Chapter 347: Unknown gorge

This was a dark and narrow gorge where roughly only four people could walk side by side. On both sides, there was a dark cliff which rose straight into the clouds.

Wushuang opened her somewhat heavy eyes and her consciousness was still somewhat dim. She felt as if a heavy boulder was weighing down on her and this made her feel very hard to even breathe.

“What happened?” Wushuang wanted to move her head, but she felt that she couldn’t move as her entire body was aching as well as lacking strength.

The Death Sea of Flowers, Nine Dark Demonic Flower……” Wushuang gradually recalled what had happened. At that time, Long Yi had stabbed Holy Light Jade into the pistil of Nine Dark Demonic Flower. After that, she merely saw a purple light soaring towards the sky, then Nine Dark Demonic Flower quickly withered and with the sudden appearance of a huge fissure under their feet which had a great suction force, she was sucked into that fissure, and shortly afterward, she lost her consciousness.

Slowly, Wushuang’s consciousness became clearer and clearer, and she also began to slowly recover the senses of her body.

“Hu hu……” A hint of hot air was blowing in the ear of Wushuang, making her feel a tickling sensation.

“Long… Yi, you… wake up.” The voice of Wushuang was weak and hoarse. She finally sensed that a person was weighing down on her. That person was a man, moreover, that familiar smell made her immediately discern his identity.

But, Long Yi didn’t respond, he was still motionlessly weighing down on her as if he was in a coma.

Wushuang used all of the strength she had just accumulated to speak few words, but seeing Long Yi didn’t have any response, she had no choice but to give up.

Suddenly, Wushuang’s charming body stiffened. After she recovered her perception, she became aware that her right breast was being grabbed by a wolf claw. Without thinking, she knew that this wolf claw was definitely Long Yi’s beyond doubt. This made her endlessly embarrassed and angry. But, she was helpless because she couldn’t move now, otherwise, she would have chopped off his wolf claw.

Dongdong, dongdong, Wushuang felt her heartbeat was reverberating in this darkness and she was somewhat unable to endure this.

After an unknown period of time, Wushuang felt the movement of Long Yi above her. She became happy thinking Long Yi finally woke up but making her even more resentful, this fellow’s wolf claw grabbing her right breast unexpectedly loosened and tightened continuously, profaning her sacred sensitive place.

“Long Yi, you… you bastard.” The entire body of Wushuang involuntarily trembled as a ** feeling spread all across her body from her right breast, making her want to bite this pervert to death.

Long Yi was totally unaware that he was taking a cheap advantage of Wushuang, his wolf claw rubbed and pinched energetically, making Wushuang so furious that she wanted to kill him.

Wushuang bit her lower lip as her charming body trembled. This pervert didn’t seem to have any sign of waking up, on the contrary, he seemed to be dreaming a very dirty spring dream. Wushuang gnashed her teeth, but because she was lacking strength, she had no choice but to let Long Yi take cheap advantage of her.

“Ah… Long Yi, you pervert.” Wushuang cried out in alarm as she suddenly felt a hard thing was advancing towards the soft virgin land between her legs.

In the midst of simultaneously feeling ashamed and resentful, Wushuang felt she could slightly move her head, so she tilted her head with great difficulty and then opened her cherry mouth……

“Ah……” Unconscious Long Yi suddenly cried out in pain, and waking up, he immediately felt that the pain was coming from his right ear.

“Wushuang, loosen your bite, ah, you are about to bite off my ear.” The consciousness of Long Yi quickly restored, and immediately after he woke up, he smelled Wushuang’s that faint orchid fragrance, so he knew that the one that was biting his ear was Wushuang. But he didn’t have time to think about why she was biting his ear.

Wushuang had yet to recover her strength, so after biting for a little while, she no longer had the strength to bite. But, if she had used all her strength, then she might have bit off half the right ear of Long Yi.

Long Yi turned over and got up, then examined himself. Other than a somewhat unstable aura, everything else didn’t have any big problem.

After that, Long Yi cast Illumination Magic and saw Wushuang had a pale complexion with a hint of blush. Her breathing was also somewhat rapid and her sparkling beautiful pupils were unexpectedly somewhat flushed. This startled Long Yi, he knew that Wushuang had the ice-cold and indifferent temperament, and if she didn’t bear the greatest grievance, then she wouldn’t have this kind of expression.

Long Yi caressed his ears and his finger could clearly trace out a row of deep teeth marks, then making a bitter smile, he thought. Can it be that I made her bear grievance?

Long Yi propped up Wushuang. He sensed that her aura was somewhat chaotic and her beautiful eyes were glaring at him as if she wanted to kill someone.

“Remove your dirty hands, don’t…… touch me.” The voice of Wushuang was somewhat hoarse and her eyes were ice-cold looking towards Long Yi. Clearly, she bore a grudge for the matter of Long Yi unconsciously molesting her.

Long Yi touched his nose and helped Wushuang lean on the cliff. But, he was startled all of a sudden. What about Ruyue and Barbarian Bull? Moreover, where are Fire Qilin, Violent Lightning Beast and Little Three?

Long Yi urgently used his spirit power to scan inside the blood-colored skull. There he saw Fire Qilin and others were safe and sound, so he relaxed. But again recalling Nalan Ruyue and Barbarian Bull were missing, he became worried.

“Wait here for me for a little while.” Long Yi set up a restriction in front of Wushuang, then thinking for a bit, he still wasn’t able to rest assured, so he summoned Fire Qilin, Violent Lightning Beast and Little Three to guard her, then he disappeared in the darkness.

In this narrow gorge, Long Yi looked for the trace of Nalan Ruyue and Barbarian Bull. He really didn’t know why Wushuang and he appeared at this goddamned place. At that time, the final attack of Nine Dark Demonic Flower before its death had sent him flying, moreover, made him lose his consciousness too. In his opinion, since he and Wushuang appeared here together, Nalan Ruyue and Barbarian Bull must be around here too.

After searching for a little while, a hundred meters away, Long Yi found unconscious Nalan Ruyue and Barbarian Bull. That immediately made him relieved. They weren’t scattered, otherwise, that certainly would be troublesome.

Carrying both of them, he returned. There, he saw Wushuang was already sitting cross-legged, meditating to restore her physical strength and magic power.

Long Yi patted both Nalan Ruyue and Barbarian Bull, then both of them woke up.

“My husband……!” Nalan Ruyue opened her eyes and saw the deeply concerned handsome face of Long Yi, so she couldn’t help calling out tenderly.

“How do you feel? Are you fine?” Seeing Nalan Ruyue had awakened, Long Yi couldn’t help but smile warmly.

“I am feeling pain all over, and I can’t even muster any strength.” Nalan Ruyue frowned and said.

“Boss, where are we?” Barbarian Bull nevertheless got up all of a sudden. Although he looked somewhat tired but compared to Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang, he nevertheless was a lot better.

“I don’t know, but, are you fine?” Long Yi asked with concern.

Barbarian Bull swung his bulky arms and hitting his own chest, he said: “Other than a little pain, everything else is fine.”

Long Yi smiled and instructing Barbarian Bull to rest, he supported Nalan Ruyue on her back and helped her recover her strength.

In fact, Long Yi didn’t understand why among four people, he and Barbarian Bull were fine but the two women nevertheless had a big problem? Was it because the magician’s physique was comparatively weaker? But, not mentioning Nalan Ruyue, Wushuang was a Magic God, how come she was also in such a serious condition? In the beginning, she wasn’t even able to move.

After Nalan Ruyue recovered some of her physical strength, she sat cross-legged and meditated on her own while Long Yi began to examine the surroundings.

This dark gorge was very quiet, other than themselves, there seemed to be no other living existence, moreover, it was so long that he couldn’t see the end.

Long Yi looked up and saw a dim light at a high altitude. Then, lightly jumping, as if a hawk, he soared up rapidly.

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“Damn, what exactly is this goddamned place?” Long Yi cursed. No matter how high he flew, that small opening of this narrow gorge always appeared to be far away from him, so he knew that there was a problem here.

Although he had already expected danger and hardship in Lightning God Forbidden Area, Long Yi was rather surprised after personally experiencing them. It was already so arduous to cope with the Death Sea of Flowers, and now, this gorge seemed even more difficult to deal with. Moreover, the intuition of Long Yi told him that Lightning God Forbidden Area would only get more and more dangerous and will be harder and harder to advance, otherwise, so many adventurer groups wouldn’t have fallen here.

Long Yi sat on the ground. And at that time, Little Three quickly ran over and shook its tail acting like a spoiled child at his leg. Long Yi stroked the smooth fur of Little Three looking pensive while frowning.

Suddenly, Little Three who was tamely leaning at the side of Long Yi’s leg while enjoying his stroking stood up and its nerve was strained. Its one black and one white eyes alertly looked all around, but it turned around for a while, then it continued to lie down again.

Long Yi however was jolted. Just now, Little Three had clearly sensed something, but afterward, it again lied down as if nothing was wrong. But, Long Yi however sensed danger from this movement of Little Three. This goddamned place was so quiet that it could make people go insane. Other than stones, there was no sign of life. Did Little Three suddenly have a misconception?

Long Yi slightly closed his eyes, and his eyelids hung low as if an old monk was sitting in meditation, but his spirit however was very alert, and as if a radar, he was trying to find out any movement around him.

The atmosphere seemed to be the same. Barbarian Bull was again cleaning his Greenstone Rule. After the experience with the demonic flower, he had activated a portion of the potential of this divine artifact. Now, he and this Greenstone Rule truly had a kind of blood connection.

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At this time, two light balls floating in the midair that was illuminating this place flickered as if the wind blew them. And Long Yi’s shut eyes suddenly opened, and then he shot his internal force without holding back from his finger attacking towards Wushuang who was sitting cross-legged opposite to him.

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