Chapter 341: Lightning Baptism

These silver snakes danced wildly, and this degree of concentration could make people speechless. Those corpses that had already turned into burnt carbon were even more miserable under these continuous strikes. Many of the corpses were already burning again. Perhaps, not long after, they would turn into ashes.

And looking at this lightning within his sight, Long Yi involuntarily trembled, and with a kind of strange intimate feeling welling up within his body, he unexpectedly had a kind of impulse to rush into this heaven destroying earth exterminating lightning.

Long Yi immediately shook his head to become clear-headed. Although he wasn’t afraid of lightning, this lightning however wasn’t normal. Who knows whether his body could bear it or not?

“Long Yi, in the end, do you want to go to the Death Sea of Flowers or not?” Seeing Long Yi was standing blankly on the passage while looking at the lightning, Wushuang couldn’t help asking coldly.

“Go, of course, I want to go.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and turned around, preparing to walk over to the Death Sea of Flowers that was on the other side of this passage.

But at that moment, the blood-colored skull mark on the center of his palm suddenly vibrated, so Long Yi let his consciousness enter the dark space dimension to see what was going on and saw Violent Lightning Beast was anxiously trying to come out.

And with the thought of Long Yi, shrunk version of Violent Lightning Beast appeared in front of him. Perhaps, it was shut indoors for too long, Violent Lightning Beast appeared very excited. It intimately rushed towards Long Yi, then looking towards violent lightning outside the passage, it suddenly roared loudly and rushed out as its small build instantly became huge.

“Violent Lightning Beast!” Wushuang exclaimed in surprise.

This moment, Violent Lightning Beast rushed into the lightning, then its silverish-purple fur spread out, and the sharp horn on its forehead glimmered with silver light. Then every lightning was drawn into its body via the silver horn which had strange patterns engraved on it.

The body surface of Violent Lightning Beast crackled with overflowing electric current, but it nevertheless seemed to be enjoying while crazily absorbing lightning magic elements within this lightning.

“My husband, is this Violent Lightning Beast your magic pet?” Nalan Ruyue asked Long Yi in shock. She didn’t know all about the goods of people, but Violent Lightning Beast, this kind of SS-ranked magical beast was simply a creature that appeared only in the legend. Up until now, she had never heard of someone having this kind of terrifying magic pet.

Long Yi smiled and nodded but his eyes were still fixed on Violent Lightning Beast within lightning. Suddenly, the spirit of Long Yi fluctuated as Violent Lightning Beast was calling him using their consciousness link.

Long Yi somewhat hesitated, go over? Not go over? There must be a reason for Violent Lightning Beast to call him. It was his contracted magic pet, so it absolutely cannot harm him. Thinking this, Long Yi made a decision in heart and said: “You all, wait for me here for a little while, I am going over there for a bit.”

And then, not waiting for others to reply, Long Yi rushed into the lightning.

Crackle, just after Long Yi stepped out of the passage, he felt lightning struck him and he felt a strong numb feeling. Moreover, with his clothes changing into ashes, his sturdy body was revealed.

The three people inside the passage were startled. Nalan Ruyue nearly crushed the barrier bead in her hand and rush into the lightning so that she could pull him back. But, just after she had taken a step forward, she abruptly stopped. She knew that Long Yi wasn’t a person that would act foolishly, so for him to behave this way, he must have his reason. Moreover, now that she looked carefully, other than his clothing, he was completely fine, as his woman, she should believe in him.

Lightning continuously struck his head and enter his body so much so that all of his hair was standing erect and even the hair of his lower part wasn’t the exception.

Long Yi trembled and his face was somewhat distorted due to the electric shock. But, he felt the lightning of this place was different from the lightning outside. Not only the strength of this lightning was somewhat higher than lightning outside, moreover, the lightning magic elements were also extremely pure.

Within the body of Long Yi, lightning magic elements wandered around in his every cell, followed by intense collision within his body, and finally, that silverish-purple lightning magic core within his sea of consciousness absorbed them.

Long Yi walked while stopping after taking every two steps as if a robot. This naturally was beyond his power because just after he absorbed the lightning magic elements scattered everywhere within his body, new lightning would immediately enter his body.

Finally, Long Yi was able to arrive at the side of Violent Lightning Beast with great difficulty, then one man one beast enjoyed lightning baptism.

Although to say, he wouldn’t die, but the lightning strike was still very painful.

Long Yi trembled and naturally wasn’t able to endure, and especially his little brother between his hips, as that place was a very sensitive place, no need to mention how uncomfortable it was to feel electric shock on it.

Long Yi’s spirit sunk into his sea of consciousness, and seeing those concentrated lightning magic elements rushing towards that silverish-purple magic core, he unexpectedly again felt a kind of strange feeling as if these magic elements were alive.

Thinking about it, when he had first arrived at this Blue Waves Continent, he had a similar feeling but afterwards, after he started cultivating, he no longer felt this.

“I say, brothers, please don’t run havoc within my body, my this old body is about to fall apart.” For some unknown reason, looking at these lightning magic elements rushing into his sea of consciousness, he sighed.

Suddenly, that silverish-purple magic core flashed and Long Yi felt cordial feeling coming over, seemingly those lightning magic elements were responding to him, and at the same time, the numb feeling on the body of Long Yi instantly mitigate greatly, and slowly, he unexpectedly no longer felt any discomfort.

“This, what’s going on here? How can this be?” Nalan Ruyue opened her eyes wide and her complexion became pale due to worry and panic, as she actually saw that this worldly lightning suddenly began to concentrate, and as if Long Yi and Violent Lightning Beast had a magnetic field, practically all lightning was drawn towards them.

Can one imagine the scene of several tens of thousands lightning simultaneously striking a person? The current scene was that kind of spectacular. Now, the surrounding within the radius of several tens of meters around Long Yi and Violent Lightning Beast was completely invisible. Other than the intense light of silverish-purple lightning as well as earthshaking momentum, everything else nevertheless was quiet.

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But, this miraculous scene lasted for merely a few seconds. The grey sky had already reverted back to calmness without any lightning strikes.

Violent Lightning Beast trembled then looking up to heaven, it gave a long roar. Now, its huge build was twice as big as before, moreover, its body unexpectedly emitted light golden light. This made Long Yi who was still sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed look as tiny as an ant.

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“The aura of god-beast?” The complexion of Wushuang changed as she unexpectedly sensed the aura of god-beast from the body of Violent Lightning Beast. An adult Violent Lightning Beast was an SS-ranked magical beast and even if it evolved, it would only reach SSS-rank, but magical beast, after all, was a magical beast, how could it turn into a god-beast? But, just now, she had sensed the aura of god-beast from its body, so how could she not be surprised.

At this time, from the entrance of Lightning God Forbidden Area, suddenly a group of people came in, and when they saw that huge Violent Lightning Beast, all of them were frightened and allowing no explanation, they disorderly used various kinds of magic.

But, as if it didn’t even feel an itch by these magic attacks, with its eyes filled with emotions, Violent Lightning Beast looked at Long Yi who was still absorbing lightning magic elements with his eyes closed for a while, then suddenly roared loudly. After that, with the flashing of its sharp silver horn, a combined two lightning forbidden magic began to attack the adventurer groups that had just entered.

The might of this forbidden magic spell was very powerful. Instantly, a very thick lightning struck and several hundred people changed into ashes, and the people who were entering after them, seeing the circumstance, they immediately retreated. Violent Lightning Beast didn’t understand ethics, it only knew that these people threatened the safety of Long Yi, and the only method it knew to remove the danger was to change all of these people into the dead.

“What’s going on? What’s going on?” Outside Lightning God Forbidden Area, there were still a thousand to two thousand people waiting to enter, but seeing many teammates that had just entered were retreating even by crawling and rolling, they couldn’t help but ask in succession.

“We must not enter, that place has a terrifying god-beast as a guardian. All the brothers in the front including the leader were blown away by the lightning of that god-beast. Even their residue wasn’t left, our poor brothers.” A middle-aged Swords Master cried in grief.

“Impossible, there shouldn’t be any god-beast guarding that lightning area, otherwise, how come, that Baleful Blood Mercenary Group and Miracle Mercenary Group that had returned just yesterday didn’t encounter it?” Everybody talked at once to refute. Until now, far more than ten thousand people had entered Lightning God Forbidden Area but they had never heard of anyone encountering this guardian god-beast.

“I swear by the name of Light God, if I had lied just now, then my whole family will not have a good death.” This middle-aged Swords Master vowed and the other people that had retreated also testified in succession.

This time, all the people looked towards their vice-leader. Originally, they had decided for the leader to take the lead, and vice-leader was responsible for covering the rear, but now that the leader was dead, naturally, vice-leader had the final say.

This vice-leader pondered for a while, then said to his trusted subordinate at his side: “You, take the barrier pearl with you and enter, then immediately return after entering to report me the circumstance of inside.”

The trusted subordinate accepted the task, then holding the enhanced barrier pearl, he rushed inside, and the result goes without saying, the bombardment of Violent Lightning Beast directly broke the barrier changing him into ashes.

And seeing his trusted subordinate didn’t return for a long time, his heart was convinced. One should know that the enhanced barrier pearl could at least support for a while inside the lightning area.

So, the information about lightning area having a god-beast guardian, as if it had grown wings, rapidly spread widely. Many adventurer groups that were prepared to enter Lightning God Forbidden Area decided to retreat to think of a way.

Only after a week, someone who didn’t believe in heresy entered to look, but he didn’t see the so-called god-beast guardian, thereupon, the people who spread this false news became scurrying mice, naturally, this was the part of a story that was to come.

Long Yi wholeheartedly absorbed the lightning magic elements within his body, and now that he saw that these magic elements might have consciousness, he tried to communicate with them using his consciousness. Like that, that silverish-purple magic core within his sea of consciousness also shone more and more.

“Finally, this kid begins to know things. Although it is a bit late, it is also not too bad.” This moment, Long Yi’s left hand flashed with black light then a shadow bore out and muttered. After that, that shadow instantly disappeared again within Long Yi’s body.

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