Chapter 345: The Sea of flowers turn into the Dead Sea


“My husband, why are you in a daze? What should we do now?” Nalan Ruyue poked Long Yi with her elbow and asked.

“What should we do? Naturally, dress cold food with sauce [1].” Long Yi smirked and said.

Nalan Ruyue immediately pinched the soft flesh of his waist firmly while angrily glaring at him.

Long Yi just smiled and patted her pinching hand, signaling not to be impatient. First, he made Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast attack that, as if the huge eye, pistil under their foot, and the result was as he had expected. All attacks seemed to be absorbed by it without getting affected even the slightest.

At that time, the two barriers cracked.

Long Yi hesitated for a moment, now, at most, only rank 6 magic spells could be cast here. Even rank 7 Violent Light Magic couldn’t be cast here let alone Holy Light Magic or Holy Light Illumination, these rank 9 and rank 10 magic spells. As a result, they basically couldn’t deal substantial damage to this Nine Dark Demonic Flower.

Now, Long Yi had only two choices in front of him, one was get swallowed by this Nine Dark Demonic Flower and another was to borrow the power of Holy Light Jade.

And since he didn’t want to become a fertilizer for the flower, he could only take out Holy Light Jade, in any case, everyone here was the people on his side, no need to fear about the leakage of the information.

Long Yi summoned tiger cub Little Three, thinking, with the help of Holy Light Jade, its power will multiply geometrically.

And using thoughts to communicate with Little Three, Little Three suddenly got excited. It roared loudly and its one white and one black eye emitted strange radiance.

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“Holy Light Jade, appear.” Long Yi lowered his voice and a Holy Light Jade appeared. This oval milky white jade immediately flew up and floated in the midair emitting a gentle radiance.

Nine Dark Demonic Flower as if it had finally sensed the danger, its pistil flashed with purple light. And those layer upon layer of huge petals actually began to squirm as it shrunk faster, moreover, that pink corrosive liquid also poured out like a heavy downpour.

The power of the shrinking of this demonic flower was not inferior to the pressing of some small hills so these several barriers simply were unable to sustain.

“Ruyue, activate all the barrier beads, Wushuang, whatever magic treasures you have, quickly use them, we must stabilize this barrier.” Long Yi urgently said.

The shout of Long Yi woke up Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue who were in a daze with shock after seeing the Holy Light Jade, and without saying anything for the time being, they stabilize this barrier just like Long Yi had instructed.

With the thought of Long Yi, the Holy Light Jade emitted a light towards Little Three which then entered its white eye.

Roar, Little Three issued a heaven shaking roar which nearly made Barbarian Bull fall down.

Now a pale milky white holy light surrounded Little Three, moreover, it also emitted the aura of god-beast.

“Little Three, attack.” Long Yi commanded in a loud voice.

Little Three looked down and a huge light ball hit the pistil of this Nine Dark Demonic Flower as fast as lightning.

Squeak, Nine Dark Demonic Flower issued an ear-piercing scream, then beginning to tremble, those petals as if eaten stimulant crazily began to compress inward.

The attack was effective, clearly, this demonic flower was injured. Taking advantage of this chance, Little Three continued to attack. It continuously sent out Holy Light Magic attacking the pistil one after another.

The trembling of Nine Dark Demonic Flower became more and more violent and Long Yi, on the other hand, became more and more excited, thinking now, it would be easy to deal with this damn demonic flower.

But, although the thought of Long Yi was beautiful, the reality however was not so beautiful. This Nine Dark Demonic Flower was truly crafty. This, as if huge eye, pistil closed, changing into an ordinary flower wall, but even though the holy light breached it, it would regrow immediately. This made Long Yi so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

The circumstance was critical, one layer after another layer of barriers were being destroyed. Finally, Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue had no choice but to use the defense barriers sealed in their accessories, even so, the space within the barrier was still getting smaller and smaller.

At this time, five huge holes suddenly appeared on the huge petals around them, and purple mist began to spray out from them.

Long Yi’s group of four became tense, could it be that this was a poison gas attack? But soon, they were relieved as Holy Light Jade suspending in the air suddenly emitted a milky white holy light, then the purple mist that met this holy light disappeared without a trace.

But at this time, that closed pistil opened again and a faint unusual purple light shot out from inside it. Then, the spirit of everybody suddenly stagnated and their line of vision actually began to overlap. And at that moment, Holy Light Jade that was resisting against the poison mist coming out of those five big holes, its power of holy light unexpectedly returned back from Little Three and Little Three reverted back to its original form.

“****, what in the world is this, this demonic flower can actually use this kind of magic.” Long Yi made a wry smile as he used his powerful spirit power to resist the spirit attack of Nine Dark Demonic Flower.

Among the four people, the one who was clear-headed the most was unexpectedly stupid-looking Barbarian Bull. He had unexpectedly received the slightest effect. Other than somewhat absent-minded, his consciousness was very clear.

And the people who were having a hard time to withstand were unexpectedly Long Yi and Wushuang, these two monsters with very powerful spirit power. Judging from this, the specific property of this demonic flower’s spirit power was reversed, the stronger the spirit power, the stronger the effect of the spirit attack.

Barbarian Bull saw Long Yi and others were resisting so hard, so how could he endure standing on standby, he held Greenstone Rule, then chopped towards the pistil below. He chopped again and again as green light attacked repeatedly, but there seemed to be no effect.

Barbarian Bull however didn’t care about that. He only had one thought in his mind, he had to chop down this monster that was making his boss suffer the pain.

Barbarian Bull went more and more insane, completely unaware of the new changes taking place in Greenstone Rule. That green light was shining more brilliantly and that domineering momentum that could cause people to suffocate was also shooting up in a straight line.

“Go to hell!” Barbarian Bull roared loudly as his huge club swept towards that pistil below him. Then that already huge Greenstone Rule unexpectedly as if the Ruyi Jingu Bang of Sun Wukong became several times bigger and longer.

Bang, Nine Dark Demonic Flower squeaked as it trembled. Unexpectedly the damage of Barbarian Bull’s one hit greatly weakened the emission of that purple light.

Long Yi suddenly felt a lot easier and urgently began thinking.

Now, Holy Light Jade was blocking the purple mist emitted from those five big holes, so the most pressing matter of the moment was they had to block these holes. But, how should they block those holes?

While thinking, the eyes of Long Yi shone. Then from inside blood skull, he summoned those five Seven Baleful Puppets he hadn’t used for a long time. Nowadays, his strength had already surpassed the strength of these puppets, so they didn’t have any big use. Now, in this pressing situation, he could only sacrifice them.

With a thought, he instigated these five Seven Baleful Puppets shoot towards those five big holes so as to use their own body to block the holes emitting the purple mist.

The radiance of Holy Light Jade began to shine on the body of Little Three again.

The five Seven Baleful Puppets’ bodies began to erode. Their bones and flesh actually began to melt into a liquid.

The corner of the mouth of Long Yi twitched seeing this. Although these five Seven Baleful Puppets were currently useless to him, they, after all, were something he had refined himself, moreover, they had been with him for several years.

“Damned demonic flower, go to hell.” Long Yi sinisterly laughed, then with a thought, the energy of five Seven Baleful Puppets began to quickly gather, then all of them exploded simultaneously.

The Nine Dark Demonic Flower squeaked and trembled violently and that purple light of the pistil was suddenly retracted. Long Yi however didn’t wait for Little Three, he directly flew and grabbed the Holy Light Jade. He suddenly felt light magic elements, then he ferociously shot a burst of dazzling white light towards the pistil that was about to close.

“Squeak, squeak” Nine Dark Demonic Flower issued a sad and shrill scream, and a purple light shot out from the pistil. After that, Long Yi immediately rushed out, and as for Nine Dark Demonic Flower, its petals completely opened and rapidly withered to death.


Lightning God Forbidden Area, in the passage leading to the Death Sea of Flowers, a group of thousand people was squeezed here.

“Captain, why do we have to pass through this Death Sea of Flowers? It is said that, from the past till the present, no-one has ever passed through here.” A middle-aged person wearing water Master Magician magic robe asked a huge man who was 8 feet tall.

“Other people being unable to pass doesn’t mean we are also unable to pass. According to our Leader, this Death Sea of Flowers is the shortcut. That path below is definitely a very long detour, so en route, we will encounter too many dangers, that’s why, it is better to directly go across from here.” The huge man was a Great Swords Master. He appeared very simple and honest, but his eyes showed shrewdness unlike his appearance.

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“No, but, the dangers in this Death Sea of Flowers are nothing but poisonous air and man-eating vines. We have already prepared sufficiently, so there is no need to fear.” The huge man interrupted this magician and his eyes were flashing with self-confidence. They however were the rank first mercenary group among the A-ranked mercenary groups of Blue Waves Continent, Proud Heaven Mercenary Group. This time, only the elites had come here, so he didn’t believe that they couldn’t cross this Death Sea of Flowers.

In accordance with the plan, the vanguard of 300 people activated the airtight barrier and explored the way. As for the remaining, they split into two groups and followed behind.

The vanguard cautiously stepped into the Death Sea of Flowers. They easily reached the 100 meters mark cutting the man-eating flower vines along the way, then, they signaled the people behind to follow.

“How is it? As leader said, there is no problem. It seems this mission will be completed by us, Proud Heaven Mercenary Group.” The huge man laughed and said.

Just when this huge man had stepped forward, intending to follow behind, he saw a strong purple light shooting towards the sky at a distant place, then the scene in the front changed all of a sudden. The original multi-colored sea of flowers disappeared without a trace, then a fishy smell assailed the nostrils as the sea of flowers unexpectedly changed into the black dead sea in an instant, instantly, swallowing the life of 300 vanguards. As for the huge man, he felt pain on his leg, and immediately retracting his leg, he saw his leg below his knee was just bones now.

[1] dress cold food with sauce [凉拌了 (Liángbàn le)]: this doesn’t have much meaning, it is just a way to bicker. For example: Someone asked you “What should we do now?” But you also don’t know what to do and find this question irritating/annoying, then you can answer as “Liángbàn le.”

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