Chapter 9: Son-in-law?

“Che! Wishful thinking.” Cheng Yu didn’t bother with her. “Cousin, what do you think if she were to become your sister-in-law?”

“Sure! Sister, please become my sister-in-law. My cousin will treat you very well,” Zhao Yunfang agreed.

When he heard what Zhao Yunfang said, Cheng Yu was very happy as he praised her in his heart. “My cousin is still the best.”

When she saw Cheng Yu’s complacent look, Yang Ruoxue got annoyed. Cheng Yu quickly changed the topic.

“I guess you have taken the Eternal Youth Pill. Looks like your Qi and blood are very vigorous today. Look at those glossy cheeks. Haha!”

“Oh, by the way, after my grandpa took the pill you refined, he has recovered. My grandpa says that he wishes to meet you to thank you face to face,” When she heard Cheng Yu talking about pills, Yang Ruoxue immediately felt very excited. “I have also given the pills to my mother, grandma and few of my aunts. After they ate it yesterday, they were overwhelmed with happiness. It’s all thanks to you.”

“Haha! Now you should believe that I’m not a swindler, right? As for your grandpa’s gratitude, forget it. If you really wish to thank me, you should honor your promise. Compared to his gratitude, I am more interested in your promise.”

“Promise? What promise?!” At this moment, Zhao Yunfang interrupted their conversation, causing Yang Ruoxue’s face to turn red.

“Haha! You should ask your Sister Yang. You will only be able to know if she’s willing to tell you. I am afraid if I were to tell you, she will act like she didn’t make the promise.”

“Hmph! Who is going to act dumb?” Yang Ruoxue said unhappily.

“It’s good that you are not going to act dumb. Give it to me now,” Cheng Yu moved his face in front of Yang Ruoxue.

“Hmph! Although it seems like my grandpa has recovered, who knows when will it relapse? I want to observe his condition for a while first,” When she saw Cheng Yu’s stupid face, she blushed as she stuttered. ”Furthermore, you have to follow me to visit my grandpa now. I have already promised my grandparents that I will be bringing you to visit them.”

“Aish! Woman! Even when acting dumb, you are still able to justify yourself. Forget it, I shall ask your grandpa to help me with this,” Cheng Yu angrily said.

“You dare!” Yang Ruoxue said furiously.

“Alright, let’s go and meet your grandparents,” Cheng Yu said cheekily. He brought his cousin along as they left the villa. Yang Ruoxue burst out in anger. “How can such shameless people exist? If this continues, sooner or later I will be angered to death!”

An hour later, the trio arrived outside a gated courtyard.

“This house seems decent. It should have been passed down for several generations, right?” Cheng Yu looked at the large residence as he asked.

“Of course. This was passed down by one of the Zhao elders in our family ancestry, and it was built during the Qing dynasty,” Yang Ruoxue proudly stated.

The moment they entered the courtyard, a vigorous man spoke, ”Haha! This must be Mr. Cheng. Indeed a man with a talent. So young and yet so promising!” The voice echoed as an old man with an imposing nature walked towards the trio. Following behind him were several married men and women.

“Hehe. This should be Grandpa Yang, right? With such a vigorous voice and quick pace, it seems like your body is very healthy!”

“Haha! All this is thanks to Mr. Cheng. Although you are young, your medical skills are out of this world,” The old man, Yang Tianhu, said.

“Hehe, Grandpa Yang is overpraising me. Just call me Xiao Yu. With the close ties between Ruoxue and I, calling me Mr. Cheng is treating me like a stranger,” Cheng Yu intentionally said.

“Oh?” Old Yang and the people with him were startled. They looked at Yang Ruoxue who appeared to be enraged. Old Yang immediately understood what was going on as he laughed, ”Haha! Sure. Since it’s like that, I will call you Xiao Yu from now on. Let’s go inside the house.”

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When they entered the hall, they all sat down. After that, Old Yang introduced everyone to Cheng Yu while Cheng Yu introduced Zhao Yunfang to them. After the introductions, a young man ran over.

“Zheng Ji, stop running around. It’s very rude! Hehe, this is my grandson, and he is in his third year of middle school. He’s also Ruoxue’s brother,” Old Yang introduced the young man.

“You are the immortal doctor? Aren’t you the violent playboy, Cheng Yu? Are you here to swindle my sister? Eh? Zhao Yunfang, why are you here as well?” Zheng Ji was taken back when he saw Cheng Yu. After that, when he saw his classmate, class princess Zhao Yunfang, he became cheerful. It turns out that Zheng Ji and Cheng Yu studied in the same school, and he was also the classmate of Zhao Yunfang. How could he possibly not recognize the “celebrity” in his school? Especially after he beat up the evil tyrant, Xu Dongyuan, his infamy rose. In school, who wouldn’t know the violent playboy?

“Hmph! The playboy you are referring to is my cousin. Why can’t I be here?” When she heard how Yang Zhengji called her cousin, Zhao Yunfang unhappily replied. Although her cousin was pretty playful before, he had changed now. Even if he went to flirt with girls, his targets would be those pretty ladies like Yang Ruoxue. More importantly, her cousin had started to doted on her now. How could she possibly let someone slander her cousin in front of her face?

“Ah? Zhao Yunfang, don’t be angry. I didn’t mean it,” When he saw Zhao Yunfang was getting angry with him, Zheng Ji immediately tried to explain himself.

“Zheng Ji, what are you trying to do? Stop being rude and stand to the side,” When he saw his grandson was actually using such a harsh tone when talking to his benefactor, Yang Tianhu immediately scolded him.

“Oh,” When he heard his grandfather’s orders, Yang Zhengji became restless as he stood in a corner.

“Xiao Yu. I’m very sorry. I have spoiled him since he was young. Please don’t take any offense from what he said,” Old Yang apologized for Zheng Ji’s behavior.

“Haha! It’s ok. I wouldn’t blame Zheng Ji. What he said is true. I am indeed quite famous in school. My reputation is quite bad,” Cheng Yu rubbed his nose embarrassingly. He didn’t expect that he would meet one of his old classmates here. What an embarrassment!

“It’s alright. You are still young. It’s ok to be frivolous. Besides, you possess terrifying abilities. Why would you bother about such things? Today, I invited you over because I wanted to thank you. At first, I thought that I reached the end of my life. I didn’t expect that I would meet a formidable man like you. Not only were you able to heal me, but when my personal doctor did a check up on me, he told me that my vitals were even healthier than an average person’s. This was a miracle! Furthermore, I heard from Ruoxue that you didn’t collect any money from her for the treatment. I know that money is just a number, but I want to know what exactly you want as payment. I, Yang Tianhu, am not someone with extremely high status, but if it’s in Yunhai, I still hold some power. As long as it’s within my means and it’s not something bad, I will definitely help you with it,” Grandpa Yang was very open with Cheng Yu.

“Haha! Thank you, Grandpa Yang. Actually, when I agreed to treat you, it showed that I had already gotten something I wanted in return. If I wasn’t willing, I would not treat the person regardless of their background or payment. So I don’t need Grandpa Yang to give me anything.”

“Perhaps to you, this is just a pill. To me, this is a pill that can never be bought using money. If you are to continue acting like this, you will make me feel very uneasy,” Yang Tianhu said sincerely.

“Since Grandpa Yang insists on repaying me, I hope that Grandpa Yang can request Ruoxue to treat me better,” Cheng Yu looked at Yang Ruoxue as he chuckled.

“Oh? Haha! Sure. Ruoxue, did you hear that? In the future, you must definitely treat Xiao Yu better. Xiao Yu, if Ruoxue were to treat you unfairly in the future, come over and tell me. I will teach her a lesson,” Old Yang said happily. He was able to tell that Cheng Yu was trying to court his granddaughter. He felt that this kid wasn’t that bad, and he was quite happy with him. If he was able to become his granddaughter’s husband, that would be the best. Although he may look a bit young, if they didn’t mind it, why should he care about it?

When Yang Ruoxue saw Cheng Yu had actually said something embarrassing in front of everyone, she felt extremely frustrated. She glared at Cheng Yu hatefully, but Cheng Yu acted as if he didn’t see it.

“Brother Yu, if you wish to become my brother-in-law, you should at least bring a betrothal gift,” At this moment, Yang Zhengji suddenly shouted. Immediately, Yang Ruoxue sent a palm to her brother’s head.

“Haha! I came over without bringing any presents. However, this is a bottle of Longevity Pills. These pills will let a person extend their lifespan and strengthen their body. After consuming it, they will become more energetic, and they will age slower. In the future, you will no longer fall sick. However, don’t misunderstand. This isn’t a betrothal gift. I hope Grandpa Yang would accept it. Of course, if Ruoxue is willing, in the future when I come over, I will definitely prepare a betrothal gift. Haha!” Cheng Yu took out a pill bottle after speaking.

When they saw Cheng Yu take out the pill bottle, all of their eyes shined. If it was in the past, no one would ever believe him. But after Old Yang was treated by him, who wouldn’t believe him? Old Yang was the best example. Besides, there was also the evidence of their women turning 10 years younger within a night. This kind of immortal pill, who wouldn’t want it?

“Xiao Yu, this pill is too precious. I can’t accept it. I still haven’t repayed the favor I owe you. Besides, just by looking at the pill in the pill bottle, we can tell that it’s not something a mortal should possess. We don’t dare to accept it,” Yang Tianhu declined. Yang Tianhu did want the pills, but these pills could not be bought with money. He already owed a favor to Cheng Yu, and he didn’t want to be indebted to him for the rest of his life. However, everyone behind the old man were filled with regrets. They knew that a favor this big would be impossible to pay back. Although they coveted the pills, they really couldn’t stretch their hands and accept them.

“Haha! Grandpa Yang is being too serious. Pills were made for consumption. Besides, it seems like Grandpa Yang and I were brought together by fate. Could it be our fate can’t even compare to a few pills?” Cheng Yu placed the pill bottle into Old Yang’s hand.

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“I shall gladly accept it then,” Everyone’s face was filled with happiness.

“However, I have to remind you that all of you can consume this pill, excluding Zheng Ji. He is too young, and this pill is meant for adults. It will be best if this pill is consumed during that person’s prime age as the effects of the pill will be better. Also, grandma and aunties, since you have already consumed the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill, stop using skincare products as they aren’t good for your skin. Furthermore, only take the pill again when the time limit is reached. Otherwise, even if you were to consume the pill, you will just be wasting it,” Cheng Yu emphasized.

After having lunch, the four of them, including Yang Zhengji now, left the courtyard. When they left, everyone in the house started to discuss about what happened today.

“I feel very pleased with Xiao Yu, and he is also very well matched with our Ruoxue. Guofu, what do you think?” Yang Tianhu asked his eldest son, Yang Guofu.

“Haha! Dad, since you phrase it like that, what else can I say? But this kid, he’s really very generous. It’s just his first time visiting and he gifted us such a big bottle of Longevity Pills,” Yang Guofu chuckled.

“Dad, let’s all consume a Longevity Pill. Xiao Yu already said the best time to consume this pill is when the person is at his healthiest condition,” The second son, Yang Guomin, licked his lips.

When he heard what his second son said, Yang Tianhu opened up the pill bottle. Immediately, the pill fragrance burst out and filled the room. When they sniffed the air, they immediately felt that their bodies were refreshed.

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