Chapter 7: Refining Pills

Cheng Yu stretched and continued to look at Lin Yuhan. He wrinkled his eyebrows as he realized the feeling he had just now had disappeared. It turns out that only he was leading such a simple life.

“Can’t you at least rest for a while? Why are you putting so much effort into it? Every day, you keep on solving these questions. Don’t you feel dizzy?” Cheng Yu asked with good intentions.

“I am not like you. The moment you were born you were rich and had a golden spoon in your mouth. Even if you don’t study and work, you will never finish spending all the money your family has. You don’t have to worry about your daily expenses,” Lin Yuhan didn’t appreciate his kindness because he didn’t understand her situation.

Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan, but he still didn’t feel unhappy about the opinions she voiced. “You really hate me that much?”

Lin Yuhan was startled. She looked at Cheng Yu’s serious expression. She paused for a moment before replying, ”Yes, I hate you a lot. I hate it whenever I see you doing nothing every single day. You never think of improving yourself, and you are always going around ravaging girls. You are a scumbag who always relies on his family background.”

Cheng Yu looked into her eyes. He felt that those sparkling and pure eyes were currently the most sacred objects in this world. They didn’t contain any traces of impurity.

“Brother Yu, Brother Yu, there is a pretty goddess outside looking for you,” Fatty ran up to Cheng Yu and spoke while drooling.

Cheng Yu knew this fatty was called Qian Jinbao. His family’s business was killing pigs. From his name, he could tell what expectations his family had for him. It all boiled down to money.

“What pretty lady? What’s her name?”

“She didn’t say. In any case, she’s very pretty. Also, this lady is very rich. She drove a Maserati, and she’s waiting for you downstairs. Brother Yu, you should go and meet her quickly! Don’t let her wait for you for too long.”

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“I can’t tell that you would have such thoughtfulness for the opposite sex. Not bad. Finally there’s a promising prospect. Hanhan, I have to save a lost sheep. See you tomorrow!” Cheng Yu ignored Lin Yuhan’s furious expression as he walked out of the classroom.

Qian Jinbao who was standing at the side was astonished. Soon after, his face was filled with admiration and adoration. He had even subdued the campus belle! In his heart, he had made a promise that in the future he will definitely have to stick to Cheng Yu. By doing so, his future prospects would be endless.

When he was at the corridor, he noticed that it was filled with students. He stretched and looked out the window, Cheng Yu saw that there was really a pretty lady standing next to a sports car. This person wasn’t a stranger to Cheng Yu. It was Yang Ruoxue who he met yesterday. The dress she wore today was a dark green chiffon jacket, a white western-style skirt and black sunglasses. Her clothing showed that she was a very capable and experienced businesswoman. There was an endless aggressiveness nature to it. It was no wonder all the boys and girls had occupied the hallway while stunned. It was a real killer move!

After that, Cheng Yu walked over in a flirtatious manner. In front of everyone’s admiration, envy and other complicated expressions, he walked nimbly towards her. At this moment, Lin Yuhan also came out and started looking out of the hallway window. Although she was standing on the third floor, the vibe the lady had was not something any normal woman would possess. After they left, Lin Yuhan went back to the classroom quietly. No one knew what she was thinking about at the moment.

“Ruoxue, is this counted as a date? I heard that whenever couples go for a date, they would watch a movie. Let’s go and watch a movie as well,” After he sat in the car, Cheng Yu started to talk nonsense again.

“Can you not address me in such an intimate way?”

“Ok, Ruoxue.”

Cheng Yu had thoroughly understood Yang Ruoxue. From yesterday, Yang Ruoxue had been assessing Cheng Yu and showing him different levels of respect.

From the start, when Cheng Yu told her that the prescription she had on hand would last her for a while before her grandfather dies, she felt that Cheng Yu was just an ignorant student. However, after he pointed out the deficiencies in the prescription, she felt that he was a mysterious man who wasn’t supposed to be from this world. After that, when they were discussing the payment for the treatment, she thought that he was a hermit that wanted to exploit her, but realized that he was just a perverted lecher. Furthermore, on the way to her house yesterday, she realized that he was just a hoodlum. When he said that he had a formula and wanted to partner with her, she felt that he had returned to being mysterious again. After they discussed the distribution of profits, it made her feel that he was actually a generous man. When they were at the house, she felt that the way he spoke was very narcissistic, and when he wrote the medical ingredients for her to buy, he was actually very vile. Now, she felt that he was very shameless. Although the total time she had spent and interacted with Cheng Yu was short, Yang Ruoxue witnessed Cheng Yu’s ability to change from one personality to another. She never expected that there was a person like this.

To sum it up, Yang Ruoxue’s impression of Cheng Yu was that he was a little generous and shameless fellow who is also a scoundrel and lecher.

If Cheng Yu knew that Yang Ruoxue had already analyzed him so thoroughly, he wouldn’t know how to feel. He would either draw a distinctive line between them or make her his woman.

Therefore, after she came to a understanding of Cheng Yu’s personality, she would often choose to filter most of his words. She would never allow herself to follow his reasoning. This way, she would to always hold the initiative in the conversation. Otherwise, she would definitely fall into a maze, and she would never be able to get out.

“The cauldron and medical herbs are already in place. When will you be able to refine the pill for my grandfather?” Yang Ruoxue asked.

“A day will do. However, I need to warn you. When I am refining the pill, no matter what happens, don’t come into the room. You also don’t need to send me any food. In short, just wait until I come out myself,” Cheng Yu spoke very resolutely. When refining pills, he shouldn’t be careless. The worst mistakes would occur when interrupted by people. If he was refining some ordinary pills, then nothing would happen. But if he were to refine a high grade or immortal pill, the moment the cauldron exploded, the strength of the explosion would be very large.

“Alright,” when she saw Cheng Yu’s serious expression, she knew the importance of this issue.

When they returned to Yang Ruoxue’s villa, after he drank the tea Nanny Zhang prepared for them, Cheng Yu went to the room Yang Ruoxue had prepared for him. The decoration inside the room was very simple. In the middle of the room, there was a cauldron and all the medical herbs Cheng Yu had requested from Yang Ruoxue.

The first pill Cheng Yu was going to refine was the spiritual Qi pill. As the immortal Qi in his body was very little and immortal Qi was too precious, if he were to use it to refine ordinary pills, it would be a waste. Spiritual Qi pills are able to replenish and recover spiritual Qi. Therefore, he will have to refine some spiritual Qi pills first before using Qi to refine other pills.

After he put the medical herbs needed to refine a spiritual Qi pill into the cauldron, Cheng Yu stretched out his right hand. The immortal Qi condensed into a fire on his hand. The fire looked like a phoenix flame. This was also Cheng Yu’s spiritual flame, the Six Phoenix Spiritual Flame. This was a type of flame that was more powerful than Samadhi Fire[1], a high grade pill fire. This was also Cheng Yu’s creation. Other than this, Cheng Yu also had a top-notch pill fire, Nine Dragon Immortal Flame. These flames helped Cheng Yu to quickly refine pills and increase their pill grades. Most importantly, the success rate of refining a pill using his personal fire is 100%. That is why Cheng Yu was a very famous pill master in the immortal world. These two flames were also sought after and led to multiple assassination attempts on Cheng Yu. After he was scammed by someone, he was forced to reincarnate to this world. However, Cheng Yu no longer cared about what happened in his previous life because he felt that this world was so much better than the immortal world. Unless Cheng Yu found a way to return to the immortal world, he would not be able to enact his revenge.

Cheng Yu swung the Six Phoenix Spiritual Flame on his hand. Immediately, the pill fire acted as if it was a living object as it flew towards the bottom of the cauldron. It transformed into six different flames under the cauldron as he continued to revolve and flutter the flame around the cauldron.

An hour later, Cheng Yu retrieved his spiritual flame. “Rise!” The cauldron lid flew up. Immediately, the room was filled with a pill fragrance. A bunch of pills flew out of the cauldron and went straight into the pill bottle Cheng Yu had prepared earlier. It had a total of 64 pills in it.

Cheng Yu took out one pill. The pill was filled with a glossy luster showing that it was a high grade pill. He ate it. Immediately, his body was filled with spiritual Qi. After that, he threw the ingredients he needed to refine a Reversal Pill into the cauldron. He revolved the Qi through his body, condensing it into the Phoenix Flame. However, this time, he didn’t use his immortal Qi. He used his spiritual Qi instead. The Phoenix Flame was clearly not as powerful as before. However, this would not influence the end result of the pill. It was just that the time taken to refine the pill would be longer. This time, he used two hours to refine nine Reversal Pills as he placed them into a pill bottle. After that, Cheng Yu refined bottles of Rejuvenation Pills, Eternal Youth Pills, Soul Pills, Soul Strengthening Pills and Longevity Pills.

It was only around 9 pm that Cheng Yu left the room happily. When Yang Ruoxue saw Cheng Yu had left the room, she went forward quickly, ”How was it? Did you manage to refine the pill?”

“Hehe. It’s done. Aren’t you supposed to give me a kiss now?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“I will honor my promise, but only after my grandfather has fully recovered,” Yang Ruoxue smirked.

Cheng Yu sat down on the sofa and smiled while looking at the anxious and excited Yang Ruoxue. “Give me the pill!” When she saw Cheng Yu’s irritating expression, she asked for it loudly.

Cheng Yu stretched his hand into his pocket and took out a pill bottle. He poured out a pill, and a burst of pill fragrance filled the room. The pill fragrance allowed them to feel refreshed.

Yang Ruoxue snatched the pill from him as she placed it close to her nose and took a sniff. It truly was very fragrant. The appearance of the pill was glossy. She didn’t know if this pill could really be taken.

“Can this pill really cure my grandfather’s illness?” Yang Ruoxue asked suspiciously.

“Do you know the name of the pill? It’s called Reversal Pill. As long as the person is still breathing, no matter what kind of illness or injury, the pill will be able to fully cure it. Of course, if you don’t believe what I said, you can choose not to have your grandfather consume it. It’s entirely your choice,” Cheng Yu said arrogantly.

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“This hand is so nice, soft and flexible.” When he saw Yang Ruoxue stretch her hand towards him, Cheng Yu immediately grabbed her hand and laughed.

“Give it to me!” Yang Ruoxue stretched her hand in front of Cheng Yu again and asked.

“What do you mean?” Cheng Yu asked puzzledly.

“You refined a bottle of pills, but you only gave me one pill. Don’t you think that is a bit too unreasonable?” Yang Ruoxue said.

“You think this pill is candy? Most importantly, do you know the significance of the Reversal Pill? Every pill in this bottle is equivalent to a life. Mortals like you would call this an immortal pill and even then, it is not an exaggeration.” When Cheng Yu saw Yang Ruoxue actually wanted more pills, he was unhappy. Cheng Yu could always refine this pill as many times as the materials provided, but the rarer an object is, the more value it would maintain. This has always been true since ancient times. In the immortal world, there is no lack of Reversal Pills, but to a mortal, it was a pill that can cure all kinds of illnesses. However to an immortal, it was just an ordinary pill that doesn’t have much use to them.

“All the medical herbs used to refine this pill are very rare. It is because I spent a sky high price to purchase them. Don’t you think that you should give me more pills because of my efforts as well?”

“Alright, since you are also my partner, I will give you another pill. You will have to treasure it or if the pill’s efficacies were to disappear, don’t blame it on me,” Cheng Yu unhappily poured out another pill from the pill bottle.

[1] – Ed Note – Samadhi Fire is a type of Buddhist flame.

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