Chapter 143: 2 Goods

The Evil Demon incarnation kept its spear and gave way.

Qin Tian frowned slightly, but did not bother to think much about it and continued his chase.

The further Yao Qing fled to, the more danger Hei Yan would be in.

Qin Tian did not have the luxury of time to ponder why the powerful incarnation would compromise, he was also not in the mood to find out. At this moment, there was only one thought within his mind – kill Yao Qing.

He dashed out of the city.

Meanwhile, the incarnation vanished. Evil Demon city returned to its usual bustling state.

When Qin Tian released his darkness force, it startled the incarnation. The darkness force was mixed together with other powerful auras too, making it puzzled. As it was only an incarnation formed by the Evil Demon city leader, everything it sensed would be transmitted to the real body.

The appearance of the merging of the three abilities stunned the Evil Demon city leader.

He felt curious about Qin Tian, hence deciding to save him.

Flowing Cloud sect was very powerful, far beyond Evil Demon city. It has an absolute realm expert. A small city like Evil Demon city could be destroyed with just a flick of his finger. This made the city leader hesitate and show mercy, only heavily injuring Yao Kong.

Outside of Evil Demon city, whatever happens to them were not his business anymore.

Still, if a fight were to start, he won’t be afraid.

The strength he wielded would tremble the entire Tianyuan continent……


Back to Qin Tian.

As he ran, he raised his speed closer towards his limit.

The five cores within his Dantian continued to replenish his Qigong. While that, he also swallowed every Dans he refined recently, stabilizing his aura. With his Qigong reaching 50 000, he was filled with confidence.

Even if he could not kill Yao Kong, he was sure that he could kill Yao Qing.

Outside of the city, he activated his law of aura.

Qin Tian frowned. “Sure enough, someone had already reached.”

Many that remained in Evil Demon city demons, those that kill without batting an eye. As Flowing Cloud sect second-generation young master, he definitely had many treasures. How could a walking treasure like him not attract them?

Just as Yao Kong and Yao Qing got out of the city, a few ascension realm experts tailed behind.

Yao Kong naturally knew that, but since he went out hurriedly, he did not have a 10 000 Li space escape talisman.

There was no need to mention Yao Qing. Putting no one in his eyes, thinking that the earth will move sideways for him, how could he prepare so many?

“You must know that I am Yao Mie’s grandson right?”

“Even if you want to take advantage of someone and loot a burning house, you should see who he is first. By killing me, not only you, but the entire Evil Demon city will be uprooted by my Flowing Cloud sect. I advise you to act according to your capability.” Yao Qing stared at the few black robe burly men and snorted angrily.

At this point in time, he seemed to have forgotten where he was.

He seemed to have forgotten that Yao Kong was seriously injured.

After getting out of the city, the pressure acting upon him vanished. He hung a high and mighty look on his face, like what happened before when he was scared silly had been placed at the back of his mind.

“Everyone, let us off today and we will definitely return it with gratitude. Here are 10 Peiyuan Dans, may you all kindly accept them.” Yao Kong’s face sank as he took out 10 ninth grade Dans.

The fragrance spread out. Spiritual Qi could be seen revolving around it.

The expression of those people changed and they revealed a look of greed.

“Yao Kong, why don’t we feed some dogs instead of giving them? Who are they? What qualifications do they have to get Flowing Cloud sect’s Peiyuan Dans? Wait for Laozi to flip this d*gsh*t city around when he returns!” Yao Qing gave Yao Kong a glance and stared at the few burly men coldly with disdain. He did not sense even a trace of killing intent in the surroundings.

“Shut your mouth.”

In a rage, Yao Kong almost lost himself and give Yao Qing a slap on the face. If he wasn’t his young master, Yao Kong would not have endured.

He had already repeatedly warned Yao Qing not to cause trouble within Evil Demon city. Now that they ended up like this, he still did not reflect. Thoughts of killing this useless young master revolved in his mind.

Being shouted at, Yao Qing’s face turned ashen. His eyes widened as he stared angrily at Yao Kong, “When had Flowing Cloud sect needed to fawn on people like them? Who are they anyway? Laozi warns you all, even if you want to take advantage, you must find the right person first.”

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“None of you can afford to provoke my Flowing Cloud sect……”

Yao Kong’s whole body trembled as he gritted his teeth. He was speechless.

“Young master Yao is really different, his mouth is still so hard at a dead end. Brothers, if we let him off, he will definitely attract death upon himself.” A man waved his hand and a spirit weapon appeared. Ascension force rushed into it and it radiated with a green light.


The few others sneered and revealed their weapons as they surrounded Yao Kong.

Yao Qing still did not feel any danger looming over him. “F**k, seems like you’re all tired of living. Yao Kong, kill them!”

Yao Kong felt his heart dripping blood. With the situation reaching such a point, wanting to settle peacefully is impossible, “Later, stall one of them, I’ll deal with the other three.”

“E?” Yao Qing was taken aback and his expression changed, “The four of them are just ascension realm cultivators. I’ve already used up too much Qigong, so how could I be his opponent? Yao Kong, you’re a Rebirth realm expert, so of course, you will deal with them.”

“Don’t forget, you are my Yao clan’s servant. You are to guarantee my safety, you cannot allow me to die even if you die.”

“If I were to die, I believe that you won’t be able to carry on living.”

“You……” Yao Kong forcefully suppressed his anger. Seeing Yao Qing’s attitude as if that was common sense, he can’t help but want to slap him to death.

However, not allowing him to continue, the four burly men attacked simultaneously.

The four ascension realm cultivators each went through hundreds of battle and committed many monstrous crimes. Against Yao Kong, they naturally used all they could, not daring to take the fight casually. As for Yao Qing, they did not put him in their eyes.

A kilometre away, Qin Tian revealed a sneer, “They’ve finally started.”

Hearing what Yao Qing said, he could not help but grinned, “If the head of this lad was not kicked by a donkey when young, then it is bitten by a dog. To become a person like that, really hard to find ah.”

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Serving such a second generation young master, it would be hard not to die.

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