Chapter 142: Fiery Soul Poison

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Qin Tian was excited.

The incarnation formed by a Universe realm expert could suppress the Rebirth realm, Yao Kong, so easily. Powerful beyond imagination, the rebirth force was nothing compared to the universe force.
At the same time, he was rejoicing. If the incarnation did not arrive on time, ashes were what he would have become.
Though the gamble was won, his whole body was fully covered by cold sweat.
The pressure had been just too immense.
He relaxed, but a trace of fear still lingered within his mind.
Yao Kong was in extreme agony. He laid on the ground panting like a bull. His blood essence was in a turmoil like they were colliding with one another, unable to calm down. He stared at the incarnation in the sky in despair.
Then, he glanced at Yao Qing who lost himself in the midst of doing his big and small businesses. He was complexly scared silly.
The him with two generations of elders always strutted around, extremely arrogant. With his grandpa being a revered elder, he could rampage around in Flowing Cloud sect without any problem. When had he experienced a life or death situation like this before?

“Sir city leader, please spare us. Your grace shall be engraved within the heart of Flowing Cloud sect.” Yao Kong used all his remaining strength to stand and plea.
The incarnation laughed devilishly, the dark laughter sounded as if it came from hell, very terrifying.
It swung the dark spear and roared sinisterly, “Roll, and never step into my city again, or else……”
“Or else the both of you shall enter hell and become my Evil Demon’s slave forever, haha……”
The sinister laughter filled with the universe force engraved itself in their minds as if it would revolve in their minds forever. Such a feeling was extremely uncomfortable.
Yao Kong consumed some Dans to suppressed the turmoil of his blood essence. He lifted Yao Qing up and headed out of the city.
Before he left, he gave Qin Tian one last glance with the edge of his eyes.

Meanwhile, Qin Tian exposed a smile of delight.
The smile was like the smile of the god of death. Yao Kong frowned.
Qin Tian naturally had the intention to kill. However, he did not dare to guarantee how much strength Yao Kong was left with. If it was less than half……
Qin Tian started to plan and smiled evilly.
If he let go of a fat sheep that was just in front of him, he would regret forever, or at least half of his lifetime. As Flowing Cloud sect’s second-generation young master, he would have lots of treasures. Along with Yao Kong, once he killed both of them, the item that comes out would definitely not be average even if there was only one item.
Qin Tian grew even more excited as he thought.
“Wait for it, Laozi will come meet you both again soon.”
An old and young. Yao Kong supporting Yao Qing limped out of the city. A glint could be seen in the eyes of many others.
“Not good, how can the fat sheep Laozi has his eyes on land into the hands of others?” Immediately, Qin Tian wanted to secretly follow them out.
At that moment, Meng Fanyi came in drenched with blood, Zhai Yan was on his back. With every step he took, fresh blood flowed out, it could be seen that he was seriously injured.
A peak spirit refining realm defeating four others of the same rank was far from being easy.
Qin Tian felt a pain in his heart and went to welcome them. He supported Meng Fanyi and said, “Don’t say anything and calm yourself.
He took out a few Dans and got Meng Fanyi to consume them.
After taking it, Meng Fanyi calmed himself and shuttled his eyes. His injuries started to recover and the color of his face was better.

“Brother Hei, how did this happen?” Qin Tian frowned and looked at Hei Yan that was like a dead man, his heart sank.
Hei Yan was white like wax and his body was stiff. If not for his beating heart along with the flowing of the blood essence within him, he was completely like a dead man. His eyes opened slowly and they stared at Qin Tian. The pupils kept moving and his mouth was trembling. It seemed as if he wanted to say something but no voice was coming out, extremely uncomfortable.
“How could this happen?” Qin Tian’s law of aura kept searching for the cause, yet nothing wrong could be found. “How could this happen, how could this happen?”
To him, Hei Yan was both his teacher and brother. At Kunlun mountain range, he taught him how to hunt, how to use Qigong efficiently. Thinking about those days at Kunlun mountain range, then seeing what Hei Yan became, Qin Tian felt as if something had pierced through him.
The pain was excruciating.
“He was poisoned, someone fed him the fiery soul poison. It is a terrifying poison with no cure unless the one that poisoned was killed.”
Meng Fanyi’s face was now a little rosier. His heart sank when he saw Qin Tian at his wit’s end. “The fiery soul poison within his soul and the spiritual force of the one that poisoned him are interlinked. As long as the person that poisoned him dies, the fiery soul poison will naturally dissipate.”
“I’ve seen this in an ancient scroll before, and his condition is similar to what was written within. The poisoned cannot be far away from the one that poisoned else the poison would erupt, turning the body of the poisoned stiff. Not long after, his aura would disappear and his body will break.” Meng Fanyi added.
“Fiery soul poison?” Qin Tian was taken aback. “That d*gsh*t Flowing Cloud sect is just too sinister.”
At the next instant, his aura surged out and the dust around rose.
The only person that could have poison Hei Yan was Yao Qing.
“Wait for me here, I’m going to break him apart……”
Qin Tian flashed away, turning into a streak of shadows as he rushed out.

The incarnation in the sky suddenly blocked Qin Tian. “The city leader wants to meet you.”
“I’ve got no time.” Qin Tian said. His rage had reached the peak. Even if the Heaven wants to stop him, he would still have Yao Qing killed.
The incarnation snorted. He did not care whether Qin Tian had any urgent business, the city leader’s order was everything.
Qin Tian’s eyes widened and his Qigong erupted, “Scam!”
With rage controlling his mind, he no longer cared about the consequences. Even if it was against an incarnation that wields the universe force, he would not shrink back. There was not a single regret too.
Hei Yan was his big brother.
Since he was poisoned by someone, how could he sit back and ignore?
No matter who tried to stop him, he will kill Yao Qing. Even the city leader will not be able to, what’s more, an incarnation.
The huge killing intent and surging anger made the incarnation shudder slightly. A black light flashed past his eyes.
“Good, if you do not return in one day, they will both die.”

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The incarnation compromised?!

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