Chapter 98: The saying of ‘a girl’s grudge is frightening’ turned out to be true.

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Time flew by in a blink of an eye. It is night already. Saya, Karen, and Lina laid their mattresses after finishing their bath and were preparing to sleep.

“Haa, dinner was delicious.”

Having three warm mattresses laid before her, Saya, wearing her pajama, threw herself on top of them and relaxed. After going out shopping this morning, they spent the rest of the day playing at Lina’s house, or more accurately, testing the magic tools in Lina’s house. Because of that, Saya was able to feel more comfortable than usual while laying down.

“It was good. I had lots of fun.”

Lina and Karen, wearing their pajamas too, laid on their mattresses with exhausted expressions. Since Lina’s place is a high-class apartment, it was quite spacious even for the three of them together. Her room was rather normal for a girl her age. It had a slightly large bed, cute carpet, a bookshelf and a desk for studying. Enjoying the warm sensation coming from the mattresses, Saya raised her head, seeming to have recalled something.

“By the way. I was honestly surprised to know that both of you can cook well.”

She said while making an amazed face. When they were about to prepare dinner, Saya was expecting that she will have to teach the both of them how to cook in the process. The shock she received, from realizing that Lina and Karen had equivalent culinary skills as her, was unforgettable.

“Knowing how to cook is indispensable for someone like me who lives alone. Besides, it was included in my training as a servant of Gods.”
“I learned how to cook with my mom, somehow.”
“Somehow… I see…”

Saya revealed an awkward and bitter smile to Karen’s casual response. It couldn’t be helped in Karen’s case as she was probably influenced by her mother Kamiya Shiori. Her mother whose job is strongly related to culinary researches is usually a gentle person, but she always sticks her nose once things get associated with food. Assisting such a person in cooking will undoubtedly raise one’s culinary skills. Karen must have gotten used to assisting her mom a long time ago.

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“As expected from Yato-kun’s little sister.”

Impressed by Karen’s ability to learn fast, Saya uttered with a low voice. The three of them played a little race of peeling vegetable skin back when they were preparing dinner. They all used normal knives to peel the vegetables; but if someone was to see them in the middle of the process, he would surely be astounded by their unhuman speed. Along with the continuous peeling sound, they peeled the vegetables faster than any peeling machines and without cutting the tiniest bit beyond the skin.

The only sound that reverberated inside the kitchen at that time was the sound of peeling. Yato had already seen Saya doing the same thing in her house, but the surreal feeling he would get from witnessing three people doing it will be probably much different. Karen is quite impressing to say that she got those skills just ‘somehow’ from her mother. Despite being unrelated by blood to Yato, their high-spec ability to learn fast was the same.

“No, that guy is a bit weird in many ways.”

Apparently, Saya wasn’t very content to be compared to her brother and shook her head while making a perplexed face. She wasn’t wrong, since Yato was indeed weird a bit, or maybe not just a bit. Lina who felt the same thing from Saya’s remark, agreed with Karen’s reply while nodding deeply.

“I totally agree with you. I never met someone who holds the same abilities as him, except for Gods.”
“Yato-kun; he’s amazing, after all.”

Watching both of them agreeing with each other, Saya casually expressed her thoughts. Although she had no idea about how strong a God could be. But at that moment, a sudden wonder passed through her mind.

“I wonder how Yato-kun used to be before he got his abilities.”

Saya didn’t know about Yato before he acquired his skills. But Karen, who’s living with him under the same roof, did and answered that question with a simple line.

“Not much different than now.”

Saya revealed a surprised expression after hearing those words. She was waiting for something more than that. However, Karen affirmed her doubt with a nod and continued.

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“Onii-chan is the type who only does things he feels like doing. As long as I remember, he always had that mature ambiance around him and only followed his own will. So he was the same as now.”

He only does things he wants to. If he feels like punching someone, he will eventually find a way to do it, and if he wants to protect someone, he will do so with all his effort. It looks like that he maintained the same character until now. The only thing that changed in him was the acquisition of his new skills. He always seems bothered when helping out that detective in some cases, but if he really didn’t want to, he would never go out with him in the first place. Hearing Karen’s explanation, Saya uttered gently as she sounded somewhat relieved.

“Yato-kun is still the same, as always.”

She already thought about the possibility that he could have changed by obtaining those abilities. Her feelings towards him wouldn’t have changed in either case, but if she were to choose between him changing or not changing, Saya will probably choose the latter. As Saya muttered in a low voice while reminiscing the time he saved her from the desperate and hopeless situations, Lina got curious about a certain something in Karen and asked her.

“By the way, Karen-dono. You sometimes refer to Kamiya Yato as onii-chan; why don’t you call him that way directly?”
“Impossible.” (ED: Tsundere Mode activated.)

Karen immediately replied to Lina’s sudden question with a firm denial. Her unbelievably rapid reaction was quite suspicious, pushing Lina to investigate it further.

“W-Why not?”
“When I call him that way he gets too high of himself and asks me to say it again… I don’t like that.”

Karen answered timidly while averting her eyes. It was obvious that she was trying to hide the true reason by giving an appropriate answer. Believing in her intuition, Lina looked for another way to make Karen speak out that reason, however, her plans came to be unnecessary once Saya divulged everything.

“She is just embarrassed to call him onii-chan.”

Karen flustered from having her little secret divulged by Saya who added: “this is my payback for that time on the beach” while revealing a mischievous smile. Hearing the word “payback” Karen could only groan in return.

“Why would you feel embarrassed? If I were you, I’d call him onii-chan whenever I feel like doing so.”
“That’s literally impossible!”

It was matter beyond the knowledge of people who don’t have siblings. All that Karen could do at that time is to deny Lina’s nonchalant suggestion in a way to end the conversation. She also kept glaring at Lina with a threatening attitude, totally different from her usual cold expression. Lina who lost her words by receiving that glare tranquilized the mood with an ambiguous assent.

“I-I see…”

This time, Karen threw a question at Lina as a revenge for making her go through an embarrassing moment.

“Well then, why do you add ‘dono’ when you call me and Saya-chan?”

(ED: Normally ‘dono’ is used for someone that you respect and is a higher rank than you. It is similar to that of ‘sama’.)

Hearing that question, Saya expressed her curiosity about the topic too and urged Lina for an answer. Lina got a bit confused at first, but she eventually answered after thinking about it for a few seconds.

“W-Well they say that good manners are even required between friends…”
“Even though you call Yato-kun and Sara-san normally?”

“Sara is more like my coworker and Kamiya Yato is my observation target. Both of them are a little bit different to be called as friends.”

Saya doubted the fact that Yato was simply a target for Lina, but she decided to keep that doubt for now.

“Then just call us normally too from now on. Right Karen-chan?”
“Why not?”

She then made a proposal to her while smiling cheerfully. Karen agreed with Saya too when she was asked. The only thing was that Lina didn’t seem into calling the both of them without honorifics.

“Well, I don’t think…”

She probably felt somewhat awkward from changing the way she used to call them this late in the game. As she kept making a reluctant face, Saya encouraged her with a little request.

“We want to get along with you even more, Lina-chan. So please.”

Getting along even more. It was no longer possible for Lina to refuse such a request. Both her heart and her serious personality didn’t allow her to say no.

“I get it. I will call the both of you as Saya and Karen.”

Hearing their names pronounced normally by Lina, Saya and Karen responded happily. Sensing that they have gotten a bit closer to each other with this step, the three girls giggled ‘fufufu” for a while before a sudden guest barged inside the apartment.

“Good evening, everyone, Desu!”

Suddenly, a high pitched voice sounded from Saya’s phone; a voice belonging to a little girl. Shifting her eyes to the phone, she found Meru who was supposed to have spent her day with Yato standing there with a bright smile.

“Meru-chan? How was your day?”
“It went great, Desu! I was able to witness the astounded face of master!”

Maru replied to Saya’s question with a thrilled voice. In the night when her plan of going out with Yato was decided, Meru came and secretly asked them for their advice. The girls were confused to see her appearing inside their usual chat application at first, but they helped her out by giving her advice right away. Tonight, the four of them rejoiced about the success of their plan.

“I’m glad everything went alright.”
“With this, he should start paying attention to what he says in the future.”
“Serves him right.”

The other day, Yato led Meru to misunderstand his feelings in the worse possible shape. The day these girls knew about it, they decided to make him feel guilty for what he did by preparing a plan. They were slightly surprised to have coincided with the both of them today, but things seemed to have gone alright.

“Hey, Meru-chan. Care to have a pleasant chat with us tonight?”
“Chat, Desu?”

“Yes, like discussing why Karen-chan doesn’t call Yato-kun as onii-chan.”
“You’re bringing back that topic again?!”

Seeing Karen’s unusual reaction, Meru became interested and accepted Saya’s invitation.

“This appears to be interesting, Desu! Please let me participate, Desu!”
“Okay! Let’s have fun.”
“Saya-chan, you’re looking pretty scary right now…”
“That’s also included in her revenge for the other day, give it up.”

While Meru and Saya were getting excited about the night, Karen felt dejected and Lina comforted her. The saying of ‘a girl’s grudge is frightening’ is true, after all. Even Yato must be thinking the same thing by now. Yato and Karen; both of these siblings were reflecting on the same thing tonight.

“I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Alright then, let’s ask her.”
“Yes, Desu!”

Saya and Meru were getting over-excited about this topic. No one could tell when they will calm down. The night for Saya, Lina, Karen, and Meru was still long.



“I shouldn’t have said that…”
“What’s wrong, chief?”
“Rouga, do you think I’m an airhead?”
“Yes, I do~ what are you saying this late~?”
“You should have denied it here…”

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