Chapter 343: The nucleus of Array


Long Yi’s starry eyes flashed and with the qi of his body suddenly bursting out, those black flower vines that were attacking towards him were broken into pieces, followed by, he palmed chopped towards the soaring flower vines at the side of Barbarian Bull. As for Wushuang, she used cold qi to deal with those flower vines.

What a miscalculation, Long Yi reproached himself in his heart, how did he not think that the danger could come from underfoot?

This moment, Nalan Ruyue was losing her breath again, so Long Yi had no choice but to pass her a mouthful of true qi once again. Now, he was groaning inwardly because, in a while, he feared they would be unable to protect or fend for themselves.

At this time, Barbarian Bull who was sitting cross-legged on the ground suddenly shouted and his chest rapidly rose and fell, then his dark bull face unexpectedly changed into dark purple in color.

Long Yi was startled. Barbarian Bull unexpectedly began to breathe and seeing his appearance, it seems he was already poisoned. But, Long Yi didn’t have time to consider much at this moment, so he patted the back of Barbarian Bull while injecting a wisp of true qi to protect the heart veins of Barbarian Bull.

“Boss, this bull can no longer hold my breath.” Barbarian Bull opened his eyes and clutched his neck with his right hand while inhaling a big mouthful after a big mouthful of air, but his complexion however became more and more painful.

Long Yi got anxious, but he kept on reminding himself to be calm in his heart. However, seeing this appearance of Barbarian Bull, how could he calm down? They had got along for the past several years, and long ago, he had already considered this straightforward and loyal beast-man a very close person even compared to his biological brother.

Seeing the anxious expression of Long Yi, Wushuang’s complexion slightly changed. Then thinking for a bit, she took out three glittering and translucent pills from her space ring. These pills emitted cold qi and emitted magnificent hue under the reflection of sunlight. She took one pill into her mouth and as for the remaining two, she passed them to Long Yi.

“Long Yi, press this pill on the tip of his tongue. As for the other one…, keep it in your mouth, but, don’t blame me for not explaining, this jade pill’s cold qi is very strong. If you are unable to suppress it, although it wouldn’t freeze you to death, you will be unable to move.” Wushuang handed over the Jade Pills and said indifferently.

Long Yi was surprised and he strangely looked at Wushuang, then without demur, he pinched opened the mouth of Barbarian Bull, then placed one jade pill on the tip of his tongue. Then the entire body of Barbarian Bull shook, and his painful expression slowly simmered down, but his body temperature however dropped rapidly. Now, other than his heart which had a little bit of warmth, everywhere else was actually cold-like ice cube.

Long Yi made a wry smile as he understood why Wushuang didn’t take out this thing earlier, presumably, although this thing had a detoxifying effect, an average person was unable to bear its side effect. And she only gave him and didn’t give Nalan Ruyue, presumably, she was certain that Nalan Ruyue wouldn’t be able to bear the cold qi of this jade pill.

“You better place it in your mouth, I think you should be able to withstand this cold qi relying on your strength. As for her, you…you should still use the old way.” A smear of a blush appeared on the cold and beautiful face of Wushuang, clearly was recalling the artificial respiration of just now.

Long Yi threw the ice-cold jade pill into his mouth, and suddenly, just like Barbarian Bull, he shivered. A trace of extremely cold qi spread throughout his body from his mouth. If he hadn’t used his internal force to protect his body immediately, then this moment, he might have been unable to move just like Barbarian Bull.

Long Yi took a deep breath and smelled that refreshing fragrance of flowers. Being able to breathe freely was truly a very good thing. Long Yi was comfortable, but poor Nalan Ruyue, she was again unable to hold back.

With no other choice, Long Yi had to heat a mouthful of cold qi with his internal force and passed it to Nalan Ruyue, mouth-to-mouth. Now, she truly understood the taste of the mixture of pain and happiness.

“Wushuang, what is this jade pill?” Long Yi asked while sizing up the black flower vines that were attacking from all around.

“It is a pill that is made by using the skin cast off by Ruyi Ice Silkworm. It can detoxify hundreds of poisons, merely, it is useless to average people.” Wushuang indifferently said. Although her real name wasn’t Wushuang, for an unknown reason, she however didn’t have the slightest resistance to this form of address.

Ruyi Ice Silkworm? Long Yi raised his eyebrows. He remembered that at that time, when he had taken Wushuang to Origin Ice, that small ice silkworm had frozen them into ice sculptures, afterwards, Ice Palace’s that woman coincidently saved them. But that Ruyi Ice Silkworm however had already disappeared without a trace. Could it be that they caught it afterward?

When Long Yi asked this question, Wushuang just said indifferently: “Ruyi Ice Silkworm happily ate the magical power of the curse, completely absorbing the curse within my body, and when I woke up, it was already by my side, and Master said that it was already within my body from the very beginning.”

Long Yi was shocked all of a sudden and his complexion distorted. Unexpectedly, that woman of Ice Palace had tricked him saying she basically didn’t see Ruyi Ice Silkworm, moreover, she said that she had another method to get rid of the curse within the body of Wushuang. Damn, she was just farting, just see, one day I will come to the Origin Ice and smash her that Ice Palace. No need to mention she caused him and Wushuang to part for nearly two years, she still let her forget him completely. Perhaps, if he was by her side when she woke up, then the result might be different.

Let it be, let it be, this matter can be put off until sometime later, the most pressing matter of the moment is to think of a way to cross this Death Sea of Flowers.

Now that Long Yi was fearless of the poison, he carried stiff Barbarian Bull on his shoulder and said: “Now that there are no other ways, let’s kill while walking and let me see, whether I can find the exit or not.”

These black flower vines weren’t actually difficult to deal with, they were only fast and carried out a sneak attack. Under the huge sword of Long Yi, they were mowed down like grasses.

Nalan Ruyue closely followed after Long Yi, since she was a light magician, inside this death sea of death where one could cast only Rank 6 magic at most, her attack power was truly pitiful. Moreover, from time-to-time, her sweetheart had to pass her air mouth-to-mouth, this made her simultaneously feel embarrassed and happy.

After wandering around the Death Sea of Flowers for a long time, they still couldn’t find the exit. Long Yi used his little knowledge of ancient Chinese divination to calculate, but he found no clue.

While walking, Wushuang suddenly stopped.

“What happened?” Long Yi asked.

“It’s useless to continue walking like this, it would be better to destroy this sea of flowers.” Wushuang’s hands flashed with a dazzling gleam and a little finger-sized transparent ice silkworm appeared on her palm.

“Ruyi Ice Silkworm! Did it become your contracted magic pet?” Long Yi was rather surprised as he asked.

“Although I cannot cast a forbidden magic spell, it can.” Wushuang said.

“Could it be that it didn’t need to gather magic elements to cast a forbidden magic spell?” Long Yi asked curiously.

“Generally, all the magical beasts that reached S rank have their own magic power within their body. Your Violent Lightning Beast can also do the same.” Wushuang indifferently said.

With the command to attack, Ruyi Ice Silkworm soared high up in the air easily breaking out of the spirit barrier of Long Yi, and then that transparent and cute build suddenly as if a balloon filled with air began to swell.

Seeing those rows of Ruyi Ice Silkworm’s legs, all the fine hairs on the body of Long Yi involuntarily stood erect, was this still a silkworm? Simply was even bigger than a dragon.

Ruyi Ice Silkworm held its big head high, and cold qi of its body as if the eruption of volcano spread all around, in a blink of an eye, snow-white cold qi covered everywhere.

The cold qi slowly dispersed, and then, Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue saw this entire sea of flowers had already changed into a sparkling and crystal-clear snow-white world with bone-piercing cold qi. If they weren’t within the range of Wushuang, then even their blood would have immediately frozen.

At this time, cracking sound resounded, and this entire world of ice suddenly collapsed, and all the frozen solid flowers also changed into ice powders. Suddenly, it felt as if the entire world had collapsed.

Succeeded? This thought appeared in the mind of Long Yi and others as they looked at each other, but, before they could become happy, a change occurred.

Flowers began to bloom in this frozen world and after a few breaths of time, the frozen world vanished and was replaced by the boundless sea of flowers again.

“F*ck, what a damnable array, is there really a way out?” Long Yi wailed in his heart. Although he knew that this wasn’t a simple array, he had never expected it to be this abnormal. Even a forbidden magic spell was unable to break it.

With a thought, he summoned Violent Lightning Beast, Little Three and Fire Qilin from inside the blood-skull, then commanded them to attack. But, considering everything with a little bit of remaining reason, he didn’t take out Holy Light Jade, Dark Magic Jade and Raging Flames Jade. It was not that he didn’t trust Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang, merely he had to be cautious when using these kinds of things.

“God-beast Fire Qilin!” Wushuang exclaimed in surprise. That shrunk Ruyi Ice Silkworm in her hand unexpectedly trembled. Despite Fire Qilin not possessing the power of a true god-beast at this moment, that kind of innate momentum was still enough to make these magical beast tremble.

As for little tiger, although it had duel attributed magic, its strength naturally was limited. In front of Fire Qilin, it didn’t appear conspicuous.

Wushuang was dumbfounded looking at this man who claimed himself to be her man, but she knew that only Gods could have god-beasts as their pet. Could it be that he was a Fire God? Impossible, originally, in the shrine of Holy City, Water God, Fire God, Wind God, Lightning God, Earth God, Light God and Dark God, these seven Great Master Gods were enshrined and worshipped. Clearly, the statue of Fire God had female’s build.

This moment, Long Yi was flustered and exasperated so he basically didn’t see the expression of Wushuang when she was looking at him.

The Death Sea of Flowers was destroyed and restored to the same old way repeatedly. Seeing this, Long Yi sighed feeling disheartened, and he thought to command Violent Lightning Beast and others to stop attacking. If they consumed all the magic power within their bodies, then it wouldn’t be easy to compensate.

But at that time, Long Yi’s dim eyes suddenly shone, and as if he had eaten stimulant, he jumped up.

“Wushuang, Wushuang.” Long Yi excitedly turned around and happened to see Wushuang looking at him with a complicated gaze.

Wushuang woke up with a start and her expression recovered to usual indifference as she asked: “Now what?”

“Array nucleus, now I know where the array nucleus of this Death Sea of Flowers is located. In a moment, when I fly, immediately follow me.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Wushuang expressed her agreement. As for confused Nalan Ruyue, she didn’t know what array nucleus was, but she was sure that Long Yi had definitely found the way out.

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