Chapter 8: How Miracles Occur

“Alright, we have settled your grandpa’s issue. Now, let’s talk about our partnership,” Cheng Yu took out two pill bottles. “These two bottles of pills will be our new products. However, the pills inside these two bottles are top grade pills. Every person would need to use just one in their lifetimes, and it would be enough. But our products shouldn’t have this level of effectiveness. So we will need to dilute the pill. It will be changed so the consumers will need to consume it regularly. By doing so, the money of selling these pills will keep coming in. Hehe!” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Haha! You are so crafty. What are the specific effects of these pills? Can they really make someone look younger?” Yang Ruoxue asked curiously.

“The pill inside this red bottle is called Rejuvenation Pill. It is a pill that will allow the consumer to revert their appearance to their youth. At most, it will help you look younger by 10 years. If we made it more effective than that, I am worried that the world would fall into a chaotic mess. The pill inside this blue bottle is called Eternal Youth Pill. After consuming an Eternal Youth Pill, it will help you postpone the aging process of your skin. It can postpone the process for 30 years. If you were to use it now, you will still look exactly the same in the 30 years. Furthermore, there are also other effects than this. After consuming it, your skin will become smoother and softer with traces of glossiness. I will gift you some. Bring it home and let someone old in your family use it. These pills can only be used by women. If you were to let it be consumed by a man, maybe he will turn to a woman by the next day. Hehe!” Cheng Yu laughed as he passed half of the pills in each bottle to Yang Ruoxue.

“In addition, you don’t need to use the Rejuvenation Pill. Otherwise, you will turn into a young lady of 18 years. You just need to use the Eternal Youth Pill, and it will bring you wonders.”

“Isn’t it good if I were to turn 18?” Yang Ruoxue laughed.

“Of course not. You are at the prime age for a lady. Now is the best time for you to use the Eternal Youth Pill. If you were younger, it would make you look a bit too delicate for your age.”

When she heard Cheng Yu praising her, Yang Ruoxue felt very happy.

“Alright. Let’s stop here. You should bring back these two bottles of pills and let someone in your family try them. When the time is right, I will write down the formula for you. All you need to do is create them in batches. Anyways, prepare a contract for me. I still need to rely on the contract to request my family something.”

“Request? Request what?” Yang Ruoxue asked curiously.

“I wish to live alone and my family members doesn’t approve of it. Therefore, I told them that I am in a business partnership with you, and I am too busy to go home every single day. They wanted me to take out evidence of our partnership.”

“Why do you want to move out and live alone?”

“If I don’t move out, how can I push you down on my bed?” After he finished speaking, Cheng Yu ran out of the door.

“You scoundrel!” When Yang Ruoxue heard Cheng Yu’s words, she immediately became furious. She picked up the sofa pillow and threw it towards the door that Cheng Yu ran out of.

When Cheng Yu reached home, it was around 10 pm. However, everyone at home was not asleep yet. They were all sitting on the sofa in the living room.

“Haven’t slept yet? It’s already so late!” When he saw everyone was still around, Cheng Yu laughed.

“Cousin, where did you go today? I went to your classroom to look for you, but your classmate said that you already left school with a very pretty lady. Is it true?” When she saw her cousin was back, Zhao Yunfang asked happily.

“Hehe. Didn’t I tell you yesterday? I am a busy man now. Yang Ruoxue was the pretty lady who was looking for me as she wanted to discuss our partnership,” Cheng Yu had refined the pills today, and his mood was very cheerful. However, the only regret he had was that he didn’t manage to refine the Body Tempering Pill and Foundation Establishment Pill. Tomorrow he planned to go over and ask Yang Ruoxue to help him look for the Jiuyang Grass and Jingang Grass. He had no idea if these herbs existed in this world.

“So did you manage to bring the contract?” Yang Sifeng asked.

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“No, but I brought back the pills that I will be using in our partnership,” Cheng Yu took out the two pill bottles as he was speaking.

The moment Zhao Yunfang saw the pill bottles, she snatched them and opened the lids. When she poured out a pill, the sweet fragrance wafted through the room. “So fragrant! This pill is so beautiful! Cousin, what can this pill do?”

“This is called the Eternal Youth Pill, and it is an immortal pill. It can help you stay young forever.”

“Yu’er, you are still young. You don’t need to rush and start venturing into business to earn money. Refining pills is something very superstitious. Did you do a drug test on this thing? This may cause harm to someone, do you know that?” Cheng Yu’s uncle, Zhao Minglong warned.

“Relax, this thing doesn’t have any side effects after consumption and doesn’t have any substances that are harmful to the human body. Even if I were to lie, I would never choose my family as a target to lie to. Right?”

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“En. As long as the pill is safe to be consumed, it will be fine. Otherwise, when a problem arises it will be very troublesome.”

“Cousin, you haven’t told me the use of this other pill.”

“The pill inside the red bottle is called Rejuvenation Pill. It can help a woman look 10 years younger. As for the pill in the blue bottle, it’s called Eternal Youth Pill. This can help a woman postpone the aging of their skin by 30 years. For example, if a 20-year-old lady were to consume it, the moment she turns 50, she will only look around 28 years old.” After they heard Cheng Yu’s introduction, they were dumbstruck. The beautiful looking pill actually contained such a mysterious effect?

“Cousin, did you speak the truth? Then can I eat one as well?” Zhao Yunfang asked excitedly.

“Foolish girl, didn’t I say earlier. Did you even listen to what I just said? Do you want to look 18 forever? Wait until you have reached the prime age for a lady. It wouldn’t be too late to consume it then,” Cheng Yu said with good intentions as he poked Zhao Yunfang’s nose.

“But I just want to make myself more beautiful!” Zhao Yunfang said unhappily as she wrinkled her small nose.

“Rest assured. With your cousin around, it is impossible for you to look ugly. In the next two days, I will refine something for you to improve your skin. It will help make your skin look more rosy and glossy. The moment a man sees you, he will have the urge to bite your skin. Ok?” Cheng Yu laughed and said.

“Ok! Cousin must keep your word!” Zhao Yunfang immediately felt happy after she heard what Cheng Yu promised her.

“If Mom and Auntie believe me, you can both consume a Rejuvenation Pill. I guarantee that the moment you wake up tomorrow, you will both look as if you were 20. In the future, there will be no need for you to do anymore facials,” Cheng Yu laughed as he informed Yang Sifeng and Cheng Meiyan.

They looked at the sparkling and translucent pill in their hands. After they heard Cheng Yu’s explanation, they really could not resist the temptation. It was very hard to come to a decision.

“Yu’er, after eating your pill, is it really true that nothing will happen?” Cheng Meiyan asked for a confirmation.

“Auntie, do you think that your nephew will dare to hurt his mom? I dare to guarantee you that after you consume it today, uncle will definitely fall in love with you again and will no longer have the thoughts of going out and finding a mistress,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Cough! Yu’er, what are you talking about? Since when has uncle gone out to look for a mistress?” Zhao Minglong asked with his face covered in an unnatural expression. When he saw Cheng Meiyan glaring at him, he immediately continued, ”Don’t listen to Yu’er’s nonsense. I really don’t have a mistress!”

“Haha! Auntie, I was just joking. Don’t take it for real. But if you were to really consume this pill, it will definitely allow uncle to fall in love with you again. Haha!” Cheng Yu laughed loudly.

“Stupid fellow, stop talking rubbish,” Yang Sifeng glared at Cheng Yu.

“Ok. Fine. Back to the main topic. As for this pill, whether you want to eat it or not, it’s up to you. If you are going to eat it, remember, just take one pill. Don’t eat any more than that.”

“Yu’er, if your pills are so effective, how would you earn money?” At this moment, Zhao Minglong realized a crucial problem in Cheng Yu’s partnership.

“Haha! The pills here are something that I refined specially for all of you to use. These are top-notch pills. After eating them, the result will be achieved immediately. However, the pills that we will be selling are going to be extremely diluted. After the dilution, the consumers will have to consume one every day to maintain their effectiveness. Uncle, isn’t this a perfect money making scheme?” Cheng Yu smile sinisterly.

“You are so crafty and shady. Haha!” Zhao Minglong gave Cheng Yu a thumbs up.

“Haha! Auntie, aren’t you using a lot of skincare products? Don’t you find it very tedious? After using them long-term, they will leave repercussions on your skin. Not only is my pill simple and convenient, the most important point is it doesn’t have any poisonous side effects and can be used with ease. Alright, I shouldn’t talk any longer. I am going back to my room to sleep. If you will eat it, wait until tomorrow and witness the miracle happening. If you don’t want to eat it, then you shall witness the miracle happening to others!” Cheng Yu chuckled and went up to his room.

“Ah!” At 6 am in the morning, Cheng Yu heard two loud screams. He ignored them and went back to his dreamland.

While having breakfast, Yang Sifeng and Cheng Meiyan were beaming with joy. They had never expected the effectiveness of the pills would be so great. They actually looked 10 years younger!

Cheng Yu looked at them and smiled, ”Sisters, are you satisfied with the results?”

“Smelly kid, what did you call us?”

“Yah!” At this moment, Zhao Yunfang who just came out of her room screamed. She ran towards Cheng Meiyan and touched her face, “Mum and Auntie, you both really look younger! Your skin now looks so glossy and smooth! Cousin, you are so awesome! You can actually refine such formidable pills! You have to go and quickly refine some skincare products for me as well!” Zhao Yunfang excitedly said.

Cheng Yu drank his milk while nodding his head. Today was the weekend, and there was still an important problem that was yet to be solved. He had to find Yang Ruoxue to help him search for the Jiuyang Grass and Jingang Grass. He needed these two herbs to refine the Body Tempering Pill and Foundation Establishment Pill. Most importantly, he wanted to refine a storage ring. In the near future, there would be a lot of important items that he needed to carry around with him at all times, and these items can’t be left at home.

After breakfast, Cheng Yu went out. However, Zhao Yunfang wanted to tag along. Cheng Yu tried to persuade her to stay at home, but didn’t succeed in convincing her. Without a choice, he could only bring her along. Zhao Yunfang cheered when Cheng Yu agreed to bring her along.

“Wah! Sister, you are so pretty!” The moment she entered the villa, Zhao Yunfang ran towards Yang Ruoxue as she shouted.

“Haha! Little girl, you are also very pretty as well,” When she looked at this pure and lovely little girl, Yang Ruoxue happily spoke.

“This is my cousin, Zhao Yunfang. Cousin, call her sister-in-law,” Cheng Yu chuckled as he shamelessly introduced.

“Don’t listen to your cousin’s nonsense. I am called Yang Ruoxue. You can call me Sister Yang,” Yang Ruoxue glared at Cheng Yu as she called him out.

“It turns out that you are Sister Yang! My mother told me that you are very capable as the business goddess of Yunhai,” Zhao Yunfang said cheerfully.

“Haha! Is that so? Who is your mother? Does she know me?”

“My aunt’s name is Cheng Meiyan. She’s the chairman of Shenghai Estate,” Cheng Yu said.

“Oh! So your mother is Sister Cheng. Your mother is the real business goddess, not me.”

“Aish. How can you say it like that? Why are you calling my aunt, your sister? Aren’t you trying to take advantage of me?” When he heard Yang Ruoxue calling Cheng Meiyan her sister, Cheng Yu immediately voiced his objection. It was evident that Yang Ruoxue was trying to become a generation older than Cheng Yu so as to make herself a senior to him, thus evading the sticky topic of marriage to this lecher.

“I have been friends with her for so long! Of course I will call her sister. Besides, your aunt is still so young, naturally she’s fit to be my sister. How could I possibly call her Auntie? In the future, you must also call me Auntie,” When Yang Ruoxue realized that this was a perfect opportunity to agitate Cheng Yu, she complacently spoke.

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