’t be this hard.

At this time, the crater created by the big fireball of that green-furred rabbit flashed with a green light. Then, in a blink of an eye, it unexpectedly reverted back to the original state as if there was never a crater there in the first place.

Long Yi straightened out his clothes, and began to take a leisure stroll in this place. This time, they became a little wiser. If they saw any living creatures, they would make a detour and didn’t dare to provoke them despite the fact that Long Yi was itching to hunt down and roast some of them to satisfy their food cravings.

While walking up the hillside, the expression of the four people who were happily chatting suddenly stiffened, and their complexion became pale all of a sudden. Looking at each other, the four of them bent over and shrunk their bodies behind the hillside.

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