Chapter 348: Another Domain’s Specters

The internal force shot out from the finger of Long Yi whistled past Wushuang and hit the black rock behind her. Suddenly, a black liquid rained down from the sky, as if a black rain, drenching the currently meditating Wushuang’s hair and face. At the same time, a hint of a shadow peeled off the rock behind Wushuang. In a few moments, the shadow dissipated into the air as if it was never there in the first place.

“Boss, what was that?” Barbarian Bull moved closer to Long Yi and asked while alertly holding Greenstone Rule.

Long Yi shook his head. Squatting down, Long Yi used his finger to touch the black liquid before smelling it. Unexpectedly, the black liquid actually had a faint smell of blood,
The strong energy fluctuation coming from Long Yi woke up both Nalan
Ruyue and Wushuang from their meditation. When Wushuang sensed that her hair and face were covered with strange black liquid, she who had mysophobia suddenly felt sick and wanted to vomit.

“Long Yi…” Wushuang got up and glared at Long Yi, clearly furious with him. In her eyes, there was also a trace of doubt, as she couldn’t think of a reason why Long Yi would get that black liquid on her.

“This has nothing to do with me. I just noticed that something attached to the rock was quietly approaching you, so I attacked it. This black liquid on your body might be its blood.” Long Yi explained with a hollow laughter.

By this time, Wushuang had already recovered most of her physical strength and magic power via meditation. After casting an Opaque Barrier, she proceeded to change all of her clothes, after conveniently washing herself.

After Wushuang had changed her clothing, Long Yi explained everything he saw a moment ago with a serious voice. He also told them about the situation they are currently in, inside this narrow gorge.

“This place shouldn’t be like the Death Sea of Flowers where no matter how much we walk, we cannot find the exit, right?” Nalan Ruyue looked all around and said with some worry. Moreover, she didn’t know whether this was a figment of her imagination or not, but she was constantly feeling that this place was very strange.

“That shouldn’t be the case, can’t you all feel that the air inside this narrow gorge is flowing? This implies, there must be a way out on both sides.” Wushuang sensed her surroundings with fixed attention and said indifferently.

“Correct, we can casually choose any side to go towards. Anyway, there will surely be a way out of here.” Long Yi looked at Wushuang with praise and said.

After that, four people and three beasts walked towards one side of the narrow gorge for more than an hour. Suddenly, the light passing through the opening above the narrow gorge gradually faded away. The air became colder all of a sudden, making the atmosphere gloomy, and a strong wind suddenly swept through the narrow gorge.

“Such a dense death qi.” Long Yi was startled and he immediately instructed everyone to guard their spirit.

Now, with four people leaning their back against one another, and three god-beasts taking the lead, they slowly advanced forward.

Suddenly, the furs of three god-beasts stood erect as they simultaneously got into a battle stance. As for Long Yi’s group of four, they only felt a burst of coldness, as they heard strange sounds coming from all directions around them. However, there was not a single soul in sight around them.

Wushuang raised the Ice Blue Magic Staff in her hands, then after chanting a tediously long obscure incantation, cold qi spread out as she casted World of Snow and Ice. After that, the black cliffs on both sides of this narrow gorge were rapidly covered with a thick layer of ice which continuously stretched to 100 meters in length.

A burst of thin black mist rose up from the layer of ice, and the layer of ice instantly melted and disappeared without a trace. Moreover, after the ice melted, the strange sounds became even more unbridled.

“Ignore these things, let them cry. We should move quickly.” Long Yi frowned and said.

Just after Long Yi finished speaking, Barbarian Bull who was at his side was involuntarily drawn into the black cliff. Fortunately, Barbarian Bull’s reaction was fast enough. He brandished his Greenstone Rule with great strength, attacking at the space behind him.Then with a splashing sound, black liquid sprayed, and a hint of shadow began to dissipate as the force attracting Barbarian Bull also ceased.

“Is it a specter?” Nalan Ruyue asked. She could feel the dense death qi, but that didn’t appear to resemble the usual death qi a spectre possessed.

“Might be, might not be. Did you see, the magic attack seemed to be completely ineffective against these things. On the contrary, physical attacks seem to have a great effect? From this aspect, they are unlikely to be specters as specters are completely immune to physical attacks.” Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

“Yes, but these things don’t have a physical body, how can this be explained?” Wushuang said with confusion in her voice. She also had the feeling that her Rank 10 magic, World of Snow and Ice, which she casted just now was completely ineffective.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders as he also didn’t understand what was going on.

However, now that they knew the specific properties of these unknown creatures, Long Yi and others also changed their ways to deal with the creatures. Among the four of them, only he and Barbarian Bull possessed powerful physical attacks. As such, the two of them took up positions facing the black cliff, placing the two women between the two of them so that they could protect them.

Throughout the way, Long Yi and Barbarian Bull killed innumerable such unknown creatures, however, as if an endless tide, their numbers increased more and more.

The attacks of these creatures weren’t terrifying, and they were also vulnerable to the physical attacks. What gave Long Yi and the others a headache was, these unknown creatures could actually ignore the existence of the barriers. No matter how tough the barriers were, strangely, the creatures could easily penetrate into the barriers.

“Ruyue, use Purify Magic to see whether it has an effect or not.” Long Yi said to Nalan Ruyue. Although these unknown creatures were not afraid of magic attacks, but if they belong to the dark attribute, then holy light magic should have some effect on them.

Nalan Ruyue nodded her head. Raising her magic staff, a soft and white light ball rose to the sky, and radiance spread all around. Now, Nalan Ruyue appeared devout, and a lustrous and transparent light was wandering about her face making her look incomparably holy and pure.
The strange voices suddenly became much smaller, and dense death qi also became much thinner. It seems these unknown creatures indeed belonged to the dark attribute. Merely, when the Purify Magic casted by Nalan Ruyue ended, these cold voices and weakened death qi also resurged.

At this time, a burst of suction force attacked Long Yi, pulling him towards the black cliff on one side. The thought of breaking free instantly crossed Long Yi’s head, but suddenly, an idea struck Long Yi and he let this suction force pull him to the black cliff. Then Long Yi’s big hand, as if piercing through the void, moved towards the dark cliff. Spirit power from the space between his eyes suddenly gushed out along his big hand and bound the invisible creature. Next, he put forth his strength to pull, and a hint of shadow was pulled out from inside the dark cliff by Long Yi. After violently struggling for a few moments, the creature realized that its struggling didn’t have any effect. Curling up into a ball, the creature suddenly exploded, changing into a wisp of shadow and faded away, without leaving any trace on that dark cliff.

“I might know what these creatures are.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“What?” All three of them asked simultaneously.

Long Yi smiled and strands of dark qi suddenly appeared in his hand, he quickly thought an incantation. Drawing lines in the sky with both his hands, a pitch black space fissure appeared. From inside the fissure, three ugly undead wearing silver armors came out and stood in front of Long Yi. They were undead creatures of extra-dimension, Silver Armored Corpse Kings.

After the appearance of these three Silver Armored Corpse Kings, the strange sounds from before suddenly disappeared without any trace as if there were never such sounds.

“Undead summoning, husband…my husband…” The complexion of Nalan Ruyue became pale. As a matter of fact, that time in the stomach of the Nine Dark Demonic Flower, she had seen Long Yi using five humanoid substances with hoods covering them to obstruct the five holes that were emitting poison mist. At that time, she had felt something was wrong, but she had always been unwilling to believe, that’s all.

Wushuang merely looked at Long Yi with a strange look in her eyes, but her expression didn’t change at all. As for Barbarian Bull, he already knew Long Yi was a dark magician too, so he naturally didn’t show any surprised expression.

Long Yi used a cordial gaze to look at Nalan Ruyue and said, “You didn’t see wrong, your husband, I am indeed a necromancer. Merely because in a necromancer, do you think I, your husband, am wicked beyond redemption?”

“But…but…” Nalan Ruyue was clearly unable to accept this sudden revelation and she was at a loss and confused. As the Light Church’s saintess, regarding dark as an enemy had already become a kind of instinct.

Long Yi however, was disappointed in her reaction. At that time, in Soaring Dragon City, when Si Bi and Leng Youyou, these two saintesses of different camps met each other, they coexisted peacefully because both of them loved him. Moreover, they also accepted him for simultaneously having seven attributed magic physiques without any objection. Could it be that Nalan Ruyue was unable to accept all this?

“Forget it, we will resume our prior relationship. Between you and I, other than the relationship we have through marriage, there will be nothing. If you still cannot accept this, then you can terminate your relationship with me. We can separate and never meet each other.” Long Yi softly sighed and waved his hand, then turned his back towards Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue was startled. She felt pain, as if a knife was being twisted in her heart, and her complexion became very pale without a trace of redness. “Don’t leave”, she only had this thought in her heart.

“No… don’t, I do not want that.” The eyes of Nalan Ruyue immediately moistened, and suddenly calling out loudly, she rushed to Long Yi and from behind, she tightly hugged Long Yi’s waist.

“I am a necromancer, what would happen if the Light Church knows, you should be very clear about the consequences.” The knitted eyebrows on Long Yi’s face loosened, but his voice was still flat when he replied her.

“I don’t care, I don’t care, I only know I cannot live without you.” Nalan Ruyue hugged even tighter. Her only fear right now was that Long Yi would truly leave her.

“Do you really think so?” Long Yi asked as a smile appeared on his face.

“M-hm, even if I have to accompany you to the ninth floor of the hell, I will not regret.” Nalan Ruyue said.

Long Yi turned around and hugged Nalan Ruyue. Previously, he still doubted that the feelings of Nalan Ruyue had for him was not that deep. He also believed that his position was still far below the Light Church in her heart, but now, his heart was filled with happiness and he was greatly moved. This woman who was ready to give up even her faith for him, he vowed to use his life to treasure her.

Strangely enough, Wushuang didn’t disturb them, and her ice-cold gaze greatly softened when looking at them. She had an interesting telepathic connection with Long Yi, so she clearly knew his current state of mind.

After a long time, Nalan Ruyue finally calmed down. After realizing Barbarian Bull and Wushuang were still at their side, she blushed and immediately struggled free out of Long Yi’s bosom.

“Hugged enough? If you two have hugged enough, then hurry up and talk about the creatures attached to these dark cliffs.” Wushuang indifferently said.

“Jealous? If you also want me to hug you, then I will not be stingy with my hugs.” Long Yi smirked and cheekily said to Wushuang.

Wushuang coldly snorted and glared at him as she was too lazy to reason with him.

“My husband, tell us, what exactly are these creatures?” Nalan Ruyue pulled on the sleeves of Long Yi’s clothes and asked him.

“Do you all think I used a usual Undead Summoning Magic to summon these Silver Armored Corpse Kings?” Long Yi asked while pointing at those three Silver Armored Corpse Kings that appeared incomparably doughty.

“Is it not?” Nalan Ruyue didn’t quite understand undead magic.

“Of course, not, the attack power of undead creatures summoned using the usual Undead Summoning Magic aren’t too powerful, they merely rely on their numbers to obtain victory. These Silver Armored Corpse Kings are undead creatures of a different space. I used the long-lost Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic to summon them here. Moreover, these Silver Armored Corpse Kings are merely lower class undead creatures from the different space.” Long Yi slowly explained.

“Why are you mumbling so many unnecessary things? We didn’t ask you about these Silver Armored Corpse Kings, wait… Unless, these creatures attached to the rocks are also the undead creatures from different spaces?” Wushuang suddenly thought of this possibility.

“Correct, these specters are indeed specters of different space, called Dark Rock Specter. They are considered comparatively higher leveled specters in the different space. Usually, they are attached to this kind of dark rocks and are fused together with them. They prey on others by absorbing their target inside the rock. As a matter of fact, they don’t fear physical attacks as well as magic attacks. Only when they are attached to the dark rocks would they be vulnerable to physical attacks. However, if they don’t attach themselves to dark rocks, they wouldn’t have any means of attacking others. Neither would they have the ability to pull others in. One might well say, there is no gain without a loss.” Long Yi explained. He was not that proficient in Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic, but while he was reading up on it, he had hastily skimmed through all the books in the library. If not for his good memory, he also wouldn’t have remembered that these strange creatures were unexpectedly extra-dimensional undead creatures, Dark Rock Specter.

“Since Dark Rock Specters are comparatively higher leveled specters among the undead creatures of the different space, then why are they afraid of these comparatively lower leveled Silver Armored Corpse Kings?” Nalan Ruyue confusedly asked.

“Everything in the world has their own nemesis. The corpse kings from the different space don’t possess any magic attack, but their physical attacks nevertheless were extremely fierce. They completely suppressed the Dark Rock Spectres, so as soon as the Silver Armored Corpse Kings appeared, they went into hiding.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Without the threat coming from the Dark Rock Spectres, Long Yi and others temporarily relaxed. They began to quickly move forward as they felt that this goddamned place was not very good.
After continuously running for more than five hours, suddenly, a burst of breeze blew over directly on their faces. Long Yi instantly stopped and said with a smile, “There is the exit in the front, everyone, let’s move a bit faster.”

“How do you know that there is the exit in the front?” Nalan Ruyue asked as she could only see darkness in the front.

“Don’t you smell the scent of grass in the air?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

Nalan Ruyue took a deep breath and she was indeed able to smell the faint scent of grass. In this narrow gorge, other than stones, there were only stones, where would the smell of grass come from? The only explanation was that there was an exit not too far ahead of them.

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