Chapter 99: The class’ victory celebration.

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Switching back to the other world where night has started darkening the place. The class led by Tenjouin Hikaru was celebrating its victory.

“Cheers! Everyone!”

A middle-aged man shouted while holding a wooden beer jug in his hand. Following which, everyone in that place raised their beer jugs with a single hand and shouted in joy. All of them seemed to be drunk already as their faces were completely red. Tenjouin watched that scene with a bitter smile on his face.

“Hahaha, amazing…”

The adventurers of the guild were holding a celebration party and making a fuss for Tenjouin tonight. Since this world doesn’t have any law against minors drinking alcohol, Tenjouin and his classmates were also able to enjoy the feast, but they couldn’t keep up with the adventurers. At least Tenjouin was not able to drink that much and took a seat in the corner of the place as he slowly gulped his beer jug.

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Called by a familiar voice, Tenjouin inadvertently turned in the direction of the voice to find the black-haired girl behind it, Tendou Miki.

“Miki, what’s the matter?”
“I’m just a bit tired.”

With a face faintly dyed in red because of alcohol, Miki gazed at the rattling adventurers with an exhausted expression. Many of her classmates were amongst them using their magic as a show and heating up the party.

“They’re impressive.”
“I know right…”
“They must be overjoyed by our last victory.”

Miki talked while remembering their recent battle.

6 months after the summoning. Finally, after this long period, a demon claiming to be one of the big four generals of the Demon King’s Army appeared in front of them. His objective was to get rid of Tenjouin and his class before they turn into a dangerous threat to the demon king. He came leading an army of a few hundreds of monsters and attacked the capital. [TL: how did he manage to assault the capital this suddenly?!]

Fortunately, the class heroes joined hands with the adventurers of the guild and managed to fight back and even defeat the demon who was claiming to be one of the four generals. After the end of the battle, they organized a victory celebration in the guild, leading to the current situation where everyone is carrying their beer jugs and having fun.

“But this is originally all thanks to you for defeating the general and leading to the monsters’ deformation. Yet why are they leaving you alone like this?…”

Miki seemed to be unhappy about Tenjouin sitting alone, far from the fun ambiance of the party. Tenjouin felt a little glad, seeing Miki getting mad for his sake, and answered her back gently.

“That’s not completely true. It’s thanks to everyone going out of their way for me to clear the path that I was able to make it over to the general’s place. This is our victory and not mine.”

He was correct. If the classmates and adventurers didn’t clear the way for him, Tenjouin would have never made it to the leader’s place. All he has done is merely give the last blow. That is why he believed that today’s victory wasn’t only because of him. Miki nodded silently to what he said, although she didn’t seem to totally agree with him.

“Well, maybe you’re right.”

Hearing that vague response, Tenjouin revealed a faint smile and moved the beer jug to his mouth. At that moment, a different girl appeared before the both of them. It was Lurian.

“Tenjouin-sama~ Miki~ are you drinking ~?”

The blond-haired girl who usually behaves elegantly was completely drunk tonight and walked with faltering steps. Tenjouin got worried about her for emanating such rare ambiance.

“P-Princess? Are you okay?”
“What is okay~?”

Lurian answered with a blank expression as she tilted her head. The reason she was able to participate in the celebration held at the adventurer guild despite being the princess of the kingdom was the fact that she participated in the battle as well. Her ability as a talented magician was equivalent to that of Tenjouin and his class. She is celebrating with them as a woman who lived through the same battle as everyone, however, as a princess, she probably shouldn’t be acting this drunk in public.

“W-Wait, Luri. How much did you drink?”

Noticing the unusual attitude of Lurian as well, Miki asked her with an uneasy voice. The gap, between her normal self as a mature princess and the drunk appearance she had now was, immense. The guards, who came with her tonight, were all making a face that emanated discontent and unease. Maybe the princess is weak to alcohol. That was Tenjouin’s guess from witnessing the strangely drunk face of Lurian. Lurian revealed an alarming grin and suddenly grabbed Miki’s hand.

“Come on Miki, let’s drink together~”
“Eh? N-No, I’m not good with alcohol…”
“Come on now, let’s go~”
“W-Wait a minute, don’t pull me like that!?”
“Let’s drink together~”

Pulled by Lurian, Miki was dragged to somewhere in the hall. Miki shifted her gaze to Tenjouin as if she were asking him for his help, but all Tenjouin did for her was to wave his hand while smiling bitterly. He risks getting dragged in as well if he were to intervene. With that thought in mind, Tenjouin watched Miki getting dragged away as she seemed to have given up.

Tenjouin was certain that Lurian was pleased by this victory more than anyone else. At the time of their summoning, she was feeling guilty for summoning the class without their consent. She realized that what she did was similar to abducting someone for the sake of her kingdom. That’s why she determined to raise everyone in a safe environment. She was trying her best from preventing anyone to die.

Back in the time of Mitaka Ren’s death, Lurian mourned for her more than anyone else. The next time the class was going to a dungeon, it was Lurian herself who tried to stop them from going and not the knights.

That’s why she is incredibly glad to witness the defeat of one of the four generals of the demon army. Tenjouin couldn’t help but let a gentle smile reach his face from watching the princess enjoying her time while feeling less guilty about that matter.

She worked hard.

Watching Lurian pushing the beer jug she held in her hands on to Miki’s mouth and trying to make her drink it, Tenjouin remembered a certain thing that happened to him in the battle.

What was that back then?

It happened when he was confronting the army general. At that time, he managed to make it all the way to the general, thanks to everyone’s cooperation, but as expected from a general, he didn’t only rely on his skills but also had a considerable physical ability. As they both continued to switch from offense to defense, Tenjouin mistook a step and gave the general an opening to blow him. At that moment, the general immediately noticed that opening and tried to pierce Tenjouin with his dagger as a final blow. Even Tenjouin knew that he would die if he received that blow, however at that instant, something strange happened.

Tenjouin closed his eyes waiting for the dagger to reach him, but he didn’t receive any damage. When he opened his eyes again, trying to figure out what has gone wrong, the first thing that came to his sight was the general’s figure freezing in his place. Tenjouin widened his eyes to that unpredictable turn of event and reflexively pierced the general’s heart with his sword. The general fell at that place. Thus the battle ended with the kingdom’s victory, however, the strange behavior of that general didn’t leave Tenjouin’s mind until now.

Did someone freeze him that way?

He did consider that possibility, but who would have actually helped him out in that battle? And for what purpose? Why isn’t that person showing up then? The more he thought about it, the more complicated it becomes. He contemplated a reason behind that someone who saved him to stay behind the scenes, but even if he did, the situation won’t improve for the better.

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……Let’s stop thinking about it.

Tenjouin shook his head in an attempt to stop thinking about that matter. A victory is still a victory, regardless of the reasons. For the time being, he decided to honestly rejoice that victory. Draining the jug of beer in his hand, Tenjouin threw away all his puzzling thoughts. At that moment, two drunk people came up to his place.


Miki and Lurian who succeeded in making her drink called him with a dull sluggish voice tone.

“Y-You too? What happened? Stop seizing me from my arms while making that weird smile.”

Miki and Lurian grabbed Tenjouin from both of his arms smoothly while revealing a grin. Tenjouin frowned as he was getting a bad feeling from both of them.

“Stop sitting here and let’s go drink~”
“That’s right~ Tenjouin-sama~”
“U-Um I will have to refuse that invitation… haha.”

Of course, there was no way that Miki and Lurian would leave him alone with that dry laugh. A few seconds later, he found himself getting dragged by them to the center of the hall.

“Let’s go and have fun drinking~”
“Today is free and easy, after all~”

Not given the opportunity to refuse, Tenjouin gave up on trying to stop them and dropped his shoulders.

“Woah, defeating that guy was a piece of cake!!”

“Maybe he was the weakest among the four generals!!”

While getting dragged, such lines reached his ears making him deny them in secret. If that guy was the weakest among the four generals, the things are going to get even harder in the future.

6 months after the class summoning, Tenjouin and his classmates made a new step towards their goal, defeating the demon lord. However, they were still unaware that the words Tenjouin heard only recently were actually on mark.



“Uuppu… I feel like throwing up.”
“Ah, my head… it’s throbbing.”
“That’s because you drank too much last night.”
“Tenjouin-kun, I think that I will feel better if you rubbed my back…”
“M-Me too…”
“Okay, okay, I get it.”

Rub Rub

“Ah, if you embrace me with that stance, I can feel even better…”
“M-Me too…”
“That’s not going to happen.” [TL: why not!!?] [ED: exactly, why not?]

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