Chapter 349: Magic Array


Knowing that the way out was right in front of them, Long Yi’s group of four were very excited. Throughout the way, they were speeding up, and now, they could already faintly see a ray of light far away.

“Lightning magic barrier?” When the four of them reached the end of this narrow gorge, they saw that the exit was actually sealed by a lightning magic barrier where electric currents were wandering about.

Barbarian Bull immediately grabbed his Greenstone Rule and smashed his club on the barrier without any demur. This smash resulted in Barbarian Bull being sent flying with a stiff body. When he finally got up after landing far away, the hair on his entire body was standing erect. His muscles were twitching involuntarily after getting shocked by the lightning barrier.

“What a powerful electric current, my entire body is numb.” After a good while, Barbarian Bull’s stiffened muscles softened but he was still slightly trembling. And his current appearance was so comical that anyone would find this very funny.

Long Yi smirked. The taste of an electric shock, that feeling was not unfamiliar to Long Yi at all. After his observation of the lightning barrier just now, he knew that the strength of this lightning magic barrier was beyond his imagination.

“Let me try.” Long Yi smiled and stepped forward. Circulating AoTianJue’s internal force in his right hand, he reached out towards this barrier seal.

Long Yi’s ability to break barriers was second to none, it could even be said that he was blessed by the heavens. With the circulation of AoTianJue’s internal force, even a Holy Light Barrier, this kind of rank 10 light magic defense barrier, was just like paper to him. Moreover, he himself also had absorbed the lightning power, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to break this lightning barrier.

Very quickly, Long Yi’s complexion was no longer casual like before and he became solemn. Even though he had circulated his fourth layer AoTianJue at full power, the lightning magic barrier unexpectedly still didn’t break. It was not that the property of his AoTianJue was changed, rather, this lightning magic barrier was no common barrier. He feared, even the divine level barrier casted by Wushuang cannot compare to this lightning barrier in front of them. Perhaps, only the real Lightning God had the ability to cast this kind of barrier.

But, it wasn’t as though Long Yi couldn’t break the barrier, as long as he had two-three days, he could definitely break open this barrier.

At that time, an ill wind suddenly spread. Those strange sounds that vanished long ago returned, filling the whole place. Hearing these sounds, the party of four involuntarily felt their blood run cold.

“My husband, didn’t you say the corpse kings of different space are Dark Rock Specters’ natural enemy? How come they are coming out again?” Nalan Ruyue lifted her magic staff, and a holy and soft radiance suddenly enveloped the area several meters around them.

Long Yi with his hands still above the lightning magic barrier turned his head and saw that the Silver Armored Corpse Kings were retreating with an instinctive fear. Making a wry smile, he said, “Corpse kings from the different space are the natural enemies of Dark Rock Specters, but if they encountered a very rare Dark Rock Specter King, there was nothing they could do.”

Nalan Ruyue was just about to reply him when she felt that the air around them was frozen, and an evil aura that could make people’s hair stand erect surged. Furthermore, the holy light she casted had unexpectedly dimmed greatly.

A dense, dark mist indefinitely rolled about in the midst of the narrow gorge 100 meters away from the group of four. This evil, gloomy and cold atmosphere could easily make people mistake that this place was a dark hell instead of whatever was here in the first place..

Gradually, the dark mist attached to the dark cliff, forming a huge shadow. A pair of blood red eyes flashing with red light suddenly opened and stared at Long Yi’s group of four with a strange expression.

“Long Yi, how much time do you need to break this barrier?” Wushuang frowned and asked.

“Roughly ten hours.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said as he sent back those three Silver Armored Corpse Kings that were now useless.

Wushuang nodded her head and still had an indifferent expression on her face. Seems like she wasn’t bothered by this Dark Rock Specter King.

“Do you have a way to deal with this big fellow?” Long Yi asked.

“It might be impossible to kill it, but I can trap it for two-three days.” Wushuang indifferently said.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows, how was she so confident? As a matter of fact, he also had a way to deal with this Dark Rock Specter King, which was to use the power of the Dark Magic Jade. Of course, he could also use the Holy Light Jade, but after using it to cut open the Nine Dark Demonic Flower, this Holy Light jade unexpectedly became dimmer. Moreover, he was unable to sense any light magic elements on it anymore. He himself didn’t know what was going on.

Wushuang tightly held the Ice Magic Staff, and on the ground, she drew complicated lines. Those lines were flashing with blue lustrous and transparent light, and they also were full of magic aura.

Long Yi curiously looked at the ground, he saw a six-edged star shape with many complicated lines drawn connecting the six points together.

“Magic Array!” Long Yi involuntarily exclaimed with surprise. A Magic Array was a powerful and matchless product in the legends that was long lost in the long river of history. At that time, when he was at the library of the Mea Holy Magic Academy, he had seen an incomplete copy of a Magic Array. As it lacked too many records, he was basically unable to realize its essence.

After thinking for a bit, Long Yi was no longer surprised. Since Wushuang was from Lost City of thousands of years ago, at that time, before its destruction, Lost City once had a great and splendid magic civilization. Just looking at that crystal ball that could record the video which he had found at that time in Wushuang’s chamber proves the point. So it was nothing strange for her to be able to use a Magic Array.

Wushuang closed her eyes, and she was completely preoccupied with drawing a Magic Array on the ground. Distinct beads of sweat filled her forehead as she continued to draw the Magic Array. After seeing the Magic Array drawn on the ground, that Dark Rock Specter King, as if it sensed the danger, issued an ear-piercing hiss. Along with the seething dark mist that covered the sky, it charged towards the group of four before it.

Wushuang suddenly opened her eyes and her eyes glimmered with light as she took out a scroll from inside her space ring. She then placed the scroll on the Magic Array she had drawn on the ground. Suddenly, a burst of glittering light blue radiance soared, and then, they no longer heard that ear-piercing voice of that Dark Rock Specter King. The evil atmosphere which was present just a moment ago seemed to have completely dissipated.

“Is this the power of a Magic Array? Big sister Wushuang, is this a true Magic Array?” Nalan Ruyue was clearly shocked as she asked.

“Yes, this is an Immovable Magic Array. Within its range, everything, no matter if they are living beings or non-living beings, have form and structure or not have form and structure, everything cannot move. The only downside about this Magic Array is that it would become useless after its magical power runs out.” Wushuang indifferently answered.

“So powerful, how about teaching me?” Long Yi being a thick-skinned person immediately asked her to teach him how to draw a Magic Array.

“Okay.” Wushuang unexpectedly agreed without the slightest hesitation. This made Long Yi a little complacent. It seemed like she had some feelings for him.

“But, you have to acknowledge me as a teacher.” The corner of Wushuang’s mouth slightly curled up, and a hint of a soul-stirring smile appeared on her face. Although it was only for a moment, it was enough to dazzle Long Yi.

“Fine…” Being dazzled by her radiant smile, Long Yi subconsciously spoke out the word of agreement. But immediately afterward, he suddenly came back to his senses and said, “Fine my fart, I am your husband, and you actually want me to acknowledge you as a teacher, you are truly preposterous.”

“I have never admitted that you are my husband, and if you don’t formally become my pupil, then I will not teach you.” The expression of Wushuang was flat as if she never had that smile of just now.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, then he said with a smirk on his face, “Your smile is truly beautiful, if acknowledging you as a teacher can make me see you smile frequently, then it isn’t bad to acknowledge you as a teacher.”

The words of Long Yi startled both Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang. Wushuang, moreover, felt a sense of loss in her heart, and Nalan Ruyue became somewhat anxious.

“My husband, if you acknowledge big sister Wushuang as a teacher then wouldn’t you and big sister Wushuang……”

“They say, take an intelligent and well-informed person as a teacher, acknowledging my wife as a teacher is also fine.” Long Yi interrupted Nalan Ruyue.

“Isn’t that going against ethics? This is not allowed.” Nalan Ruyue said.

“Ethics and morals are b*******. Master and apprentice can love one another, but why can’t they be together?” Long Yi said with a smile. Thinking back, Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu, weren’t they madly in love as well [1]? Besides, in his past world, didn’t professors and students fall in love and get married to each other?

Wushuang met Long Yi’s passionate gaze and she felt as if her heart was burning. She hastily shifted her line of sight as she didn’t dare to stare at Long Yi any longer, but her heart still had ripples as if a stone was thrown into a calm lake.

“Your heart is in chaos.” Long Yi muttered as if he was talking to himself.

Wushuang secretly took a deep breath and her state of mind restored calmness, but she was calm only on the surface. It wasn’t easy for her to erase the mark left in her heart by Long Yi. Despite losing her memory, something that was integrated into the blood and marrows nevertheless still exists.

“It’s none of your business, I am not your woman. Maybe I used to be your woman in the past, but now, I am absolutely not.” Wushuang turned away and said, but her right hand holding Ice Magic Staff was slightly trembling.

Long Yi smiled but his heart nevertheless tightened, and he said with a smile, “You are my woman, you were and you will always be. You were in the past, you are still my woman now, and in the future, you’ll still be my woman. I am very familiar with every inch of your body, you……”

The words of Long Yi ceased abruptly. As a matter of fact, Wushuang with great changes in her complexion had used Freeze Over Magic to freeze him into an ice sculpture. Only his right hand containing the greater part of his internal force was not frozen and was still above the lightning magic barrier.

Long Yi didn’t shake off the layer of ice to free himself like he did before. He simply stood there and let the ice freeze his body slowly. One minute, two minutes, ten minutes……

Nalan Ruyue wasn’t able to bear it any longer and she thought of helping Long Yi break the ice. However Wushuang was faster as she waved her hands with a complicated expression on her face and the layer of ice covering Long Yi disintegrated.

The expression on Long YI’s face had no change and he still had his signature bad smile as he said, “Felt anguished, despite not remembering me, it nevertheless is an indisputable fact that you love me.”

Wushuang didn’t reply to him. Just like Long Yi had said, her heart was in a mess. She could similarly sense Long Yi’s heartache, and his heartache made her feel bitter. Did she feel heartache because of their peculiar telepathy? Wushuang also wasn’t clear about why she was feeling heartache at the moment.

The atmosphere was kind of awkward as they were currently in a stalemate. At this moment, Barbarian Bull was scratching his bull-horns looking at this and again looking at that. He was confused. The complicated feelings and disputes between Long Yi and Wushuang, with his IQ, he wasn’t able to understand anything that was going on.

Suddenly, Wushuang’s complexion changed and said in a hurry, “The Dark Rock Specter King’s aura vanished.”

[1] Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu: They are fictional protagonists of the wuxia novel “The Return of the Condor Heroes” by “Jin Yong”. In this novel, Yang Guo is the apprentice of Xiao Long Nu, later they develop a romantic relationship and get married after some ups and down.

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