Chapter 25: Buying a Car

“This doesn’t seem appropriate, does it? Anyway it’s just 100 million, why would I break a promise just for that sum of money? You should know that I honor my reputation very well. It’s impossible for me to break a promise just for a tiny amount of money, isn’t it?” Cheng Yu said to Yang Ruoxue as he thought, “Since you want to be so calculative with me, I shall not give you any face.”

After Yang Ruoxue heard what Cheng Yu said, her face twitched as she thought, “Since when has this man cared about his reputation?”

She originally wanted to persuade him to sign the contract while giving him the 100 million, but who would have thought he suddenly deemed it as too little. Before that, who was the one that did not even have enough money to pay for the cab fare? He’s so shameless!

“How much do you want then?” Yang Ruoxue clenched her teeth and asked.

“I do not wish to make things difficult for you, that’s why I am working with another partner. Since swindling other people’s money is better than swindling the money of someone you know,” said Cheng Yu while acting as if he was actually being considerate of her.

“I offer you 120 million and we shall sign the contract now! If you don’t comply, don’t even think about stepping out of this office.” Yang Ruoxue said furiously.

“What?! Don’t tell me, you wish to make me sign the contract forcefully?! Let me tell you, I will never yield to you!” Cheng Yu stepped back two steps and yelled furiously.

Yang Ruoxue ignored him and dialed a number over the phone. Immediately, Lan Zishan knocked on the door before coming in and asked, “What’s the matter, Director Yang?”

“Go and prepare a contract that is similar to the Rejuvenation Pill. After that, head over to the Finance Department and get me a 120 million dollar check.”

“Director Yang, we do not have so much cash right now. Currently, most of our money has already been spent on promoting the Rejuvenation Pill and Longevity Pill,” Lan Zishan said as she looked towards the young man standing at the side as she started to question whether Director Yang was discussing another business proposal with him. Judging from the way Director Yang was acting, she started to think that the Rejuvenation Pill also originated from him.

“How much can be taken out then?” Yang Ruoxue frowned and asked.

“The most we can withdraw is only 50 million. Anymore than that will cause the company to face difficulty in continuing its daily operation,” Lan Zishan thought before replying.

“You heard it, right? Currently I can give you 50 million, but you still have to sign the contract with me now and the profits distribution shall remain the same as the previous contract.”

After Lan Zishan heard what Yang Ruoxue said, she was astonished. She did not expect that the shameless boy would be discussing a business proposal with Director Yang. Previously, she had tried both the Rejuvenation Pill and Longevity Pill and witnessed the pills’ effects. She knew that once the two pills go on to the market, it would generate huge profits for the company. Furthermore, the contract was written by her personally. She knew that the profits would be divided in half. She did not expect that the shameless boy who was unable to pay his cab fare previously was going to be so filthy rich.

When Lan Zishan was still staring at the boy curiously, Cheng Yu said, “Pass me 10 million first. As for the rest, we will talk about it in the future.”

After the cab fare incident, he realized that not having a car was truly bothersome. Originally, he was planning to borrow some money from Yang Ruoxue to get a car after checking on the progress of the pill. However, who knew that this girl did not bother to give him any face in regards to money. Without a choice, he could only use some ruthless means to acquire it.

Yang Ruoxue stared straight at Cheng Yu after Lan Zishan went out to handle the matter.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Although I know that I am very charismatic, I can see from your eyes that you are longing for me. This made me feel fear faintly. I shall let you know that I am not a casual person when it comes to this kind of matter!”

“Have you been deceiving me from the start?!” Yang Ruoxue stared at Cheng Yu and asked.

“What do you mean? When have I deceived you?” Cheng Yu said unwillingly.

“Previously when you said that you are going to work with Huasheng Pharmaceutical, it’s a lie, right? You did it because I didn’t give you any money! Am I right?!” Yang Ruoxue realized something was amiss the moment she heard that Cheng Yu only wished to get 10 million. She felt that Cheng Yu obviously did not care about this sum of money and he would never cooperate with someone else just because of money.

“How is that possible? You think that my pills would not attract another company’s attention? Let me tell you, with just these two pills, any one of them is extremely valuable.” Only someone stupid would acknowledge their lies, Cheng Yu thought. This woman was someone who would destroy the bridge after crossing the river. Once he admitted that he had deceived her, he would never be able to get his 10 million dollars.

Although she wished to deny it, but it was a fact. The moment any of the three pills entered the market, who knows what the price it would fetch. Furthermore, who knew what kind of secrets this boy was concealing from others.

“Since you didn’t lie to me, I shall not delve into this matter anymore. In the future, if you have any new products, you have to prioritize working together with me first. You are not allowed to work with anyone else.”

“Ok. I shall agree with you,” Cheng Yu agreed. In fact, Cheng Yu had never thought of working with anyone else other than Yang Ruoxue.

Cheng Yu took the 10 million dollar bank card and walked out of the building. He was happy as he was finally rich.

“Mr Cheng.” The security guard went up and greeted Cheng Yu.

“Oh! Hello. Thanks for your help earlier.” Cheng Yu said while laughing.

“Haha, you are welcome, Mr Cheng,” The security guard stared at Cheng Yu and said. This person was definitely not ordinary because he was able to talk to Director Yang in this kind of manner.

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“Qiang Zi, you are really in luck this time. Perhaps he praised you in front of Director Yang just now. Before long, you may even be promoted to the Security team leader.” Another security guard said enviously.

Once Cheng Yu had gotten the money, the first thing he did was run to a nearby car dealership to buy a car. The car he was intending to buy, of course, was something stylish.

“Hello, Mister! May I know what kind of car you are looking for?” A young and beautiful lady walked towards Cheng Yu and asked. When Cheng Yu walked into the shop, several of the women saw him, but had no desire to attend to him except for this young and beautiful lady.

When the other women saw Cheng Yu walking into the dealership, they despised him. As for the reason? It’s simple. Cheng Yu looked around 17 to 18 years old and he was dressed in a casual manner. What kind of car could he buy? Most likely, he’s only here to have a look at the cars since he could not purchase any.

“Hmmm… I wonder what kind of cars do you have?” Cheng Yu had already noticed the women’s expressions the moment he walked into the shop. He took a look at himself and realized the reason.

No matter which part of the world or which generation, this kind of snobbish situation was very common. Cheng Yu was also like this in the past. There was a time when he went to the Fang Street Market in the Immortal Land and because he did not have enough Soul Strengthening Pills, he could not afford the medical herbs needed for refining pills. He was then despised by lots of people in the market.

“May I know what style of car Mister is looking for and what’s your budget?” Since the beautiful lady had just started working in the car dealership, she was still inexperienced. Usually, if there were any customers walking in, they would all be snatched away by the veterans working in the dealership. Therefore, she had decided to use this opportunity to train her skills causing her not to despise Cheng Yu and attending to him politely.

Cheng Yu took a look at the beautiful lady’s nametag and knew that her name was Xu Li.

“I wish to buy a flashy car. The cars you display here are only so-so,” Cheng Yu pointed at the cars in the exhibition hall and said loudly.

At that moment, the women who were not far away heard what Cheng Yu said, their faces showed disdain. Why bother acting rich when you are so poor? It would be a miracle if you could even afford one of the cars in the exhibition hall.

“Do you wish to buy a sports car then? All the sports cars are being stored in the inner hall. If you wish to take a look at them, I can bring you inside.” Although Xu Li did not favor Cheng Yu, but as he wished to see it, she might as well bring him there to have a look. Maybe he would really purchase one of them. So what if he could not afford it? In this world, there were lots of people who were unable to afford a car, including her.

After walking across the exhibition hall, they entered the inner hall. The hall looked totally different from the exhibition hall. Compared to it, the inner hall was more stylish and exaggerated.

After looking through more than half the cars, Cheng Yu felt that he did not really like any of those cars displayed, even though they looked very expensive. The moment Cheng Yu sighed and was prepared to leave, he finally saw a car that fit his style.

The distinct edges and corners gave out a proud and arrogant feeling. The gray color also gave out a mysterious feeling. Overall, the car gave off a vibe that was meant for an arrogant and proud person to drive. “This is the car I am looking for!” Cheng Yu thought.

The moment Xu Li saw how Cheng Yu reacted, she knew that he had taken a fancy to this car. She did not bother to think about whether Cheng Yu could afford the car or not, but went forward and said, “This car was manufactured in the Year 2013, the Lamborghini Aventador. The selling price is 7.5 million. If you wish, you can go for a test drive.”

“Oh! I could go for a test drive?” The moment Cheng Yu saw the car, he knew that he would be buying it. If he could go for a test drive before purchasing it, it would be even better.

“Naturally. Please wait a moment Mister. I will go and take the car key from the manager.” Xu Li walked out to the exhibition hall the moment she finished her sentence. The moment those women saw Xu Li walking out, they rushed towards her immediately.

“Are you insane? Do you think the car can be test driven by anyone? Why not take a good look at that person! A young boy who looks like he’s 17 or 18 years old. Can he even afford that car?” The women said to Xu Li the moment she walked out.

Xu Li Lowered her head and walked towards the Manager’s Office without saying anything to her co-workers. A moment later, a 40-year-old man walked out together with Xu Li and proceeded towards the inner hall.

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“Hello, I am the manager. You can call me Zhang Feng, may I know how I should address Mister?” The manager walked towards Cheng Yu and said politely. Even though he saw Cheng Yu’s appearance, he did not despise the young man.

For him, to become a manager in this car shop, he knew he could never judge a book by its cover. Although the young man had dressed up very casually, the brands he wore were not cheap. The main point was that this young man gave off a feeling that he was not ordinary. He might even be a young master in one of the wealthy families. “In Yunhai, they have never had a lack of young masters who liked to act like this,” the manager thought.

“My surname is Cheng,” Cheng Yu said casually.

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