Chapter 10: Tempering The Body

“It’s really an immortal pill! Just by smelling the fragrance, we were already able to invigorate our minds,” Yang Guomin held the pill as he exclaimed in astonishment.

“This time, the favor we owe him will be very big!” Yang Tianhu looked at the immortal pill as he spoke.

“Dad, think about it another way. To us, it’s a precious and incomparable pill. But to him, this was just some ordinary pill that he can always refine whenever he wants. More importantly, he seems to be interested in Xiao Xue. If it wasn’t because of Xiao Xue, do you really think that he would save you without asking for a single cent and give us those Longevity Pills?” Yang Guomin analyzed.

“That’s right! Dad, it’s so obvious that he’s giving us the pills because of Xiao Xue. Since he’s interested in Xiao Xue, we shouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity to become in-laws with him. No matter what, we must definitely ask Xiao Xue to grab hold of this opportunity. What do you think, Sister-in-law?” Yang Guomin’s wife, Liu Yun, asked.

“Haha! Although I am quite pleased with Xiao Yu, I can tell that Xiao Xue isn’t that willing!” Yang Ruoxue’s mother, Qin Mei, replied.

“That’s why you must persuade her. Although Xiao Xue is pretty and capable, her requirements are just too high and there aren’t a lot of people who are well matched with her. However, there is an immortal who is interested in her now! Even though Xiao Yu is still young, it shouldn’t be a concern. Besides, with such attractive terms, there’s definitely a lot of girls chasing after Xiao Yu in school. In that school, the ratio of girls to guys is too drastic. If Xiao Yu were to really get snatched away, wouldn’t it be a big loss for us?”

“Ruoxue,” Cheng Yu laid down on the sofa and called Yang Ruoxue intimately.

“Hmph! You are not allowed to address me this intimately!” When she heard Cheng Yu was calling her so intimately, Yang Ruoxue unhappily replied.

“Ruoxue, what you are doing now is destroying the bridge after crossing the river. Besides, I already sent over the betrothal gifts to your family, and they accepted it. From now on, we should start developing our relationship. What do you think?” Cheng Yu ignored the glare Yang Ruoxue was bombarding him with as he said wishfully.

“Who wants to develop feelings towards you! Can you stop being so shameless? You already said before, that it wasn’t a betrothal gift, but a greeting gift. How is that related to me?”

“Hehe. I did say that it wasn’t a betrothal gift. However, I feel that your family is quiet pleased with me as a potential son-in-law. Although I told them that it wasn’t a betrothal gift, your grandpa would still think of it as a form of betrothal gift. Perhaps they are all currently discussing about how to marry you to me!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Scoundrel! I will never marry you!” After she heard what Cheng Yu said, she indeed felt that what he said was most likely happening in her grandpa’s house. When she recalled the faces of everyone before she left, she remembered that they all seemed extremely satisfied with Cheng Yu. When she saw Cheng Yu’s complacent face, Yang Ruoxue grabbed a sofa pillow and started to hit it Cheng Yu continuously.

“Aish! Sister, if you want to flirt with your husband, can you please not do it in front of us! It will lead us astray!” At this moment, Yang Zhengji said cheekily.

Yang Ruoxue became even more furious as she whacked her brother’s head using the pillow and scolded, ”Jerk, you are actually helping a stranger to bully your sister! In the future, don’t ever ask me for pocket money again. Even if you ask, I will not give you a single cent!”

“Aiyaya! You are being unfair! I am going to tell grandpa about this! Brother-in-law, my sister is so fierce! I seriously don’t know what is so good about her? I urge you to just dump her. The earlier, the better!” When she heard his sister was not going to give him any more pocket money, he immediately got angry.

“Jerk, even if you are going to complain to grandpa, it’s useless. I am definitely going to beat you up today,” Yang Ruoxue rushed towards her brother while her brother dashed out of the villa. Yang Zhengji shouted while escaping, ”You’re finished! I am going back to grandpa’s house to expose your savage acts towards me! I must definitely humiliate you ruthlessly in the family gathering!”

After a while, Yang Ruoxue was breathless and angry when she returned back to the living room. Cheng Yu drank a sip of tea and laughed, ”Is he really your brother? He’s so adaptive and that’s making me fond of him!”

“If you don’t have any other business, get out of my house immediately!” Yang Ruoxue was at the tipping point already. Yang Ruoxue simply couldn’t believe that he was still the same her. Ever since she had met this scoundrel, her anger never subsided.

“Alright. I will not tease you anymore. Let’s discuss proper business. Have you drafted the contract already?”

“It’s done,” Yang Ruoxue calmed down as the topics changed. She walked into her room and brought out two of the same contracts. “I already signed it. You can take a look before signing them.”

Cheng Yu didn’t even bother to take a look at the contract before signing it. “Aren’t you scared of me cheating you?”

“Even if you really cheated me, I am also willing.”

“Idiot!” Yang Ruoxue curled her lips as she turned her head to the other side.

Cheng Yu kept one of the contracts, ”I am going to stay here and refine some pills. Please help me send someone to search for Jiuyang grass and Jingang grass. By the way, help me check if there is any place that sells iron meteorite.” Cheng Yu asked for Yang Ruoxue for help with what he wanted. Then, he walked towards the pill refinement room. After walking for a few steps, he didn’t receive any response, so he turned around to take a look. Yang Ruoxue’s face was filled with anger and her body was trembling. Cheng Yu was puzzled, ”What’s wrong with you?”

“What do you treat me as? Your maid or nanny? Why must I be the one helping you with shopping? And I still need to be the one paying for it as well!”

“Of course, I am treating you as someone close to me.”

“Thank you for your good intentions, but I don’t need it.”

“Then what must I do in order for you to help me?”

“Firstly, in the future, you must show me respect, you aren’t allowed to speak any nonsense,” Yang Ruoxue told Cheng Yu. The first point was the most important point. This scoundrel kept on tormenting her, and sooner or later, she would be angered to death by him.

“Sure. Carry on,” Cheng Yu laughed maliciously in his heart. “Nonsense? I never once think that I am speaking nonsense. So what is the harm in promising you that?”

“Secondly, you will have to give me half of the pills you refine.” This fellow was too naughty. Yesterday, he refined so many pills, but embezzled all of them. If he didn’t bring out the Longevity Pills today, she truly wouldn’t know that he actually had such precious pills. Although this fellow looks young and never acts decently, she was curious to how many more secrets he was hiding. Who knows? Maybe in the future, he might even refine some more formidable pills. She definitely had to grab hold of this chance to reap some benefits from him!

“Impossible!” Cheng Yu refused immediately. What a joke! If it were like that, it would be a matter of time before she got to know all his secrets. A man should always be a mystery. They must never let a woman understand their secrets. This would help them maintain freshness to woman. This was the unparalleled condition to attract countless females.

“Why not? If you do so, whatever instructions you pass on to me, I will definitely help you accomplish in the shortest time possible. Could it be that asking for half is too excessive for you?”

“It’s not if it is excessive or not. The issue is that those pills I will be refining are useless to you. Even if I were to gift it to you, it will be a waste. Besides, do you think refining pills is easy? Do you know how much spiritual Qi I need to use every time I refine pills?”

When she saw Cheng Yu’s serious look, Yang Ruoxue replied, ”Then, in the future, you must tell me what kind of pills you are refining first. If I feel that they are useless to me, I won’t take them. This should do, right?”


“Stop! I told you to respect me. You are not allowed to call me so intimately,” Cheng Yu had just started speaking, but Yang Ruoxue protested.

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“How should I call you? You should at least give me some leeway. What you are requesting is really making things difficult for me? Everyone will have their own secrets, and you being like this is too overboard,” Cheng Yu didn’t want to compromise.

“Didn’t you say that you like me? Since you like me, shouldn’t you tell me everything about you?”

“Although what you said is very reasonable, I feel that our relationship isn’t there yet. If you agree to be my wife, I promise that I will tell you everything without any reservations.”

“Hmph! That’s impossible.”

“Since it’s like that, it’s impossible for me as well.”

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“Then I will not help you look for the materials anymore.”

“Ruoxue, you know what? You aren’t cute at all right now.”

“Hmph!” Yang Ruoxue harrumphed.

“How about this? If I ever refine a pill that’s useful to you, I will tell you. Deal? If you don’t agree to it, the most I will do is just go and search for the materials myself,” Cheng Yu drew his bottom line.

Yang Ruoxue looked at Cheng Yu as she thought for a moment before agreeing with him.

At around 10 pm, Cheng Yu and Zhao Yunfang went home together. This time, it was Cheng Yu who drove. As this was his first time driving, he had to rely on the “old soul’s” memories to learn it. But with his ability to adapt quickly fast, after driving for a while, he became familiar with it as he sped back home. The little girl had long fell asleep in the car. Cheng Yu carried the little girl back to her room without speaking.

The next morning, Cheng Yu hurried over to Yang Ruoxue’s house. However, Yang Ruoxue wasn’t home, and Nanny Zhang told him that she had gone to her office. Previously, because her grandpa’s condition was aggravated, she kept on searching for doctors. So, she never returned to the company. Now, since her grandpa recovered, she had to go back to the company to work because there was a pile of work waiting to be finished. She asked Cheng Yu to wait in the house as someone will send over the things he requested. Previously, Cheng Yu still felt strange when he saw Yang Ruoxue always stayed at home even though she was a chairman. So it turned out to be like this. Then again, since he had already passed her the formula for the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill, she definitely had to head over to the company to handle the manufacturing process.

Cheng Yu waited until noon before someone delivered the materials he needed. When he got the materials, he rushed to the refinement room. It was only around 5 pm that Cheng Yu left the refinement room happily as he went home.

Cheng Yu sat on his bed and looked at his new storage ring on his finger. Happiness surged through his heart. With this item, things would become more convenient. He took out a pill bottle from his storage ring as he started cultivating. He took out a Body Tempering Pill and put it in his mouth. After that, he used his spiritual Qi to dissolve it. Immediately, a tingling feeling spread through his whole body. Gradually, his body grew stronger. Four hours later, Cheng Yu opened his eyes as he punched out a few times. “En, the strength is not bad, and my body has finally started to turn more promising. This is still not good enough to handle the pressure of the Foundation Establishment Pill.” Cheng Yu ate another Body Tempering Pill. When he woke up again, it was already 6 am. He knew that he had failed to shape his foundation and shook his head regretfully. He knew that he could only continue shaping his foundation during the night. He stood up and felt that his body was filled with strength. He was extremely satisfied. This body was finally able to handle the pressure of the Foundation Establishment Pill!

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