Chapter 6: Form of Happiness

“Haha! Cousin, you were so cool today. When I saw him screaming, it really helped me vent my anger,” Zhao Yunfang laughed while driving on the road.

“Hehe. How dare he bully our little princess. Didn’t I tell you in the morning that it was because your cousin wasn’t in perfect state? Now you see, he’s like a plaything in front of your cousin. Next time, if he dares to harass you again, remember to tell me immediately. I will definitely beat him up until he is unable to take care of himself,” Cheng Yu was very happy as he felt that after he had a family, there was someone who would always care for him. Beating up a commoner didn’t give him any sense of accomplishment. However, he was giving a helping hand to his family and was helping someone he cared for, so this allowed him to feel a sense of belonging after thousands of years had passed.

“En, en. Cousin is the best!” Zhao Yunfang was also feeling very happy today. Her happiness came from seeing Xu Dongyuan get beat up and from seeing her cousin truly changing for the better. Cheng Yu had been staying at her place for over a year, but they hardly interacted with each other. First of all, Zhao Yunfang didn’t really like Cheng Yu’s perverted glances and also how he always ravaged other girls. Secondly, Cheng Yu also didn’t like to interact with Zhao Yunfang as he always wanted to chase after girls and also like to waste his time in nightclubs. Lastly, whenever Cheng Yu went to school, he would always take a cab there. A few days ago, Cheng Yu had coincidentally saw Zhao Yunfang getting bullied by Xu Dongyuan, so he tried to stand up for her and got injured. However, she didn’t expect that after Cheng Yu recovered, he would change for the better. Not only is he interacting with her more frequently, he also grew more humorous. Furthermore, before and after school, he would also follow her around. He had started to care for his cousin, but he still showed a sloppy attitude and his expression was still perverted. For someone who had never been doted on by a sibling before and also grew up alone, it was a warmth she had never experienced before. Hence, she felt very happy today.

When they reached home, Cheng Yu’s mother and aunt were sitting on the sofa in the living room and it seemed like his uncle wasn’t home yet. When they saw Cheng Yu had come back, Cheng Yu’s mother immediately brought out two bowls of dessert for them. When he saw his mother’s love, Cheng Yu had no idea how to express his love for her. There was warmth and sympathy. He was touched by how his mother loved him, but pitied her because she had no idea that her son’s soul had already died and the person in front of her was actually another person.

On the dining table, he looked at his mother who kept putting food on his plate. Cheng Yu’s heart was moved. After all, he had occupied her son’s body. He had to assume this body’s responsibilities and obligations. In the future, he would become this world’s Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu’s heart, which never felt free from worry before, had finally found tranquility as he genuinely started adapting to this new world, family and body.

“Mum, when will you be returning to the capital?” After coming to this world, this was his first time calling this woman his mother, but it didn’t contain a slight hint of unwillingness.

It was also her first time hearing Cheng Yu calling her mum after he had woken up from his injury. She was elated as she kept on putting more dishes to Cheng Yu’s dining plate. “I will stay here for a few days more and take care of you.”

“Look at you. I am no longer a child, and I know how to take care of myself. Aren’t you very busy as always? You don’t have to take care of me. Can’t you see I have already recovered?”

“What? So you feel that I am very annoying now? Do you wish to chase away your mother this badly?”

“How could that be? I am just worried that I am delaying your important matters in the capital. However, I have something I wish to report to you.”

“What? If you need more money, don’t bother asking for it. Your grandpa has already told us to be more strict on you. Other than giving you the living expenses, we cannot pass you anymore money,” Yang Sifeng said sternly.

“It’s not about money. It’s just that I wish to go out and live by myself,” Cheng Yu looked at his mother as he said earnestly.

“No way,” The moment Cheng Yu finished his sentence, his mother rejected him.

“Why? I am already grown up and will be able to take care of myself. Besides, I don’t even need any money from you. In the future, I will need to attend self-study sessions during the night and this place is so far from school. It’s very inconvenient for me!” Cheng Yu once again started to talk bull.

“When it reaches that point of time, either Fangfang will accompany you to school or your aunt will buy you a car,” Cheng Yu’s mom said.

“No!” Cheng Yu and Zhao Yunfang rejected the proposal at the same time.

“Hehe, you see. Even cousin is not willing. Besides, this is troublesome for me as well.”

“In any case, I will never agree to let you live alone. Unless you are able to give me a reason that is able to convince me,” Yang Sifeng said resolutely.

“Alright! I have my own business to take care of and I need some independence. I will be very busy as there will be a lot of things for me to handle. It’s impossible for me to come back home so punctually. Not only will this become very troublesome, it will also become a trouble for aunt,” Cheng Yu was very determined. He had to live alone or how was he going to get his job done for Yang Ruoxue?

“Business? What kind of business? Your studies should be your priority right now.”

“Aren’t we studying for the sake of money? Currently, I am already able to earn lots of money.”

“Tell me, what kind of business are you doing? If I find it feasible, I will allow you live on your own.”

“Ok! Do you know a company called Wanmei Group?” Cheng Yu asked.

“Of course! Yunhai’s biggest cosmetic company. Their chairman is Yang Ruoxue, and she is also known as the goddess of business in Yunhai,” Cheng Yu’s aunt, Cheng Meiyan, said.

“Not bad. Today, I came to a verbal agreement with her. A few days later, she will bring a contract over regarding our partnership. Now, can I live alone?”

“You are partnering with her? What kind of partnership?” Cheng Meiyan asked curiously. Yang Sifeng was also curious.

“I have a beauty formula. In a few days, I will create a sample. I came to an agreement with her today, and our profits will be split in half. If you still think that I am young and causing trouble, do you think that Yang Ruoxue would accompany me with such stupid things?”

“Where did you get this beauty formula? If you really collaborated with her, you just need to show me the contract you signed, and I will promise to let you live alone.”

“Deal! As for where did the formula came from, you don’t need to know. You just need to know that I didn’t steal or snatch it. When the product hits the market, I will definitely let all of you go crazy for it. You will witness the best invention of beauty market as it turns the whole world into chaos,” Cheng Yu smirked.

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“Are you sure you are feeling ok today?” Yang Sifeng asked seeing Cheng Yu sounding so crazy.

“Alright, I shall stop here. I am going back to my room to sleep,” Cheng Yu took big steps back to his room.

The next day, on the way to school, ”Cousin, are those things you talked yesterday true?” Zhao Yunfang asked Cheng Yu while driving.

“What things?”

“The partnership with Wanmei Group!”

“Of course it’s real. Why would your cousin lie to you?”

“Than what kind of products are you going to develop? Can I use them?”

“Little girl, how old are you? Why would you need to use these products? All those products are meant for the old ladies. A few days later, when I produce the pill, you will know about it. You should wait until you are 20 years old, when your complexion is the best before you start using it. Your cousin guarantees that you will stay pretty forever. Once your cousin starts making money, whatever you want, I will buy it for you.”

“Really? Can I get a new car then?”

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“Sure. At that time, whatever car you like, we will get that one,” Cheng Yu said imposingly.

“Hehe! Cousin is the best! I hope cousin will be able to earn money faster.”

After he sat down in his seat, Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan who was solving a question seriously and said, ”Lend me a few books.”

“Nope,” Lin Yuhan didn’t even bother to lift her head as she continued to solve her question.

“Why?” Cheng Yu was baffled. Yesterday, she was still willing to lend books to him.

“No reason. I just don’t feel like lending them to you.”

“Oh! I knew it. You are jealous of me. Do you really wish to know why I possess photographic memory? Actually it’s very simple, as long as you treat me as your boyfriend and every day recite my name in your heart a 100 times, I guarantee that you will also have this ability,” Cheng Yu laughed.

When she heard that the solution to a photographic memory was very simple, she put down her pen and started to actively listen, but she didn’t expect she would get played by Cheng Yu. She harrumphed as she continued to solve the questions in her book.

“Angry? Aish. I should tell you the truth. Actually, this is an innate ability of mine. Do you think that people who resemble such handsomeness and elegance like me will be ordinary? If it’s like that, heaven would definitely be blamed and people would be angry. You think that I am actually trying to dupe you, but the main thing is that you don’t understand me at all. Everyone has only seen my frivolous side. Wait until we interact long enough, you will be able to see my sacred side then,” Cheng Yu said shamelessly. He acted as if he was a sacred disciple, proclaiming his teachings everywhere as he saved people from their karma.

Facing Cheng Yu’s shamelessness, Lin Yuhan chose to filter it out as she ignored him and continued to solve her questions.

“Please lend me a book!” When he saw Lin Yuhan continuing to ignore him, Cheng Yu asked again.

“Nope. My books are meant for ordinary people, and I won’t loan them to immortals. I can’t let you proclaim your teachings to everyone. Since you are an immortal, why would you still need all these mortal objects?” Lin Yuhan answered sarcastically.

“Yuhan,” Cheng Yu called out affectionately.

“Don’t call me like that!” Lin Yuhan lifted up her head furiously.


“Call my full name or Student Lin.”

“Hanhan, with our relations, calling you like that is so distant.”

“I’m not that close to you anyway.”

“Hanhan, you being like that is hurting my heart. We have already been deskmates for more than half a year and now you are telling me that you aren’t that close to me. You really make me feel pain in my heart, as if a knife is being twisted in it. So painful,” Cheng Yu covered his chest and said in fake agony.

Lin Yuhan lowered her head and continued to do her questionnaire.

“Hanhan, lend me a book.”

She continued to ignore him and remained silent.

When he saw Lin Yuhan was determined to not lend him books anymore, Cheng Yu kept quiet as he laid down on the table. His hands supported his head as he looked at Lin Yuhan solving the questionnaire. At first, it was still ok, but after a while, Lin Yuhan could no longer bear the pressure of people monitoring her while she was solving questions, so with a face full of anger, she turned towards Cheng Yu and was prepared to give him a scolding. However, she didn’t expect that while supporting his head, he had fallen asleep and drool was coming out of the corner of his mouth. Lin Yuhan laughed. It turned out that it was all her own suspicion. This shameless man was just trying to make her angry.

Cheng Yu had fallen into deep sleep. When he was in the immortal world, Cheng Yu had never once fallen into deep sleep. He would either meditate or cultivate. To a cultivator, meditating and cultivating is a form of sleep to them. But no matter when it was, they would still be vigilant towards their surroundings when they were doing so. Even if it was their home, they were still afraid that someone would sneak attack them.

However, after coming to this world, it was no longer the same. Although the people here no longer had any sky-high cultivation levels, long lasting beauty or a long lifespan, their everyday life was always filled with happiness. It turns out that a simple life was also a form of happiness.

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