Chapter 97: Actually, I was the was one getting deceived.

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Solving the tragedy that happened in that intersection, I finally arrived at Meru’s designated place.

“So it’s here.”

Halting my steps, I raised my head to look at the 634 meters sky tower before me; one of the highest towers in Japan. And since it was summer holidays, the place was overflowing by a crowd of people, that even standing still in my place a quite difficult task. I often saw this skytower on TV, but looking at it live like this is quite the magnificent sight. As I was letting out a voice of admiration while gazing at the top of the tower, I heard Meru clattering in my phone.

“Amazing, Desu! Looking at it directly like this is completely different Desu!”

It seems that she got a bit too excited too from witnessing the tower with her own eyes. She probably knew about it somewhere on the internet. The picture she saw there would be incomparable to the real deal. I internally agreed with Meru’s remark, however, since I’ve been walking this entire time, I couldn’t stop the expression of tiredness from reaching my face.

“We walked a long path to make it here…”

After the incident of the large screen, Meru’s rampage continued non-stop. I already lost count on how many times she dragged me into troublesome situations. I feel that her ability to invade other systems is more of a cheat than my ability, honestly. She doesn’t hesitate on invading any electronic device that attracts her interest.

Perhaps it’s because of her curiosity as a child. No matter how many times I tell her to stop, she still moves to some random device, causing me to go around attracting people’s attention. Unlike her actual age, she acts like a real child. The problem is that whenever she disappears, I have to wait for her to notice me as I don’t have any measures to contact her. I really need to find some counter-plan for this kind of situation. That was the thought that crossed my mind everytime Meru vanished from my phone.

“Master! Let’s go, Desu!”
“Alright, let’s enter.”

Urged by Meru, I stepped inside the skytower.


Lining up to take the elevator, we ascended to the top floor where the view of the city, including the path we walked to make it here, unfolded in front of our eyes.

“Wow, I now understand why they called it a tower.”

Approaching the glass window, I leaned slightly forward to get a better view. I could see my house as a tiny point from here, and people were no longer visible. I couldn’t help but get amazed by the view since it was my first time. Although I wasn’t moved as Meru who was getting too thrilled from gazing at the city.

“Uwaa!! This is really high, Desu!! This is the highest place I’ve ever been in, Desu!! People do indeed look like trash from here Desu!! Trash!! Trash, Desu!!”
“Stop saying trash too much…”

Meru shouted with joy as she turned her back to the screen and took a posture of peeking at the back camera from the inside. I felt uncomfortable hearing the word trash continuously pronounced by a little girl.

She is too influenced by the internet. Let’s forbid her from using it for a while. Thinking about a way to fix her infected mind, I moved back my gaze to the scenery in front of me and forgot about everything else. It was a splendid view.

“It’s a beautiful scenery indeed, master!!”
“Yeah, you’re right.”

I faintly smiled when hearing the same thoughts leaving Meru’s mouth as well.

“By the way, I came here because you asked me to do so, are you fine with just this place?”

I came to this skytower without asking her for the reason. I wonder if she is satisfied with just that. I was intending to take anywhere she desired on earth. Meru answered me with her usual dazzling smile.

“Yes! I wanted to see it with my own eyes since the day I heard of it on the internet, Desu. It’s even taller than the golem, Desu!”

Of course, it’s taller than that golem. It would be terrifying if the golem was taller than the tower. Revealing a bitter smile to Meru’s innocent remark, I thought of a good idea.

“Hey, Meru. Want to go to an even higher place?”
“Higher place, Desu?”

Meru inclined her head in wonder when she heard my suggestion. I answered her with a grin as if I were notifying her to look forward to it and vanished from that place using teleportation magic.


Teleporting to an empty spot and stood at the summit of the tower.

“This place is even higher.”

I looked around myself. As the spot was located much higher in altitude, even the buildings were looking like tiny points. The wind was so strong as well. If it wasn’t thanks to my ability, I would have long lost my balance and fell to the ground.

“What do you think, Meru?”
“This is unbelievably high, Desu!! People are getting even more trash-like than before, Desu!!”
“Could stop saying trash already…”

Is it her favorite word or something like that? I got slightly perplexed at seeing Meru screaming ‘trash’ with a slaked face, but at least she was having fun. There is a chance that someone will notice us standing here. I used to【Erasure Magic】to hide our presence and concentrated back on admiring the sight. Every time I took a glance at Meru’s overjoyed face, I became more convinced that taking her here was totally worth it.


Suddenly, she called me with a sincere voice.

“Thank you very much for bringing me to this place, Desu.”
“What happened to you all of a sudden?”

When I asked for the reason she thanked me so seriously, Meru started talking while keeping the serene ambiance she exuded unpredictably.

“Do you remember, master? The time when we were left together alone in the ruin.”

I was taken aback when she brought up that topic. It wasn’t the best of the memories I had to bring back.

“I shall never forget the moment when you invited me to serve you, Desu.”

I honestly don’t mind if you forget about it. Listening to Meru reminiscing the past, I prayed for her to forget about the words I said when I invited her to turn my side. After that event, I regretted speaking those words everytime I remembered them.

“I want you to be mine, Meru!”

The first time I shouted these words at her, Meru couldn’t hide her confusion.

“What are you saying, Desu?”

Ignoring her confusion, I continued.

“It’s exactly as you heard it. You’re (Your* ability is) too precious to disappear like this. Won’t you consider coming with me?”

Hearing those words, Meru took back her composure then shook her head slowly.

“Impossible, Desu. I was created by my former master. All that’s left for me after accomplishing my task is to disappear right away.”
“That doesn’t matter!”

I denied her refusal with a cynical reasoning.

“I want you (your ability)! I don’t care if you were created by that kid. All that I care about is you (your ability)!”

I earnestly declared to Meru with eyes brimming with enthusiasm. The only thing that I did wrong, was my choice of words. It was because of these poorly chosen words that Meru’s misunderstanding was fortified. Meru began losing her coolness once again after misinterpreting my intention.

“D-Do you want me that bad, Desu? You know that I have tried to kill you, Desu.”

Noticing her bafflement, I lost complete control of my mouth thinking only about convincing her.

“I’m not mad about that anymore! I think that we can get along. Besides, aren’t you curious about the outside world?”
“The outside, world…”

I succeeded in attracting her interest by mentioning the outside word. And I wasn’t lying when I said that I think we can get along both as an ally and as a friend. I did feel that way when we both intruded at Metron’s place.

However despite getting disoriented by the words ‘outside world”, she was yet to shook her head vertically. Contemplating what I should tell her next, I stumbled on an idea.

Is she perhaps afraid of getting cast aside again? She probably doesn’t want to be forgotten a second time. I couldn’t immediately judge what she was thinking. That is why I went and excluded that doubt by approaching her and revealing a gentle smile while looking at her in the eyes.

“You don’t have to worry about getting forgotten again. I promise to never forget about you and to never abandon you even if I had to face a God or a Demon Lord.”

One should never abandon his friends. That’s the premise I wanted her to understand. However, since this promise came after all the things I said earlier, Meru understood them in a different way and sparkled her eyes.

“I will ask you once more. Be mine, Meru.”

With this decisive line, Meru’s misunderstanding took a definite turn making her resolve on joining me.

“I-I accept, Desu.”

Averting her eyes while laying her face down, Meru declared her assent with an expressionless face and voice that was close to a whisper. I realized that she understood the situation differently only after I replenished her core with my magic.

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“Your words introduced me to a brand new world; that is the outside world I’m standing in now, Desu.”

Recalling the conversation we had back then, Meru gazed at the scenery with sentimental eyes. I became lost again from seeing her still believing in her misunderstanding until now. If she continued having the same belief, it will only break her heart at some point in the future. I made my resolution, and opened my mouth with the intention to solve this misunderstanding.

“U-Um, listen, Meru. Actually—”
“I’m grateful to you, master.”

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Meru interrupted the words I was about to bring along with all my courage.

“If I refused your invitation back then, I would have never seen this scenery, Desu. So, master—”

Pausing her words in the middle, Meru turned to look at me while revealing a sweet, gentle smile.

“— thank you very much and, I look forward to spending the rest of my time with you, Desu.”

Gazing at that cheerful and somewhat mature smile for a short while, I eventually revealed a one too.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to that too.”

Lured by Meru, we both looked at each other with a cheerful expression. It felt as if time had stopped for us in that short period. After that, we kept admiring the landscape until we got bored. Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy the view normally since I couldn’t stop thinking about the time when I would have to solve Meru’s misunderstanding. What should I do… I missed the timing to tell her. A feeling of unease crossed my mind as I pondered of a passive way to tell her the truth. I can’t leave her having the wrong idea forever, after all. Let’s tell her sometime.

When we were on our way back, Meru remembered something and told me.

“By the way, master. You shouldn’t say deceiving things when you’re talking to a girl, Desu.”
“Yeah, you’re right—- Eh!?”

Letting out a ridiculous exclamation after hearing what she said, Meru looked at me with a face saying that it succeeded in tricking me.

“Uh, what was that?…”
“I don’t know. What do you think, Desu?”

When I hesitantly asked her what she meant, she feigned innocence.
Eh? Did she perhaps know about it all this time?
I couldn’t help but feel that I’ve been tricked, but at the same time, a feeling of relief eased me up. I was glad that she knew about it all along. It felt as if I got released from a heavy burden put on my shoulders. This girl is quite the schemer, seriously. Watching her still feigning innocence, Meru looked a bit more mature than usual in my eyes.



“Hey, Meru. Since when did you realize it?”
“Since when do you think, Desu?”
“Hmm, maybe today?”
“It’s because of that answer that you don’t understand a girl’s feelings, Desu.”
“Eh? What do you mean?”
“Only by comparing your reaction with the reaction of those three, I was able to grasp the situation, Desu.”
“Eh? Seriously?”
“Yes, seriously, Desu.”

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