Chapter 1: Am I Still a Virgin?

“Ah! F*ck! I got scammed! Aish! My head hurts!” Immortal Dan Fu sat up as he used both his hands to rub his temples.

“Yu’er[1], you have finally woke up. You scared your mother to death! If something were to happen to you, what should your mother do?!” He sat up from his bed and before he was able to understand what’s going on, he was hugged by a woman who was weeping.

“Yu’er? Mother? It sounded so familiar yet so strange. Before he had started cultivating, his name was Cheng Yu. Could this “Yu’er” fellow be referring to him? But his mother had already passed away for thousands of years. Could it be that he had died? Because he was scammed by that ***hole? Was he meeting his mother in hell?” When he felt the warmth and care from the weeping woman who was hugging him, Cheng Yu was finally able to feel the warmth of his mother’s embrace again. Suddenly, he had an urge to cry.

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He had long forgotten how many years it had been since he last shed tears. Ever since a thousand years ago, after his teacher had taken a fancy to him, he had bid farewell to his mother as he followed his teacher to pursue the heavenly law. After cultivating for years, time passed by in a flash. He had already cultivated for a thousand years. When he returned home, the home that his mother had stayed in was already destroyed. Beside the house, there was a small tomb. There were words written on it, “Mother passed away peacefully, Son is unfilial.” On that day, Cheng Yu kneeled down in front of the tomb and cried for a day. Since then, Cheng Yu no longer shed tears.

Today, he was able to experience the warmth of a mother’s embrace again, and Cheng Yu’s eyes reddened as they slowly turned moist. “Mother… Mother…” Cheng Yu whimpered softly.

Cheng Yu left the woman’s bosom and looked at the woman whose face was filled with tears. It was a 40-year-old woman. Perhaps she had taken great care of her skin, but she looked as if she was 30. He was puzzled, she wasn’t his mother, who was she? Why is she calling me Yu’er?

Cheng Yu looked at those who were standing around him. One of them was a graceful and sumptuous middle aged woman, and besides her was a middle-aged man who looked sturdy and dignified with a hint of an imposing manner. Other than them, there was also a 15-year-old beautiful and lovely little girl.

Their eyes were all filled with concern, and it caused Cheng Yu to be at loss. Once again, he scanned the whole room and looked at what they were wearing. This…What’s going on? Where is this place?

“Yu’er, what’s wrong? Don’t you recognize your mother? Don’t scare your mother!” When she saw her son’s face was filled with doubt and his eyes looked very unfamiliar, the happiness the woman had experienced immediately vanished as she started to cry.

Cheng Yu looked at the woman who was weeping and looked at the other three once again. He realized that he didn’t understand what was going on, but didn’t want to cause the situation to become strange, he laughed, ”Haha, I’m fine. As I just woke up, I’m feeling a bit tired. I wish to take a rest.”

“Oh! Yes, yes. Yu,er, go ahead and rest. Mummy will go and brew some tonic for you to supplement your body,” The woman supported Cheng Yu as he laid down on the bed before going out.

When he saw everyone had left the room, Cheng Yu immediately picked up the mirror beside his bed. F*ck! Even though he had lived on for thousands of years and his knowledge was unparalleled, he had no idea what was going on! The person in the mirror looked quite dashing with sharp eyebrows. But the problem was, he didn’t know this person!

Cheng Yu threw the mirror to the side. What does this mean? Reincarnation?

Immediately, Cheng Yu had another headache. Waves of information came into his brain. After the headache subsided, he had a rough idea of what was going on.

It turned out that the original host of this body was also called Cheng Yu. He was the third generation of a rich family, the child of an official, and he was a genuine modern aristocrat. His grandfather, Cheng Ruilong, had three sons and a daughter. He was the vice-president of the state council. Although he had already retired, he had disciples all around the central and other regions. Therefore, he was enjoying his retirement years, but he still held a lot of influence in the country.

His father, Cheng Zhiguo, was the oldest son. He is the Secretary of Political Law. As for his mother, Yang Sifeng, she was the Wanlong Commerce Corporation CEO. The corporation touched upon every large shopping mall, hotels, and real estate.

His second uncle, Cheng Zhiqiang, and his third uncle, Cheng Zhiming, were the ministers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education. His aunt, Cheng Meiyan, had gotten married to the mayor of Yunhai city, Zhao Minglong. She own a real estate company and was the chairwoman.

As for Cheng Yu, he was the only son in the Cheng family. His uncles and aunties only had a daughter, so Cheng Yu was the apple of the eye in his family. Being born in this kind of family, it can be said that Cheng Yu always got what he wanted, no matter how unreasonable the request was.

It was also because of such pampering that had caused Cheng Yu to become extremely ignorant and arrogant. He had caused harm to numerous females in the capital and also provoked an endless amount of people.

In his second year of high school, he had ravaged the daughter of one of the department chiefs and had gotten her pregnant. Because they had no power, even though they had been taken advantage of, they could not do anything to him. In order to suppress their fury and also to help him get rid of all those bad habits, they moved him out to his aunt’s house in Yunhai city.

As to why Cheng Yu had met a mishap this time, it was all because of his female cousin, Zhao Yunfang. It was because the deputy mayor’s son, Xu Dongyuan, was teasing her and Cheng Yu wanted to help his cousin get out of the situation. Although he may be bad and perverted towards others, the way he treated his cousin and junior sisters was extremely good. His mindset was that he was able to bully others, but others cannot bully his people.

As a result, when he rushed up, after a few punches, he was beaten to a pig by Xu Yuandong. Since he was young, Cheng Yu had been fawned upon by others and those in the capital also knew of Cheng Yu’s background and didn’t dare to mess with him. But his family, in order to prevent him from being arrogant, had forbidden him to reveal his identity in Yunhai. Now, since they weren’t aware of his identity, he got beat up miserably. Since he had never suffered such a humiliation before, Cheng Yu got furious as he picked up a brick and threw it at Xu Dongyuan.

When Cheng Yu’s mother heard that Cheng Yu was hurt by someone, she rushed over on the earliest flight to look at her son.

This kid’s life is really not that bad, just that he’s a short-lived ghost. Although he didn’t understand why his soul would attach itself to this body, since it had already become a reality, he decided not to care about it. In any case, he had also gotten sick of his life in the Immortal World, so he might as well enjoy his life in his new body.

F*ck! He had been a virgin for thousands of years and this kid was only 18 years old, and he had already had sex with numerous females. What puzzled him the most was if he was still a virgin now? Aish! Even if he was an immortal who had once shaken the whole world, he had no idea how to answer this question.

However, this kid’s body was truly weak. There was a lack of blood, Qi and a vitality deficit. God…Such a young age and he had already become like this. Even if he wasn’t beaten to death by others, after a few years, he would definitely die on top of a woman’s belly. Who asked you to harm so many females? He deserved it!

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It seemed like he would need to refine a few pills to supplement his body. Just his bones alone would not be able to bear any torment. Besides, this body had already become his now.

He laid on the bed as he organized his memories. Cheng Yu felt that this world was actually quite entertaining. Furthermore, this fella, his family’s condition was so good that it had more freedom and cheerfulness compared to his life as an immortal!

It seemed like he was still a student currently. Furthermore, he sat beside the campus princess. It’s just that he had never once taken care of his image and within six months, it will be national exams. This should be the imperial exam he had last time. Interesting. It seemed that the moment he came here, he would become a top scorer. Before he had become an immortal, he had travelled around the secular world. He had witnessed the scene a top scorer, and it was so arrogant!

The next day, Cheng Yu didn’t listen to his mother’s words to stay at home to rest, but instead followed his cousin to attend school. Nonsense, this world is so beautiful, there were so many beautiful women waiting for me to rescue them, why should I stay home?! How could he let down those beautiful women who were still waiting for him to rescue them while they were in dire straits? Wouldn’t it be a waste of effort for me to come here if I were not to do that?! How can I let down the short-lived ghost who gave me his body so generously?

He sat inside his cousin’s car. For the first time, he felt the greatness of the mortals in this secular world. Although they had a short life expectancy and a weak body without any powerful strength, their wisdom is something that should be admired. With just this lump of iron, they could transport people around in such a fast manner and it was also very comfortable.

If there was a chance, he would definitely buy one. In his memories, the house in the capital had a few vehicles. But at Yunhai, he didn’t even have one. After he had moved here, his allowance had been restricted by his family. Although his mother loved him, because of the might of his grandfather, she didn’t dare to disobey his orders.

“Cousin, thank you for the other day. It’s just that I caused you to be beaten up by them. How about I treat you to lunch?” Zhao Yunfang said to Cheng Yu while driving. Originally, Zhao Yunfang didn’t like her cousin because she knew how her cousin’s personality was. He was a degenerate scum, harming girls everywhere he went and the way he looked at others is always so arrogant. However, after this incident, Zhao Yunfang’s attitude towards him changed. Though it wasn’t completely thinking highly of him. At least when she was bullied, he would still stand up for her. This showed that he still had a kind heart.

“Don’t mention it! Getting beaten up to protect cousin, what does this count as? However, cousin, I need to emphasize something with you. That day, I wasn’t in my normal state and wasn’t standing properly, that’s why I was sneak attacked by them. If I were to see them today, I would definitely beat him up so badly that his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him,” Cheng Yu said seriously as if he was really not in form that day.

“Haha! Cousin, stop boasting. Just you? You think I don’t know you?” Zhao Yunfang asked Cheng Yu as if she wasn’t thinking highly upon him.

“What? You think you really know everything about me?”

“Of course! In the future, when you meet that scoundrel, don’t act recklessly. He’s an evil tyrant, just because he knows a few street gangsters, he thinks that he is pretty amazing. If it wasn’t because of his deputy mayor dad, he would have been beaten to death by someone else. Besides, if you were to get hurt again, Auntie would definitely get worried again.

“It seems like you aren’t very optimistic about your cousin’s performance! Aish! Forget it! All of you think that after you have seen my pompous side, you all think that you understand me. Actually, it was an act that was meant to hide my strength,” Cheng Yu shook his head as he said alluringly.

“Haha! So cousin still has strength? I really can’t tell! I think you should set aside your strength and let it be discovered by your future wife!”

[1] – TL Note – ‘er is the way how Chinese families would call people close to them, like a son.

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