Chapter 95: The innocence of a child could turn into a dangerous weapon sometimes.

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The following night.
I was laying on my bed after coming back from the island as I waited for the fatigue to heal.

“Haa, I’m feeling alive again…”

The feeling of the bed gently taking me on; it felt better than usual since I went through many things today.

Ah~ total bliss…

Burying my face in the pillow, I relaxed and eased my body of the stress and tiredness. After using that waterslide for the first time, we immediately switched to play something else. Thankfully, we were able to make it out alive. I made my resolve to spend my remaining summer holidays in bed, but I guess spending a few days like this isn’t bad too.

A warm smile reached my face as I remembered what we’ve done today. It was indeed a very long day.

The moment we arrived at the island, we were attacked by monsters, we met Sara, we went through ridiculous traps inside the ruin, we fought against as giant golem, I punched the heck out of Metron and lastly, we spent the remaining of the day playing on the beach. It was actually strange that we did all of these things in a single day. As I fell in deep thoughts thinking back of the details of what happened, I heard Meru’s voice coming from my phone.

“Master, how did you enjoy your day, Desu?”
“Yeah, a lot of things happened. But it was fun.”
“I’m glad that is the case, Desu.”

Feeling relieved from hearing my answer, Meru replied with a sweet smile, but soon after, she took a stance as if she were trying to peek at my face and asked.

“So, master, about the thing we discussed…”

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The thing we discussed?
I couldn’t grasp Meru’s implication for a second, but I instantly remembered once I thought about it.

“Ah, that. Did you find a good place where you want to go?”
“Yes! I found something of very intriguing on the internet.”

Watching Meru answering me with an excited expression, I responded to her with a smile. Back when we were left together in the ruin, we talked about this matter. I almost forgot about it at this point, but a promise is a promise.

“Well then, let’s go there tomorrow.”
“Yes, Desu!”

With a voice brimming with vigor, Meru answered me while looking forward to the next day. I was planning to slack off in bed tomorrow, though it looks like that wouldn’t be the case. I felt truly disappointed with that fact, but just from seeing Meru’s cheerful smile on the screen, I made myself believe that it’s fine while smiling too.

Summer had just started. Let’s take it easy.


In a summer noon where the sunlight was dazzling.
The weather was clear but awfully hot. Everyone who was walking outside was covered in sweat. Of course, I’m no exception as well since I was standing in front of crossing path.

“So hot-!”

The weather was perfect yesterday; it’s unfair for it to ascend like this all of a sudden. I complained to myself about the abrupt hot weather as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. Meru and I are heading to the discussed place currently. It’s irritating how I’m not allowed to use teleportation in this condition.

Having no means to defend myself against this hot temperature, I waited for the traffic signal. There was a solid reason for me not using my teleportation magic instead of suffering in this condition.

“Amazing, Desu! There are a lot of people, Desu! It looks exactly as I’ve seen it on the internet, Desu!”

That reason was none other than Meru who was getting too excited to be inside a crowd of people. She was enjoying her time unlike me who was suffering from this dizzy weather. I let out a faint sigh from watching Meru getting deeply moved from being in a place like this.

I intended to use teleportation to go to our destination, but since she insisted on discovering public places like the one where we’re standing now, I couldn’t refuse her and ended up going by foot. Although, this is not a great place to go on a walk with an AI on a phone. I silently complained from being in this cramped place.

I invited Karen to come with us as well, but she refused, saying that she already had a plan to spend the next night with Lina and Saya. When I asked her when she started getting along with them this much, she answered me ambiguously with something like “girls have many secrets”. As I fell in thoughts, contemplating how Karen was able to get along with Lina and Saya this fast, Meru was making a racket while being on my phone.

“I never thought that there will be these many people, Desu! They look exactly like bustling ants, Desu!”
“That’s not a pleasant example, is it? Meru.”

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I’m also counted as an ant too, after all. She probably learned this metaphor somewhere on the internet. Her verbal expressions are gradually getting worse. But still, I didn’t expect that she will get this excited. Glad I plugged my earphones on my phone. If I didn’t do that, I’d most likely be the center of attention right now.

“Master, what’s that, Desu?”

Praising myself for making the correct decision, Meru pointed in a certain direction from the screen. She was asking about a giant building with a big screen hung on its top.

“It’s a giant TV used for broadcasting news and CMs.” [ED: CM means commericals] “Hee– it’s huuuge, Desu!”

Meru gazed at the large screen while seeming deeply interested in it. Well, for someone who spent a long time on an island, something like this would usually seem pretty fresh for them. It’s only natural for her to get excited. Fixing her sparkling eyes on that screen for a while, she then suddenly spoke.

“I will go there for a minute, Desu.”
“There…? You don’t mean…”

Before I was able to ask her back, Meru disappeared from my screen.

No way…
A bad feeling crossed my mind as I looked around me. At the same time, the giant screen on that building changed what it was projecting.

“Amazing, Desu! Everyone looks very small, Desu!”

Meru’s voice that obviously came from the TV resounded on the entire place. Apparently, the TV screen was connected to the surveillance cameras, letting Meru observe the whole place. All the people who were close to the building stopped walking and turned their attention to the screen, from where the voice came, as they pondered with doubt.

“What’s that?”
“Maybe a new CM?”
“But it interrupted the previous CM.”
“Could it be some kind of special event?”

Everyone started wondering about the reason Meru disrupted the previous CM. This is pretty bad. No, that definitely very bad!
As everyone was confused, I was the only one there who’s expression was clearly different. I couldn’t hide my impatience at that moment. I mean, how could I anticipate her invading the giant TV? Maybe I should have taught her more common sense before bringing her back from that island.

“People… they look like trash! Desu!”

As I was flustering by myself, Meru dared to say that sentence in public. How was she able to say something like that in front of a crowd of people?! That girl, she was influenced by the internet to the very core. As a desperate attempt to bring her back, I tried calling her with gestures.

Please, notice me!

If I scream in this situation, not only Meru but the entire crowd will notice me and I can’t reach her from this distance. That’s why I resorted to using gesture signs. As I kept trying to make her notice me while praying as hard as I could, Meru finally seemed to detect my location.

“Master! I am here, Desu!”

I know that you’re there!

Meru waved her hand while looking at me, directly. Did she perhaps think that I was still looking for her since the moment she left my phone? Either way, I firmly shook my head as a way to make her know that she was wrong. A few people started looking at me with doubting eyes, though I had neither the time nor the composure to realize it at that point.

Just get it already!

With an exaggerated move, I ordered Meru to come back by pointing to my phone. Fortunately, she seemed to have finally understood what I was implying and answered me.

“It is 13:11 right now, Desu! We still have plenty of time, so it is fine, Desu!”

That’s not what I meant! I’m pointing to my phone! Not the clock!

Another point that was missing the mark. I held my head with my left hand. I ran out of ideas to make my intention reach her. Because of my suspicious attitude, more people started fixing their gaze at me. Dammit! I have no other choice but to make her notice me in a showy way. While feeling a bit irritated, I pumped all of my efforts into the last gesture to make her understand. Finally, my order reached Meru resulting in her appearing on my phone again.

“Is something the matter, master? You’ve been acting weird for a considerable time, Desu.”
“What do you think is the matter!?”

She had no idea about the hardships I went through to make her come back. I need to do something about this too innocent behaviors of her in the future. I’m more worried about my life because of what she does. (ED: This is what you get from prohibiting her from reading R-18 books.)

I let out a faint sigh as I contemplated the near future. From now on, I ordered her to not leave my phone without my permission. Hopefully this will make things easier for me…


A girl’s secret.

“Hey, since when did you get this close to Lina and Saya?”
“It’s a secret.”
“Why is it a secret?”
“That’s because a girl has a lot of secrets.”
“Come on now, tell me.”
“Okay, I will. If you cross-dress for me.”
“It’s a deal.”

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