Chapter 25- Busted

It took some time for Draco to calm down, but Luna waited patiently. She chose her words carefully before he resigned himself to try the meat, then recognized it’s taste. It was a taste that he remembered having a few times during his disappearances. After that, he resigned himself to sharing the steaming waters with Luna. He felt the water almost cut any pain he had from his body and treat the worked muscles from the flight. Luna kept from looking at Draco until he was comfortably submerged in the water.

“It feels good. It’s relaxing.” (Draco)

Luna submerged her wings and scooped the water to let it rain over her back.

“It’s my oasis to relieve me of my troubles. Only those with wings or have dug tunnels through the ground can reach us here. I’ve never shared it before now. Not even with David.” (Luna)

Draco took a palm full of water, then slowly released it over his face.

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“What’s that demon’s relationship to you Luna? Why are you so passionate everytime you speak about him?” (Draco)


Luna paused, then considered telling Draco the whole truth, but she knew that David wouldn’t approve.

“I never knew my parents. From an egg, I knew I was David’s. I was his property, and his pet. I didn’t understand it, but I felt drawn to him. I’ve always wanted to be faithful.” (Luna)

Draco stopped in the middle of pouring another bit of water on him, then let it go.

“Your impulse was to make him happy, and to accomplish an unforeseen goal in your life. I too felt that way with Father Geoffrey. I devoted my life to the study of the divine. We only had images of angels1angelsspecies at the mission. No one there has ever seen one in person before. Father Geoffrey used to call me his little angel son.” (Draco)

Draco then started shedding tears. Luna could tell that he had been holding the pain. What he went through was something that she could imagine happening if David was taken from her and she survived. She also noticed an angel nearby, and she knew that Lousphy would have made her presence known, at least to her, so she knew it wasn’t Lousphy.


Luna wasn’t going to let an unwelcome angel snoop around her private bath.

“By the authority of the treaty of this realm, angel trespasser, come forth. Show yourself to me.” (Luna)

Luna left the water, then she blocked the portal the angel tried to make. Though by commanding under the treaty, the portal should have also been blocked by the powers of the divine as well. When Luna went through the gate in the wall, the angel was pinned in place by her own portal.

“You, what are you doing here in the land that only those with my or David’s permission may enter. I know for a fact that you know this rule, and to obey the treaty.” (Luna)

Despite her placement, the angel still seemed graceful in her movements and words.

“Trying to corrupt another follower of the divine? How did you know I was here anyways?” (Trapped Angel Ruby)

Luna snorted and saw Draco looking aww struck at the angel in the odd predicament.

“Lousphy, I want you to come here right now.” (Luna)

Almost as fast as the words came out of her mouth, Lousphy appeared.

“What is it Luna?” (Lousphy)


The greeting escaped her before she could gather about the current situation, but she had a brief idea by the time Luna spoke again.

“Your temporary replacement watcher for your post in this realm has been doing a little more watching than she is permitted to by the treaty. I don’t mind being watched, but you know that this area is off limits Lousphy. It’s my private spa, so I expect secrecy or at least respect. You know what respect I command. I caught her using the portal when she was listening in on the private talk between me and Draco. By how free me and Draco have been with our words, I would guess that’s she been here before we even entered the water.” (Luna)

Lousphy waved her hand to have both Luna and Draco back away, partly because Draco was unclothed again, and another part because she needed room to fix the portal that Ruby was in.

“Luna, could you release your hold on the portal?” (Lousphy)


Luna quickly released it after Lousphy asked her too, then she used her own portal to remove the trapped angel. To fix it, Ruby, the angel that was trapped and was Lousphy’s fellow trainee, would have to go to a specialist. Even then, they still may not be able to help her. After she was free and standing up again, she looked oddly at Lousphy.

“Lousphy, what? How have you surpassed me without my knowledge? You’re the one in charge of watching this realm.” (Ruby)

Lousphy helped Ruby to her feet, but that was all she helped her with.

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“Ruby, you were given specific instructions to do specific things in my absence. It’s understandable that your trying to spread the influence of the divine, but this is the realm of balance. What the divine gains, the demon gains equally. You doing this so far has been overlooked due to our old friendship and your lack of knowledge despite my students trying to teach you. I spent the last fifty years holding the balance of the realm in peace, but you managed to jeopardize that in a few short months. You understood good and bad in all mortals before I did. Despite Luna’s connection to Da…, the demon, she has free choice, as Draco does. I’ve been watching over Draco ever since Luna found him and started treating him. My power has grown enough to not need to be present to know of a few details of a situation. She only wished for his seed in her belly at first, then she started to recognize other things about him, starting with last night.” (Lousphy)


Luna was about to speak up and reveal her plans for Draco, but she knew that the situation was too right now to let her pride interfere.

“Lousphy, I’ve known you for a long time. You helped create many details of the treaty, even some that you aren’t fully aware of yet. I know you wouldn’t intentionally spy on me. Especially spying on me fully aware of the circumstances. My intentions are what you would call innocent. It’s our business. I understand the want to protect Draco, but he’s desirable to me. However, back to the point. I’m full aware that I could charge your angel friend with a treasonous act. The treaty is held tightly with trust, so I trust you to give her a warning worthy of this. Now, I ask for you to leave. I wish to brood over my soured attempts of wooing and consider other options.” (Luna)


Luna watched the two angels fly off before turning back to a rather mad Draco. Luna all but ignored him as she went back into the water and laid her bulk into the deepest point. She let her back and wings submerge as well. Only her head was out of the water.

“It’s not easy for me to look for mates to breed with, you know. For fifteen hours a day, I’m making sure the realm runs smoothly. From touring locations to be sure they’re doing what they’re supposed, to working on the finances to settling conflicts between those loyal to the divine and David’s personal forces and minions. The remaining hours are put into eating, quickly bathing, and sometimes conversing with Lousphy. There is sometimes a little extra for sleep from what’s left. I have no time for searching around, and by my wings, I’m not sending for a candidate from the WCL. Who knows who I’ll get. Who who know what condition they’ll have, state of health, or if they have a disease or not.” (Luna)


Draco considered leaving, but eventually settled down back into the water. This time, he didn’t settle down to enjoy the water, but started to massage Luna’s submerged wings.

“I’m still wary and cautious of you Mistress Luna, but you did save my life. You did bring me here to be cared for and showed me this amazing land. You have even educated me about some of my heritage, even though I didn’t ask you to. You have showed me truths about myself that I wasn’t aware of. I’m no longer ashamed of my looks, or of my mixed blood heritage. I have only spent a single day with, and…” (Draco)

Draco then stopped speaking. Luna remained still, waiting for him to finish whatever he was saying.


After what seemed like minutes, Luna moved away to the edge of the pool, then turned around. Draco was shedding tears again.

“Take your time Draco. Go to town and get a room. Tell them to put you in whatever room you want. I’ll be there later. Show them this when you get there.” (Luna)

Luna put her head under the water, then soon came out with a scale. It’s ice blue and white color matched the ones she had on her. Draco slowly took it. Something told him that sharing her scales meant something important.

“Stay as long as you want. If you eventually decide to leave, I only ask that you say goodbye before you do.” (Luna)

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