Chapter 1- A Dragon Attacks

A teenager stood in his chair and adjusted the camera on the shelf pointing down toward it.

He then checked the microphone attachments and made sure that everything was plugged in. Behind him, there was a new vr pod simply named MK5.

In 2149, virtual reality1virtual realitystory mechanic is commonplace. Space travelling is commercial flights. The world has a unified government, and gamers still stream.

After making sure that everything was ready to go, he tapped the panel on the table and a screen, then a holographic light of a keyboard appeared on the table. He then hit the record button and started speaking.

“Hello Karma fans. Karma Mega here once again, or KMega6KMegacharacter for short. There were many votes, and in the end, you fans voted for me to begin playing Sword Kingdom, which came out less than a month ago. After the incident, I bought a new vr pod, which is behind me. Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. Now, give me a few minutes to get in….” (Karma Mega)


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After he said so, a spinning yin and yang symbol appeared on the video before he appeared again in the pod. This time, there was a third person perspective of the teenager for the viewers of the camera.

“As usual, we will have our character be the default. Now, I understand that in Sword Kingdom you can’t choose other races, but you can become them. For now, we’ll be human. My name will be KMega like usual. Leave a comment if you want to change and be a warrior or a mage. If you have any suggestions other than those two, please also leave a comment. Let’s get into it now. There’s talking about it, and actually seeing what it’s about.” (KMega)

After his pre-planned speech, the youth looked at the gateway that was labeled ‘Sword Kingdom’, then the title and the theme music started playing.

After a small delay to be assigned to a server, he was sent into another white room.

This time, instead of the bland default of the pod’s internal system, this one was a temple.

An angel then appeared in front of KMega before speaking.

“Welcome new soul, to the world of Heiror. I will be your guide. Would you like to hear some background?” (angel)


KMega held a sigh back. Tutorials were the most boring thing in the world, even in a VR game.

“No thanks, I have a lot of experience jumping between worlds.” (KMega)

The angel nodded, then a menu appeared in front of him.

“Young one, you must know what this is then, so I won’t explain it to you.” (Angel)

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She couldn’t start explaining anyways because KMega started it for her.

“This is a kingdom map where I will be sent to start my time in Heiror. I first pick a region, then a kingdom, then a town to start in.” (KMega)

As he talked, he was looking at the individual towns in consideration. He wanted to start somewhere not devoid of action, but not overly populated either.

He quickly found a town that met his standards; it had roughly one thousand npc’s, and a few dozen users.

He then selected it before saying his end greetings to the angel.

“It was nice meeting you.” (KMega)

KMega then saw a portal appear in front of him.

“I wish you luck outworlder.” (Angel)

He only stayed long enough to hear those words, as he stepped into the portal.

As he was gathering his bearings after going through to the town on the other side, a notice appeared in front of him.


[The town you’re currently in is being attacked by a dragon4dragonspecies. All portals and save actions have been disabled until the attack is over.]


A moment later, the building he was in collapsed because of the weight of a red winged lizard being on top of it.

“Where is my child, you filthy humans!?” (Dragon)

That was the last thing KMega heard, as a game over screen appeared in front of him.

[Death Counter:1

Time Elapsed: 1 minute and 53 seconds

Cause of Death: Level 586 Red Dragon Queen]


Several minutes before a Front Line Ranker of the game was in the nearby woods of the town, KMega came to Heiror. This was Terrar, a level 58 player who loved using earth elements, and was a terror for npcs. On this particular day, he decided to raid a dragon’s den for the treasures inside. Of course, he wasn’t foolish enough to do it the direct way. Dragons are among the most powerful beings in the game, so he waited by using npc mercenaries as bait.

While the dragon was away, he snuck inside and stole all he could, including a large egg.

Of course, it didn’t take long for him to hear the cry of the dragon, but by then, he was long gone. Unfortunately for him, the dragon had a maternal sense about her egg’s location at all times.


The dragon tracked him down, as he ran to the nearest town to lose her in a long range portal transport. Unfortunately still, the dragon used her magic on the town to prevent portals from activating, so no one could leave. It was truly unfortunate for all the people caught in the dragon’s wrath though. This includes a brand new player that had been playing for less than 2 minutes. When the dragon finally killed the thief, her precious egg had lost all signs of life from the rough treatment that the thief gave it. In due time, many of these unfortunate individuals will meet again, setting off a series of events that will change the world.

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