Chapter 26 Bonus 3- Memories

Draco woke up to the roosters cry, then stretched his arms and wings widely. He laid there for a few more moments on his stomach, before standing up and dressing himself. He then noticed that some of his clothes needed to be restitched. After reaching the gate that opens for those that are able to fly, he opened it and took a deep breath of the morning breeze. After a short look around, he spotted Father Geoffrey carrying a bucket. Draco leaped from the ledge, then gently landed at an angle that Geoffrey could see him coming.

“A blessed day Draco.” (Father Geoffrey)

Draco leaned forward and took the bucket.

“One of only many Father.”


Suddenly, the wind shifted and several birds left the ledge of the mission.

Only allowed on

“An ill omen Father?” (Past Draco before meeting Luna)

Father Geoffrey put a hand on the one that Draco was using to hold the bucket.

“It’s His will to take what he wishes. Let’s not ponder what we can’t understand. Let’s live to honor Him and pray for the best of each day.” (Father Geoffrey)

Draco nodded.

“Father, I had the dream again last night.” (Past Draco before meeting Luna)

Geoffrey paused before asking.

“Which one? Is it the one where you see a dragon, or the one where you were the dragon?” (Father Geoffrey)

Father Geoffrey shuddered for a moment.

“The one where I see the dragon.”(Past Draco before meeting Luna)


Father Geoffrey released a held breath, and was relieved that he didn’t dream about being a dragon again.

“Was it the same dream? Were you seeing the white one or the red one?” (Father Geoffrey) [Author note: Foreshadowing!!!]

Draco paused before answering.

“No Father, not this time. It wasn’t the same dragons3dragonsspecies. This one had pure malice in its heart. It was evil incarnate, it was a black dragon.” (Past Draco before meeting Luna)

There was a pause between the two.

“I shall get the water.” (Past Draco before meeting Luna)

Draco started to move his feet, but Father Geoffrey didn’t remove his hand.

“Draco, my child. You should know that you’re loved.” (Father Geoffrey)


Draco nodded before pulling away. As he walked through the town, he saw the baker and his wife with their two infant twin girls. He’s known them for three months ever since the twins came here while two buns were still in the oven. He received looks of distaste from the twin’s mother, which was a look he wasn’t unfamiliar with. His next stop was at the husky male butcher’s. He was able to throw his weight around even when no one wished him too. His son was also a teenage troublemaker. His favorite pastime was trying to get Draco into any trouble he can. So far, Draco has managed to avoid any blame, but he didn’t know how long that’ll last. The next place he went to was the common house, where anybody in the village can go to. It was the center of commerce ran by the villages first born and oldest resident.


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She was an elderly woman who discovered this distant unclaimed land with her husband, who died in an accident two days ago and buried in only one. The next building was empty and the last of those that existed. Next was the road, which Draco has never traveled on before. He never thought of leaving because this was his home. This was his life. As he passed by the empty house, he turned around to have it behind him to go up a cleared path, which was a path to the river. It wasn’t very far, it was only a few hundred yards away. It had enough foliage between the town and the river to keep each of their locations out of sight, but not their respective sounds. As Draco dipped the bucket and brought it out of the river, he heard a scream. The sound wasn’t a normal scream like when the butcher’s son pulls a prank. No, this was one was of terror and it ended abruptly. Only on instinct did he start rushing back. Back to the end of a slaughter.


There were beasts and monsters everywhere. The old lady that cared for the common house was dead in her chair, she never had a chance to make a move. The butcher was dead with three beast corpses around him that died from his butcher’s blade. He went down fighting, unlike his son who tried to run, and was stabbed several times in the back. The baker was dead beside his wife, who had large marks on her back. They died protecting their daughters, unnoticed. Then, the image of malice returned to Draco. The evil he saw was before him and Father Geoffrey was dead in his claw. The cries of infants silenced with the shutting of the dragons jaws.


The dragon didn’t fail to notice the one survivor.

“Interesting, a whelp half-breed. I’m giving chance to survive, bow and be my pet.” (Xolrum)

Draco looked into its evil eyes, helpless. Draco had never fought before. He always choose virtue to valor. This time, there was no virtue to be had. Before Draco even began to turn around to flee, the command for his death was given. He started to run away from the dragon that was in his nightmare.

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