Chapter 23- Confession of the Overlord of Overlords

David went into his old room and instantly thought about how childish the things in it were. Luna was directed to the stable reserved for her, and she was a little excited to be meeting other dragons3dragonsspecies again. He sorted and put his dirty clothes in hampers using his power, then he removed the messes and stains and put them in his drawers. He realized that before meeting Lousphy, he wouldn’t have cared about being tidy, but being around her has made him aware of the importance of organization.


He then used his power to remove the armor on his body, then stood upright in the corner, and  the more casual clothing underneath became unwrinkled and tidy on him. Before Lousphy, he didn’t care about being seen as slob. He now refuses to being ever seen like that. David realized that he was more self aware, as well as aware of his surroundings. He likely wouldn’t have learned that without Lousphy. He then sat on the neatly made bed and waited, wondering what his father’s desires for Lousphy were.

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It could be anything. From an interesting conversation, to raping her and destroying her in every way imaginable. David tried concentrating and thinking about the conversation possibilities, but his mind wouldn’t let the ones that angered him from entering his mind. He felt like she was safe through her ring, so he didn’t stress about it though. The ring’s abilities let them share more than he intended. To keep himself from thinking about it, he thought about other things. The first thing that grabbed him was the conversation with the other angel before Lousphy returned.


It appears even angels1angelsspecies can’t keep secrets, or at least they’re smart enough to put two and two together and figure out Lousphy’s little display of affection during her trial and her new marital status were linked. Once word spread out far enough amongst the angels ranks, the truth was revealed. By what he has observed from Lousphy and her student Suan, they are much better at keeping their secrets from mortals than each other. They don’t even know that Lousphy is married, and a few divine even have impure desires for her. David chuckled at the thought of a mortal human, or even one of his own minions hitting on Lousphy.


He thought about how hard she would slap them for doing so. Of course, knowing her, her cheeks would turn slightly red. She couldn’t help but hide her embarrassment whenever such a situation occurred, then she would just ignore the gesture because she had a soft heart. David would kill them for doing so if he could, and if not, he would make their lives a living h*** as long as the poor soul lived. Knowing him, he might do that. After that happy thought, David found himself thinking about his wife’s safety again. The knowledge of what little power his father needed to exert himself to overpower her was a terrible concept for him.

“What’s wrong?” (Lousphy)

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David looked up to see Lousphy shining face. After a quick check to be sure it was really Lousphy by checking his heart, David stood up, hugged her, then kissing her. She dropped her helmet and paused in his loving embrace. The thought of where he was caught David off guard.

“D*** it, now he knows.” (David)

David backed away and readied their departure. Lousphy caught his shoulder before he started putting his armor back on.

“He already knew. He knows everything, even about that night.” (Lousphy)

David stopped and sat down on the bed. Lousphy used her divine portal to get out of her armor as well, then sat beside him.

“I always suspected he did. You have to be as strong as to him to hide anything and is no one within among the population like that.” (David)


Lousphy took his hand.

“In fact, it seems like he doesn’t disapprove. I didn’t know he was one of the demons2demonsspecies that brokered the truce between the divine and the hellspawn.” (Lousphy)

David paused, then squeezed her hand with his.

“I think he’s the only one left of that time. He’s spent his whole life honoring the only thing he created and loved.” (David)

Lousphy’s curiosity was tickled.

“Loving the treaty?” (Lousphy)


David smiled.

“Demons spend their whole lives fighting, killing, and always in danger. That is…, until the treaty. A section of the alterverse is always ours to do with as we please, same with the divines piece of land. The new pieces from the oblivion is shared between us and some of them left to be claimed by what is new that comes from the abyss. Widespread war isn’t fun for anyone, not even demons. You never know if you’ll wake up without a body, or if your food is poisoned. You also always have to wonder how loyal your troops are, and of course, you have to keep your distance from others. No, no, demons always crave and desire what they can’t have. I understand what I have now, now that I have it.” (David)


David gently put his hand on top of Lousphy’s.

“Can you feel it? My heart and yours are in sync. I’m not afraid of you. I’m not afraid to trust you. You have the key to my life.” (David)

David then sighed, and rapidly stood up, pulling his hand back.

“A demons foolishness. I should be killed for speaking about such things.” (David)

The dark and cold David had returned. Lousphy held her own hand with her other after David released one of them for a moment, before pulling them to her chest. All this time, Lousphy knew that David has never opened up to her. Of course, not without an ulterior motive and only a fraction of what she hoped. This surprise was astounding to her, she never expected such a thing from him.


She stood behind him and smiled the way that she does.

“Be the demon you want to be. Be strong enough to make sure that no one changes you and you never forget the cost of your strength. If there is one thing I know, it’s that you know balance.” (Lousphy)

David paused again before turning toward her.

“Unlike your fellow angels, how do you keep a secret? Letting our little secret spread throughout the divine realm so easily. It’s laughable.” (David)

Lousphy smiled a bit more after seeing David return to his more confident self.

“I can tell you’re terribly weakened Lousphy. A show is one thing, but supporting your bluffs is another. We need you to be strong for the show, and the month we’ve been here has drained you greatly.” (David)


After the provisions that they ordered were brought, with one of them being labeled angel’s food, David cooked up a quick meal for Lousphy. He ate a meal prepared by the castle staff. As they were about to go to sleep, Lousphy couldn’t help but feel protected being beside David. Despite mostly everyone’s beliefs, he really did love her, almost unconditionally too. It gave her hope for their future. On the other hand, Luna was worried.


While David and Lousphy were in David’s old room, Luna went to her own arranged place to rest. It was during the conversation with another female that was stabled beside her.  She discovered some secrets about the Supreme Overlord that were kept from David. The other dragons around her started conversing about the Supreme Overlord. Their are pre-prepared realms that are equal or greater than David’s, and they’re furnished with vast riches and armies ready to command. She didn’t give out her secrets easily, but Luna pieced together a few clues where she could. Nothing was firm, but there was the presence of two other dragons that worried her as well. One of them stared at her in a perverted way, which her instincts told her. Xolrum was greater in her size, even though he’s only days younger than her. With his size, he had strength to match it, and a clear understanding with his new master without meeting him. They had the same sadistic instincts. It could be noticed by a single look.


The other, Mocona, was also younger than Luna, and likely equal in ability. She was smaller, but obviously fast, both in wit and body. Luna saw her cut a stable attendant in four with just a lash. She savored the fresh meal too, which made Luna worry. She’s never killed with such savagery or brutality, only when the situation called for it. She wasn’t shy doing it herself either, but being close to an angel has dulled her natural killer instincts. Yet, she knew that she had an edge if they ever fought. She had something greater than herself to fight for, something to live and die for.


It’s something they couldn’t understand right now, even if they wanted too. She could draw strength she never knew she had from that. The night after the large meal, she didn’t worry that much for her safety. She knew they wouldn’t have the nerve to attack without orders. Despite her weariness, she still only slept half dazedly. She quickly became alarmingly aware of how in trouble she would be in in any given moment. She felt fortunate that she was called away before the other two the next day. David wanted to be ready to leave after his skill demonstration. He felt like it was wise to return home as soon as possible.


David was in a circle of ten, when Luna got beside Lousphy. It could be easily seen that each of them were skilled and strong in their styles. David smiled as it began. The first place David put his saber was through the heart, before turning to the side to avoid a blow. He kicked the dead one’s falling weapon into a second enemies chest, as David removed the saber, he sliced through the third demon’s neck as he attacked him. David then moved his head back to avoid a lunging lance, then it went into the eye of a demon on his other side, in the middle of bringing down his axe. It went flying into the one wielding the lance after David dodged.


David quickly moved away from the obstructions, as two enemies started releasing magic arrows toward him. David had already calculated the move in advance, so he avoided them. While using his guiding ability, he tipped the metal weapons to strike the two magic casters that were still casting their strongest spells, and it was too late to save them. David killed a female knife user next, by stabbing his saber into her throat before he pulled out her knives and threw them at the two magic archers. The knives entered their throats as well.


David sneered at the groups of corpses he just made in less than a minute, before leaving the arena, as if he just wasted his time. The next demon to enter after the bodies were cleared was Xolrum and his new partner, Locerous. The same number of warriors that David faced, as well as three other dragons entered the arena for the battle. One of the three dragons was Luna’s neighbor from the day before.

“Let’s go now. The results will be obvious.” (David)

Luna looked saddened at the coming slaughtered. She rather liked the one that she was talking to, but she knew she couldn’t do anything as she turned away, wishing for a painless death for the female dragon.

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