Chapter 96: Girl’s shopping could only be done with girls.

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Going back a little bit in time, three pretty girls were leisurely walking inside a certain shopping mall.

“Where are we going next?”
“Let’s see…”
“I want to see some clothes.”

They gave the impression of a model as the three of them were chatting with each other with comfort. Surely, every man who passes near them couldn’t control their sight from getting fixed on them. Saya, Karen, and Lina were in the middle of shopping together while getting along with each other.

They made a plan for this day back on the island, when Yato was enjoying his revenge on Metron. At that time, Sara couldn’t hide her shock from watching them talking about the details of the plan without seeming to be worried about Yato.

“Okay then, let’s go to clothes shop.”

With an excited expression, Saya made the next decision and took the lead on heading to the clothes shop. She seemed to be enjoying her time more than the other two who noticed the same thing and smiled.

“Saya-chan, she seems to be having a lot of fun.”

Karen and Lina whispered in a low tone that didn’t reach Saya. For Saya who rarely had friends in the past, going out shopping like this was something new. She used to spend her time with Yato and Lina sometimes, but that was always after school when the sun would almost set. Lina and Karen were both relieved, not only because Saya was having fun, but even because she wasn’t realizing the gazes centered at her. Noticing them will ruin her time, after all.

“Come on, let’s go.”

As Karen was about to fall in thoughts, Lina asked her to hurry up. It looks like they started getting distant from Saya even though they were walking at the same pace. Lina found it weird that they got this separated from her in a short moment, but for the time being, she didn’t have time to think about it.


Both of them hurried to catch up to Saya with a bitter smile on their faces.


After finishing their clothes shopping, Saya, Karen, and Lina shared their thoughts on them as they walked.

“Those clothes were pretty adorable, right?”
“It looked good on Karen-dono.”

Carrying the paper bag of that clothes store, Karen replied while feeling a bit embarrassed. Saya and Lina spent most of their time inside the store choosing clothes for Karen instead of looking for something that would suit them. Karen looked quite satisfied after buying clothes that suited her liking, but shortly after, she muttered as if she remembered something.

“It’s really different from the time when I’m with him.”
“Him? You mean Yato-kun?”

Karen nodded her head to Saya’s question. Despite Yato and Karen being siblings in law, they do go out rather often together. However, since Yato doesn’t have any significant knowledge on clothes, all that he does when they’re together in a clothes store is express his simple impressions in a monotone voice. There wasn’t a single time when he chose some clothes with her. The last time they spent their day together wasn’t an exception too.

Everytime she asked him what he thinks about a piece of clothes, he didn’t utter anything but boring opinions, and when she urged him to say something better, he just made the situation worse by stating something weird. Going out with him was totally different from going out with girls of her age. That is an obvious fact.

“Well, that’s because he’s Yato-kun.”
“Asking him for his thoughts is like demanding from him a challenging task.”
“You’re right.”

Lina and Saya didn’t seem to be surprised when Karen told them about the last time she went out with Yato. Of course, Karen was expecting their reactions to be like that too, all of them knew well that asking him those kinds of questions is a mistake. Karen ascertained her beliefs about him; she decided to never go out with him to a clothes store from that day forward.
While Karen was making decisions by herself, three unacquainted men showed up all of a sudden in front of her.

“Hey hey, You girls look pretty.”
“Wanna go hang out with us?”
“Yeah, we’re three as well, so it would be perfect.”

All of them had body piercings and had their hair dyed as they wore skull necklaces. Saya who happened to find herself surrounded by these three guys who were trying too hard to look fabulous, started panicking right away.

“Um, Umm… I…”

As she was trying hard enough to refuse them but ended up freezing in her place, the Try-Hard Guy A who was standing in the middle reached his hand to her.

“I know a good place where we can spend our time leisurely, let’s go there.”

Try-Hard Guy A, who misunderstood Saya’s silence as her approval, attempted to grab her arm. Surely, there was no way that he would succeed in touching her since his hand was slapped out of the way by someone else.

“Get your hand off Saya-dono.”

Following that slap, Lina intimidated the three guys by her cold warning.

“Get lost already!”

Her voice was so low, yet it reverberated inside their heads unleashing a chilly impression as if someone was thrusting a knife on their neck. The three guys who received that intimidation grow ghastly pale and started to gradually walk back as cold sweat poured out of their forehead.

“S-Sorry, I just recalled that I have something to do! Let’s hang out next time!”
“Me too!”
“Me too!”

The three guys escaped at full speed in the most pitiful way they could ever choose, but due to that, Saya would finally take a breath of relief.

“Thank you, Lina-chan.”
“You’re welcome, I’m glad you’re okay.”

While Lina was responding to Saya who was still trying to fix her composure, Karen was thinking back of that time when she went through a similar situation. I wonder if we looked like this at that time. Gazing at Lina and Saya talking to each other, Karen had that single thought passing through her mind.


“I’m no good, after all.”

Leaving the shopping mall, the three girls searched for a popular restaurant in a magazine to eat lunch, when Saya suddenly muttered with a gloomy tone.

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“Cheer up already, Saya-chan.”
“Everyone has things they’re not good at.”

Karen and Lina tried to cheer her up with encouraging words, but Saya didn’t seem to be getting over it until now.

“Why am I bad at talking with men except for Yato-kun…”

Everytime Saya had a conversation with Yato, she felt as if her phobia was getting better, but at this very day, she realized that those feelings had nothing to do with reality. Perhaps the three guys who showed up this time were particularly a bit too difficult for her to deal with. Although that doesn’t change the fact that they were still men. Hearing Saya’s dejected mutter, Lina asked a question in an attempt to divert the topic.

“Come to think of it, why are you fine with talking with Kamiya Yato?”

Reacting to that sudden question, Saya opened her mouth to give an answer, however, she couldn’t come up with a proper answer.

“Eh… Umm… that’s because…”

Averting her eyes, Saya wavered as her face started to slightly blush. There were many reasons for being able to converse normally with Yato without losing her calm, the primary one was because he was quite similar to her father. Speaking that reason in front of both Karen and Lina without feeling embarrassed was a difficult task for her.

How should I answer her…

She couldn’t come up with any good answer despite thinking about it for a while.

“Come to think of it! I wonder how the food in that restaurant would taste!”
“She changed the topic.”
“She did, indeed.”

Unable to find a proper answer, Saya attempted to skillfully change the topic, but unfortunately, Karen and Lina saw through her poor measures immediately. After a few moments of silence where Lina and Karen kept staring at her, Saya had finally given up and spilled the beans.

“C-Come on, it’s embarrassing!”

“What kind of reason could that be?!”

Watching Saya’s exaggerated reaction, Lina’s doubt grew furthermore. As for Karen who found Saya’s embraced attitude suspicious, she decided to squeeze out the answer from her no matter what and asked.

“Does that mean that you will never go out on a date with onii-chan?”
“A-A date?!”

Stunned by the unexpected question from Karen, Saya’s face turned bright red. Judging that a date would be too much of a hard task for her, she slowly shook her head while uttering in a weak voice.

“T-That’s not possible for me. A date is too much!!”

What is this girl saying after inviting the same person to her house. Seeing the overstated reaction of Saya, Karen calmed her down with a few words.

“It will be fine. It’s totally normal, after all.”

The experienced Karen reassured Saya by that phrase. Since she said it in a way that made Saya look as if she was the one who should be asked out, Saya had finally calmed down.

“But, we’re still not dating…”
“That doesn’t matter. I go out with him rather often.”
“Isn’t that because you’re siblings?”

Saya was gradually taking back her composure, thanks to Karen’s comfort. Lina who was silently watching them suddenly sensed Yato’s presence coming from an intersection near them.

“What? What’s wrong?”
“Is there something there?”

Gazing in the direction pointed by Lina, they eventually noticed Yato who was standing there while seeming somewhat perturbed.

“Hm? Is that Yato-kun?”
“What is he doing?”

Gazing at the distance, they kept watching over his strange attitude while tilting their heads, when all of a sudden…

“Amazing, Desu! Everyone looks very small, Desu!”

Meru’s figure appeared on the large screen. Not only Saya heard her voice coming from there but even all the people around her turned their attention over the screen.

“Isn’t that, Meru-chan?”
“What is she doing?”

As Lina and Saya were fixing their gaze on Meru who was making a racket on the screen, Karen who was still watching on Yato pointed in his direction.


She noticed that Yato was desperately trying to order Meru to come back to his phone using hand gestures. At first, he was using small gestures, but due to Meru’s continuous misunderstandings, he eventually found himself attracting the attention of his surroundings more than the screen because of his exaggerated moves.

“What is he doing?”

Gazing at Yato taking some ridiculous stances, the three girls didn’t know how to react until Karen continued while still pointing at him.

“See, I told you that you don’t need to get too nervous about going on a date with someone who acts like that.” [ED: Protagonist got roasted.] “… I kinda feel better now.”

Watching over Yato sending poor gestures to Meru non-stop, Saya uttered with a relieved mind.

“Let’s go for now.”
“You’re right.”

Staying here wouldn’t make the situation better.

He should be alright since it’s him. ⇐ Saya
I don’t care if it’s him. ⇐ Karen
It’s better not to get dragged in if it’s him ⇐ Lina

They all came to the same conclusion despite thinking differently. Ignoring Yato who was making a fool out of himself, the three girls left the place and head to a restaurant for lunch.


Guardian deity

The three guys after getting intimidated by Lina.

“Hey, look at those three!”
“They’re super cute!”
“Let’s try asking them out.”
“You’d better not. Nothing will come out if you get refused.”
“Don’t decide the result before even trying! Anyway, I’m going.”

“What is it?”
“… I changed my mind.”
“Eh? What happened?”
“I felt as if someone was gonna murder me if I spoke to her.”

Lina had turned into a guardian deity.

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