Chapter 344: Nine Dark Demonic Flower


With the thought of Long Yi, Violent Lightning Beast used a forbidden magic spell to completely destroy this Death Sea of Flowers once again.

“Follow me.” Long Yi lowered his voice, then carrying Barbarian Bull on his back and holding Nalan Ruyue with his right hand, as if a wind, he shot towards the upper right corner. And, Wushuang who has already prepared long ago closely followed behind Long Yi.

When countless fresh flowers grew once again from the scorched ground, Long Yi’s group descended in the middle of the flowers.

Wushuang frowned looking towards Long Yi, hoping he would explain to her because there was no difference between this place in the midst of flowers and other places.

Long YI shrugged his shoulders and passing a mouthful of air to Nalan Ruyue, he placed down Barbarian Bull, then smiling complacently, he said: “You all, just stand here without moving and see how I will force out this holed up array nucleus.”

Long Yi looked all around memorizing the scenery around them, then shouting lightly, as if a falcon hawk, he soared, then his robust and nimble figure flashed in the sky creating afterimages, which truly had a flavor of Clone Magic.

Ka ka ka, a series of such sounds resounded, and several prismatic-shaped purple florets flew up from the midst of flowers. And what shocked Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang was, they saw that this vast sea of flowers in front of them quickly became illusionary, and after a little while, it completely disappeared without a trace, changing into a vacant lot with a huge flower-shaped pattern carved on it.

Long Yi circled around the sky and quickly returned to the original place. After carefully examining this flower-shaped pattern on the vacant lot, he was sure that his guess was correct, this was the array nucleus of the strange formation of this Death Sea of Flowers. As long as he broke this array nucleus, the Death Sea of Flowers will cease to exist.

“What’s going on here?” Wushuang couldn’t help asking.

Long Yi smirked. Just now, when Violent Lightning Beast destroyed the Death Sea of Flowers, he sensed a strange energy fluctuation and also saw an indistinct radiance coming out of this place, soon afterwards, the Death Sea of Flowers reverted back to normal. So he guessed that the array nucleus was located here. And the reason why he made Violent Lightning Beast destroy this Death Sea of Flowers once again, on one side was to determine the direction of this array nucleus, and on the other hand, was to eradicate all these flowers. Now, the array had temporarily lost its efficacy, and they no longer need to circle around the same place like an idiot.

Naturally, Wushuang wouldn’t understand these explanations of Long Yi and speaking would also be equivalent to playing the lute to a cow.

But, how should they break this array nucleus? Long Yi looked at this flower-shaped pattern on the ground, then tried to chop a few times and also cast several magic spells, but all was useless.

“Look, isn’t that place somewhat not too right?” Wushuang observed for a long time, then pointing at the pistil of this flower-shaped pattern, she said.

Long Yi looked towards the place where Wushuang was pointing. In the beginning, he felt nothing, but after a few seconds, he suddenly felt this pistil had an attractive force like a black hole. This made him have a dizzy spell and he hastily shifted his gaze.

“Ruyue, activate two barrier beads, we are going there to look.” Long Yi said to Nalan Ruyue who was still holding her breath. He knew that this girl had obtained many good things from the treasury of Nalan Wuji. Just barrier beads, she had dozens of them, moreover, she had many magic items with magic and douqi defense and attack sealed in them.

Nalan Ruyue nodded her head, then crushing two enhanced version barrier beads, four people were suddenly surrounded by two layers of transparent and strong defense barrier.

After that, Long Yi’s group advanced and shortly afterward, they arrived near that somewhat strange pistil, but even after a period of time, nothing happened.

Long Yi took out his huge sword, then letting two girls support Barbarian Bull and retreat a few steps, he held his sword with both hands pointing the sword tip downwards. Then insanely circulating the internal force of AoTianJue within his body, he practically gathered all his energy on this huge sword. That strong energy fluctuation made even Wushuang who had already reached Magic God realm feel apprehensive.

“Thunderbolt Break!” Long Yi roared, then his body as if rocket took off. After that, the huge sword with powerful internal force aimed at the pistil on the ground and ruthlessly stabbed it.

Puchi, the huge sword directly entered inside to the hilt, then the internal force, as if shockwave, rapidly moved downwards destroying everything it encountered.

Just when Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang were puzzled, the entire ground suddenly trembled violently and a terrifying muffled sound came, then the huge sword of Long Yi that was inserted into the pistil strangely rotated up.

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Long Yi subconsciously felt this situation was anything but reassuring and wanted to retreat, but he was already too late. This huge flower-shaped pattern unexpectedly came out alive in an instant and countless very thin pink vines swung from the petals. Although Long Yi’s group was protected with barriers, they couldn’t move for a moment.

And at that time, an even stranger thing occurred, these loose petals of the huge flower unexpectedly began to fold up instantly, and in a blink of an eye, four people were trapped inside.

“Man-eating flower?” Long Yi inwardly cursed, last time, he was nearly buried in the stomach of a fish, and this time, he was being swallowed by a flower, he truly was unlucky. But, last time, inside the fish, he met several goddess-like mermaids, this time, inside the stomach of the flower, will he encounter flower fairy? Long Yi sought joy amidst the sorrow in his heart.

Casting Illumination Magic, he saw Wushuang was indifferently scanning all around. As for Nalan Ruyue, she firmly held the big hand of Long Yi. If Long Yi wasn’t here at her side, then she might also be calm just like Wushuang, but since her sweetheart was beside her, she subconsciously wanted to rely on him. This could be regarded as the common problem possessed by all women.

Countless pink vines entwined around the barrier. And at this moment, these vines unexpectedly began to secrete a liquid which rapidly corroded the barrier. After a little while, the barriers cast by two enhanced barrier beads were unexpectedly about to break.

Nalan Ruyue again crushed three enhanced barrier beads and at the same time, she pulled the sleeve of Long Yi’s garment with a red face. It seems she could no longer hold her breath again.

Just when Long Yi lowered his head wanting to pass the air to Nalan Ruyue, Wushuang nevertheless spat out that jade pill from her mouth and said indifferently: “You don’t need to pass the air, there is no poisonous air inside this demonic flower.”

Having heard what was said, Nalan Ruyue exhaled out the chaotic qi, then deeply inhaled the air and comfortable looks appeared on her face.

“Ruyue, do you have so much faith in her?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

Nalan Ruyue lagged and looking at indifferent Wushuang, she softly replied: “I have faith in her, she will not harm me.”

A trace of fluctuation appeared in the indifferent eyes of Wushuang but reverted back to indifference very quickly.

“Yes, you guys are basically close sisters.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes. She already knew the position of Wushuang in the heart of Long Yi, still, even though she was jealous, she also had already recognized her position.

“I and Ruyue are close sisters, but I and you don’t have the least bit of relation.” Wushuang snorted coldly.

“Some things, no matter how you deny it, it is useless, so obediently face the reality.” Long Yi didn’t care. Wushuang was his woman, and will always be.

“Don’t fight now, first, think of a way to get out.” Seeing Wushuang had recognized her, Nalan Ruyue was happy in her heart and also began to help mediate the dispute.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, then squatting down, he took out the so-called jade pills from the mouth of Barbarian Bull, then used true qi to help him circulate his lifeblood. Not long after, the body temperature of Barbarian Bull began to rise, then he woke up after a fit of coughing.

“Boss, where are we?” Barbarian Bull immediately asked.

“In the stomach of the flower.” Long Yi said with a smile.

In the stomach of the flower? Barbarian Bull was dumbfounded for the moment.

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Now they didn’t have much time as more than half of the barrier beads brought by Nalan Ruyue were already used up. Long Yi understood that the more they delay here, the more unfavorable the situation would be.

Thinking for a bit, Long Yi summoned god-beast Fire Qilin and made it use Qilin Holy Fire, burning the vines outside the barrier into ashes, but very quickly, new vines grew out and the petals closed up even more, moreover, the speed of replacing the old by the new was too fast. And this demonic flower that didn’t die no matter how they attacked, even though it didn’t attack them to death, it would trap them to death.

“Is this the true god-beast Fire Qilin?” Wushuang approached Long Yi and softly asked.

“M-hm.” Long Yi absentmindedly answered, then lowering his head, he saw rotating pistil below which appeared as if a huge eye watching them.

“God-beast Fire Qilin is the magic pet of Fire God, how could it be in your possession?” Wushuang still didn’t dare to believe.

“You know Fire God is a woman, right? She is my woman, so she gifted me this Fire Qilin.” Long Yi spoke nonsense.

Wushuang gritted her teeth then coldly snorting, she ignored him.

“Brave kid, you are quite daring, you actually dare to say Fire God is your woman.” At that time, suddenly a shadow appeared in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi and his unique ear-piercing laughter resounded.

“F*ck, old fart, only coming out now, quickly tell me how to get out of this damnable place.” Seeing the shadow had appeared after a long period of time, Long Yi was pleasantly surprised and asked immediately.

“I don’t know, think of a way yourself. Rely on yourselves to break through all the obstacles of this Lightning God Forbidden Area, if you cannot even deal with this Nine Dark Demonic Flower, then in the future, it will be difficult for you to even make a little progress.” The shadow laughed.

Nine Dark Demonic Flower? Long Yi was startled. As it turned out, this flower was called Nine Dark Demonic Flower. A light flashed through the mind of Long Yi, although this old fart shadow said that he wouldn’t help, he still leaked a little bit of information.

Since it was called Nine Dark, it should belong to the dark element. Although he couldn’t sense any dark aura on the surface, the shadow within his body however was the old monster of dark magic, so if he says so, then that certainly wasn’t wrong, as a result, he could only use light magic to resist this.

“This kid, his reaction is quite fast. I hope he can pass this test, otherwise… ai.” The shadow murmured in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi, then sighing, he quietly disappeared.

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