Chapter 26: I’m Just Asking for Directions!

“Hello, Mr. Cheng! I heard that you have taken a fancy to this Lamborghini. This model was manufactured in 2013. Its specs are as follows: 6.5 kilometers per liter of fuel, V12 engine, 700 horsepower, going from 0 – 100 km takes only 2.9 seconds, and the top speed is 350 km/h. The selling price is 7.5 million. If Mr. Cheng thinks that this suits your taste, you can go for a test drive,” Zhang Feng introduced the specs of the car to Cheng Yu once. When Cheng Yu heard it, he felt dizzy as his knowledge of cars was only at the foundation level, and he had no idea what the manager was talking about.

Cheng Yu took the keys from Zhang Feng as he went to start the engine. After starting the engine, he drove out from the backdoor exit and followed the test drive route. Cheng Yu felt the speed of the car. He felt that compared to him flying on air, the feeling that driving gave him was much better.

After going for a round, Cheng Yu parked the car outside of the inner hall’s car exit. Zhang Feng and Xu Li walked up to him and asked, “Mr. Cheng, are you satisfied with the car?”

“Yup. It’s very good. I have decided to buy it. Please help me settle the procedures of purchasing the car,” Cheng Yu said.

“Alright, Xiao Li please take Mr. Cheng through the formalities of purchasing the car,” Zhang Feng said before returning to his office.

“Please follow me, Mr. Cheng!” Xu Li brought him out of the inner hall to proceed with the purchase of the car.

When those women saw that Cheng Yu was going to actually buy the car, they were stunned. They had never thought that such an ordinary looking young man would possess such a huge amount of wealth. They stared at Xu Li in envy.

However, Xu Li was very happy. She did not expect that the first deal she made, since she started working here, would allow her to earn a commission of several thousand dollars.

“Miss Xu, take a look at them, those women look like they wish to eat you up. Since you have earned a few thousand dollars from me, don’t you think that you should at least treat me to a meal?” Cheng Yu stared at Xu Li and said while laughing.

“Hehe! I must really give you my thanks. Today is the first deal I made since I started working here. I can treat you to a meal as a form of gratitude, but you will have to wait for me to get off from work,” Xu Li said happily.

“What time do you get off from work?”


“Currently, it is only around 2pm and I can’t wait too long. How about you owe me a meal instead?” Originally, Cheng Yu wished to foster a relationship with her, but he did not anticipate that he would need to wait for so long. Although Cheng Yu was bored, he was not bored to the level of waiting for someone for a few hours.

As Cheng Yu finally owned a car, he took the car for a spin on the roads. Although in his previous life he often flew around as a means of transportation, in this world, having a car was a fashion, especially a luxurious one. It was also a symbol of status.

After speeding across several junctions, Cheng Yu was dumbstruck. He realized that he had lost his way home! When he was in the Immortal World, though the land was vast, he had never been lost before, but when it came to such a small place, he got lost.

*Wew Wew Wew!* At this moment, a police motorbike siren could be heard from the back. Cheng Yu was elated as he did not expect to meet his savior at such a crucial time! When he was planning to stretch his head out to ask the traffic police person for directions back home, the motorbike had stopped in front of his car. As the traffic police person dismounted from her bike and removed her helmet, Cheng Yu realized that the police person was actually a beautiful female traffic policewoman.

“Hi, beautiful police officer, you have actually come with such prompt timing. I would like to ask you, how do I get to Beifeng Grand Street from here?” As he saw that it was a female police officer, Cheng Yu asked with a passionate smile.

“You can get to Beifeng Grand Street by following the road on your left. Before that, you need to take out your driver’s license and pay a fine,” The female traffic policewoman frowned and said in a solemn tone when she saw that the person driving the car was only an 18-year-old boy.

“Fine? Why do I need to pay a fine?” Cheng Yu asked in a puzzled manner.

“You were driving over the speed limit. According to the traffic regulations, I would need to subtract six points and give you a 2000 dollar fine. Please hand over your driver’s license,” She answered.
[Translation Note: For every driving license, there will be a total of 12 points. Once the 12 points are all deducted, the driver license would be suspended.]

“Speeding? I just bought this car and you do not allow me to speed? If it’s like that, why would I bother buying a car? I have been flying for over thousands of years in the Immortal World, but no one has ever told me about speeding! And what is the thing called driver’s license! Why would I ever need such a thing to drive?”

“I don’t have it!” Cheng Yu had always been a honest man, especially when he was in front of a beautiful lady. He would never tell a lie.

“Don’t have?” Hanxue was dumbstruck. Whenever she met someone without a driver’s license, they would always tremble in fear or find thousands of excuses to say that they did not bring it with them. However, the person in front of her did not even bother to find any excuses and replied to her honestly, stating that he did not have a driver’s license. He is too arrogant!

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“Is your father Ligang?” Hanxue asked in a solemn tone.

“Who is that?” Cheng Yu was baffled. “Why should I have any relations with this guy named Ligang if I do not own a driver’s license?” As he did not wish to engage with this beautiful traffic policewoman anymore, he was preparing to start his vehicle again and drive off.

“Stay there! You have already violated the traffic regulations and still wish to escape? Get out of the car and follow me to the police station. Your car will also be confiscated!” When Hanxue saw that Cheng Yu wanted to escape, she ran to the front of the car and said.

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“Lady, are you sick?! I am just asking for directions. Why are you pestering me like this? Although I am handsome, you can’t keep pestering me like this, right?” Cheng Yu asked when he saw the woman was trying to block him from escaping.

“Get out of the car now and follow me back to the police station immediately! Otherwise, I will sue you for refusing to abide by the law and for committing a crime. From that moment forward, it will not be something as simple as speeding,” Hanxue said. She was very frustrated at the moment. She had never seen someone as rampant as him. Ignoring his speeding crime, he even dared to escape in front of the police. What’s worse was that this fellow dared to scold her and asked if she was sick.

“Huinan Expressway! Huinan Expressway! A Lamborghini was speeding on the highway and the driver does not have a driver’s license. Please send someone here to tow it away immediately!” Hanxue turned her body and said towards the intercom.

“Woman, what do you want exactly? Isn’t it just 2000 dollars? I will just give it to you!” Cheng Yu came out of the vehicle and said. He knew that if he did not admit defeat, she would pester him forever.

“Paying the fine is a must, but since you do not have a driver’s license, according to traffic regulations, I will need to detain you for 15 days as well,” Hanxue said with a sigh of relief when she saw Cheng Yu get out of the car.

“Beautiful lady, don’t you think you are being too excessive? I have already admitted my offense and will pay the fine right now. Just, I don’t have any cash on me, do you accept payment through cards?”

“We shall continue the conversation when we reach the police station! Get on!” Hanxue stared at Cheng Yu and said as she put on her helmet and mounted the motorbike.

Cheng Yu realized that he could no longer escape and went on to board the traffic police bike. When he boarded the bike, both his hands revolved around Hanxue’s waist before landing on her two big *** as he went forward to give it a pinch. He did not expect that the female officer would have such an impressive body. She could even be compared to Yang Ruoxue in terms of their *** size! In the future, if there’s a chance, he would like to try and see whose *** were more exquisite.

“Move your hands away!” Hanxue shouted furiously the moment she saw Cheng Yu had placed his hands on top of her ***.

“Huh? Ah! I am so sorry! This is my first time riding a bike. I was feeling a bit tensed up. Hope you don’t mind!” Cheng Yu said without any embarrassment as he went on to place his hands on Hanxue’s waist.

10 minutes later, both of them arrived at Zhonghai District Police Station.

“Xiao Zhao, bring him to a detention room. I would like to interrogate him,” Hanxue said to a young policeman the moment they entered the police station.
After Cheng Yu sat for a while in the detention room, Hanxue came in with a book. She closed the door and sat opposite of Cheng Yu and asked, “Name?”

“Cheng Yu.”


“Female,” Cheng Yu said in an ill-mannered way.

“Do you even need to ask? Isn’t it so obvious, and you couldn’t tell?” Cheng Yu thought.

“Speak properly,” Hanxue stared at Cheng Yu and said.

“If you don’t believe me, why don’t we both take off our clothes and compare?”

“If you continue to speak nonsense, I will sue you for harassing a public servant.”

“If you know I am not a female, why bother asking? Who is the one who’s speaking nonsense?” Cheng Yu said furiously.

“F*ck, I had just bought a car and within moments I got brought to a police station. This policewoman’s attitude is the same as those Immortal World’s law enforcers,” Cheng Yu thought.

“Age?” Hanxue continued to ask him questions as she did not wish to argue on the gender question.



“Beifeng Grand Street Number 85.”

When Hanxue heard the address, she wrinkled her eyebrows. “Isn’t this the mayor’s address? Judging from the way he said it, he doesn’t seem like he’s lying to me. What’s more, not everyone knows where the mayor lives,” Hanxue thought.

“Who is Mayor Zhao to you?” Hanxue questioned Cheng Yu.

“My uncle.”

“No wonder. Let me tell you, don’t think that just because your uncle is the mayor, you can be so rampant. I have seen lots of these kinds of arrogant young masters,” Hanxue said to Cheng Yu in disdain. Although he is the mayor’s nephew, she hated this kind of arrogant young master. They always thought that just because they had a strong background, they could always be rampant around the city as they never put anyone in their eyes.

“Woman, did your menopause come early by dozens of years? From the start, I have never said that my uncle is the mayor. Everything has been said by you. There was a myth stating that those women with big *** have no brains. It seems like that is not a myth but a truth,” Cheng Yu took a glance at Hanxue’s *** and said. When he thought of the feeling when he pinched her ***, he could not help but think of the comforting feeling of them.

When she saw Cheng Yu glanced at her *** perversely, she knew what he was thinking. Hanxue said to him furiously, “You are the one without a brain. Let me warn you, even though you are the mayor’s nephew, you have violated several traffic regulations, like not having a driver’s license when driving a car, speeding across the highway and most importantly, you have nasty behavior. I shall detain you for 15 days and will send someone to notify your family.”

“What the h*ll?! You want to detain me? And it’s for 15 days?! I’m gonna sue you for abusing your power!” Cheng Yu yelled at her furiously when he heard that she was going to detain him.

“Hmph! Up to you! It’s useless even if you sue me because I will still detain you as I am just following the law,” Hanxue said complacently when she saw Cheng Yu was flustered and exasperated. However, since he was the mayor’s nephew, she still needed to report it to the Bureau Chief and notify his family. Otherwise, once he had been detained for more than 10 days, his parents would think that he went missing and would file a police report.

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