Chapter 23: Mother-in-law tells me not to fall in love

When Mother Lin saw Lin Yuhan’s worried look, she sighed. She looked at Cheng Yu and said, “Xiao Yu, today I have another matter that I would like to talk to you about.”

“Please speak, Auntie,” Judging from their expressions a moment ago, Cheng Yu already had a vague feeling that the matter Mother Lin is going to talk about would be regarding Lin Yuhan and him.

After deliberating for a while, she felt that she should get straight to the point and said, “Do you like my daughter, Xiao Han?”

“Yes,” replied Cheng Yu. Who would not like such a gentle and pleasant girl?

“Since you have acknowledged that you like Xiao Han, I would like to voice my opinion about it. Actually, I don’t approve of the two of you dating as you guys are still young and attending high school. Furthermore, in a few months, you will need to sit for your national exam. As I have no idea about your studying ability, what happens if the two of you don’t get into the same university and get separated into different provinces? Therefore, I wish that both of you could focus on studying first, and only after the National exam is over can both of you can consider dating.”

“Auntie, I understand what you are trying to say, but you don’t need to worry. I will not hold up Hanhan’s studies and I will also definitely get into the same university as her.”

“This… Xiao Yu, it may sound unpleasant, but I need to voice it out. First off, your family circumstances should be quite well off, but you have also seen our current situation. I also know that rich families have high expectations towards the social status of their marriage partner. That’s why I disagree with you dating Xiao Han. Xiao Han is a naive and unfortunate child. I do not wish for her to be hurt in any way. I hope you can understand my way of thinking for this point. Of course, I would not completely ban the both of you from dating each other. I can see the way you treat Xiao Han is very pleasant, but it’s just that I wish that would only happen after a few more years,” Mother Lin said.

“Um… Auntie, I understand that every mother wishes the best for their child. But I also hope that you can listen to my opinion. To start off, my feelings for Hanhan are real, but you don’t have to worry as I will never force her to do stuff that she isn’t willing to. In fact, both of us aren’t dating. Even if she isn’t willing to be in a relationship with me, I will not make things difficult for her. I will also ensure that no one will be able to bully her. So I hope you could actually have faith in me. And also, even if Hanhan gets married to me, you don’t have to be worried about her as my parents are very easy-going. They have never bothered about the social status of my marriage partner and even if they really did mind, I would never let my wife feel any grievances. Therefore, the issues you have talked to me about are not a problem at all.”

“Hehe. I shall not conceal anything from Auntie. The longevity pills you just received are actually developed by me, and I have partnered up with Wanmei Group. Within a few days, they will be put up for sale on the market. However, the pills that will be sold on the market are not comparable to the ones that I have just given you. Maybe in the future, these pills I just gave you will appear in the market, but that’s not before they have gone through my approval.”

When both of them heard that the pills were being made by Cheng Yu, they were shocked. When they received them, they thought that the pills were some precious pills that had been kept for a long period of time. What they did not expect was that the pills were actually made by Cheng Yu. No wonder when he gave them the pills that time, he seemed like he really didn’t care about the pills.

Cheng Yu took a look at his watch and realized that it was about time to leave.

“Xiao Han, send Xiao Yu off,” Mother Lin said to Lin Yuhan.

“No need. It’s already late. You should just stay at home and rest.”

“I shall send you to the main road before coming back then,” Lin Yuhan pointed towards the road 100 meters away.

As they were walking, Lin Yuhan asked, “What did my mother talk to you about?”

“Your mother requested me to take good care of you and wait till you have graduated from University before marrying you off to me!” Cheng Yu said while laughing.

“Che! Don’t even think about it! My mother will never promise you that,” Lin Yuhan didn’t believe him.

“Hehe, you can go and ask your mother about it then. If I didn’t talk to your mother about marriage, do you think that she would have accepted my betrothal gift?”

“Hmph! You obviously weren’t talking about that a moment ago. You really think I am so easily swindled?”

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“Hehe, it seem like my dear Hanhan is still quite intelligent!”

“Who’s yours! So shameless! Alright, I shall send you till here. Be careful on your way home,” Lin Yuhan knew that she would never be able to get the truth from Cheng Yu. Not willing to ramble on with him, she left immediately after saying goodbye.

Cheng Yu went back to the same bus stop again to take the bus back home. However, on the way back home, the bus was filled with empty seats causing him to feel extremely depressed.

Once Cheng Yu reached home, he greeted his Aunt before returning to his room. Cheng Yu had never watched the television when he was at home. Instead, he spent his time in his room cultivating. Currently, Cheng Yu’s cultivation base is at the Foundation Establishment Initial Stage. It is impossible to breakthrough within 1 or 2 days. Even though he was a Pill Master previously, the most he could do was taking shorter detours.

The next day, Cheng Yu did not go to school as the test was English. Even if he had gone, he would only sleep. For the past few days, he did not look for Yang Ruoxue, which caused him to start missing her. Compared to Lin Yuhan, Yang Ruoxue had a more mature, sexy and intelligent appearance. Her charm not only came from her beautiful appearance and alluring figure, but also from her confidence and temperament. All these traits can never be found in any females who are still in their youth like Lin Yuhan. Of course, this classification is also unable to differentiate who is better as they only represent two different types of age groups and beauty for females.

The travel time between Cheng Yu’s house to Yang Ruoxue’s house is around one and a half hours by taxi. When he reached Yang Ruoxue’s villa, he pressed the doorbell and waited for someone to open the door. After a while, Nanny Zhang came to open the door and said, “Oh! It’s Mr Cheng!”

“Umm… Nanny Zhang, I am looking for Ruoxue, is she at home?”

“Nope. She went to the company. May I know what is the issue that brought you here today?”

“It’s just a small matter. I shall go and find her in her company. May I know what’s her company’s address?”

“Her company’s address is Zhonghai Dafeng road, number 88. If you are taking the cab, you can just have them drop you off just outside the Wanmei Office Building,” Nanny Zhang told Cheng Yu.

“Alright. I have remembered it. Thank you Nanny Zhang!”

After spending half an hour inside the cab, he finally reached his destination. When he was about to get out, he realized that he does not have any money as he had already spent the last 100 bucks when he was taking the cab to Yang Ruoxue’s villa.

“Haha, I am so sorry, but currently I do not have any money on me. How about you follow me up to get the money from my friend?” Cheng Yu suddenly discovered that up until this moment, he had always been spending the money of the previous Cheng Yu.

It seems that earning money had already turned into Cheng Yu’s most important task now.

“This won’t do. How about you give a call to your friend and ask him to come down and pay?” The driver did not trust Cheng Yu. Who knows what will happen if he follows the boy. What if he got robbed halfway? This kind of situation always came up in the news.

Cheng Yu slapped his head as he realized that he always had a mobile phone with him, just that he never actually used it before. Previously, Yang Ruoxue had already left her number in his phone.

When Cheng Yu took out his phone and tried to find her number, he was left flabbergasted. The phone was out of battery!

“Er… You see, my phone is currently out of battery. Why don’t you follow me into the Wanmei Office Building, and I will get someone to come down from there?”

“Ugh… Alright!” The cab driver took a look at Cheng Yu and then towards Wanmei Group before agreeing. After all, what can actually happen when it is daytime right now and also under the heavily guarded Wanmei Building?

As they walked towards the Wanmei Office Building, one of the security guards walked towards them and said, “Good afternoon sirs! This is the Wanmei Building. May I know who you are looking for?” Although the guard saw that Cheng Yu is only around 19 years old, he still approached and asked him politely. This was the basic etiquette required before being able to join the big companies like Wanmei Group.

“Hello, I am a friend of Director Yang. Can you please ask her to come down as I just took a cab and I don’t have enough money to pay the driver?”

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