Chapter 100: It is a cruel thing to ask a musclebrain to follow the rules.

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Time goes back to when Yato left Metron’s room.

“That bastard!! How dare you erase my saved game data!!”

Metron was stamping his feet in frustration while shouting from wrath. He couldn’t help but feel that way as, Yato and Meru were the ones to barge into his room so suddenly, and to unreasonably strike him in the head many times and delete his 2000 hours worth of saved game data without giving him any warning to react. In other words, he felt as if he got assaulted in his own room. The rage burning in Metron’s heart urged him to act violently, but since his room was brimming with games and precious items, he couldn’t recklessly act that way.

“Rather, don’t just run midway!! At least, man up and fight me!”

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Frustrated, Metron shouted at the ceiling. He missed his only chance to hit him back when he teleported back as suddenly as he appeared. As a result, Metron’s tightened fist had nowhere to strike. With no means to calm down his rage, Metron kept on howling alone for a while before he cooled down for a breath in a single moment.

“Osu, Metron. I came to hang out~”
“Ah, Scala…”

(ED: Scala’s original name was Sukara, but it didn’t sound much feminine, so we decided to use ‘Scala’ instead.)

Metron’s expression was faintly tainted in fear once he saw the woman who entered his room without knocking. His wrathful expression had completely disappeared and instead, he tried guessing that woman’s mood.

“So, the divine king’s punishment is done already?”
“Yeah. Seriously, the divine king is pretty cruel. He didn’t have to punish me that much for just letting that Germa bastard escape. It’s getting on my nerve.”

Scala complained with an exhausted expression. The attitude she had while speaking was inappropriate for her gorgeous appearance. Metron, who has known her for a very long time, gets that impression every time he’s with her. Her long and deep crimson hair lacked care and her large bust was covered in a bikini armor. She looked better than most women he met until now.

However, contrary to her gorgeous appearance, her character was far from being elegant. Metron was pretty nervous the first time he met her without knowing about her rash character, but now, their relationship overcame the level of friendship and reached a level of slight fright for Metron. It wasn’t because she acts violently with him, but every time she steps inside his room, Metron inevitably becomes vigilant.

“Aah, I’m feeling pissed. Now that I remembered it again…”

Following those words, Scala’s surroundings’ mood changed for the worst and suddenly her surroundings started shaking. Clothes, trash, dust, game CDs and tapes; everything began floating in the air. It was as if everything in that room was related to her mood. The shaking gradually increased in intensity. The situation Metron feared is now happening. With a fluster, he hurriedly tried to calm down Scala who was frowning in irritation.

“W-Wait, Scala!? Calm down!! If you use your skills now then this place will fall apart!!”

Hearing his desperate call to stop her, Scala reacted to that call and uttered. Since the same thing happened previously, she knew that his words were on the mark.

“Ah, my bad, my bad. I got unintentionally pissed by recalling what happened.”

Seemingly unconcerned of what she was about to cause, Scala apologized while laughing. Metron got lured by that laugh and revealed an awkward smile. These kinds of occurrences are bad for his heart. Metron lets out a sigh of relief after managing to bring Scala back to her right mind. Getting trifled, around by her unstable mood, became a normal thing for him. It would have been terrible if things turned out like that time when her anger led to the lapse of Metron’s room. The feeling of loss that overtook him at that time when all of his games vanished forever was unforgettable.

Ah, I’m glad she calmed down…

Watching Scala laughing, Metron felt relieved from the bottom of his heart. After all, the title of this woman is 【The God of Destruction】.

In an accordance with her title, she is talented in destroying things and her abilities and powers stand in the top of many other Gods. The reason she was entrusted with the mission of capturing Germa was also related to her powerful skills. However, as a downside to her talent in destruction, she is unskilled at controlling her power and because of that, Germa was able to escape from her hand. As a result of letting Germa escape, she was rebuked by the divine king, the king of Gods or more like the boss, and was forced to do carry out other jobs as a penalty.

“Seriously, why did he get that mad? I just failed a single job and destroyed a planet by accident.”
“I think that the decision of the divine king is not wrong…”

Even if that world was already dead, it is still unforgivable to destroy it completely. Moreover, her aim was a single fallen god; she could have been able to catch him without launching such a ridiculously giant attack. Even her intention of wanting to catch him alive was questionable.

“That world was too weak. It wasn’t my fault.”

What kind of stupid excuse is that?

The fact that she uses it unironically made her worse.

“If such a world does really exist, I’d like to go see it, honestly…”

How am I supposed to deal with this rule breaker of a God? Judging from her current attitude, it wouldn’t be surprising if she overturned the rules settled by Gods one day. Metron lets out an astounded sigh.

“Aah, wish I can meet with someone who could put up a fair fight against me.”
“Listen here…”

Such a person doesn’t exist. The only one who has an equivalent ability to Scala is the divine king. If there was actually someone else, the world would have ended long ago. Unlike normal Gods like Metron, even the Gods who hold a similar position as Scala could be counted with fingers of a single hand. When Metron was about to express his thoughts to her, he suddenly remembered something and revealed an evil grin.

“… Such a person does actually exist.”

The person who endured Metron’s coercion and caused him considerable damage. Scala didn’t miss Metron’s lonely mutter.

“Really? Metron!”

For Metron who never declares something of impossible to say that someone like that does actually exist, Scala got genuinely interested. Noticing her interested reaction, Metron thought of a plan and revealed a grin.

“Yeah. Actually, I found someone interesting in a world under my authority.”
“Hee, who’s that?”

Listening to Metron’s explanation, Scala asked him further.

She got caught on.

Metron internally grinned from getting the wanted reaction.

“—— So yeah, that’s the guy I’m talking about.”
“I see. He’s a cruel person.”

Talking about Yato to her, Scala seemed to be slightly angered. Leaving aside what he told her about him, the first step of Metron’s revenge is cleared. All that’s left is for Scala to beat up Yato. Metron was satisfied from leading Scala to act as he wanted. After all, what they’ve done to him, he needed to pay them back twice in return.

Moreover, since Scala will take care of the rest, he can easily make excuses for what could happen. In the worst case, he can just act innocent and blame her instead. She is well-known as the rule breaker amongst all Gods, after all. There is no one who would believe her. Picturing the face of Yato getting punched by Scala according to his perfect plan, Metron inadvertently lets out a smirk.

“Well then, I will leave the rest for you.”
“Alright. I’m excited to see how strong he is.”

The two Gods lightly scoffed together, although their thoughts were entirely different. Scala was happy to find someone as strong as her while Metron was happy for his upcoming revenge from Yato; it was the moment when the objective which is defeating Yato was set as a coincidence of their matched intentions. Though abruptly, a knock on the door interrupted their pleasant time of laughing in anticipation.

“Metron-sama, Scala-sama.”

Hearing the sharp voice coming from outside, Metron opened the door to his angel subordinate.

“What is the matter for you to come all the way to my place?”
“The divine king is calling the both of you. He insists on the urgency of the matter.”

Hearing the sudden call news, both Metron and Scala couldn’t hide their bewilderment.

“The both of us? You mean Scala too?”
“Yes, that is correct.”
“Hey hey! I’ve just finished my job now. What is happening here?”
“I do not know, however, you are to respond as fast as possible.”

Listening to the angel who informed them in a formal way of speech, Metron and Scala looked at each other’s face.

What in the world could it be?
Metron would be lying if he said that he didn’t cause any trouble, but at least, he made sure to not go overboard to the point of getting called by the divine God. And for Scala to be called at the same time, the situation didn’t seem very promising. He had no idea about why he would get called.

“I guess we gotta go for now.”

Agreeing with Scala, Metron headed to the office of the divine God with her. Of course, he was still unaware that he will regret what he has been doing until now after he hears the words expressed by the divine god in the near future.


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Muscle brain.

“Scala, why are so strong?”
“Hm? That’s because I’m just strong.”
“No, that’s not what I meant. How did you become powerful like this?”
“With will-power and high spirit. The rest will come eventually as you keep fighting.”
“Hmm, I understand.”
“You do?”
“So you mean that musclebrains like you only talk with their fists.”
“Hey, come here for a second.”

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