Chapter 5: Partnership

“That’s right. My beauty formula can make you eternally youthful. However, I will not give you that formula as it will bring chaos to the world. At most, I will give you some products that will slow down the deterioration of skin. If it were to be too strong, it will only bring you a disaster,” Cheng Yu said unwaveringly.

“What?!” Yang Ruoxue roared in excitement. “Do you really have such formula?” If there was really such prescription, all her competitors would definitely be defeated.

“It’s up to you to believe it or not. Besides, my pills are not poisonous. They don’t have any side effects after taking it for an extended period of time. Let me know once you have decided if you want to partner up,” Cheng Yu leaned back into the seat and said unconcerned about everything around him. Every woman in this generation paid attention to their complexions. Even in the cultivation world, it was the same. That was why, in the cultivation world, even those old grannies who had lived for thousands of years were still very young and pretty, like a young lady.

“There isn’t any need for consideration. If you really have such formula, why is there a need for consideration!” Yang Ruoxue excitedly spoke.

“Haha! At this moment, you really look like a beautiful lady. In the future, you should laugh more and not keep showing such a stiff face. Otherwise, even if I have an immortal formula, it won’t be able to save you,” When he saw Yang Ruoxue getting excited, Cheng Yu was also very happy as being together with a pretty lady was always a happy event.

“Let’s talk about the distribution of profits then, you get 40%, I take 60%, deal?” After her excitement, Yang Ruoxue immediately discussed about how they should distribute profits to ensure she got the best deal out from Cheng Yu.

When Cheng Yu heard what Yang Ruoxue said, Cheng Yu didn’t even reply to her as he closed his eyes. Both of his hands were behind his head, separating it from the seat. When she saw Cheng Yu had ignored her, she knew he wasn’t happy with this distribution therefore she said, ”Alright, 50:50?”

Cheng Yu still had his eyes closed and didn’t speak a single word. Yang Ruoxue clenched her teeth, ”You take 60% and I get 40%. This is the best allocation of profits I can give you. You have to know that I will be doing all the work. You have to know that I need to pay for the ingredients needed to manufacture the pill. This isn’t something cheap. If you still want more, let’s cancel the partnership then.”

Cheng Yu continued to keep his eyes shut and stayed quiet, ”How much do you want?!” Yang Ruoxue said furiously.

This time, Cheng Yu opened his eyes and sat up, as he looked at Yang Ruoxue quietly. When he saw her face had turned red, Cheng Yu laughed, ”You are truly very beautiful!”

Yang Ruoxue turned her head away embarrassingly and said angrily, ”How much do you want?”

“Let me think. How about you get 50, I shall also get 50 or I get 50, you shall also take 50? Choose one.”

When she heard what Cheng Yu said, Yang Ruoxue quickly turned her head back and looked at Cheng Yu, ”Are you being serious?”

“Why do you always like to ask me this question? Do all the things I say sound so unreasonable? Aish, I am really too innocent. Since you are so pretty, I didn’t want to bully you. Therefore, I have been taken advantage of,” Cheng Yu said helplessly.

“Hmph! What you are getting is just pure profits! You still aren’t happy about it? This amount of money will enable you to live a plentiful and long life!” Although Yang Ruoxue had phrased it this way, in her heart, she was actually very thankful to him. He had truly given her a very big benefit. If the product was really as good as he had stated, it would really become a gold mine. There wasn’t any woman that would be able to resist the temptation of staying young. She would never be able to estimate the influence of this product on the market.

“When can you give me this product?” This was a very important question to Yang Ruoxue.

“Later on, ask someone to help me buy a pill cauldron. Also, I will pass you a list of medical ingredients that you need help me purchase. Let’s go and take a look at the house, if I have nothing going on tomorrow, I will come to look for you.”

“You want to refine pills?!” When she heard Cheng Yu wanted to buy a pill cauldron, Yang Ruoxue was surprised. This was like a fantasy to her! This was something that was always mentioned in those novels that mentioned immortals. During the ancient time, there was also refinement of pills, but they were just a trick to scam the emperor! Could it be that he was also scamming her?!

Cheng Yu ignored her and continued to let her ponder it.

An hour later, they arrived in front of a villa. Cheng Yu followed Yang Ruoxue into the villa. The interior of the villa was very big and the scenery was very beautiful. There was a garden, an artificial pond and a swimming pool. It was a really great place to stay. He followed Yang Ruoxue into the living room. A housekeeper walked over, ”Miss, you are back. I shall make some tea for you.”

Cheng Yu was stupefied, ”This is your house? Your grandfather is also here?”

“Nope. There’s only Nanny Zhang and I who live here. My grandfather stays at our ancestral residence.”

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“Will you be at ease if I were to stay here? You have to know, I need a place to reside permanently and not just to treat your grandfather illness. The way you handled this matter makes me feel that I am a lamb who has entered a tiger’s den. Although I wouldn’t lust after you for long, it is hard to guarantee you won’t be fond of my handsomeness.”

“What you are trying to say is that you want me to buy you a villa?” Yang Ruoxue rolled her eyes at Cheng Yu and said sarcastically.

“If it was before our partnership, I would still feel embarrassed to accept, but now, even if you were to buy a villa for me, I would accept it willingly with both of my hands. After all, if I were to stay here, it will be quite inconvenient for you. People always say that to let a woman fall in love with a man, the man has to make the woman feel that he is very mysterious. I am a man who is like a riddle, and even if I were to lie down on your bed, you wouldn’t be able to solve me anyway. I think it would be better for me to stay away from you as it is only the first day we have met. I think it will be better for us to understand more about each other before we live together.”

When she heard Cheng Yu’s shameless nonsense, Yang Ruoxue had no idea how to reply him. Therefore, she chose to ignore him. Cheng Yu saw that she was uninterested, so he asked her to pass him a pen and paper as he wrote a huge list of medical ingredients. Since someone is paying for him, he may as well add the ingredients needed for the pills to cultivate as she had no idea what those ingredient are for. At first, he wanted to add in the ingredients need to refine a storage ring, but if he were to add in a crystal ore to the list, wouldn’t she suspect something is wrong with the ingredients? Could it be that refining pills would also need a crystal ore?

Just as he was about to pass Yang Ruoxue the list of medical ingredients, he realized that it was all the ingredients he needed for himself and didn’t include the ingredients that were needed to refine a Reversal Pill for her grandfather. No matter how thick-skinned Cheng Yu was, he was quite embarrassed by what he just did. When she saw Cheng Yu’s face reddened when he passed her the list of ingredients, she had no idea what was going on. Why did his face suddenly turn red? It was only when she took a look at the list of ingredients he needed did she finally understand. It was just refining two pills so why would he need so many medical ingredients! However, Yang Ruoxue didn’t say anything. Since he was going to treat her grandfather and they had also become partners, she shall take it as doing him a favor.

“I included the ingredients needed to refine the Beauty Pill that will be used for our partnership. Some of the ingredients may be different, but I already indicated them in the list.”

After a few moments, Cheng Yu was preparing to leave. Yang Ruoxue asked her driver to send Cheng Yu back to Yunhai High School. Just as Cheng Yu was about to enter the school premises to find his cousin to go home, he was angered. I didn’t go to find you, but you actually sent yourself to my doorstep!

Cheng Yu just witnessed Xu Dongyuan bringing a few of his underlings to tease his cousin again. Hence, he walked over.

“Zhao Yunfang, that idiot isn’t with you today, right? As long as you promise to become my girlfriend, and follow me on a date, I promise you I won’t do anything funny. If you don’t want to do so, every day after school, I will definitely come and harass you. Don’t think that just because your father is the mayor, I would be scared of you,” Xu Dongyuan stood in front of Zhao Yunfang’s car as he threatened her.

As it was after school, the moment all the students saw Xu Dongyuan, they would try their best to avoid him. It was the same treatment they gave Cheng Yu.

“Hey! The guy surnamed Xu, you are quite arrogant huh! You aren’t scared of the Mayor? I heard that even your dad was afraid of the mayor. You are more courageous compared to your dad!” At this moment, Cheng Yu walked over and laughed.

When the students saw the school’s playboy, Cheng Yu, and the evil tyrant, Xu Dongyuan, were going against each other, they all stopped and wanted to see the show that would be going on. A few days ago, they heard that the evil tyrant had beaten the playboy up. They didn’t expect that after a few days, they will go at each other again. It was going to be a good show to watch! Since neither of them were anyone good as one would always bring his underlings around to bully others while one would always ravage females. Cheng Yu caused the other male students to become bachelors. Now that they were contesting each other, they all wished that they would both die while fighting against each other.

“Yo? I was wondering who it was, but it was actually the idiot who was beaten up by me a few days ago. What’s wrong? Are you feeling itchy again? Let me tell you, this may be an illness, and you will need to cure it. Want me to help you with that again?” When he saw it was the hero saving the beauty, that idiot Cheng Yu, Xu Dongyuan said arrogantly.

“Haha! Actually, a few days ago, it was because my body wasn’t feeling well. That is why I was beaten by you. Now that I have recovered, I immediately felt excited the moment I saw you. Let me thank you for that. Tell me, how many days do you want to lay in the hospital? Maybe you should reserve a room first, or you may have to lie on the hospital’s floor!”

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“Little brat, it seems like the previous lesson wasn’t enough for you. Brothers, charge! Cripple this idiot for me!” When he saw Cheng Yu was still being so arrogant, Xu Dongyuan decided that he will be more ruthless today.

“Cousin, don’t fight with them. Let’s run!” When she saw their attitude, Zhao Yunfang was worried as she tried to pull Cheng Yu away.

“Relax, it’s just a few of them. Your cousin doesn’t even put them in his eyes. Just wait for a moment, it will be solved. After that, let’s go home together,” Cheng Yu patted Zhao Yunfang’s hand, assuring her.

When he saw the four charging towards him, Cheng Yu jumped and did a 360 tornado kick. It landed on their faces as the four fell to the ground instantly howling. When Xu Dongyuan saw what had happened, he took out a club that was on his waist as he waved it towards Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu went forward and kicked his chest. After receiving the kick, Xu Dongyuan flew as if he was a kite with broken strings, and his body drew a beautiful arc before landing four meters away from his original spot.

Cheng Yu didn’t stop and continued to walk towards them. When Xu Dongyuan saw Cheng Yu was advancing towards them, he retreated back. He shouted with his mouth full of blood, ”Don’t…don’t come over. You dare to hit me! I want to sue you! My dad is the Deputy Mayor, I will definitely get you into prison for this!”

“Aiyo! I’m so scared!” When he heard what Xu Dongyuan had said, Cheng Yu jumped. Immediately, he stepped on Xu Dongyuan’s hand. ”AH!” Xu Dongyuan howled loudly as if he had just gotten raped.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I just got frightened by what you just said. It turns out that your dad is the Deputy Mayor! I regretted my actions! Please let me off!” Although Cheng Yu said that he was afraid and regretting his actions, he still continued to jump and step on Xu Dongyuan’s hands. Xu Dongyuan kept on howling as if he was announcing to the world that he was going to perform in the show ”The Voice of China.”[1]

When Cheng Yu realized that it was about time for him to stop, he ignored all those who were still laying on the floor as he went into his cousin’s car and drove out of the school premises. After they left, the students who had surrounded the place woke up after the scene they had witnessed. One after another, they started to discuss what had happened. They looked at the shivering Xu Dongyuan on the floor, and everyone who surrounded the scene perspired. Cheng Yu was really too ruthless. He had actually beaten him up so badly. It was also at this moment, Cheng Yu’s playboy nickname had been changed into violent playboy.

Of course, all this was just the opinions of those jealous male students. However, to those girls who were present at the scene, thought the scene was reeking of blood, when Cheng Yu had fought with them, he was too charismatic, especially with that tornado kick. No matter what angle, strength and speed, it was just pure perfection! Those that were laying on the ground were evidence of it.

[1] – Ed Note – “The Voice of China” is a major show with a large following in China.

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