Chapter 21- Invite to the Demon Family Reunion

Fifty years have passed since Suna came under Lousphy’s tutelage. David looked at the harpy messenger in front of him, then took the invitation that was being handed to him. The moment he took said letter, the harpy took flight and flew into the direction of the portal stone, likely back to where it called home. David then sighed after that. It had some nerve to enter his home without an invitation. There was a chance that it went toward Luna’s room instead of David’s chambers.


He found that he enjoys acquiating strongly with Lousphy, which he realized was a really good thing to come out of the treaty with the divine. Of course, Lousphy received permission to, but her superiors still relented her for fifty years, but that’s for another time. No demon but David would understand the kind of relationship they had.

“Who’s it from?” (Luna)


David looked at Luna when she asked the question. She had grown even larger in the last fifty years. The base of her neck was level with David’s head now, but she still kept level eye contact with him when they spoke to each other.

“If I had to guess, then it’s from my father. However, I’ll know for sure when I open it. Let’s head back to my room.” (David)


Luna nodded and followed David from the bend. David had mined out the cave even more, and now there is an elegant passage large enough for an adult Luna to pass through with ease. It also had torches on each side of the walls, and small stone statues of Luna dotting the way, with a smooth floor and carpet. Everything of it screamed evil. David couldn’t help but feel prideful about that. David got to his door, then waved his hand and the entire wall moved to the side to let Luna in as well.


On the other side, Lousphy stood beside the bed.

“It’s not natural, you know. What we did.” (Lousphy)

David smiled a bit, remembering what they did last night.

“Your people are fine with it, and I have literally given you my heart. We keep our business professional, and our private life personal. Once every fifty years is enough for me, and only us three are concerned about creating a spawn, or not unless we both want it. I as the father, you as the mother, and Luna become it’s guardian. I don’t trust any damn angel with my spawn but you. Also this agreement is the best for both me and the divine. We all know ‘they’ are a shield I rely on, which is why I set up my realm to be a neutral location when making dealing with demons2demonsspecies. I’m also completely fine with that because my realm is a very wealthy one. The plains produce lots of product each year, and the mines are vibrant with tons of raw material. I have already bought a second realm that’s foreclosed, and the mines and natural resources are prime for a full takeover. My mansion’s infrastructure was completed and there has really been nothing else of note happening.” (David)


It won’t be long until he starts mining the new realm as well. David threw the envelope on the table and went to the fridge, then took out a bloody mox. It was tomato smoothie mixed with some animal blood, and topped with some apple peel slices. It was a decent drink for a demon, especially one who uses his powers regularly. After that, he sat down on the bed and opened the letter.


Dear son,


David, the school century has just finished, and even though you decided to leave on your own, I can feel a bit of pride as to how you’ve manipulated the divine into carrying out your will. You did so in a way that no other demon could ever imagine, or even attempt. So, you may attend when I interview my spawn about their semester review and break from their education. You have my blessing to attend this event with you, your dragon, and a guest of your choosing.


Your father, and Supreme Overlord


David reread the letter again, then threw it back on the table.

“Are you going to go David?” (Luna)

David put a hand on his head, knowing that a headache was coming.

“Luna, the question is not if I’m, going but how. No demon turns down an invitation from someone higher than him. If they did, then it would show defiance. The wording was carefully thought out too. I will have his blessing being there, but not his protection. Knowing my siblings, they won’t accept me being there, and being so successful to boot. Since I left, I’m no longer under his protection. However, I highly doubt that any of them will do anything while under his house, not directly at least. If there was a disturbance under his roof, then it’ll badly reflect on him, which he won’t tolerate. That doesn’t mean that I’ll go unprepared though. It sounds like he has given me an option to defend myself, as well as how…. ” (David)

David looked at Lousphy after pausing.

“He wants me to also bring you, Lousphy” (David)


She pointed at herself.

“Me? I’m not allowed to enter another realm without permission, especially a demonic one. It means leaving the flock unprotected. I’ll need another divine here to take watch everything while I’m gone, and continue my student’s education. Even then, I’ll need to make sure that the trip is worthwhile.” (Lousphy)

David scratched his chin a moment in thought.

“I’m sure the divine would be interested in the social workings of a demon. I know I’ve progressed their thinking of the subject quite a bit by being polite by their standards, and I don’t mind being observed. However, if you’re going to be my guest, I must protect you. With me as an exception, I know that no demon has immunity from divine wrath. I have that kind of advantage, but the other one is the sword. To have both a divine angel as an escort, and a blade that can kill any demon.” (David)


David checked himself over when he mentioned the sword of balance.

“You know, they won’t let you use it. It’s too powerful.” (Luna)

David was surprised because Luna said that instead of Lousphy.

“Use, no. The balance of the blade won’t allow me to attack, even for self defense. Perhaps, not even to defend the two of you on foreign land. The blade is a part of me, but I’m not it’s master. Lousphy, your its master because I gave you the blade. It’ll reject me unless I follow your principles.” (David)

Lousphy took the sword from beside the bed.

“You say this sword is part of you, yet it’s not under your command, but mine. I find that rather odd.” (Lousphy)


David moved over to her, kissed her, then grabbed the sword.

“I’ve told you this before Lousphy. A demon sacrifices a bit of their life force in using any of their powers. We restore our life force by consuming the cellular structure of anything. At any given time, a demon must maintain a certain amount of life force, or they’ll begin to fade from existence, which is dying, like when I was in the divine land. You must have felt me attempting to draw on you when we made love.” (David)

Lousphy blushed and sat down, then David sat beside her.

“I have, and I’ve resisted because I don’t give away my life force for any reason because the being who does will obtain a blessing of the divine.” (Lousphy)


Lousphy looked away from David, ashamed.

“You’ve tainted me demon, but I can’t help but enjoy it.” (Lousphy)

David put a hand on the one that was holding the sword.

“You have my heart oath, a demon’s most powerful oath. I can’t break it, and I can’t betray Luna in anyway with ours. You know that I’m stranger than any other demon. We have over three months, demon school won’t be officially out until then. It’s more than enough time for you to report to your superiors, and get what you need. I will also have to condition a few of my troops, but that’s if you actually want to go.” (David)

David stood up again, then picked up his cloak.

“Come Luna, we should begin now.” (David)


Lousphy sat on the bed and thought about the invitation. She then picked up the letter and tried to read the demon language. What another angel would receive by turning such a simple demonic item like this over, David left it there, completing trusting her. David knew full well he was putting his status as a demon on the line with having a close relationship with an angel, let alone them mutually sleeping with each other. After leaving the cave, David noticed the mansion’s construction.


The crews have been working around the clock building it, and not even the ground floor has been built yet over the fifty years. The lower forty levels have been finished as planned though. David walked over the walkway, as Luna flew over it. As soon as she settled again, they took the finished road to the marshal point, to call on the troop captain that was there. Within moments, a line of troops lined up in front of them after going through the defensive gate. David snapped his fingers, and a lieutenant was immediately beside him.

“The captain?” (David)

Only allowed on


The lieutenant paused a moment, before answering.

“He’s away in town arranging some supplies.” (Lieutenant)

David looked at the sorceress.

“You shall receive punishment for hesitation. Prepare an escort unit of ten people; four fighters, three archers, two magic classes of different assault specializations, and a quick healer. On my return, I expect them ready, captain.” (David)

David then turned around, and his cape flapped as he moved past Luna. After they were alone again, Luna spoke as they walked.

“David, is it wise to be so rash?” (Luna)


David looked toward the dragon, then back to the path.

“I won’t tolerate any slacking among my soldiers. The only reason for the captain’s absence from the muster point is only if they’ve been summoned, not frolicking with a w****. If he wanted a w****, he should have requested one brought to him. He has the authority to do such a thing. You can understand the need for discipline. My punishment for her was a promotion where she is held responsible for everything now. As a lieutenant, she knows the workings of my troops. First off, she will carry out my orders, then see to it that there is only one captain, and finally, if she’s victorious, find her own replacement for the vacant lieutenant’s slot. Don’t worry about it Luna, that’s the cost of being a servant of a demon. Don’t deny it Luna. You know demons as well as I do.” (David)

Luna kept quiet about this fact, it was her own choice, so she had to live with the consequences.


It didn’t take long for the two of them to return back to the mansion. David found Lousphy gone after separating from Luna, so he went to the fridge, then slammed it hard when he discovered it was empty.

“D***, this day is being a serious pain in the a**” (David)

David stormed out of his room, then slammed the wall back with his power. He was halfway to town, before he gave on what he was doing without any thought. Being a proper underworld ruler, he should send some minion after what he wants, like the werewolf girl Polona, but the fresh stuff needed to be properly handled, and the minions would surely get what he desires despite the consequences. Besides, they have become used to seeing him at night, but during the day was another matter.

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In the end, he decided that it didn’t really matter, so he continued down the road. At first, he was barely noticed, but then again, no one expected to see a demon in broad daylight, even such an odd one in this realm. If they did, they figured it’s just a weaker one searching for some small unnoticeable place to grow slowly until it becomes a threat. Not an adult, or near one at all, as David is. He bought a basket of plant product, before buying some beef, swine, and deer meat, as well as a living goat.


As he was leaving the town, he heard a voice behind him.

“And where do you think you’re going demon?” (Youngster)

It was a young voice, no more than a child. Perhaps, there was another demon on his land. David thought about seeing the fight and dealing with the lesser demon later on if it won, but then, he noticed that several people suddenly blocked his path. David turned around and saw a human that was about fourteen, wielding a short iron sword. David put down his groceries and put his newly freed hand on his forehead.

“I don’t have the patience for this.” (Frustrated David)

He then took a closer look at the challenger.

“Go home boy, I have enough to deal with today. Don’t break the treaty between me and the divine, or shall I defend myself?” (David)


David looked at the boy, who was more afraid that the others will see him shaking slightly in fear. He had been trained in combat at a younger age than he is now. In fact, he has likely seen real combat before, but he has never faced a demon before. It wouldn’t take much for him to back away. David lowered his hand to his favorite dagger, but had a sudden thought. If he engaged in open combat, no matter the reason, or the result, then he would take this wannabe hero willingly. If he let him live, then he would be letting a hero live. This means that he’ll challenge him and again and again until one of them is killed. As stated in the treaty of D&L, if he does kill him now, he wouldn’t be allowed to be resurrected by the divine, as he will be defined as the aggressor in this situation. However, how the public views him would greatly diminish. The only way for David to win is to not fight. David continued lowering his hand, then made a spike on the ground and tied the goat to it.

“I almost considered killing you, so very nicely done indeed. I came here for a snack and I will leave the same way.” (David)


David made sure that his eyes didn’t leave the human as he stood up again. David has been contacting Luna, but he wanted her to keep her distance. David could’t get out of this situation unharmed, however.

“I say again, go home. Ask anyone around of me. Ask them about the arrangements I’ve made with the divine.” (David)

David made an impact on both the crowd and the boy. Now, it was fine for him to leave. He was about to pick up his things, but the boy’s shaking stopped.

“It doesn’t matter demon. Prepare to meet your maker.” (Youngster)


The boy suddenly charged at him, and David sidestepped just in time to avoid the blade. As he dodged, he took the boy’s hand that gripped the sword, and the back of his neck at the same time, throwing him to the ground. He took his blade away, then picked the boy up off his groceries. He set him down after that, and gave him a swift kick in the a**, sending him back in the direction he was in before. David picked up his food, then untied the goat after quickly completing those movements.

“There are many other demons out there, so pick a fight with one of them, not me. I’m too busy for a hero right now, but maybe in a few years.” (David)

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