Chapter 340: Entering Lightning God Forbidden Area

Long Yi’s waist began to accelerate. Although his little brother hadn’t entered, he had a kind of peculiar pleasant sensation. As for Nalan Ruyue, she was already limp in the bosom of Long Yi while letting out muffled moans.

“My husband, hug me tightly.” Nalan Ruyue moaned. Under the teasing of Long Yi, she only felt as if her entire body was burning with fire which couldn’t be extinguished by even the ice-cold water of this pond. Moreover, she felt empty and she needed Long Yi to fill her emptiness.

Long Yi tightly hugged Nalan Ruyue and then kneading and pinching her plump and elastic buttocks, little Long Yi worked harder at that more and more moist and slippery small valley.

“I’m dying, my husband, I’m dying.” Nalan Ruyue, as if shivering, trembled and then as if a snake, her slender waist unexpectedly began to match the rhythm of Long Yi. Now, under the movements of two people, waves began to surge forth in the pond water.

“Ah…I feel like I am going to die.” Suddenly, Nalan Ruyue screamed as her charming body violently trembled, and a warm current gushed out of her honey hole as she practically laid down her arms and surrendered.


Inside the tent, Wushuang’s entire body was trembling, her firm breasts were violently rising and falling and her panties was also already drenched. That stimulation she directly felt in her spirit was even clearer than witnessing directly. Wushuang panted and couldn’t carry on meditating. Her little hand trembled and reached towards the wet place between her legs, then touching that mysterious forbidden area, she involuntarily let out a moan which resembled sobbing.

“Bastard.” Wushuang’s frozen beautiful face had a ten percent shame and ninety percent anger.


At this moment, Long Yi however impatiently swam ashore while still hugging Nalan Ruyue, then laid her on the ground.

“Ruyue, give me tonight.” Long Yi leaned over and whispered beside her ear while his hand dishonestly grabbed her snow-white firm **, then kneaded to various shapes.

Nalan Ruyue moaned in agreement as her jade arms hung on the neck of Long Yi, then her lips kissed on his face everywhere.

He had already done enough foreplay, so Long Yi didn’t waste any more time. He parted the legs of Nalan Ruyue and that enchanting place laid bare in front of him.

“Don’t look.” Nalan Ruyue bashfully clamped her legs.

“Nope, Ruyue’s body is so beautiful, I have to carefully appreciate it, be obedient and spread your legs.” Long Yi said in a somewhat hoarse voice as he pinched her breasts’ pearls causing her to let out moans again and again.

“Look, look, I am giving you my everything.” Nalan Ruyue said as she spread open her **, but her little hands however took the initiative to caress the sturdy back and buttocks of Long Yi.

Long Yi freed himself and got up intending to directly attack her.

But, at that time, the barrier set by Nalan Ruyue suddenly fluctuated violently and this Holy Light Barrier unexpectedly broke.

Both Nalan Ruyue and Long Yi were shocked. Immediately after that, Long Yi hugged the beauty and rolled, wrapping both of them with the sheet he had spread on the ground.

Just after that, a white figure appeared out of thin air in front of them. She however was Wushuang with her entire face filled with anger. Looking carefully, her beautiful face was bright red and her breathing was also extremely rapid.

Seeing it was Wushuang, two people relaxed, and suddenly becoming aware of their current appearance, Nalan Ruyue screamed and ducked into the bosom of Long Yi.

“You bastard, pushing people too hard, believe or not, I will castrate you and feed it to a dog.” Wushuang angrily glared at Long Yi who was in somewhat difficult situation.

Long Yi gloomily looked at Wushuang as he was unable to think how he offended Wushuang for her to be so angry, merely, he truly was upset now because he missed a hard-earned chance.

At this time, Nalan Ruyue slightly recovered from her initial shame. Originally, she was about to join together with her sweetheart, but who would have thought that, at the crucial moment, they were interrupted, so she naturally was also unhappy.

“Did we obstruct you in any way when I and my husband are making love? Although you are also the woman of my husband, what authority do you have to stop us?” Nalan Ruyue said without showing any weakness.

Wushuang took a deep breath to calm down her feelings and then gritting her teeth, she said: “I’ve never acknowledged becoming his woman. As for why I stopped you, ask your good husband.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded for a moment and he saw a light all of a sudden. With that peculiar connection between him and Wushuang, when he was experiencing sexual pleasure with other women, she would also feel pleasant sensation, could it be that just now……

Seeing Long Yi seemed to have understood, Wushuang suppressed the anger and shame in her heart and said coldly: “Hereafter, as long as I am nearby, if you dare to exceed the bounds again, then see how I will put you in order.”

After speaking, Wushuang disappeared leaving behind bitterly smiling Long Yi who was holding confused Nalan Ruyue.

“My husband, what exactly is going on here?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

Long Yi had no choice but to explain everything. It seemed he had to think of a way to restore the memory of Wushuang as quickly as possible, otherwise, he certainly would be miserable. Can look but cannot eat, wasn’t that wanting his life?

After Nalan Ruyue heard everything, she giggled and whispered in the ears of Long Yi: “My husband, hereafter I will sleep together with you daily.”

Long Yi rolled his eyes and said: “If you want your husband to turn into a eunuch, then come.”


In the early morning, the air of wildwoods was very pure and fresh. The petals and grasses were filled with dewdrops and pleasantly cool morning breeze was blowing against their face. This however was the most beautiful day in this season.

Long Yi’s group of four were already prepared. But even earlier than them, a number of fully armed people had already entered Lightning God Forbidden Area. Despite a lot of people having already died since this SS-ranked mission was issued, there was still a steady stream of adventurers coming here. The temptation of this place was truly too big. It was big enough for people to take the risk despite the danger of losing their lives.

Long Yi thought for a bit, then taking out the map Red Lady had given as a gift from his space ring, all of them looked at it together.

“I think we should go through the Death Sea of Flowers. Everyone should already know the circumstance of the Death Sea of Flowers. The fragrance of flowers has strong poison and among the flowers, there are strange man-eating vines. Apart from these, we don’t know if there are other dangers, but I guess there aren’t any other dangers. Moreover, I think we can fly past this Death Sea of Flowers without any problem with our strength.” Long Yi said.

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“But if we ran into danger in the sky, what’s to be done?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

“Then, we can do nothing about it, but I feel that the new path marked on the map isn’t a good path. It is too far from the entrance, and it is unclear whether the path is true or false. Even if it is true, then the danger might not be any inferior to the danger of this Death Sea of Flowers.” Long Yi said.

“Well, then I am also fine with going through the Death Sea of Flowers.” Nalan Ruyue no longer had a different view and Wushuang also had no objection. As for Barbarian Bull, he never contradicted the decision of Long Yi.

“Good, then let’s set out, but always be careful of some other danger of Lightning God Forbidden Area.” Long Yi waved his hands and then the four people began to rush towards Lightning God Forbidden Area.

At this moment, basically, every adventurer group camped in the vicinity of the entrance of Lightning God Forbidden Area had already gotten up. All of them who were either preparing or waiting for the opportune moment, seeing Long Yi’s group of four entering Lightning God Forbidden Area, all of them were surprised.

“Did you see, that man is Violent Dragon Empire’s Second Young Master of Ximen Clan and that woman is Nalan Empire’s princess as well as saintess he had just married. This second Young Master Ximen however is a real powerhouse. Yesterday, he beat Light Church’s guardian knight who had the domain until he wet his pants.” A skinny youth boasted outrageously to his companion, but in fact, he also had just heard from other people and hadn’t seen in person.

“Is that the truth, could it be that he is even more powerful than Swords Saint?” Another person asked.

“You pig brains, you saw them daring to enter Lightning God Forbidden Area with only four of them, if they didn’t have the ability, then would they dare to enter? Do you think they are as stupid as you?” The skinny youth said with disdain.

Everyone suddenly felt this was very reasonable. Entering Lightning God Forbidden Area with just four people, if they didn’t have a hole in their brain, then they truly had strength. And they didn’t appear as if they had a hole in their brain, that means, they had confidence in their strength. In any case, their courage was also admirable.

This moment, Long Yi’s group of four had already reached the entrance of Lightning God Forbidden Area and looking at those four big words on the boulder at the right side of the entrance, Long Yi felt his every cell was trembling in excitement.

“Prepare to enter together.” Long Yi suppressed his excitement as he said. Then the four people looked at each other in tacit agreement and secretly everyone’s nerves were stretched to the limit. Even Wushuang who had already reached Magic God realm also didn’t dare to have the slightest carelessness.

“Advance.” Long Yi lowered his voice, then all four rushed into Lightning God Forbidden Area at the same time.

Long Yi only saw darkness before his eyes, and in less than a breath of time, he suddenly saw the light. But there was no lightning like he had imagined, merely a stifling pressure as well as scorched odor that assailed one’s nostrils were present there.

This passage between the entrance and the Death Sea of Flowers wasn’t long, but there were many piles of countless burned black corpses. The corpses’ piles Long Yi saw were not only in a straight line, he could even see corpses’ piles all around, presumably, many people also had thoughts to look for other paths and attempted it.

“How come there is no lightning? Could it be that we have comparatively better luck?” Nalan Ruyue confusedly said as the barrier bead she was carrying was already soaked with her sweat.

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“Lightning is irregular, let’s take advantage of this chance and quickly cross this without wasting any time. Everyone, pay attention to the circumstance at all times.” Long Yi said.

He cast Gale Magic on all of them, then Long Yi’s group of four began to run forward as fast as they could. Perhaps, their character was comparatively better, the four people reached the passage of the Death Sea of Flowers without any lightning strike. And just after they entered the passage, then the grey sky immediately had a violent development and lightning that covered the entire sky struck down with the momentum of destroying everything.

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