Chapter 4: Immortal Or Devil

“It seems like you are still a filial granddaughter. However, don’t think that everyone is like you, loving money. Money is just paper to me. You think that with my ability, I won’t be able to earn the amount I want? But whatever I am able to bring out isn’t anything that can be bought by money. For example,” Cheng Yu stretched out his left hand and faced the teacup on the table. The teacup automatically flew into his hands. Cheng Yu lifted the tea lid and drank a mouthful, ”Ah! So fragrant!” After that, he waved the teacup in his hand. The teacup flew back to its original position as if it didn’t move from its original spot at all.

However, everyone at the scene was stupefied. What was this? Controlling an object in the air? Immortal law? This young man was too mysterious! Was he an immortal or a devil?

A moment ago, Cheng Yu used his spiritual force to bring the teacup to him. As Cheng Yu was formerly an immortal, even though he no longer had his corporeal body and was attached to the mortal body, but the soul was still his immortal soul. His spiritual force was still there, but because this body was too frail and it had blocked meridians, he was unable to cultivate his spiritual force and wasn’t able to use even more spiritual force than he had in his body. Besides, Cheng Yu wasn’t left with much spiritual force. This was also why Cheng Yu wanted to quickly refine some pills to nourish his body. He wanted to refine a Foundation Establishment Pill to remove the blockages in his meridians and start cultivating again.

At first, the lady was shocked at Cheng Yu’s mysterious technique. However after Cheng Yu drank a mouthful of tea from the teacup, she blushed. This scoundrel actually drank the tea from her cup!

“How was it? Did you think it was a magic trick a moment ago?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“What condition do I need to promise mister so that you will go and treat my grandfather?” The lady spoke embarrassingly.

“For me to treat your grandfather’s illness…” Cheng Yu said slowly. ”I won’t take a penny!”

“What does mister want then?” The lady asked anxiously.

Cheng Yu didn’t speak a word and just looked at the lady. The lady’s face grew redder over time, and that led to an extremely charming face, ”I want your…” Everyone’s expression changed as he paused. ”Kiss.” Immediately, all of them felt relieved.

However, the lady’s complexion didn’t get any better. Although it was just a kiss, how could she just gave it to anyone who wants it? In any case, she was still a woman with dignity.

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“Of course, this is something for you to decide. In any case, the prescription you have right now will allow your grandfather to live for another six months. You still have six months to consider,” Cheng Yu said uncaringly.

“No. I will promise as long as you can cure my grandfather, I will kiss you. But I will only honor my promise after my grandfather has fully recovered,” The lady resolutely replied.

“Alright! It’s a deal!”

“Can you follow me back to take a look at my grandfather now?” The lady finally understood something. This man in front of her was a pervert and a hoodlum. She no longer addressed him as mister and no longer gave the courtesy of respect. She believed that this pervert would definitely cure her grandfather’s illness just for her kiss.

However, Cheng Yu didn’t care about her change in attitude as he was just here for the amusement it brought him. This lady changed her attitude so quickly!

“I’m not going.”

“Why? You promised to cure my grandfather!” When she heard Cheng Yu wasn’t going to her house, the lady suddenly felt very anxious.

“Why are you so flustered? Can you let me finish speaking first? Firstly, whether I were to see the patient or not, I will still be giving him this medicine. Secondly, I don’t have any medical herbs or refinement tools right now,” Cheng Yu felt very discontent with the lady’s anxiousness.

“How are you going to treat my grandfather like that! Although you knew about my grandfather’s illness, you should at least make a trip down and confirm it! Just a moment ago, you said that the prescription I had on hand was an overdose. You didn’t even take a look and you said you will be able to cure my grandfather with this medicine. Wouldn’t my grandfather’s death be caused by you this way! How can you be so irresponsible!” When she heard Cheng Yu’s shameless words, the woman refuted angrily.

“Miss, do you still want me to treat your grandfather?”

“Of course I want you to, but you have to follow me back now to take a look at my grandfather. Once you provide me a prescription, I will get someone else to decoct the medical herbs.”

“Let me tell you this. I will not go and see that patient. More importantly, even if I were to give you the prescription, you will also not be able to make it. Lastly, let me remind you again, don’t compare me to those quacks. What they cure are illnesses, but what I save are lives! My medicine, as long as you aren’t dead, you can be saved!” This was the arrogance of an immortal doctor.

When they heard the arrogance in Cheng Yu’s words, everyone was shaken. This was challenging all of modern medical science. At this moment, everyone was convinced by what he said and felt confident that he would be able to cure the her grandfather’s illness.

“If you really want to cure your grandfather sooner, then you will need to help me prepare things that I need!”

“Sure. What do you need? I will get it ready for you.”

“Firstly, you will have to help me to find a house. The environment needs to be very quiet. I don’t want people to disturb me. As for the others, I will tell you about it after you have found the house,” At first, Cheng Yu wanted to buy medical herbs to concoct pills. However, since he had a servant to help him right now, it would save him a lot of trouble. This was something that he had always hoped for.

“The house issue can be solved now. I can bring you to take a look at the house.”

“Alright. Let’s go!” Cheng Yu spoke and left the store.

“Grandpa Huang, sorry to have bothered you. I will make a move first,” The lady bid Old Huang goodbye.

“Alright. Niece, this Little Brother is someone extraordinary. It will be good for you if you get acquainted with him. When you have time, come over to my house, my daughter said she misses you.”

“Sure. When I am free, I will make a trip down.”

Cheng Yu sat together with the lady in the back of the Bentley. Cheng Yu closed his eyes and leaned back comfortably.

“Can you really cure my grandfather?” The lady asked Cheng Yu.

“What’s your name?” Cheng Yu didn’t reply, but instead asked what he had been curious about. He had been holding back this question for so long! Actually, if it was in the past, in this type of situation, Cheng Yu would never be bothered. Unfortunately, Cheng Yu met this beautiful lady. If such a beautiful lady were to be attached to someone else it would really be a waste! Only he was fit to be together with her. Therefore, even if there wasn’t a chance to be together, he would still create an opportunity for it.

“Yang Ruoxue,” The lady said indifferently. She was startled for a moment when she saw Cheng Yu didn’t reply to her question.

“Ruoxue. En. Not only is it a pleasant name, but you also look pretty. Sure enough, you are indeed as white as a snow[1],” Cheng Yu laughed pervertedly. “I am called Cheng Yu, doesn’t it go well with your name?”

“You haven’t reply to my question yet,” Yang Ruoxue asked tranquilly.

“Even if I couldn’t help your grandfather fully recover, what can you do?”

When she heard these words, Yang Ruoxue’s complexion turned ashen. “Were you lying to me just now?”

“Getting angry? Don’t be angry. Your complexion looks so bad right now. It no longer looks like snow anymore.

“Can you really cure my grandfather?” Yang Ruoxue asked loudly.

“Alright, I shall stop joking with you. As long as I say I can, he will definitely be saved. Why would I lie to you? I didn’t even ask you for money or to be famous. I just want your kiss. Even if I wasn’t able to help your grandfather recover fully, you also don’t suffer any losses. At most, you don’t give me a kiss. That’s all.”

“Isn’t this because of you angering me!” Yang Ruoxue exclaimed unhappily.

“Haha! You still look better this way. However, returning back to our main topic, if I am really able to cure your grandfather, will you really kiss me?”

“Didn’t I promise you earlier?” Yang Ruoxue stated embarrassingly.

“However, judging from the way you do things, I think that when your grandfather fully recovers, you will definitely not honor your promise.”

“What do you want then?”

“Why not you give me a kiss first. Or maybe let me kiss you first,” Cheng Yu licked his lips as he got closer to Yang Ruoxue.

Yang Ruoxue quickly moved away from Cheng Yu, ”Hmph! Don’t even think about it. Wait until you cure my grandfather, then we will talk about it. I will definitely honor my promise.”

“Aish, If I knew you were like this, I will definitely would have taken the money. How can your kiss be worth 100 million?”

“Hmph! You think that you will be able to buy my kiss for 100 million? Do you think that getting my kiss is so easily? You should be content! At least you have gotten a promise for my kiss. As long as you cure my grandfather, you will be able to get a kiss from me,” Yang Ruoxue said proudly. However, what Yang Ruoxue said wasn’t false. She was the chairman of the Wanmei Group. In Yunhai City, she was the famous goddess of business. She was the dream sweetheart of countless men. Which man didn’t wish to get close to her?

“What do you work as, since you are so rich?” Cheng Yu asked curiously.

“I sell cosmetic products.”

“Cosmetic products? No wonder your skin is so fair and delicate. Seems like your company’s beauty products aren’t that bad.”

“Of course. Our Wanmei Group is the largest cosmetics company in Yunhai. Our products can be found in all the big shopping malls, and we are preparing to start selling overseas,” When she talked about her company, she was extremely proud. This was not only her accomplishment, but also all Wanmei Group employees’ glory.

“Since it’s like that, how about a partnership?” Cheng Yu asked. Although he doesn’t care about money, who wouldn’t like money if they were to have more? Besides, this world was all about money. Without money, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. Even for his cultivation, he would need a large amount of money to be able to afford all the medical herbs he needed. Furthermore, he already formed a grand plan in his heart. One of the segments of the plan needed a large amount of money to be able to be carried out. Hence, when Cheng Yu heard that Yang Ruoxue’s business was about cosmetics, he immediately thought of partnering with her.

“Partnership? What kind of partnership?” Yang Ruoxue asked curiously. Up to this point, she never understood anything about Cheng Yu. Although he had performed some tricks here and there, she had no idea how many other mysterious secrets he had.

“I have a beauty formula. It can help you to turn your company into the biggest cosmetics supplier in the nation. Perhaps, even the world.”

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“Che, it’s just a beauty formula. Currently, there’s lot of companies that have great formulas and technologies. Could your formula make people look young forever?” Yang Ruoxue asked sarcastically. Her company was top class in Yunhai city, but compared to the world, her company was nothing. A lot of other products and technology were more advanced than her’s by a lot. Furthermore, there were even better tech overseas. Just a formula wouldn’t be able to change anything. What was more important was the technology.

[1] – Ed Note – “Xue” means snow in Chinese.

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