Chapter 24: Impossible for me to dupe you!

“This…” The security guard was stunned. Even if you were really Director Yang’s friend, I am just a security guard! How could I have the ability to ask her to come down? What was worse was that the chances of meeting her was so low.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Yu frowned and asked after he saw the guard’s expression.

“Erm… May I know your name? I will ask the receptionist to help you.”

After working in such a big company for some time, the guard knew that he could never judge a person solely based on their appearance. Many of those big shots liked to dress casually. Although Cheng Yu was only wearing sports attire, the temperament he had was not ordinary. What if he’s really Director Yang’s friend? It would be best if he did not offend him first as he could not grasp the current situation properly.

“I am Cheng Yu. Just tell her that I do not have any money on me right now. Ask her to come down and pay for my cab fare.”

After the guard heard what Cheng Yu said, his heart quivered. He could only hope that this young man was really Director Yang’s friend, or the days of him staying in the company were numbered.

When he saw that the guard had went over to the receptionist, the cab driver was amazed. Could this kid here really be a friend of Director Yang?

The security guard came back after a while. “Hello Mr. Cheng, the receptionist has already contacted Director Yang. In a moment, Secretary Lan will be here to pick you up,” the security guard said. He rejoiced as he was lucky enough to not offend such a big shot. The city was really full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. In the future, he must be extra vigilant.

After about 3 minutes, a beautiful lady, wearing black framed spectacles, a white collared shirt, and a black skirt, appeared in front of everyone. Judging from her style, it was easy to tell that this woman was a capable and experienced businesswoman. “May I know who is Mr. Cheng?” Lan Zishan asked bluntly as she stared at them.

“I am.”

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“How much?” asked Lan Zishan.

Cheng Yu turned and looked towards the cab driver. The driver was stunned for a moment before he replied embarrassingly, “Ah! It’s sixty-eight dollars. Haha!”

A moment ago, when the driver saw the woman, he was dumbstruck. The woman was not only pretty, but also had a good sense of fashion, a great figure, and most importantly, she gave off an unyielding vibe.

Lan Zishan took out a hundred bucks from her purse before handing it to the driver. When the driver was about to pass her the change, Cheng Yu took the money away from his hands and put it into his own pocket.

Nonsense! Currently, he didn’t even have a cent on him. How could he not take the money? When the lady saw what had just happened, she knit her eyebrows, but did not say anything. It was not that she cared a lot about the thirty-odd dollars, but the problem was that Cheng Yu had no demeanor at all.

Cheng Yu was not really bothered by it as he started to walk towards the office building while Lan Zishan followed behind him.

When the both of them entered the elevator, Cheng Yu looked at the beautiful lady and asked with laughter, “Hey Beauty, I have totally forgot to ask for your name. Thanks for your help just now. How about I treat you to dinner as a form of repayment?”

“My name is Lan Zishan. I don’t need any form of repayment as I am just following Director Yang’s orders,” the woman replied bluntly.

“Hmm… Nice name. Although you are just following Director Yang’s orders, you have still helped me. If I don’t treat you to a meal as repayment, I will not be at ease. Do you know that I don’t like to owe someone a favour? If I do, I will have no appetite and will have sleepless nights,” Cheng Yu told the lady.

Lan Zishan looked at Cheng Yu and said, “Even if it’s like that, I will still not accept it. Thank you for your good intention, but if you wish to repay the favor, you could do so to Director Yang.”

It was very obvious that this woman was a very conservative female.

“How about this, I will treat both you and Ruoxue to a meal?” Cheng Yu believed that no matter how conservative a female was, there’s always a loophole to enter their heart.

“You can talk to Director Yang about this.”

At this moment, the elevator had arrived at the designated floor and the woman stepped out of the elevator first. As he looked towards the woman’s buttocks in front, Cheng Yu curled his lips and thought, “Sooner or later I shall push you over and when that time comes, I shall see how you are gonna run.”

On this entire level was a big office. Cheng Yu followed behind Lan Zishan as they entered inside. Inside the office was filled with young ladies. When Cheng Yu saw them, he was elated. It turned out that Ruoxue’s company had so many beautiful young ladies! This was totally a heaven for any male. Cheng Yu thought that he must definitely get a position to work in this office so that he would be able to work together with these young ladies every day.

After walking across the main office, they came to a private office. Above the door hung the sign, ‘Office of the Chairman.’ Lan Zishan proceeded to knock on the door before a voice was heard, “Come in!”

“Director Yang, I have brought Mr. Cheng here.”

“Alright. You may leave first,” Yang Ruoxue raised her head as she told Lan Zishan.

After Cheng Yu saw Lan Zishan leave the office, he walked towards Yang Ruoxue’s table and said while laughing, “Hi Ruoxue! After several days of not seeing you, you have gotten prettier. I am really worried for other women if this continues.”

“You came all the way here just to praise me?” Yang Ruoxue looked at Cheng Yu and said indifferently.

“Of course not! The main reason I am here today is because I missed you. Furthermore, we also need to foster our relationship. Otherwise, we will disappoint your grandfather. Isn’t that right?”

“Cheh! My grandfather didn’t promise you anything!”

“Although your grandfather didn’t say anything, I can tell from his eyes that he has high expectations for the both of us.”

“Ok. Let’s get to the point, what’s the problem?” Yang Ruoxue knew that if she did not get on with the proper business, Cheng Yu would never get to the point.

“How’s our product and when will it be on sale at the market?”

“The sample production has already been completed. Currently, it is still being inspected by the Drug Test Bureau and should be done within the next two days. If everything is smooth sailing, most likely we will be able to organize a press conference to promote our product next week.”

“Erm… I don’t have any money right now, please give me some money!”

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“Based on what? I am not your finance minister and I have just lent you 100 dollars! Remember to return that back to me also.”

“Ruoxue, after hearing what you just said, I felt like a knife had been twisted in my heart. Originally, I thought that with our relationship, money could be shared equally among us,” Cheng Yu said while dramatically clutching his chest.

“Stop flattering me! Do we even have any relationship? Why must I share money with you?”

“Alright, if it’s like that, please return the kiss you owe me.”

“Like I said, my grandfather currently is still in his observation period. Who knows if he has fully recovered. Therefore, I will not grant you the kiss.”

“You are destroying the bridge after crossing the river! Fine, I don’t want the kiss anymore, just give me my 100 million then.” Cheng Yu knew that if he would never be able to get that kiss, he might as well trade it for some money.

“Do you know that a man who is especially charismatic should always achieve what he said and always keeps his promises? Think about it, which woman would like their man to not keep their promises?” Yang Ruoxue said while feeling elated. She had finally gotten the upper hand in the conversation. Ever since she had been communicating with Cheng Yu, she was always on the losing end. Finally, she was able to regain some of her pride.

“Based on what you just said, are you treating me as your man?”

“I did not say that.”

“Ok! It seems like I will need to find another cooperative partner.” Cheng Yu knew that currently Yang Ruoxue was holding the upper hand of their current conversation. Since he was at the losing end, he could only put on an act to try to get back the initiative by walking towards the exit.

“Hold it right there!” Yang Ruoxue exclaimed while wrinkling her eyebrows after she heard what Cheng Yu said.

“What? Are there any other matters?” Cheng Yu turned around and asked.

“What did you mean when you said that?”

“What meaning?” Cheng Yu pretended that he did not understand.

“The matter regarding you cooperating with other people! Who are you going to cooperate with?”

“Oh! It’s nothing much. Just a couple of days ago, I had saved someone and that person came over to ask me if I would like to work together,” Cheng Yu lied.

“What company?” Yang Ruoxue looked into Cheng Yu’s eyes and asked as she wished to confirm if he was lying.

“I think it’s called…Sheng Pharmaceutical?” Cheng Yu thought for a moment before replying. Luckily, he saw a medicine company poster while he was on the way here or else he would have been exposed.

“Is it called Huasheng Pharmaceutical?” Yang Ruoxue asked.

“Yup! It’s that company.”

“You really cooperated with them? What kind of drug did you give to them?”

“Longevity Pill!”

“Did you really give it to them?” Yang Ruoxue knit her eyebrows as she confirmed with him.

“Of course,” Cheng Yu said without hesitation. Since he had already decided to lie, he would just continue doing it all the way.

“You bastard! How can you give them the Longevity Pill?!” After confirmation, Yang Ruoxue could no longer keep her calm as she stood up and scolded Cheng Yu.

“Why can’t I cooperate with them? They are so generous. If I were to work with them, they will give me 100 million upfront and for the profits, we would be discussing it separately,” Cheng Yu snorted as he voiced out his goal for coming over to find Yang Ruoxue.

“For just 100 million you are willing to sell off our friendship?” After she had heard what Cheng Yu said, Yang Ruoxue had no choice but to play the sentimental card.

“Cheh! I don’t know who was the one that said there were no relationship between us just a few moments ago,” Cheng Yu said with disdain.

“I was speaking thoughtlessly a moment ago. Have you signed the contract with them yet?”

“Nope! But I can always go and sign it with them now,” Cheng Yu said as he turned around to walk towards the exit again.

“Hold on! If we sign the contract now, I will give you the 100 million,” Yang Ruoxue said hurriedly when she saw Cheng Yu walking off.

“Impossible. Previously, you said that as a charismatic man, I must be able to achieve what I have said and not be a man who doesn’t keep their promises!”

At this moment, Yang Ruoxue wished she could rush towards Cheng Yu and pull out his tongue. This man was so petty! How could he use the words she had said a moment ago on her.

“That depends on who that person is. Since you are unfamiliar with them, what if you get swindled by them? Moreover, we are old friends. Once you agree, we can sign the contract immediately!”

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