Chapter 26- Draco’s New Home

Draco left the healing waters and Luna behind. Her eyes said that she didn’t want him to leave, either him leaving right now, or when he makes a decision later on on what to do next. He only stopped to pick up the drawers that he made out of rags of what was left of his clothing that survived both the attack and Luna’s attempts at healing him. Over the past several hours, his distaste of demons2demonsspecies had lessened, but not his hate for the demon that took everything from him. His home, Father Geoffrey, and almost his life.


He continued to think about it as he flew to the town and into the open upper gate of the church. Out of habit, he went to the same room as his old one from before in the mission, and what he discovered there was a topless angel shaking her shirt. Without turning to face him, she released it, then drew the sword at her waist.

“Demon minion, you better be a messenger.” (Suan)

Draco would have stepped back if he could.

“Pardon me Lady Angel. Habit intruded my knowledge. I didn’t mean to invade here unwarranted.” (Draco)

The angel lowered her blade, but kept it out if she needed to use it.

“Turn around.” (Suan)


Draco obeyed without question, then felt himself being kicked out of the room.

“Try knocking first.” (Suan)

Then, the doors were slammed shut. Draco barely had time to catch his wings and start flying again before landing hard on a patch of flowers being tended to by an elderly man dressed in robes. Draco, realizing what happened, slowly back out with a sorry look on his face.

“Don’t worry my child. They’ll grow back.” (Church Priest)

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Draco knelt down to help salvage the leftovers.

“It’s my fault, so I should help you fix them.” (Draco)

After grabbing the ones that were still intact, he put them into a nearby pot, then gently poured some water from a bucket.

“Your heart and education tells me that you aren’t a minion of the demon lord of this land. Am I correct?” (Church Priest)


Draco set the pot on the shelf where they put the others.

“I’m Draco. My home was in one of the outskirt realms, near the beginning of the abyss region. Until recently, I was raised in a mission similar to this one. Out of instinct, I flew into the upper open room. Since no angel has ever visited our land before while I lived there, I came where I was roomed before in the mission. I didn’t consider another angel living here as well.” (Draco)

The priest looked at Draco’s tattered clothing, then the red healing marks on his flesh.

“Come here, I might have something for you to wear.” (Church Priest)


After entering through the doors on the ground floor, Draco saw inside of the church. It was brightly lit and he could tell that it was well of. After going into another door and down a hall, they stopped outside a door at the end.

“Wait here.” (Church Priest)

The priest left through the door, then quickly came back out with an old robe.

“A wandering priest, Father Richard, passed through here some years ago and left these behind. He was a hearty fellow. At least these will cover everything but your legs.” (Church Priest)

Draco took the robes, then put them over his head. Despite his hulking figure compared to a human, they were quite roomy, he could even keep his wings inside as well. After a few moments, he dropped the makeshift drawers and dug out Luna’s scale from the only viable pocket.

“I see you met our resident dragon.” (Church Priest)


Draco quickly covered the scale with his fist.

“She found, and then treated me as well. I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for her.” (Draco)

The priest scratched his head in thought before signaling him to continue walking.

“I never met the dragon in person before. I do know the angels1angelsspecies and the dragon are quite good friends. Spending many days, over the last decade, together since I have took this church as my own. Blessed be my predecessor for living over one hundred years. It’s a true miracle. This land is truly blessed in its simplicity. The boundaries of the land are quite clear. There is much to enjoy from the treaty of D and L.” (Church Priest)


After passing two more doors, they came to another door that could allow Draco to easily fit through, as many of the other doors were made for people that were twelve feet tall or bigger as well.

“This is a room set aside for those that aren’t human, or for species like yours. You can stay here if you wish.” (Church Priest)

The priest was about to leave, when Draco caught his shoulder.

“Over the last day, I’ve heard multiple times about a treaty between the demon and the divine. I thought that they were speaking of the ancient pact. I’ve never heard of any such treaty of D and L.” (Draco)


The priest paused at Draco’s comment.

“The ancient pact, as I understand it, was a pact used to ensure that continuous wars weren’t being waged or fought between demons and the angels. The treaty of D and L is a pact between the reigning demon of this realm and the divine. Every resident of this land knows about it. Well, the parts pertaining to them at least. It’s a requirement if you want to be a resident of this town or a member of the demons minions. However, there are exceptions. There are people that are pardoned from knowing about such things. An example that’s become frequent is…” (Church Priest)


The priest signaled Draco to lower his head, then he spoke softly in his ear.

“There’s a young man. He’s almost a child who had manipulated the demon into labelling him as a hero.”

Draco became puzzled why such a thing would be kept secret.

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“I thought such things were common enough. I mean, I’ve even met them a few times myself. Admittedly, they weren’t too keen on liking me.” (Draco)

The priest grabbed Draco’s raising shoulder, then pulled him back down.

“Well, as you know, the divine save hero souls and grant them another chance at life. With the exception of being in a demon’s realm of course.” (Church Priest)


The priest paused to let Draco consider it.

“I don’t follow, Father.” (Draco)

The priest disappointingly lowered his shoulders, then sighed.

“Technically, this is a demon controlled realm. There have been many instances where the demon didn’t kill the would be hero, but easily could have. The demon clearly doesn’t like the annoyance, so why spare him?” (Church Priest)

The question was puzzling to Draco, but he instantly figured out a solution.

“Is it the treaty?” (Draco)

The priest shook his head.

“No, I think it’s because he knows the people love him.” (Church Priest)


Draco’s back instantly straightened, causing him to almost hit his head.

“I don’t see the logic behind that Father. Why would the demon care about that?” (Draco)

The priest raised his finger, then shook it back and forth.

“That’s the question. Now, I’ve dallied on long enough. I have to prepare for my next sermon.” (Church Priest)

Draco thought over the secret talk with the priest for a moment, before opening the door next to him, and seeing that the room was no better than a storage area. It reminded him of when he was growing too large for a normal room at his old home.

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