Chapter 22- Meeting Daddy

The three months passed by quickly since he got the letter from his father and ran into the divine child for the first time. During this time, David noticed a new angelic presence in the realm that was different than the trainee. He figured that it was Lousphy’s temporary replacement. He kept his distance so problems wouldn’t arise because of it. In fact, he had more trouble from the boy that challenged him. In his fifty years of ruling the realm, David had never had such a headache. He even had the nerve to attack Luna while she was vulnerable during her growth shedding stage. David had no choice but to defend her, so he engaged him. As a result of this incident and the treaty, he became an official hero of the realm.


David had left him tied and gagged in front of the town statue of Luna after the incident. A week later, he then tried to disrupt Lousphy’s special guards training. He was mobbed rather quickly as soon as he was discovered, but the results were the same as last time. David paused his thoughts about the last few months since he last saw Lousphy, while he admired the newly created suit of armor he spent the last few days making for himself. There was a red cap attached to it that compliment his red skin well. He wore black gloves to cover his hands, and to keep his biggest secrets. His boots were rather stiff, but were loose on his feet. He picked up the sword of balance, then put it on his waist before leaving the room.


He went to where Luna was kneeling down, then walked away again.

“Enough practice Luna. Any sightings of Lousphy yet?” (David)

Luna turned toward him, then shook her head.

“No, I even went to see her trainee Suna, but she had nothing. Lousphy’s replacement has been pushing the poor angel ragged. She almost seemed to be flying while half asleep.” (Luna)

David walked past her, the Luna started following.

“Well, if we leave now, we’ll be considered on time. Give it a day or two, and we’ll be fashionably late. It’ll even be acceptable to be the last to arrive. I was going to observe their entrances, and my father liked his punctuality. If she doesn’t show up by the time we get to the gate, then we must go without her.” (David)


Luna didn’t respond, but David made up his mind.

“The boy was just caught near the mansion’s lumber yard. It seems like he was messing one of the stacked support logs. Everything has been checked out by security, and fixed since then. I have no idea how to keep that boy out, I need some kind of wall.” (Luna)

David didn’t comment about Luna’s attempt at distracting him. For a brief moment, he was genuinely worried about Lousphy. If she could, she would’ve probably already sent word to him, but he hasn’t heard anything from her since he got the letter. David almost smiled when he saw an angel in full silver mail armor outside his home in the cave, but then he noticed the number of wings on her. It was only two.


David sounded annoyed as he spoke.

“What are you doing here? I have business today, so be quick.” (David)

The angel lifted the visor, and she was astonished at the sight of the demon.

“There’s been an incident. Lousphy has been called away to attend to an important matter. Being her…” (messenger)

There was a distaste in her mouth as she spoke the next words.

“Lousphy’s Husband…. you are to be informed about her wishes. Though, why she fell in love with you is beyond me. She asked me to give this to you, and to tell you that she’ll be back shortly.” (Angel messenger)

David paused in thought, as he is was handed a note, and he didn’t even bother to see the angel leave.

“Do you want to wait for her here?”

David turned to Luna.

“What? Oh. Should I have sent word to her to meet us at the portal gate? Don’t worry, she’ll meet up with us when she’s ready. I was hoping to spend a little time teaching her some things about the dos and donts, should she survive. She’ll just have to wing it now.” (David)


Without warning, a voice came from behind him.

“Wing what? My wings are fine.” (Lousphy)

David and Luna turned around to the recognizable voice, overjoyed.

“Lousphy, your back.” (David)

David just stopped himself before embracing Lousphy’s similarly armored body, as Luna couldn’t contain herself, and went under her hand with the one glove that a finger painted red.  David took some time to see her all dressed up in combat armor. Her silver mail was more defined and fitted better on her than on the angel a few minutes ago. There was gold details and metals that almost sparkled. David was happy to see her, but was genuinely annoyed.

“Lousphy, if I knew it would have taken all this time, I would have taught you for a few hours at least before you left. Not only your well being, but my own will be in jeopardy in this visit. This isn’t some second rate overlord, but my father. He’s the one to rule them all. He could destroy us with one thought. There aren’t any defenses that can stop him, and their aren’t any offenses that can harm him.” (David)


David then took the hand that was rubbing Luna’s head.

“I’m worried for you, it’s strange, but I am. You’ll be safe as long as you wear this ring, but if you reveal it or disobey it’s warnings, then it may be all three of our heads that are appetizers at dinner. I’m a demon with feelings, I’m no better than a mortal in that regard. What you know about me and my reactions are the most civil I can give. My pleasure is your happiness, but now I must put that aside for survival.” (David)

David looked into her worried eyes, and David found his demonic strength and reasoning return to him.

“Remember these words well. When words mean nothing, silence is worth everything.” (David)


Lousphy wondered why David told her a phrase an angel knows really well. When there were secrets that should be told, they’ll spill their guts so they won’t receive divine retribution. Unknowing things will be revealed when it was needed. She was puzzled over how David was worried for her. She was only sent on a reconnaissance training mission involving humans. Her armor showed how she was deserving of the station that her wings showed. In truth, she didn’t exactly fit the normal standards of an angel on a mission. She hastily rushed the report just to be with David, but that allowed her to keep the armor for a little longer.

Even though it was rather late when they left, the realm that they just entered was covered in complete darkness. She could feel the cold to her core, which she didn’t like. After a few seconds of more marching, the guards David brought stopped and parted to let him pass. Luna pushed Lousphy to follow her, then the three of stopped as a figure darker than any other Lousphy could even imagine appeared.

“Bold, David, very bold. You brought the spawn of the Holiness here. I should destroy you for having such nerves.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)


David chuckled.

“You wouldn’t bother yourself to destroy us. You are too intrigued about this situation. If you weren’t, you certainly would have done so without warning, dad.” (David)

Lousphy looked toward David without moving her armor. This was his father! This was the Overlord of Overlords!

“No, you are right in your tenacity David. I would have just raised a finger and destroyed everything you have worked for over the last seventy years. It would be like swatting a mosquito that bothered me. Come David… and his guest. I want a word with you in person.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

Then, the Supreme Overlord’s shadow was gone.

“It’s just theatrics, he’s just showing us a shadow of his real power. I would have to consume a thousand dragons3dragonsspecies to have a fraction of just his shadow’s power. Now, come dragon and angel, I warned you before that he likes punctuality.” (David)


As they moved through the castle, Lousphy noticed the minions of David’s father. They would all be classified as the strongest amongst the impure and lesser pure demon spawn. It was anything from giants to hellspawn. They all looked like they can eat David for breakfast if they wanted to, but they cowered at his presence, or maybe it was hers? It had been a long time since any real one on one engagements between angels1angelsspecies and demons2demonsspecies had occurred in battle. The decor also caught her eye.


This was surprisingly bare, consider how much room there was. The odd statue might feel up some space, but there weren’t any tables or chairs. Lousphy made a mental note to ask about it later. They then came to a pair of giant doors, and when they were opening, Lousphy felt the presence of the demon from before, and it was a lot stronger. She barely kept the will to keep moving forward. Oddly enough, she drew strength in the fact that David was leading her and Luna, while the dragon seemed to shudder worse and worse with every step. Lousphy then noticed the inhabitants of the room. There were all kinds of demon bones lying around, seemingly drained of all previous life. When David stopped, Lousphy felt like she had been in the greatest fight of her life, and yet it hasn’t even begun.

“Come now David, I know you’re strong enough to come closer to me.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)


Lousphy would have jumped if she had the strength to do so, but the shadow once again appeared.

“What’s a few more feet? Using the last of my strength, I could do so. I don’t intend to be carried to my bed, not when I wish to observe my competition when they arrive.” (David)

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There was an eerie laugh that shook the ground.

“David, always the schemer. Predictable like alw…” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

David drew the sword as he talked, and Lousphy’s strength returned to her as if she never lost it.

“You dare try to harm me!” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

David put the sword away.

“As if you felt that except a tinge of your pride being hurt. Not so predictable now, am I?” (David)


There was a pause from the reforming shadow because the sword had scattered it.

“An area of it hurt a little bit, but another area hurt even more. I learned to follow your impulses on occasion. Good, you leaving school has taught you a few things. Your now more worthy competition for your siblings. Here they come now actually. ” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

David turned to look, then Lousphy and Luna did the same. Lousphy noticed that the overwhelming presence was no longer being directed to her and her group, but the person that came through the doors passage. She passed through them like it was easy. However, she didn’t get more than a step closer to her father, even though she tried.

“Sister.” (David)

She looked at David with detest in her eyes.

“The weakling has some strength now it seems. What did you do? F*** an angel to get it?” (Succubus Sister)


Lousphy knew that David was even angrier for that comment then she was. He gave up so much, and in a long connected way, there was some truth behind that comment. The next one to enter was greeted by David and his sister in the same manner that David greeted his sister just now, but they both gave an equal response, so he didn’t answer. It took three more to enter before a being best described as a gluttonous pig with some sort of foul leg wedged into his overused jaw to figure out that if you comment, it means that you have the power or nerve to challenge someone. Silence was also a weapon of secrecy.


You might have the power or the nerves, but the situation doesn’t always have an opportune time to do so. The next one to enter was a succubus like demon, which was like David’s mother. She was clearly the weakest member of David’s family, so he didn’t really acknowledge her. It made her lash at and become angry at him. He retorted by gripping his sword and moving it barely an inch out of its sheath. Every demon’s reaction was obviously drawn to him, and they didn’t only show anger, but pain as well. The very presence of such concentrated divine power affected them as if cut by the blade.

“Enough!” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)


The entire group of demons backed away slightly because their father had spoken.

“David, if you show that blade again in my presence again, you better be prepared to use it.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

David kept quiet as he pulled it off his waist and handed it to Lousphy, which was surprising to the other demons. After a brief moment, the seven demons, the angel, and the dragon, turned toward the shadow.

“Three of you exceeded my expectations.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

The shadow raised his hand and four of the demon siblings suddenly vanished, including the fat pig one.

Only David, the succubus, and one that looked bigger and stronger than David, but had a similar class, remained.

“David, Locerous, and Eveilicnm I have high hopes for the three of you. Near the beginning of the school century, I lost my tolerance for David’s failures in school, but I wished to feed my own interests, so I gave him an option. I gave him the option to quit school and start taking the reigns early on and build with what I deem you worthy of now. He has already gone far beyond my expectations and managed to con the divine in giving him a shield of protection. Indeed, the creature before you is an angel.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)


Suddenly, two of David’s remaining siblings turned aggressive to Lousphy. Before she could react, the shadow was covering the two.

“Did I give you permission to attack my guest?” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

They each gave a look, then said at the same time.

“No, Father.” (Siblings)

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David wished he could smirk without punishment, but he refrained from accepting such amused thoughts.

“Locerous, Evilirnm, you’re dismissed. Leave my sight.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)


As fast as they could, the two of them left the chambers.

“David, you and your dragon as well.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

David gave one look at Lousphy, before he and Luna turned away as well, but they left a bit more leisurely and gracefully, even though it was still quite a quick pace. Lousphy was now alone in front of the shadow, with the doors closed.

“My days are numbered, angel. I’ve grown weary lately.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

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