Chapter 346: Cooperation of Light and Dark


The sudden change of the Death Sea of Flowers into the Dead Sea created an uproar in the outside world. Some guessed that this change occurred due to someone successfully crossing the Death Sea of Flowers.

The Death Sea of Flowers was after all flowers, but the Dead Sea however was water, moreover, a black stagnant water where nothing could float. Even a feather or a leaf wouldn’t float on this Dead Sea.

This change all the more made all adventurer groups to select other paths, and because of the involvement of teams after teams of mercenary groups, they truly found several other paths. As to where those paths would lead, currently, nobody knows, but they knew that the danger of these paths was also horrifying. Some even said that the number of people that died in Lightning God Forbidden Area was comparable to the number of people that died on the battlefield of three great empires.


In an unknown valley of Lightning God Forbidden Area, the sky was so gloomy that it pressured people to gasp for breath. At that time, several lightning strikes struck a big tree igniting it into a big fire.

Magical beasts, a horde of magical beasts were attacking. Even the weakest were B-classed magical beasts while most of them were A-classed magical beasts. Among them, there were even S-classed magical beasts.

And these terrifying magical beasts surrounded two separate troops with black and white sharply contrasting two large groups of people. The white side had roughly more than one thousand people, consisting of light priests, light warriors and light knights. The black side also had roughly the same number of people, consisting of hell priests and dark warriors as well as dark knights.

If a knowledgeable person was here, then he would have surely screamed. The people of Dark Church and Light Church also had unexpectedly entered Lightning God Forbidden Area, moreover, they were getting along as if they were close friends.

With the chanting sound of incantation, gorgeous magic exploded filling the entire sky. This scene was very spectacular.

A white figure was standing at the center of the light camp. She wore a priest robe with a golden edge and also was wearing a white hood covering her entire head. She waved her Holy Light Magic Staff, and a holy light illuminated as a rank 10 magic was cast, leisurely shooting down wild magical beasts in a wide expanse.

And from the space between the eyebrows of a beautiful black figure, a huge black lotus which emitted evil qi flew out. This black lotus rotated and absorbed the vitality of magical beasts changing them into mummies.

These two people simultaneously retracted their hand, then looking towards the other party, both of them slightly nodded their head in tacit understanding, and then again began to attack magical beasts.

“Youyou, she is?” A brown eyed and brown haired handsome youth at the side of the black figure asked.

“Well, she is Si Bi, I didn’t expect us to be able to fight side by side with her.” Leng Youyou laughed as the huge black lotus entered back into the space between her eyebrows.

“Aren’t we basically sisters?” The handsome youth smiled and said. If Long Yi was here, then he would have definitely recognized she was Feng Ling disguised as Ling Feng.

If anyone said, they saw Dark Church and Light Church getting along without conflict, then no one would ever believe it, but here, two sworn enemies however were cooperating harmoniously in tacit agreement.

It was not that they wanted to cooperate harmoniously, rather the situation forced them to cooperate harmoniously. These two big camps definitely had their own objective to dispatch so many elites to Lightning God Forbidden Area. However, meeting in this danger zone that was filled with terrifying magical beasts, for the sake of survival and also for the sake of completing their objective, both sides had no choice but to temporarily get along without any conflict, so as to jointly resist the attack of magical beasts.

“I heard our husband has also entered, I wonder where he has reached now.” Feng Ling muttered in a low voice but her hands however continuously cast Dark Devouring Magic.

“Is Lingr missing our husband?” Leng Youyou smiled and ask in a low voice.

“Of course, you damn girl and our husband were together for so long, I however……however have yet to have a bridal chamber.” Feng Ling blushed but she boldly said.

“As it turned out, Lingr here is longing for love, if I had known earlier then at that time in Soaring Dragon City, I would have made our husband dote on you before you left.” Leng Youyou said with a smile.

Feng Ling rolled her eyes and said: “Well, don’t speak now, lest other people might hear.”

After an unknown period of time, the attacking magical beasts legion retreated. Only after that, the people of Dark Church and Light Church were free to breathe properly. And, one after another, all of them began resting to recuperate.

Si Bi stood alone in the midst of wind holding a dark green Light Magic Staff. And her robe and white gauze of the hood was fluttering.

“Big sister Si Bi, how come you are standing here alone?” A crisp and fresh voice came from behind.

The brows of Si Bi under the hood slightly creased. Hearing the voice, she knew that the person speaking was Dongfang Kexin. Later, she knew that Dongfang Kexin was the cousin of Long Yi, and also knew some matters between her and Long Yi, so instinctively, she had repulsion towards her.

“It’s nothing.” SI Bi turned her head and saw Dongfang Kexin as well as her shadow, Kajia.

Dongfang Kexin came back to her senses and said to light knight Kajia: “Kajia, move a bit further away from me, why are you standing at my side when I and big sister Si Bi have girls’ matters to talk?”

“Pope instructed me to closely follow and protect you.” Kajia replied without the slightest intention to leave.

“Closely follow? Then, when I go to toilet and sleep, will you still closely follow me? Truly annoying, if you don’t leave, then hereafter, I will ignore you.” Dongfang Kexin threatened.

Kajia was startled and with no other choice, he turned away with a bitter smile.

“You…… are you still reminiscing him?” Dongfang Kexin pretended to ask by accident.

Si Bi looked towards Dongfang Kexin and suddenly felt that this girl who was also a saintess like her was somewhat terrible. She had a strong possessive desire for Long Yi and she also was fully aware of the relation between her and Long Yi, but here, she was able to familiarly call her big sister as if she was a harmless and pure little girl.

“Why aren’t you answering me? Are you thinking I am very terrible, very hypocritical, and I clearly know the relation between you and cousin, however, I still intentionally asked you such question?” Dongfang Kexin somewhat desolately said.

“Indeed.” Si Bi nodded her head.

“As a matter of fact, I also don’t want this, I really regard you as my big sister, but I cannot control myself, whenever I think my cousin cannot belong to only me alone, my heart feels as if I am torn into pieces while still alive. That kind of pain is enough to make people go insane.” Dongfang Kexin bit her lower lip with a painful appearance on her face.

Si Bi looked at Dongfang Kexin and her heart somewhat softened, then sighing, she said: “Love by itself is investing, no matter the result, as long as the person you love is happy, you can invest everything. Kexin, your that feeling isn’t called love, it’s called possession.”

“What is the difference? I love cousin so I want to have him, I can even go die for him.” Dongfang Kexin clenched her hands into fists and her expression became somewhat ferocious.

“So, for your possessive desire, you would rather let him suffer, let the people around him suffer, is this your love?” Si Bi softly said.

“I don’t know, truly don’t know.” Dongfang Kexin shook her head. She was frustrated and was also in an agony.

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