Chapter 3: Prescription!

“Keke! Cousin, I never realized that you were actually able to brag so well. Although you phrased it very well and it makes sense, I still wouldn’t lend you my car. If you really wish to get some medicine, there are a lot of medicine shops around here, why do you even need to use the car for?” Zhao Yunfang looked at her cousin who acted very serious and laughed.

“What I want to buy are those precious medical herbs, so I need to find the biggest medical herb shop that has already established a solid reputation,” Cheng Yu wasn’t really concerned about whether Zhao Yunfang would lend him her car, but he still wished to strive for it.

“Che! Cousin, I am not looking down on you, but buying medical herbs needs skills and ability as it is a very profitable business. If you were to go to any of those medical herb shops to buy herbs, you will definitely get ripped off,” Zhao Yunfang warned Cheng Yu out of kindness.

Cheng Yu knew that he shouldn’t bicker over such topics with her, so he said, ”Since it’s like this, I shall not buy it. I shall get some Chinese medicine then. Can you tell me where the biggest chinese medicine store is located?”

“Are you sure you want to go?” Zhao Yunfang asked for a confirmation. Cheng Yu nodded.

“It’s at east street. The shop’s name is ‘Huangshi Chinese Medicine Store.’ I will not lend you my car. You should take a taxi there. It will take you around 10 minutes to reach there. However, let me remind you, don’t buy the herbs or else you will definitely get scammed. Although our family isn’t lacking money, we still shouldn’t get cheated,” Zhao Yunfang reminded Cheng Yu again.

“I will remember. I am just going to take a look.”

“If that’s the case, why don’t you go to class?”

Cheng Yu didn’t reply and continued to eat his lunch. After lunch, he called a taxi and headed to east street.

East street was located in the southern side of Yunhai city. It was the biggest street filled with Chinese culture and businesses. This place was filled with antique calligraphy, Chinese doctors, Chinese business, zithers, ancient costumes, ancient shows and more. People who were loitering on the street were usually people who are rich and held a high position in society or some investors who were looking for an opportunity.

Cheng Yu arrived at east street. He walked around the street and felt that this place was quite good. When he saw the antique buildings that looked very interesting and appealing, Cheng Yu felt as if he had returned back to his previous secular world.

When he saw the signboard for the Huangshi Chinese Medicine Store, Cheng Yu walked towards the entrance. At this moment, a limousine parked on the side of the road. From the short-lived ghost’s memory, he knew that this car was a Bentley. It was a famous continental car. Just as Cheng Yu was admiring the car, a seductive and charming lady got out from the car. She looked around 25 years old. She wore black formal attire. It revealed her ‘S’ bodyline, making her very appealing to the eye.

This was a genuine pretty lady! Mature and seductive. This was something those young ladies like Lin Yuhan or Zhao Yunfang could not compare to. F*ck, this woman was too seductive. I like it!

The lady walked past Cheng Yu and went into the Huangshi Chinese Medicine Store. From start to the end, she never even looked at Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu sniffed the fragrance left behind by the lady. He was enchanted by her fragrance. The car driver following behind the lady acting as her bodyguard, and he glared at Cheng Yu for a moment before going into the shop as well. Cheng Yu wasn’t bothered by him as he swaggered into the medicine shop.

The moment he entered the shop, he heard the lady’s sweet loving voice. It sounded practically like spring wind, so refreshing. “Grandpa Huang, this was a prescription given by an old doctor to my grandfather. Help me take a look at it. If there isn’t any issue, please help me gather them,” The lady passed a prescription over to the old man surnamed Huang.

The old man took a look at the prescription and said, ”This is a very good prescription. Niece Yang, can you tell me which famous doctor prescribed this?”

“It was the dean from the Capital’s Chinese Medicine University, Jiang Shaowei,” The lady replied honestly.

“Oh? No wonder. Did you invite Old Jiang to take a look at Old Yang’s sickness?” Old Huang asked to the lady. He was surprised that the dean would take a look at her grandpa’s sickness.

“Old Jiang had come to Yunhai to settle some matters. One of my friends introduced him to me. So, I invited him over to my house to take a look at Grandpa’s illness.”

“So it’s like that. This was a fortunate occasion! Let’s hope this prescription will help Old Yang recover,” Old Huang said happily.

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“This should help him last a little longer until he dies!” At this moment, an unnatural voice was transmitted to everyone. It was also at that moment when they realized that there was someone standing beside Old Huang and was looking at the prescription as well.

The pretty lady looked at Cheng Yu angrily. As for the bodyguard behind her, he tightened his fist. If it wasn’t because he was a student, he would definitely beat him up.

At this moment, Old Huang looked at Cheng Yu curiously. Although he was just standing beside him, he emitted a vibe that made him seem like he was very mature and mysterious. He totally didn’t have any hint of immaturity or fear that should be emitted out by a kid.

“Is Little Brother here able to understand this prescription?”

“Haha, I was just looking at it casually and was just talking nonsense. Don’t mind me,” Cheng Yu didn’t have a sense of shame as he said casually. He casted a glance at the beautiful lady, and she had gotten even more furious right now.

“It’s ok. Since Little Brother has his own view on this prescription, why not tell me the issue with the prescription in case there really is an issue with the prescription? Otherwise, wouldn’t it cause harm to others?” Old Huang asked sincerely.

When Cheng Yu saw the old man was so humble, Cheng Yu took the prescription from the old man’s hands and took a look, ”If I’m not wrong, the patient should be experiencing chest pain, arrhythmia, heart failure, random fevers, nausea, vomiting and more. Most importantly, the patient’s condition right now isn’t very optimistic. Am I right?” Cheng Yu looked at the lady and asked.

When they heard Cheng Yu’s words, everyone’s complexion changed. Just by looking at the prescription, he was able to tell the symptoms of the patient and his current condition. If they didn’t witness it with their own eyes, they would definitely not believe it. The lady’s anger immediately dissipated. She looked at Cheng Yu anxiously and said, ”Yes, yes, yes. Does this prescription really have problems?”

“The prescription doesn’t have any problems,” Cheng Yu said slowly. He looked at everyone’s fluctuating expressions and continued, ”However, it isn’t suitable for the patient in his current condition. Currently, the patient has already entered a very frail state. However, the ginseng prescribed here is too much. Change the nine grams to three grams. A person who had poor health wouldn’t be able to handle such a strong tonic. Normally, if a healthy person were to consume the tonic, it would definitely nourish their body. But if it were to be given to your grandpa, it will be too strong for him. Most importantly, this prescription was meant to extend the lifespan of a dying person. If you were to not change the ratio of the prescription, he would die within a month. If it is changed, he will survive for at least another six months. That is why I say this should help him last a bit longer,” Cheng Yu didn’t conceal anything as he lectured.

No one was annoyed by the word Cheng Yu spoke. They believe that this young man had been concealing his ability and wasn’t speaking without thinking. The lady’s complexion turned ghastly pale. Her face was covered with a pleading look as she said to Cheng Yu, ”Little Brother, do you have any way that can control my grandpa’s illness?”

“Beautiful lady, please mind the way you phrase your sentence. For my skills, there is no such thing as controlling the illness. As long as he is still breathing, I will be able to treat him back to a healthy and active person. What you just said was an insult to my medical skills!” Cheng Yu said acting angrily. This time, it was Cheng Yu’s turn to get angry. As a pill master and a genuine Immortal Saint, he was even able to save a dying immortal. Mortals were even easier for him to save. Although Cheng Yu always seemed very sloppy, he wouldn’t allow anyone to slander him with regards to saving people using pills.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Mister, it was me being too anxious and speaking the wrong things. Please forgive me mister!” When she saw Cheng Yu had gotten furious, the lady became extremely worried as she apologized to him immediately. Even the prior “Little Brother” greeting had also changed to “mister.” From the moment Cheng Yu had displayed his mysterious abilities and gave the domineering speech, the lady no longer dared to look down on him. If he really had such abilities, wouldn’t her grandpa be able to fully recover? What does an apology count for in that case?

Old Huang, who was standing at the side, was also shocked by Cheng Yu’s words. He didn’t know if this little kid really had such an ability. However, he still looked forward to witnessing it.

“Then could mister have a look at my grandpa’s illness?” The lady said respectfully.

When he saw the woman who had disdained him originally was showing him respect, Cheng Yu was very happy. “Hmph! You actually dared to look down on me. In front of me, even if you are a tiger, you will have to lie down. If you are a dragon, then you will have to coil around my body!”

“No!” Cheng Yu rejected decisively. You wonder why? It’s just like a man and a woman. If a man was able obtain a woman he loved easily, then he would definitely not cherish her. If he were to cure her dad so easily, how was he going to obtain her! Cheng Yu laughed pervertedly in his heart.

“Why? Mister, I can pay you a large sum of money!” She replied anxiously when she saw Cheng Yu had rejected her.

“Oh? How much money are you willing to pay me?” Cheng Yu asked her curiously. This woman was very beautiful even when she was anxious. Her skin also looked so smooth. In the future, he would refine a few beauty pills and gift it to her. She would definitely become prettier. The lady didn’t reply, but just extended a finger as she looked at Cheng Yu

“100 million? En. Indeed, it’s quite a lot.”

He didn’t know the actual worth of a 100 million in this world, but this really brought back memories from his Immortal World. Last time, he would have hundreds of pills and one of them would cost a few hundred thousand.

The lady’s face reddened. She only intended to give him 10 million, but he took it as 100 million! After she thought for a moment, she realized that since he was able to treat her grandfather, what did 100 million mean if her grandpa could have a full recovery? Hence, she clenched her teeth, ”Alright! 100 million!”

“Slow down, I never said I wanted 100 million.”

“You…could it be that you think that 100 million is still too little? One must know how to be content and not be too greedy!” The lady said angrily.

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“Are you saying that you don’t need my treatment anymore?” Cheng Yu said without any concern.

“How much do you want?!” The lady endured her anger as she asked.

“Firstly, it’s not how much I want. You seem to have misunderstood the situation. It’s you who is begging me to treat an illness, not the other way round. If you really wish to save your grandfather, even if I were to say one billion, you will also fork it out! Unless you feel that your grandfather isn’t worth that much money.”

“My grandpa’s life isn’t something that can be measured with money,” The lady replied angrily.

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