Chapter 342: The Death Sea of Flowers

Not long after, the crackling lightning on the surface of Long Yi’s body completely disappeared and now his skin unexpectedly had a layer of sparkling silverish-purple radiance. After that, he opened his eyes and a purple light flashed, then with his eyes rotating like a vortex, immediately reverted back to their original black color.

“Blue Waves chaos, Lightning God descends, jade blood illuminating world, relying on a blade split the vault of heaven.” Long Yi muttered. Xiao Yi seemed to have said these words along with other fragments in his dream last night. Originally, after waking up yesterday, he had forgotten about it, but to his surprise, after getting struck by lightning today, he clearly recalled these words.

“Is this the prophecy of Xiao Yi? What exactly is this foreshadowing?” Long Yi frowned. At that time, in Extreme Yin Day, the prophecy of Xiao Yi had been wrecked at the final juncture, leaving on some remnant fragments.

Blue Waves chaos, he naturally understood this very well, Lightning God descends, perhaps, this referred to this Lightning God Forbidden Area, but as for the last two phrases, Long Yi was completely unable to figure them out.

Since he was unable to figure out, Long Yi discarded these thoughts at the back of his head and stood up. And seeing Long Yi had woken up, Violent Lightning Beast again shrunk into a puppy-like cute appearance.

Long Yi turned around and saw the flashing of Nalan Ruyue’s eyes, and she quickly covered her little mouth as her face turned red. As for Wushuang, she quickly turned away. Barbarian Bull however was staring at his lower part with his eyes wide open.

Long Yi was startled as he now realized that he was naked at this moment. He lowered his head and saw his big little brother was hanging down on his hip, and the hairs above it were erect in a very stylish manner just like a hedgehog.

“Your grandfather, I greatly lost my face now.” Long Yi’s old face became red and quickly taking out a new set of clothing from inside his space ring, he wore them, and using a small water ball, he flattened his hair. Only after that, he returned to the passage.

“Cough, let’s head to the Death Sea of Flowers.” Despite the thickness of his face, this moment, Long Yi was somewhat embarrassed. That appearance of just now truly was very embarrassing.

Wushuang turned around and seeing Long Yi had already worn his clothes, she was secretly relieved, but her beautiful face was still somewhat hot.

The four people began to walk towards the other end of the passage, and at that time, Nalan Ruyue asked about the matter of just now. Long Yi was also not clear about the matter of just now, so he casually found a reason and muddled through the question. And although Nalan Ruyue knew that he was muddling through, she didn’t ask again.

And learning the lesson from the mistakes of Red Lady, Long Yi cast an Airproof Barrier around them in advance so as to avoid getting poisoned by the poisonous air of the Death Sea of Flowers.

Very soon, they reached the other side of the passage and, seeing the scene before them, all four were amazed and speechless as this scene was simply too magnificent and too beautiful. This truly was a boundless sea of flowers with various colored flowers. And along with the gentle breeze, the sea of lowers swayed like a wave. Moreover, the sky was clear blue and a few cotton candy-like white clouds adorned it. Combining this sea of flowers with this blue sky, it formed such a big naturally beautiful scenery.

“So beautiful.” Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang coincidentally exclaimed in admiration. All along, girls lacked immunity towards beautiful things.

“Okay, don’t lament, did you forget the danger of the Death Sea of Flowers? The more beautiful the things are, the more dangerous.” Long Yi said.

Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes and said to Long Yi: “This single phrase with a double meaning, are you referring to us?”

Long Yi just smiled and said: “Yes? Could it be that you consider yourself very beautiful?”

“Then, you meant to say I am not beautiful.” Nalan Ruyue’s little hand stealthily pinched the soft flesh of Long Yi’s waist.

“Want to be affectionate, then you can be affectionate later, the air inside the barrier is limited, we should leave as quickly as possible.” Wushuang coldly said.

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For this remark, Long Yi didn’t refute, he just grabbed Barbarian Bull who cannot fly with his one hand and grabbed Nalan Ruyue with another hand, then with Wushuang, they flew above the Death Sea of Flowers.

“Eh, we still cannot see the ends, how big is this Death Sea of Flowers?” After hastily flying forward for a while, Nalan Ruyue exclaimed in surprise. Even after the inhumane speed of Long Yi and Wushuang, they unexpectedly were still unable to see the end of this Death Sea of Flowers.

“Stop, it is somewhat not quite right.” Long Yi lowered his voice. This Death Sea of Flowers appeared to be endless, and just now they were still gasping in admiration at this spectacular sea of flowers, but this moment, everywhere within the sight, there was exactly the same view. Looking all around, one would feel dizzy.

“Yes, there is a problem. I feel like we are going in circles inside.” Wushuang indifferently said.

Long Yi frowned and made a wry smile. He also thought so. This Death Sea of Flowers really was not so simple.

“Wushuang, use Profound Yin Icicle to make a mark, then we will continue flying.” Long Yi turned towards expressionless Wushuang and said.

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Wushaung tacitly understood the thoughts of Long Yi, then raising her jade hand, she released two bone-piercingly cold Profound Yin Icicles and those icicles stood in the middle of the sea of flowers, then with Long Yi and others, she flew forward.

“Stop, we are simply circling the same place.” Several minutes later, Long Yi saw two Profound Yin Icicles not far away in the front and he said making a wry smile.

“Then, how about we completely mark in this Death Sea of Flowers, like that, wouldn’t we be able to know which direction we are flying?” Nalan Ruyue was a very intelligent person. She immediately thought of a measure.

“Let me use a forbidden magic spell to give it a try.” Wushuang took out an ice-blue magic staff, then began to chant the incantation. Immediately afterward, water magic elements began to crazily condense, but when the incantation was halfway, suddenly the gathered water magic elements dissipated.

“What happened?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

A solemnness appeared on the face of Wushuang, then shaking her head, she answered: “For some unknown reason, when magic elements gather to a certain extent, they suddenly disperse.”

Nalan Ruyue also gave it a try, indeed, with the magic elements she could gather here, she could only use Rank 6 magic spell at the most. Then she couldn’t help looking towards the person she had the most confidence in and asked: “My husband, what should we do now?”

Long Yi looked all around and indistinctly discerned that this was a worldly strange array. Although he was not very proficient in an array, he still had dabbled to some extent. And after determining there was no exit in the sky, if they wanted to find an exit, then they must descend to the Death Sea of Flowers, so they couldn’t avoid facing the danger.

“Descend, there is no exit in the sky. Moreover, this Death Sea of Flowers definitely isn’t so simple.” Long Yi said.

The four people carefully looked all around and slowly descended. Barbarian Bull first cleared up a piece of land with his rod, then four people stood at this small vacant ground.

“Boss, how about we completely flatten all these flowers, without them, can’t we easily go out?” Barbarian Bull said.

Long Yi shook his head, then circulating AoTianjue to his right arm, he used Thousand Buddha’s Hand attack. Then not even a blade of grass was left in front of them and a clear small path appeared in the middle of the Death Sea of Flowers.

But, before they could be happy, the four people again saw only flowers in front of them as that small path had already disappeared. And even the previous small piece of vacant ground they were standing on had already reverted back to its original state. Now, all around, there was only the sea of flowers that stretch as far as the eye could see like before.

“This…what’s going on here?” Barbarian Bull slurred, with his IQ level, he truly wasn’t able to understand what was happening here.

At that time, all four of them heard a rustling sound, and they saw innumerable sharp black colored flower vines extending out of the flowers, which flew towards them as sudden as a flash of lightning. They had only used Airproof Barrier, and its strength was low, so this barrier was unexpectedly destroyed.

Long Yi was greatly terrified, he wasn’t afraid of these strange flower vines rather the barrier which originally had not much air left inside was completely destroyed at this moment, causing them to be exposed to that poisonous fragrance of flowers which was fatal to humans.

“Everyone, hold your breathing, the fragrance of flowers is poisonous.” Long Yi shouted loudly while using spirit power to make a protective barrier to block the attack of those flower vines.

Barbarian Bull and others immediately held their breath, merely, how long could they hold their breath?

“Barbarian Bull, sit down and use Vanquishing Heart Demon Technique, like that, you can persist a while longer.” Long Yi impatiently said. With Vanquishing Heart Demon Technique, as long as he sat in meditation, he would be able to hold his breath for a period of time.

Barbarian Bull immediately followed the words of Long Yi. He immediately sat cross-legged and used the technique.

Nalan Ruyue was just a light priest, how long could she hold her breath? Not long after, her entire body trembled and her face became red.

Upon seeing this, Long Yi hugged Nalan Ruyue, then passed true qi mouth-to-mouth and Nalan Ruyue began to slowly recover her strength. After he passed true qi to Nalan Ruyue, Long Yi thought Wushuang should also have reached the limit, so he hugged her and before her alarmed and panicky eyes, he kissed her.

After the four lips met, Long Yi felt a soft and sweet feeling which softened his heart. As for Wushuang, she began to struggle violently, and gritting her teeth, she didn’t allow Long Yi’s true qi to enter.

Poor Wushuang, since she had already reached Magic God realm, she had ways to preserve, merely, because Long Yi had kissed her so suddenly, and also because she had struggled, the oxygen within her body was suddenly consumed completely. Now, all her ways were also useless.

And under the pressure of survival instinct, Wushuang loosened her teeth and inhaled a big mouthful of true qi Long Yi was passing over but her jade hands however were firmly pinching the waist of Long Yi. And at the time, when Long Yi’s lips were about to part, she didn’t forget to firmly bite his lips.

A trace of blood flowed out from the lower lip of Long Yi while Wushuang was ferociously glaring at him with an ashamed and resentful gaze, but, everything was not the fault of Long Yi as the situation was critical. Still, how long would the true qi of Long Yi hold?

“What should we do now?” Long Yi’s brain rotated quickly. The more critical a juncture was, the calmer he became, and only with calm judgment, one could quickly think up a way to resolve.

But at this moment, a change occurred, suddenly four black flower vines drilled out from the ground and as fast as lightning, quickly wrapped around all four of them.

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