Chapter 351: Déjà vu

God, what the hell did they see? On the other side of this small hill was unexpectedly filled with numerous magical beasts. Moreover, all of them were magical beasts ranked S class or above. Most of the magical beasts they were looking at only existed in legends as they have never appeared since a long time ago. There were so many magical beasts, everywhere on the flat area in this small hillside was filled with them. Even the extremely rare Violent Lightning Beast, Long Yi’s group could see that there were already 20 of these beasts in front of them.

“My husband, am I dreaming?” Nalan Ruyue softly asked in amazement.

“I don’t think so because I am also seeing the same thing as you.” Long Yi helplessly shrugged his shoulders. However, in the next moment, he frowned in confusion as he muttered, “Not right……!”

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“Not right.” Wushuang’s soft voice simultaneously rang out, as she looked towards Long Yi. Seeing that he was signaling her to speak, she explained, “As the proverb goes, a mountain cannot have two tigers. Generally, if there is a powerful magical beast in an area, then within the vicinity of 100 li, one shouldn’t find a second similar ranked magical beast. There are currently several hundred magical beasts with similar ranks gathered here together, and they are surprisingly living in peace with each other. This should be an impossible matter. Furthermore, even if a powerful magical beast doesn’t attack anyone, it would at the very least emit a powerful aura. The senses of a powerful magical beast are also very sharp, they should be able to sense us even if we were very far away. The weird thing here is that we are so close to them, yet they are unable to sense our presence. Also, we are unable to sense them in front of us, as if they don’t exist at all. This cannot be justified.”

Wushuang spoke out her analysis, and her analysis was very reasonable. Only after hearing her, Nalan Ruyue and Barbarian Bull managed to notice the problem. What Wushuang stated was also the problem Long Yi had thought of when he saw the beasts.

“Then, these creatures that resemble powerful magical beasts are in fact not real magical beasts?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

“Yes… and no at the same time let me try to understand.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Try? What do you mean??” Nalan Ruyue asked in confusion.

Long Yi stood up and opened his big hands. An ice arrow formed in his palms and after taking aim at an SS-ranked Raging Flames Lion that was emitting golden flames, he released the arrow.

This Raging Flames Lion had no reaction towards the incoming ice arrow. The ice arrow directly shot into its neck, then the golden flame around its entire body instantly extinguished and its entire body was covered with a layer of ice as it collapsed.

Eh…… Long Yi was dumbfounded and others were also similarly startled. This Raging Flames Lion was too weak. Even a rank 5 water magic was able to kill it. Moreover, it appeared as though this rank 5 water magic was overkill when used on this SS-ranked Raging Flames Lion.

“I understand now, this place is completely opposite from the outside. The strongest has become the weakest and the weakest has become the strongest.” Long Yi said while snapping his fingers.

Wushuang and others also agreed with Long Yi. Just thinking about their encounter with the lowest rank green-furred rabbit, and thinking about the result when Long Yi shot a rank 5 ice arrow at the SS-ranked Raging Flames Lion, Long Yi shouldn’t be wrong.

“Boss, since that is the case, how about we kill all of them.” Barbarian Bull’s eyes shone as he droned.

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Long Yi knocked Barbarian Bull’s head and said with a smile, “You brat, you want to bully the weak. If you have guts, then go and kill that green-furred rabbit.”

Barbarian Bull rubbed his head and said. “I am clearly unable to defeat real SS-class magical beasts, but killing these fakes can satisfy my craving.”

Long Yi rubbed his chin and felt that the words of Barbarian Bull were also very reasonable. It was not bad to satisfy their cravings. Killing such powerful magical beasts with one slash, that feeling ought to be very satisfying.

“In any case, we have to go past them, and since they are in the way, taking another road and not killing them seems pretty stupid. Let’s kill them as we pass by.” Long Yi waved his hand as he rushed towards the other side of the hillside by himself.

“Boss, wait for this old bull.” Barbarian Bull called out loudly as he chased after Long Yi. Behind them, the three god beasts chased after them to join in the fun.

As for Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry seeing this. Looking at Long YI, they couldn’t help but reassess their understanding of him again.  From his shiny black clear eyes, it seemed like it was easy to see through him. However, as for what he was truly thinking in his heart, perhaps, even the person closest to him would be unable to understand. Sometimes, he appeared very complicated, sometimes, he appeared very simple. When he was cruel, he would enrage both men and gods with his viciousness. When he was gentle and soft, he could also make people feel as if he was a gentle spring breeze.

As the two women began to lose themselves in their thoughts, they unintentionally displayed different expressions. Nalan Ruyue followed the back view of Long Yi with her eyes and thought about the moments she had spent together with him, her eyes had tender feelings like water as she looked at him. As for Wushuang, she was indifferent as usual, but her eyebrows would frequently tighten and loosen which showed that her heart wasn’t calm.

Wushuang had long been convinced of everything Long Yi had said. But believing was one thing, however, accepting a stranger as her husband was absolutely not a reality for her. Although she had lost her memories of the time she had spent together with Long Yi, the impression left behind by Long Yi in her heart was very deep. For instance, outside Soaring Dragon City, when she saw Long Yi’s heart-broken expression, her water-like calm heart, at that instant, unexpectedly felt stabbing pain.

Throughout the way when traveling from Blue Moon City to this Lightning God Forbidden Area, frequently, Wushuang felt that the movements Long Yi made and the expressions he showed seemed familiar. But if she tried to think of the things that happened before, that feeling would vanish as if a night blooming cactus. However, this made Wushuang more convinced of whatever Long Yi said. So although the relationship between Long Yi and her appeared indifferent, in fact, the two of them were actually getting closer.

“Big sister Wushuang, my husband has already left, shouldn’t we follow?” Nalan Ruyue’s voice woke Wushuang who was lost in thought. The two women followed behind Long Yi and Barbarian Bull who had already charged into the group of magical beasts.

Before long, Long Yi could no longer see any living magical beast around him. All the ‘magical beasts’ were laying on the ground, and Barbarian Bull appeared as if he was still full of energy.

After looking around, tiger cub Little Three found a ‘magical beast’ which seemed delicious. Despite it being bigger than itself, Little Three bit the ‘magical beast’ with its little mouth and dragged it over to Long Yi. After reaching Long Yi’s side, Little Three pulled on Long Yi’s pants while drooling, it was obviously a very gluttonous little creature.

Long Yi believed Little Three’s judgment. The raw materials chosen by this little one were definitely high-quality stuff. Little Three wouldn’t even look at lower quality stuff like the meat of weaker magical beasts.

Already fed up with eating preserved food, Long Yi had long wanted to roast and cook some magical beasts to satisfy his cravings. Patting Little Three’s head, Long Yi said with a smile, “Gluttonous tiger, you have profited today.”

Little Three gave a few roars in excitement after hearing what Long Yi said, and in the blink of an eye, it left. After a few moments, Little Three returned with two other helpers, dragging several ‘magical beasts’ corpses towards Long Yi.

Long Yi was helpless as he knew that Little Three’s appetite was like a bottomless pit. No matter how much food Long Yi gave it to eat, it would never be enough. Now that Long Yi had more work than he could handle, he summoned the 18 super skeletons from inside the blood skull to help him out. Using his thoughts, he commanded them to peel off the skin and slice the meat, just like he had done in the Huangmang plains.

Seeing this scene, Wushuang was startled. A strong feeling of déjà vu appeared in her heart as she watched the 18 super skeletons prepare the meat. She seemed to have already experienced this in the past, so she tried her best to recall where she had seen this scene before, and she indistinctly ‘saw’ a vague scene.

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