Chapter 24- Home Problems

It’s been three weeks since they returned from the trip from the Supreme Overlord’s personal realm. David expected himself to have to fix any problems that were caused by his absence, but he never expected that it was Lousphy’s replacement that caused most of them. She got it in her head to start pushing more and more divine influence than ever presented before. The whole area was in imbalance. The human workers were slacking as much as David’s minions were. There were clear signs of new divine craftsmanship present without even receiving permission. In response to this, the minions and the others felt threatened and were almost ready to take up arms against the divine followers of the town.


Especially after a werewolf was attacked in neutral territory while playing with his human daughter. It took some time for tensions to cool and for Lousphy to return to the realm of the divine to make her report on what she encountered on the side-trip. Luna was by the river after a grueling twenty-six hour straight workout of hopping between one fight about to break out to another brewing. She dipped her head in the cool water and let it wash her face of the dirt that had built up. She also hoped that it would help her stay awake a little longer, then something bumped her snout and she went after it thinking it was a fish. She was happy for the easy snack. What she got instead was an injured scaly arm attached to an unconscious body.


She quickly claimed her find from the water, then looked at the strange figure in interest. After thinking about it, and seeing him still breathing, Luna brought him to her bed that was a short flying distance away, then stripped his clothing and nursed his wounds, mainly by licking them. She then put some cloth on the wounds that she got for Lousphy, which was a personal gift for her when she saw the angel next. She would surely understand it being used in such a situation. Luna then interestingly looked at the naked body again for a few more minutes before deciding to stop feeding her adolescent fantasies and get back to work. After a few more hours of keeping the peace and finally getting things started up again on the mansion, she finally decided getting some rest.


She then noticed that the stranger wasn’t where she left him, and she knew that he couldn’t get past her without her noticing. At least, not in the shape he was in. She looked around her chambers for a little while before deciding to see if David knows anything. As she came to his room, she could tell he did know something because the figure was being virtually swallowed by rock coming out of the very ground. David was reading a book about plants and the stranger looked angrily at him, but kept quiet.

“Lose something Luna?” (David)


David asked without looking away from the book. Luna moved beside the figure so he could see her.

“More like he wandered off. I figured someone with wyrm blood in them would love to see my personal hoardings, and he would admire what’s not his. He might even propose to me in exchange for some. Being greedy even to the one that saved his life from going back into the river’s infinity loop. I didn’t expect him to wander over here, and certainly not to disturb you. So, not a fan of demons2demonsspecies?” (Luna)

David turned the page, then answered.

“He said he was apart of a missionary group. Their church was burnt down and he was left for dead in the river. It was something another demon did in one of the expanse realms. Could you fetch that one for me? Let her take care of him, you’re too busy right now.”(David)


Luna slouched slightly. It was true that she was busy, but if he behaved, she could come and care for him every other hour before she rests for a little bit. Luna was about to turn away, when Lousphy’s voice came from behind her.

“That won’t be necessary Luna. I can take him.” (Lousphy)

The stone faded away back into the floor and Luna caught the stranger.

“Blessed be. I’m saved.” (Wyrm)

He said, before falling unconsciousness again. With Lousphy’s help, he was put on her back, then they left through the angel’s divine portal. Luna expected them to return to the town, but instead, found them in her chambers.

“Lousphy, why here? Why not the town where he can be better treated?” (Luna)


Lousphy shook her head.

“There’s much more. Much, much more than you know is going on right now. Right now; only you, David, me, and my student know of this wyrmkin being here. David is likely aware of this situation as I am, but there have been more places attacked than his small village. Right now, over a dozen missionary parties and settlements have been attacked in the last week. This is the first survivor that’s been found. This is the reason that I’ve been absent.” (Lousphy)

Without warning, another voice cut in.

“Is that so? If you just asked me Lousphy, I would have told you everything about what’s going on. In fact, the exact number is closer to two dozen.” (David)


Lousphy turned to an annoyed David, then Luna backed away. She knew that he was really annoyed right now.

“How would you know this?” (Lousphy)

Lousphy asked insinuatingly.

If it wasn’t Lousphy, Luna swore that David would have struck her.

“What do you think I’ve been doing over the past weeks? Sitting on my hands? My brother and sister are gathering strength the best way they know how. They sense the need for it…,as I have. Unlike them, I can’t aggressively expand because it comes at the cost of my shield.” (David)

David sighed, then took Lousphy’s hand.

“Stop thinking of me as an unreliable source of information, and started thinking about me being just a worried husband for one minute. There is nothing more I want than your cheerful smile on your face. I don’t know how to describe it.” (David)


Lousphy smiled gently at him.

“It makes you warm and calm inside. It gives you peace.” (Lousphy)

David paused. It wasn’t exactly like that for him, but he nodded in approval, thinking it must be that way for her.

“Talking about that should be held off for another time. What are you going to do right now?” (Lousphy)

Lousphy took her hands away.

“Care for him, and get what I can. Then, I’ll see what he wishes. We’re still waiting for him to stop faking his coma.” (Lousphy)

His eyes shot open, but Luna had to help him off the ground.

“Angel, you cohort with this demon?” (wyrm)

Lousphy moved to block David’s view with her wings.

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“Rest your mind loyal servant of the divine. We’re in a realm where both divine and demons live in a treaty. He won’t do anything to you.” (Lousphy)

David grunted to the comment, then moved back into view again.

“Only what please me Lousphy. I permit the divine here. This… servant of yours is in my section of the realm.” (David)


Luna wanted to comment, but felt like it was best not to anger David any further at this moment.

“I shall do what I please with him.” (David)

He then looked at Luna.

“Since you found him, you deal with him.” (David)

David then started walking away.

“Aren’t you going to stay and listen?” (Lousphy)

David stopped, but didn’t turn back.

“I’m quite familiar with whatever tactics and goals the people that attacked us. Despite how much joy I would get from listening to the tale of a massacre, I have no time for that now. Seeing that Luna is going to be busy, I guess I have to get things done by myself.” (David)

Lousphy turned back to Luna, then waved her hand over the guest that was kneeled down to treat his wounds, before standing again.

“I can only relieve the pain. The wounds must naturally heal on their own now.” (Lousphy)


The stranger relaxed in Luna’s claw, relieved.

“I’m not one to question the divine’s will, but I must ask. What’s with the demon?” (wyrm)

Lousphy was about to answer, but Luna did first.

“Is that important to know right now? Don’t talk any further. You need rest to heal, so you must sleep. I can tell the angel anything she desires to know, but only what you could’ve told her.” (Luna)

The one in Luna’s claw looked at her in the eyes.

“What’s your name,  Mistress?” (wyrm)

Luna backed away, then let him lay down on his back.

“I’m Luna. Luna of the moon. I’m the one that brings light to the darkest of nights. Will you honor me with your name?” (Luna)

He looked away from her.

“I’m Draco. My name isn’t as elegant as yours though.” (Draco)


Luna moved beside him, then laid down with a wing covering him.

“Not true. In wyrm lore, Draco is said to be the father of dragons3dragonsspecies. The breed that is strongest and wisest of the wyrm race. It’s said that in his legend, his wyrm heart burned for a phoenix, but his body couldn’t handle her flames. As his body burned, his seed embraced his hearts flames. That is why dragons have always been impulsive and quick to anger, yet with the wisdom and elegance of the phoenix.” (Luna)

Draco lost his voice to slumber as he spoke.

“To be named after one of… such…… import…. ance.” (Draco)

Luna paused to look at Draco, before laying her head down. She could tell that Draco came from a coupling of a dragon and a man. The origin of such passion was something she didn’t dare to guess, but she still saw him as a strong and possibly loyal breeding partner.


She knew that to compete with Xolrum and Mocona, she will need an edge beyond her heritage bloodline. Having children will let her be able to aid David and give him an advantage in numbers. Luna could see the darkness in Draco’s soul as well. His movements of restlessness under her wing showed that he had never been close to another. He’s clearly never had the chance to know how to be comforted by another, or to rely on himself. He was likely abandoned by his mother at the steps of a divine church. His speech suggested a deep learning in divine teachings and beliefs. After a few minutes of Draco experiencing restlessness, Luna moved out of her bed that she decided to share, then laid in another spot and got some much needed rest.


When Luna woke up, Draco was awake and praying over some apples that looked like they were normally apart of one of David’s smoothies.

“Did David allow you to have those?” (Luna)

Draco ignored her, then finished the last line of his prayer before bowing his head.

“These were here when I woke up. I think the angel left them for me.” (Draco)

Luna relaxed, she was glad that her guest didn’t invoke David’s wrath for thieving. She then settled down beside Draco.

“I…. will like for you to listen and accept what I’ll say next Draco.” (Luna)

Draco bit into an apple, then chewed it and swallowed.

“I owe my life to you Luna, so I’ll listen.” (Draco)


Luna watched as he ate the rest of the apple, then grabbed another.

“Will you? Well, I seek to aid David. He’s a powerful demon. I’m sure that he can handle nearly anything any other demon can’t.” (Luna)

Draco ate the other apple without pausing. Luna never realized something that should be natural occurring was so hard to propose.

“Well, one way of doing this is making more dragons to fight for him.” (Luna)

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Draco stopped mid chew, then swallows the food with rather seemingly difficulty.

“I won’t sin and lay with a creature allied to a demon.” (Draco)

Luna lowered her head, disappointed.

“Well, perhaps just friends then. Things are different in this realm. The divine and David have a treaty.” (Luna)


Once again, Draco finished his apple before speaking.

“How long until your demon betrays that treaty he made?” (Draco)

Without warning, Luna raised up aggressively.

“You dare suggest David would ever betray Lousphy. She was the very reason that he made the treaty and gave away so much of what he could have kept and achieved by himself.” (Luna)

Draco, seeing Luna’s reaction, also moved aggressively. His natural instincts didn’t dull despite his blood only being half wyrm. He let out an instinctive growl before turning to a standing posture.

“So, you’re saying your demon isn’t normal.” (Draco)

Luna, seeing him lowering his guard, lowered hers as well.

“Anything but. Despite appearances, things are very civil, though you didn’t hear that from me if he asks. Come, let me show you around. Let’s get something better than apples in your stomach. The veal here is quite tasty.” (Luna)


Luna spent all of that morning showing Draco around the realm. When she swooped down, Draco began to follow her, but suddenly stopped when she came back up to him with a mature deer in her jaws. The kill was instant, and there was no chance that the deer was even aware of it’s fate. After the tour she led him to her private place over the cave where she discovered hot springs that she made into a spa. She suspected that David had something to do with them, but he would never admit to it in the least.


There was a huge wall with an open gate to allow her kind easy passage. There was a perch overlooking the distance so she can watch the setting sun. By the time of her arrival, it was already past noon. She’s been tired since the night before. Her hunger showed it as she started tearing and eating the meat she brought along with her, and she did so easily with her practiced claws.


After her first swallow, she noticed Draco was only watching.

“Come, eat. You need the nourishment to heal even further. You no longer bleed like a properly injured wyrm after some treatment. However, you need to eat.” (Luna)

Draco looked away.

“I don’t eat meat.” (Draco)

Luna laughed hard at his comment.

“Liar!” (Luna)

He became aggressive in his stance as he did before.

“You dare call me a liar?” (Draco)

Luna moved away from the meal and licked the fresh blood off her face.

“I can prove it as well. Your teeth are yellow from the stains of meat, just as mine are. You eat regularly. Whether you’re aware of it or not, I can’t tell you which one. I only know that you do indeed eat meat.”(Luna)


Draco paused, surprised. He was aware that he regular disappeared sometimes, he’s been missing for a few hours at a time. He had been lying to himself about the circumstances though.

“When I was an infant, Father Geoffrey found me on the steps of his church. It was a small mission in a small place. There was only a few people living there, and travelers rarely came and go, except for the trade the town made to sustain itself. I lived there my whole life. Father Geoffrey was the only one to ever care about me or my future, now it’s gone. Everything is gone….” (Draco)


Draco slammed his fist against the post and the impact echoed in the distance.

“Oh, Draco, it’s not the end of the world. Well, in perspective at least… you’re still alive though. When your fully healed, I can help you seek whatever you desire. Just calm down and come eat, then we can bathe in the spring waters. They have healing properties, so you can relax and recover your strength while bathing.” (Luna

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