Chapter 21: Daughter’s Husband?

Blood Wolf Gang Headquarters

“Clang!” Qin Canghai threw the cup in his hand on the ground. His face was red with anger as he paced back and forth in the room. He just returned from the hospital. Just now, one of his subordinates called him when he was having his dinner. He reported that Third Boss was beaten up very badly and was now in the hospital. Qin Canghai and Bao Lang rushed over to the hospital. Although Wu Chang had already fallen asleep, his complexion was still very pale. When they asked the doctor about his condition, the doctor told them that all his internal organs had been dislocated and his injuries were very grave. Currently, his life had been successfully preserved, but his body would be very weak in the future.

“Speak! What exactly happened?” Qin Canghai demanded furiously from the subordinates who were covered in bandages.

“Big Boss, everything was under our control in the beginning. When Third Boss told Cheng Yu to follow us back to apologize to Big Boss, that kid failed to appreciate our kindness and rejected Third Boss immediately. Third Boss instructed us to capture him. However, that little kid was very strong, and when we charged at him, we were crippled by him before we could even touch him. Finally, Third Boss asked that little kid if he wished to completely fall out with us, but he told us that he did not even have any friendly relationship with us at all. Third Boss was helpless so he could only threaten him by saying that if he were to oppose us, his friends would definitely suffer. We did not expect this little kid was unmoved by the threat. Instead, he did not say anything and struck Third Boss. In the end, it caused Third Boss to become like this,” One of the bandaged men narrated the whole incident to Qin Canghai while trembling in fear.

“Big Brother, let me bring my men to kill that little kid. He’s too arrogant as he did not place the Blood Wolf Gang in his eyes at all. I really hope to see if he really possesses such remarkable abilities as a great fighter,” Bao Lang stood up and slapped the table.

“No! Judging from the situation, the kid is definitely an expert. He only used a palm strike to turn Third Brother into a cripple. Is this something an average person would be able to achieve? Have you investigated the people the kid is close to?” Qin Canghai asked those subordinates that were covered in bandages.

“Previously, Third Boss asked us to follow a girl. The last time Jiang Ming had brought Dao Jiu along was also because of this girl. From what I see, that little kid likes the girl. We already investigated her. She was raised by her mother, and her mother has a stall in the night market where she sells soup. She goes to help her mother every day,” One of the bandaged men said.

“Hmph! So it’s all because of Jiang Dechen’s son. I will definitely settle this account with him in the future. How dare he actually provoke such a disaster for the Blood Wolf Gang! Is there anyone else who is close to him?”

“There is still a fatty who always follow him. I don’t think that this fatty will be useful to us.”

“What about his family?”

“We are still unable to find anything about that. We only know that he stays in Mayor Zhao Minglong’s house.”

“En. I don’t care what his background is, but since he offended our Blood Wolf Gang, he shall pay in blood. Do a more in-depth investigation on him. When the time comes, I will plan how to handle him.”

The bandaged man left the room as Bao Lang asked, ”Big Brother, so all we are going to do now is wait?”

“Second Brother, you must not be so impulsive. This time, our opponent is an expert. Do you really think that you will be able to handle him when he is able to use a palm strike to cripple Third Brother? Or are you thinking that you have already become invincible?” Qin Canghai asked sarcastically. His second brother was good at everything, but he was too quick to anger. Now that they were facing a strong opponent, if he continued being so impulsive, they would definitely be eradicated because of him.

“Haha! Big Brother is right. I will listen to you,” Bao Lang laughed embarrassingly.

The next day, Cheng Yu sat in Zhao Yunfang’s car while looking at her. She was still pouting. He laughed in his heart. This little girl was angry with him with for such a small matter. When they were home just now, she even didn’t allow him to enter her car.

“Cousin, are you still angry with me?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hmph! I hate you to death!” Zhao Yunfang couldn’t be blamed. She had experienced the feelings of being doted on by a big brother. As Zhao Yunfang was the only child in the family, she had been alone from when she was young. In the past, Cheng Yu was a typical second generation young master who basically did not have any idea about affection between siblings. Even in the capital, his cousins there never liked him either because he never doted on them. In the past, it was the same for Zhao Yunfang. Cheng Yu had come for more than a year, but she did not interact with him much. It was only after the incident that Cheng Yu changed. He finally knew how to dote on his cousin. However, this kind of feeling disappeared after a few days. This caused the little girl to be extremely upset as she felt that her cousin no longer doted on her.

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“Haha! Cousin, stop being angry. I really had some matters to handle. Think about it. As a man, I definitely have my own problems to handle, right? I can’t possibly always follow you back home to watch television right? Besides, if I were to not roam outside, how can I bring a sister-in-law home?”

“But did you not like Sister Ruoxue? Why are you still looking for other girls?” Zhao Yunfang said unhappily when she saw her cousin turning back to his playboy self.

“You should know. Sister Ruoxue doesn’t like me. You can’t possibly ask me to place all my eggs in one basket, right?”

“Hmph! You are just trying to avoid me so you can find other girls.”

“Fangfang, how could you think like that? When I was outside, I did look at several girls, but that was as far as I went. More importantly, I really had some matters to handle. If not, how I am supposed to refine the miraculous pills? Look at our little princess’s face. You have such good baby-like skin. If there were no medical herbs, how would I continue refining pills for you?”

“Hmph, what you just said is barely enough to convince me. But is this really an insight you got when you went out for a stroll?”

“Of course! It’s not like you don’t know me. Every day, I am either at home or in school. If it was not getting insight during my walk, where could I possibly get inspiration from? Besides, did I not promise to buy your favorite car? If I didn’t go out and earn money, where am I supposed to get the money to pay for your car from?” When he saw his cousin started to believe him, Cheng Yu grabbed the opportunity and tried to pass his nonsense for the whole nine yards.

“Alright. I will no longer blame you when you don’t follow me home after school. But you must promise me that you will buy a car for me!” When she heard Cheng Yu remembered that he was going to buy a car for her, the little princess’s anger subsided.

“No problem. Do you think I am such a petty person? As long as I have the money, I will buy whatever you want and not just a car!” When he saw the little lass was no longer angry, Cheng Yu snickered in his heart. “This little lass was so easy to coax. If this was Yang Ruoxue, she would not believe even if you revealed everything. Aish! This was the difference between a woman and a girl. Wait, this doesn’t seem right. Ruoxue is not a woman yet. At most, she is just a mature girl. However, I will turn her into a woman. Hehe!” Cheng Yu laughed lewdly in his heart. Cheng Yu suddenly felt that it had already been a few days since he went to find Yang Ruoxue. After the mock test was over, he would go and find her as he wished to know how the manufacturing of the pills was going.

The test for the morning was history. The afternoon would be politics and geography. The test duration was shorter for politics and geography, so they were planned together in the afternoon. There would be no test tomorrow. This would allow the students to have more time to continue with their studying.

To Cheng Yu, these three subjects were slightly better than the previous ones as these three subjects were pure memorization. As long as he was able to memorize them, he would definitely be able to answer them. This could be counted as his forte.

Cheng Yu looked at the test paper in his hand. He could not refrain from shaking his head because he realized that if he were to add up all the points from his test papers, it would not even be over 300 points. He looked at Lin Yuhan who was still answering the questions and Fatty who was writing his answers down jubilantly. It seemed like the pill he gave him was very effective. If this were to continue, getting into university should not pose a problem to Fatty. It seemed like it would be hard to be an immortal in this world as the mortals were better than them.

The day passed by very quickly when he was in school, especially when he was sleeping. The time Cheng Yu spent staying awake for every test never lasted more than half an hour. Perhaps, the time he stayed awake for all five tests was not longer than the duration of an actual test.

Lin Yuhan walked over to Cheng Yu and said, ” My mom has already prepared the food. Let’s go.”

“Fatty, I will leave first. My mother-in-law wishes to meet her daughter’s husband!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“All the best, Boss! I hope that you will be able to embrace the beauty back home!”

“Hmph! If you guys continue being like that, I will start to ignore you,” Lin Yuhan heard Cheng Yu spouting nonsense in class, so she blushed as they exited the classroom.

Everyone heard their conversation and witnessed Cheng Yu chasing after Lin Yuhan. Their faces were filled with envy and regret. They envied Cheng Yu as he was able to successfully court the campus princess. Aish! It seemed like the campus princess’s taste was only so-so. Other than being a bit more handsome, richer, and stupider, there was nothing exceptional about him!

Whatever those ancient people said were lies! What beauty will come to a hero? They had been heroes for so many years, yet there have never been any beauties that asked them out.

Today, Mother Lin did not open her stall because she wanted to treat Cheng Yu to a meal. So, Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan ran to the bus stop and waited for their bus. At first, Cheng Yu wanted to take a cab, but when he saw Lin Yuhan was walking here, he chose to follow along. Cheng Yu had never been on public transport after coming to this world. He either had people driving him around or he took a cab. He looked at those cars driving back and forth, and he suddenly turned his head to face Lin Yuhan and asked, ”Hanhan, do you want a car?”

Lin Yuhan blanked out. She had no idea why Cheng Yu would ask her this, ”No.”

When he heard Lin Yuhan’s reply, Cheng Yu was stunned. From the way he saw it, as long as the person was a woman, they would definitely like cars because it was the same for Ruoxue and Zhao Yunfang. Besides, Yang Ruoxue owned a few cars as well. “Why?”

“What would I need a car for?”

“If you had a car, you would no longer need to take public transport.”

“Then why didn’t you buy it?”

“I wanted to get one, but the money hasn’t come yet,” Cheng Yu thought of finding Yang Ruoxue tomorrow and asking her when the product would hit the market so he could have money to buy a car.

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“Is the money from your family?” Lin Yuhan asked. She thought that if Cheng Yu wished to buy a car, the money would definitely come from his family.

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