Chapter 22: Public Transport = Best!

“Hanhan, you have to have faith in me! Don’t keep thinking that I am always relying on my family,” Cheng Yu wished to remove the impression of being a playboy from Lin Yuhan. He was an immortal, so how could he be compared to the old soul playboy? The difference was like heaven and earth.

“Is it not true?”

“Of course not. You think…” Cheng Yu was still thinking of explaining himself, but Lin Yuhan said the bus had arrived, so they went up to the bus. Cheng Yu had to follow her into the bus gloomily.

In the bus, Lin Yuhan saw Cheng Yu was sulking, so she laughed in her heart. Sometimes, she felt that Cheng Yu was very domineering, but sometimes, he acted as if he was a kid.

“Are you still thinking of that matter? Alright I will believe you. Do you have to act like that?”

Cheng Yu glimpsed at Lin Yuhan and pouted. The bus stopped at a bus stop. Because it was after office hours, a lot of people started to board the bus. It caused the bus to become even more packed.

Lin Yuhan was squeezed so much that she started frowning. Cheng Yu suddenly became very happy because he realized the people surrounding him were all girls. Furthermore, their figures were not bad. When the bus started to move, Cheng Yu swayed left and right as he felt the woman behind him because she kept falling on Cheng Yu. This caused Cheng Yu to feel extremely pleasurable.

Actually, with Cheng Yu’s abilities, it would not have any effect on him no matter how much the bus was swaying. However, in the current scenario, even if he was not affected by it, he had to act it out! So, the moment the bus started to sway, Cheng Yu would also sway with the bus and the angle he swayed was obviously more than what the bus could have affected him. As he felt the softness all around him, and the perfume smells, Cheng Yu felt something standing up below him.

Just as Cheng Yu was seeking pleasure from the situation, a few more people boarded the bus and a man squeezed himself beside Lin Yuhan and started to sway like Cheng Yu, which caused Lin Yuhan to wrinkle her eyebrows. Cheng Yu quickly pulled Lin Yuhan to his side and hugged her. When she was about to struggle to get herself out of his hands, she heard a voice beside her ear, ”I don’t want you to get taken advantage of.”

Because of what he said, Lin Yuhan allowed Cheng Yu to continue to hug her. Knowing Cheng Yu’s personality, how could he possibly let go of such a good opportunity? The moment the bus swayed, he would always squeeze Lin Yuhan tighter. As a result, something below him started to stand, as it wished to get out of his pants to check out who was causing him to awaken.

When she felt something was poking her below, Lin Yuhan’s face turn red. This scoundrel! How could he think of such things at this moment! So, she lifted up her legs and stomped Cheng Yu’s legs hatefully.

Cheng Yu suddenly felt his leg in pain. He lowered his head and saw Lin Yuhan’s face had turned red. She looked very attractive. He suddenly had the urge to pounce on her. After travelling for half an hour, they finally got off the bus.

“Hanhan, why did you step on me just now?”

“Hmph! You should know the reason why.”

He looked at Lin Yuhan leaving, but Cheng Yu was actually very excited. When he recalled those pleasurable moments, he immediately came to a realization. It turned out that public transport was the best type of transport! It seemed like he would have to take public transport more often in the future. The best would be if he were to buy one and get a driver so he could squeeze and enjoy the pleasurable moments again.

They walked for around eight minutes and entered a village. Although the villages around the city were progressing very fast, compared to the cities, there was still a difference between them.

While walking down the village, Cheng Yu was able to tell that the residents were foreign workers who migrated to Yunhai to work. Next to their house, there were all sorts of pushing carts. It wrote soup, smelly tofu, barbecue and etc. After walking past two junctions, the living standard of the people living here started to get worse. The flats were only one story tall and quite run down. Not too far away from here, there were machines digging into the ground. From the way it looked, they had started to develop this area. Soon, this area would also start their development.

They walked to a building, which seemed even worse than those rundown buildings they saw just now. Outside the house, there was a tricycle that was used to pull their stall to the designated area. When they entered the house, Cheng Yu noticed that it was a one bedroom flat with a kitchen. The living room had a big table that was decorated with three dishes ready to be eaten. In the corner, there was a fridge with lots of ingredients they used to run their stall during the nights.

“Mom, we are back!” The moment she returned home, Lin Yuhan shouted.

“Oh! You are here, Student Cheng. Please take a seat. The dishes will be ready in a moment or two, and you can have your dinner then.”

“Alright. Auntie, you can just continue what you were doing.”

“Mom! Let me help you!” Lin Yuhan walked into the kitchen.

“No need. I will be done soon. You should just accompany Student Cheng and keep him entertained.”

“What are you doing?” When Lin Yuhan left the kitchen, she saw Cheng Yu was standing outside her room. She panicked as she ran towards him and pulled him back. “You can’t enter!”

“Hanhan, let me take a look at your room,” Cheng Yu chuckled.

“No way. How can a girl let a man enter her room so easily!” Lin Yuhan blushed.

“What’s wrong with that? Besides, in the future, we will be a family. Perhaps, your room will also become my room.”

“Who’s going to be your family? Don’t even think about it!” Lin Yuhan ignored his shamelessness as she pulled him back to the living room and forced him to sit down.

“Haha! Alright, the food is ready. Student Cheng, don’t restrain yourself. It’s just a few dishes, and I’m not sure if it’s up to Student Cheng’s taste. I hope you don’t mind,” Mother Lin walked out of the kitchen with a dish in her hand and laughed.

“Auntie, you can just call me Xiao Yu. Calling me Student Cheng is too weird.”

“Haha! Alright. In the future, Auntie will call you Xiao Yu. Let’s have dinner. Take whatever you like to eat. No need to be polite,” Mother Lin passed Cheng Yu a bowl of rice.

“En. Auntie’s cooking skill is good. It’s been so long since I have eaten something so tasty,” Cheng Yu had never been polite before. He used his chopsticks and picked up duck meat as he praised her.

“Haha! If it’s delicious, eat more,” Mother Lin heard Cheng Yu praising her food, so she was very happy as she picked up another piece of duck and passed it to Cheng Yu.

“Thank you, Auntie. You should both also eat. There’s no need to keep serving me. Hanhan, this is for you,” Cheng Yu was eating happily. When he saw them staring at him, he felt very embarrassed as he picked a duck drumstick and placed it into Lin Yuhan’s bowl.

Lin Yuhan immediately felt embarrassed. Previously when in school, when Cheng Yu placed a drumstick on her plate, there were outsiders there, but now the person in front of them was her mom. How could she not feel embarrassed by his actions?

When Mother Lin saw this, she laughed. No one knew what she was thinking as she looked at Cheng Yu eating happily, she asked, ”Xiao Yu, what do your parents do in Yunhai? Do you have any siblings?”

“Me? I am an only child in my family. My parents are not in Yunhai. My mom does some small business. My dad is a civil servant,” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly. He had never seen his father before and from his memories years back, his father was still a small civil servant.

“Oh? Then where are you from? Are you here alone in Yunhai?”

“I am from the capital. I am currently living with my aunt.”

When she heard Cheng Yu’s reply, which was so straightforward, Mother Lin no longer asked any questions as they enjoyed their meal happily.

“Xiao Yu, the reason why I invited you was because I wanted to thank you for the pills you gave us. It has allowed us to no longer suffer from our illness. I also know that the pill must have been very expensive, but you can tell that we are not very rich. So we can only treat you to a cheap meal. I am very sorry about that.” After dinner, Lin Yuhan went to tidy up the dining area as Mother Lin apologized to Cheng Yu.

“Auntie, you don’t have to think too much about it. I have a lot of these pills, and they are not as precious as what you are thinking. Therefore, you don’t have to feel uneasy because of this. Besides, I am deskmates with Hanhan. When I saw her illness relapsing, how could I not save her when I have the ability to?”

“Haha! Auntie knows that you are not such a person. This pill may be very ordinary to you, but it has granted us another life. You simply gave it to us. Frankly, it worried me thinking of how I would pay you back.”

“Auntie, this pill is really very ordinary to me. Besides, I have brought another pill here,” Cheng Yu put his hands into his pocket as he took out a pill bottle from his storage ring. “This is called a Longevity Pill. Anyone who consumes it will have a longer lifespan without any illnesses. This pill is the Eternal Youth Pill. It will help you delay your skin from aging. After consuming it, it will allow your skin to age very slowly for the next 30 years,” Cheng Yu poured pills from the two bottles and gave them to Mother Lin.

When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, Mother Lin was shocked speechless. Even Lin Yuhan, who was washing the dishes, was stunned when she heard their conversation. She always felt that Cheng Yu was very mysterious, but she did not expect him to actually have miraculous pills.

If it was in the past, they would definitely not believe him. Now that they have witnessed the effect of the Reversal Pill, they knew that Cheng Yu was not spouting nonsense.

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“Xiao Yu, these pills are too precious. You already cured our illness, and we are very grateful for that. If you give us these pills, we have no idea how we would repay you.” Although she was extremely curious as to why Cheng Yu had these pills, she was not able to bring herself to accept them because she needed to talk to Cheng Yu about something else. If she were to accept these precious pills, how was she going to ask for him a favor.

“Auntie, stop rejecting me. Even if you reject me, I will still leave these pills here before I go. As for Hanhan, she’s still too young, and there is no need for her to take them yet.”

“Xiao Han, go back to your room first. I have something that I wish to discuss with Xiao Yu,” When she saw that Cheng Yu was so persistent, Mother Lin decided to have a talk with Cheng Yu first. So, she asked Lin Yuhan to go back to her room to prevent her from eavesdropping on their conversation.

When she heard her mother’s words, Lin Yuhan felt her heart shudder. She had an idea of what her mother was going to say to Cheng Yu. She started to worry as she returned to her room restlessly.

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