Chapter 339: Again doing “bad thing”

Innumerable people immediately surrounded them and everyone asked them about the situation inside all at once. Some priests use Heal Magic, Spirit Guard Magic and similar magic to help these people expel their tiredness and terror.

However, these surviving people clearly didn’t want to mention much about the matters that occurred inside, so reorganizing a little, they went towards the small town.

From the words of the on-looking people, Long Yi’s group of four understood the general situation. Actually, Baleful Blood Mercenary Group and Miracle Mercenary Group could also be considered two pretty good A-ranked mercenary groups of Blue Waves Continent. This time, the alliance of more than 3000 elites had ventured into Lightning God Forbidden Area, unfortunately, most of them were killed. There were more than 3000 people when entering but only 300 or so people when returning. Moreover, the experience of this time will become an unforgettable nightmare for these survivals for the rest of their life. Hereafter, these two A-ranked mercenary groups would disappear from Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi couldn’t help worrying about Red Lady. Although her mercenary group and Iron Blooded Mercenary Group were ranked top 10 among A-ranked mercenary groups, till now, an unknown number of people had died and become the dead ghost of Lightning God Forbidden Area in this place, so will they be an exception?

But recalling Red Lady’s Lightning Mercenary Group already had an experience here in Lightning God Forbidden Area, moreover, Red Lady was a very cautious person, at least, it shouldn’t be a problem to retreat safely.

Long Yi selected a comparatively remote place to camp, and after they had pitched the tents for each person, the sky had already gotten dark.

Igniting a bonfire and setting up a gridiron, four people sat around the bonfire but no-one spoke. Long Yi squinted his eyes and appeared somewhat absentminded. He felt as if the noises of this place was getting farther and farther away.

“The meat is already scorched, why are you still staring blankly?” Nalan Ruyue suddenly smelled the burnt smell, so she used her elbow to poke absentminded Long Yi.

Long Yi woke up with a start and turning over the meat roast, he again became absent-minded.

“Hey, what happened to you? Still thinking about your cousin?” Nalan Ruyue softly asked.

But Long Yi was still lost in thought as if he didn’t hear her, however, it wasn’t that he didn’t hear, merely, he didn’t have a mood to speak about that. The Lovesickness Sword had not only affected Kajia, he himself was also similarly affected. Even the ends of the earth have to end sometime, only lovesickness didn’t have the end.

Nalan Ruyue opened her mouth wanting to speak but seeing the appearance of Long Yi, she turned her head to another side and ignored him feeling wronged.

Late at night, all the noise of the surroundings had stopped, leaving only the tireless chirping sound of the insects.

Now, the bonfire had already extinguished, only stars were still twinkling tenaciously. Long Yi’s group of four had already returned to their respective tents. And those who wanted to sleep had slept and those who wanted to meditate had meditated.

This moment, Long YI was lying on the soft and luxurious big bed inside the tent, if someone was to see this, then they absolutely would be greatly surprised. But, the handsome face of Long Yi was twisted out of shape in agony and veins were visible on his neck, moreover, with his face full of sweat, he was unconsciously letting out a groan.

“Blue……Waves chaos……Lightning God…descends…jade blood…illuminating world…relying on a blade…split open…the vault of heaven…” The broken words came out from the mouth of Long Yi as he had the expression of suffering to the extreme.

Suddenly, from the chest of Long Yi, a milky white radiance sprang out. This soft radiance rotated around, and as if the big hand of the mother, soothed Long Yi.

The suffering expression of Long Yi gradually eased up, but he was still speaking out broken words, clearly was dreaming of something.

“Xiao Yi……” The tightly closed eyes of Long Yi suddenly opened and a purple light flashed for an instant inside the tent. Although the soft bed was drenched in his sweat, he didn’t care, he just looked all around for a while, half-lying on the bed.

Long Yi closed his eyes and some fragments of what he had dreamed flashed through his mind, but he unexpectedly was unable to recall the greater part. He merely saw silver-white lightning all over, split opened abyss, and there seemed to be tiger cub Little Three as well as Fire Qilin figures too. And the final person he saw was silvered hair Xiao Yi. Her transparent eyes were affectionately looking at him seemingly wanting to say something.

Long Yi shook his heavy head, then pulling open his lapel, he took out a milky white bead dangling with Ruyi Ice Silk where Xiao Yi was quietly lying inside.

“What’s going on? That truly was a strange dream.” Long Yi muttered as he straightened his back on the bed. This moment, he felt his body was sticky, so he thought to look for a small river to bath.

Outside the tent, it was silent all around and not a soul was visible. Long Yi soared to the sky to look for a river or brook inside this wildwoods. Not long after, Long Yi found a small pond. After that, he took off his clothing and casting all cautions to the winds, he jumped in, comfortably swimming two laps around it.

It was already summertime, and although Ye Principality was adjacent to Nalan Empire, it, after all, was a bit farther, so compared to Nalan Empire’s Blue Moon City, this place was much hotter. Long Yi dived into this ice-cold pond and was unwilling to come out feeling very comfortable inside.

After completely washing off the sweat stains, Long Yi took a deep breath and dived to the bottom of this pond. This pond wasn’t deep, merely was 5-6 meters deep and its bottom was paved with a layer of colorful cobbles, truly was very beautiful. And after making a lap around the bottom of the pond, he found nothing special, so Long Yi thought to go up, wear clothes and leave.

But at that time, when Long Yi went up, he suddenly felt a wisp of spirit fluctuation coming towards this direction. He hesitated for a moment, then again returned to the bottom of the pond.

That fluctuation became stronger and stronger, and Long Yi also felt this aura was more and more familiar. When that figure stood at the edge of this pond, Long Yi was sure of her identity. Unexpectedly, she turned out to be Nalan Ruyue.

“So late at night, why did this girl run over here? Did she come to bath?” Long Yi withdrew his aura as he thought. Thinking about it, he had already taken cheap advantage twice in the bath, but he was always interrupted at the final step. But tonight, it was a charming night with no-one around, it was the perfect day to have s*x outdoors.

Of course, this was just the thought of Long Yi, he didn’t have extravagant hopes of Nalan Ruyue actually stripping naked to take a bath.

Nalan Ruyue squatted down at the edge of the pond and her little hand gently moved back and forth in the water and she appeared to be somewhat lost in thought.

A long time later, Nalan Ruyue softly sighed and mumbled the incantation, then with her hands flashing with a white light, a Holy Light Barrier enveloped this pond. After that, she stood up and began to slowly strip.

“Is this for real?” Long Yi naturally felt the magic fluctuation of that barrier. Since she cast a barrier here, that means she had come here to bath. Long Yi became extremely excited in his heart.

After her snow-white priest robe was taken off, her that ** which would make the moon and the stars lusterless was revealed. Her hair as if waterfall hung down loosely to her waist, moreover, she emitted bewitching and charming aura from all over her body. Nalan Ruyue slightly leaned forward and under the moonlight, she looked at her reflection on the water, then she caressed her exquisite face having some narcissistic feeling.

Long Yi was also looking up from the bottom of the pond, but no matter how good his vision was, through the gleaming water, he could merely see a fuzzy outline, nevertheless, the lustful intent in his heart made him feel as if a cat was scratching his heart.

The little hand caressing her cheeks slowly slid downwards, and gently pulling, her milky white bra suddenly floated down to the ground. Immediately afterward, the final piece of little panties also slid down.

Splash, Nalan Ruyue jumped into the pond and as if a mermaid, she swam around.

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Long Yi opened his eyes wide and followed the figure above. Despite this not being the first time he had seen the charming body of Nalan Ruyue, Long Yi however was incomparably excited. The first time in Mea Principality, in order to conceal, Nalan Ruyue had sat on his face nearly making him nosebleed to death. In the second time, when Nalan Ruyue came to Soaring Dragon City as a diplomat, he nearly carried out the law on the spot. If it wasn’t for that teardrop, then she would have already become his woman. But this time, Nalan Ruyue nevertheless had completely stripped off and was swimming above him, moreover, due to the haziness of water, this, even more, stimulated Long Yi.

As the common saying, don’t make the same mistake repeatedly, tonight, he absolutely cannot let her escape. Long Yi continuously swallowed saliva and especially seeing that clump of neat black grass between her legs when she was swimming, he felt his body temperature could even evaporate the water of this pond.

This moment, Nalan Ruyue turned over, and skillfully lied on her back on the surface of the water, unreservedly exposing her shining white ** to the eyes of Long Yi.

Long Yi couldn’t control himself, only a eunuch would feel nothing seeing such spring scenery. Besides, Nalan Ruyue had some feeling towards him, and even if it still cannot reach to the degree of love, he could slowly cultivate hereafter, but if another man snatched her, then wouldn’t he endlessly regret?

Long Yi quietly swam, then reaching out his hand, his wolf claw caressed the little ** of Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue who was pleasantly lying on the surface of the water with her eyes closed was startled, and she immediately flew up from the water, then looking down at the pond, she saw the pond water was still calm and some small fishes could be seen swimming.

“Just fishes but you all actually dare to eat this girl’s tofu, be careful otherwise I will roast you all.” Nalan Ruyue smiled sweetly as she thought that when fishes were swimming around, they touched her, so she entered the water and lied on her back again.

Long Yi who was shrunk at the dark corner of the bottom of the pond found this funny hearing the words of Nalan Ruyue, then he quietly swam once again, and this time, he attacked the legs of Nalan Ruyue.

“Ya, truly these fishes, this girl’s body can only be touched by my husband.” Nalan Ruyue felt the touch on her legs and she shrunk feeling a tickle. After that, she turned over and wanted to catch those recklessly lustful little fishes.

But, just after she turned over, she saw a pair of pitch-black eyes at the bottom of the pond and she couldn’t help becoming tense. She thought about casting rank 10 light attack magic sealed on her ring.

Long Yi naturally wouldn’t let her cast the magic. He wrapped his hands and legs around her body. And suddenly, two people intimately hugged each other.

Under panic, Nalan Ruyue’s courage and wish broke down, and she thought to explode to perish together with this sex fiend. But when Long Yi was tightly hugging her, she unexpectedly felt a familiar scent, so she couldn’t help but was startled again.

Both people’s head bore out of the water surface but their bare bodies were still stuck together.

“Long Yi, I will kill you.” Nalan Ruyue ferociously struggled in the bosom of Long Yi. She had already sensed that fiery hot hard thing pressing against her lower abdomen.

“Don’t move, otherwise I will enter.” Long Yi’s little brother became even more ferocious under the rubbing of Nalan Ruyue and accidentally slid into the space between her legs pressing at girl’s most intimate soft place.

Nalan Ruyue’s charming body stiffened, and tightly holding the shoulders of Long Yi, she didn’t dare to move in fear that she wouldn’t be able to protect her innocence from Long Yi.

“You…you bastard, didn’t you promise to not touch me?” Nalan Ruyue was at a loss.

“I promised, but now I am going back on my words because the current situation is different. Since we are the sunshine of each other, why should we still honor that promise?” Long Yi whispered beside the ear of Nalan Ruyue and kissed her sensitive earlobe.

“Ghost and you are the sunshine of each other, I hate you, you bastard.” The charming body of Nalan Ruyue involuntarily quivered and her tone resembled acting coquettishly rather than refusing.

“Just now, I heard someone saying only her husband can touch her body, could it be that I am not your husband?” Long Yi smiled and said and his big hands caressed the soft and smooth back of Nalan Ruyue.

“I didn’t say that, you must have heard wrong.” Nalan Ruyue with a red face would rather die than to admit, but her charming body was slowly softening in the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi naturally sensed this, then he slightly smiled, and gently moved his waist forward, beginning to rub his little brother against the small ravine of Nalan Ruyue. And that feeling was truly wonderful.

“You devil!” Nalan Ruyue cursed in the ear of Long Yi while tightly hanging on the neck of Long Yi.

The heart of Long Yi softened. He had never expected the words of Nalan Ruyue could be so charming. All through the ages, women, who were charming inside and extremely cold and proud outside, once aroused, their charm would stimulate their lovers, directly making them unable to stop even though they wanted to stop as if they had eaten a powerful aphrodisiac, truly was the first-rate charming ability.


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Meanwhile, in one of the tents at the campsite, Wushuang who was sitting cross-legged in meditation suddenly woke up and her expression became very strange. She felt a burst of ** pleasant sensation coming from her private parts as if a big hand was caressing, making her tremble involuntarily.

“Son of a b*tch, again doing bad things.” Wushuang gnashed her teeth and said. But, just after speaking, she froze all of a sudden. Why did she say ‘again’, she never had this kind of matter in her memory.

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