Chapter 2: It Never Existed Before

The car slowly arrived on the Yunhai High School premises. This was Yunhai’s aristocratic school. Everyone in this school was either wealthy and respectable or those who had outstanding grades. As for those who got in for outstanding grades, they would have various kinds of waivers. This was a lot cheaper compared to going to regular high schools, especially for those poor, yet outstanding students.

Cheng Yu looked at the beautiful scenery of the school. Everywhere he looked he only saw young and lovely girls. Cheng Yu closed his eyes as he took in a deep breath. Ah! Being young is so great! It’s truly great to be alive!

Cheng Yu followed his memories and walked to his classroom. He was filled with anticipation.

But what was strange was that while on his way to his classroom, all those girls who saw him would try their best to avoid him. At first, when Cheng Yu saw a few of those pretty girls, he wanted to strike up a conversation with them, but before he even had the chance to talk, they already ran off. He thought about it and realized what was going on. It turned out that the previous owner of the body was a famous tyrant. Whenever people saw him, they would be afraid of him. They were scared that they would be harmed by him. How could they not try their best to avoid him?!

What the f*ck?! His mood turned sour as he walked into the classroom in dull spirits. The moment he entered the classroom, everyone raised their head. When they saw him, they acted as if they just saw a ghost, and they immediately made way for him. Your sister! To become such a scumbag, I might as well die! Looks like you definitely thought it through before I took over your body![1]

When he found his seat, he saw the campus’s princess was sitting beside him, but she wasn’t even bothered to look at him. Cheng Yu sat down in his seat. He took a quick glance across the pile of books on her table and realized that there wasn’t any books on his table. He opened up the table cover to take a look, and realized that it was empty as well! Cheng Yu was angered. He stood up and shouted, ”Where are my books?!”

The campus’s princess looked at Cheng Yu questioningly and said tranquilly, ”You never brought books to class before.”

Cheng Yu’s face turned red as he felt embarrassed. He felt cold sweat go down his back. He was angered to the point of almost going back to the Immortal World. F*ck your sister! Since when had studying become like this? He didn’t even need to bring his book? Why don’t I remember any of this? Could it be that the old owner of the body hated studying to the point of forgetting about something as simple as books? Cheng Yu sat down powerlessly. He had lost, and it was a complete defeat. Cheng Yu finally understood that this idiot had never been interested in such thing.

When the campus’s princess, Lin Yuhai, looked at Cheng Yu, she had no idea what was going on with him. She felt extremely puzzled as she felt that he seemed to have changed. Hence, from her pile of books, she took out one and handed it to Cheng Yu, ”Here! I will lend it to you to take a look at it.”

When Cheng Yu saw Lin Yuhan pass him a book, he was startled. From his memories, Lin Yuhan had always ignored him. Cheng Yu took the book and said indifferently, ”Thank you!” Cheng Yu knew that now wasn’t the time to be too enthusiastic. He didn’t want to give her an impression that he was someone that liked to flirt with girls. He would rather wait until she had a change of opinion, then he would make his move. “In order to capture one, they had to loosen their grip first. Retreating is also a form of attack.”

This was a history book. Cheng Yu opened the book and was able to smell a faint fragrance coming from it. It seemed like she always browsed through the book. She was indeed a good student.

Cheng Yu browsed through the book very quickly. Everything he saw, he would be able to memorize. This was one of a cultivator’s abilities. Although he was not an immortal currently, some of his abilities still remained. It was just that this body was too weak currently. After he refined some pills to nurse his body back to an optimal condition and also used pills to remove all the blockages in his meridians, then he will be able to cultivate again. This was the advantage of being a pill master. Being a pill master in the Immortal World led to continuous conflicts between immortals as they were very sought after.

When she saw Cheng Yu was just flipping through the pages, Lin Yuhan knew that her sixth sense was wrong. “Fine! I was wrong! Previously, what I saw was a misperception. He’s still the same hopeless scumbag.”

10 minutes later, Cheng Yu finished looking through the history book. He handed the book back to Lin Yuhan, ”Can you lend me some more books?”

She looked at the book in Cheng Yu’s hands. She gave him a politics book. Another 10 minutes later, Cheng Yu passed back the book to Lin Yuhan. “Need some more?” Lin Yuhan asked.

Cheng Yu nodded. After that, Lin Yuhan passed him an English book. Cheng Yu opened it and closed it immediately before returning it to Lin Yuhan.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Yuhan asked when she saw Cheng Yu had only taken a quick look at the book before returning it.

“I don’t understand it. Lend me something else.”

“Are you saying that you understood the two books before this one?”

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Cheng Yu nodded his head.

“You have memorized it completely?”

“Cheng Yu nodded his head again.

“Really?” Lin Yuhan didn’t believe him.


“Then I shall test you on history.” Lin Yuhan didn’t trust Cheng Yu so she asked him a question.

Cheng Yu answered correctly by saying the page number the answer could be found on.

Without delay, Lin Yuhan took out her book and opened it to the page number Cheng Yu had answered with. It was actually true! Subsequently, Lin Yuhan asked him a few more questions. She also included questions that were related to politics. As long as the answer could be found in the book, Cheng Yu would be able to answer them correctly and specifically mention the page number the answer could be found on.

Lin Yuhan stared at Cheng Yu cautiously before saying, ”Did you memorize all these books a long time ago?”

“Do I have the need to lie to you? Are you trying to say that I am trying to approach you using such methods?”

When she saw Cheng Yu reply to her so bluntly, she blushed from embarrassment. She bit her lips as she said, ”Maybe? Otherwise, how is it possible for you to memorize all of these books so quickly? You think you have photographic memory? Even if you had a photographic memory, it is impossible for you to memorize all of these books so quickly!”

“Hehe! Girl, your self-esteem is quite high! Do you really think that I would painstakingly memorize all these books just to act in front of you? Then if you were not to question me, wouldn’t it be a waste of effort? How about you tell me? How long do you think I will need to memorize everything in these books? If I were to spend so much time on memorizing books, where would I have the time to chase girls!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hmph! Who knows what are you thinking about in your heart?” Lin Yuhan angrily swung her head to the side as she ignored him and continued to read her book.

When he saw Lin Yuhan’s furious look, Cheng Yu was quite excited. “I’m just afraid that you would talk! The moment you open your mouth, I will definitely have a way to handle you. However, this little girl is quite interesting.” Cheng Yu didn’t continue bickering with her as he supported his head on the desk as he looked at Lin Yuhan’s face quietly. So tender and white, how I wish I could go forward and have a bite!

They remained motionless. One of them was reading her book, and the other was looking at the person reading. “You stood on top of the bridge to look at scenery and the person looking at the scenery was looking at you.”[2] This should be the feeling I have right now!

Perhaps, Lin Yuhan had also thought of this poem, which caused her face to turn red. Her face was filled with anger, ”What are you looking at?!”

“You!” Cheng Yu had always been simple and straightforward.

“Hmph!” Lin Yuhan turned her head angrily and continued reading her book.

Cheng Yu wasn’t bothered by her action as he continued to use his hand to support his head and looked at her silently. When he saw that her face had turned extremely red because of anger, Cheng Yu asked serenely, ”Are you very angry?”



“Because I hate you.”

“I didn’t provoke or annoy you. Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t like the way you are looking at me.”

“Since it’s like that, lend me some more books. That way I would no longer look at you.”

Without delay, Lin Yuhan passed him a few more of her books. Cheng Yu, this fellow, had actually started reading them seriously. When she saw Cheng Yu was no longer looking at her, Lin Yuhan continued to read her book. Just as she was about to continue reading, Cheng Yu’s voice grated against her ears again.

“Are you jealous of my memorizing ability?”

“Who’s jealous of you?”

“If you are really jealous, I can help you have photographic memory too,” Cheng Yu said enticingly.

“Hmph! I don’t need it,” Even if Lin Yuhan wanted the method of gaining a photographic memory, she couldn’t pull her self-esteem down to ask. She was the top scorer in the class, how could she lower her head to ask for advice from this scoundrel? Cheng Yu didn’t know that his impression was so bad. However, even if Cheng Yu knew, he wouldn’t be bothered because he knew that the campus’s princess doesn’t have a good impression of him. Anyway, he believed that after a few more conversations, she would slowly change her opinion about him.

When he looked at Lin Yuhan’s expression, Cheng Yu no longer spoke to her. As the day was already ending, he focused and started to browse through the books. For graduating students, the classroom was either used for self-study sessions or for exams. There were very few periods where teachers would teach class directly.

Within just the morning, Cheng Yu had memorized more than half of the books. He planned to the rest for tomorrow. As for the afternoon classes, Cheng Yu didn’t plan to attend them. After the morning classes were over, his cousin, Zhao Yunfang, ran over to his class and asked him out to have lunch together.

They walked out of the campus and reached a restaurant selling Hunan cuisine. Cheng Yu asked Zhao Yunfang after they sat down, ”Cousin, are you attending the afternoon classes?”

“Of course! Why?”

“I am not going. Can you lend me your car?” Regarding cars, Cheng Yu was pretty interested in them. After all, he was no longer able to fly right now. Even if he was able to fly, he wouldn’t dare to expose his flying skills in such a big city. Therefore, it was more realistic to have a car.

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“No way!” Zhao Yunfang rejected him straightaway.


“This car is my favorite baby! Only I can drive it. Besides, you are definitely using my car to chase after girls. I will not let you use my car and drive those cheap women around or, in the future, I will not want to use it anymore. Most importantly, there is still a few more months before your national exam, why are you still skipping classes? When we go home tonight, I will tell Auntie about it!” Zhao Yunfang quickly said everything. It was evident that there was sufficient reason as to why she should not be lending her car to Cheng Yu. Lastly, she still wanted to rant about it to her mom.

“I’m not going to flirt with girls. I already memorized some of the books. Furthermore, my body isn’t feeling well right now. In order not to affect my state of mind for my national exam, I am intending to go and buy some medicine to nourish my body. I want to be able to have ample prep for my upcoming national exam and get adjusted to the perfect state of mind, becoming the top scorer in the country in one go,” Cheng Yu said sternly.

[1] – TL Note – “Your sister!” is a way a cursing in Chinese.
[2] – Ed Note – This is based on an old Chinese poem.

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