Chapter 11: Rescued the Campus Princess

Entering the classroom Fatty Qian Jianbo laughed as he welcome Cheng Yu, “Brother Yu, did you have an immortal pill? Why has your physique become so strong and muscular? I am so envious of it!”

“Haha! Fatty, is there any wrong? You have never once come over early in the morning to fawn on me before.”

“Hehe. Brother Yu, what are you saying? Do I look like someone who will fawn on others? Besides, I, Fatty, don’t have any strong point other than being honest. If someone dares to say your physique didn’t turn stronger and more muscular, I will definitely beat him up!” Fatty pat his sagging chest causing his fat to wobble.

“Haha! Alright. What’s the matter? Tell your brother, and I will solve it for you!”

“As expected from Brother Yu. So righteous! I am not here to ask you for your help. I wish to become your underling. Is that possible?”

“Underling? I never thought of getting an underling before,” Cheng Yu said.

“Brother Yu, with your handsome and domineering temperament, if you don’t have an underling, it will be very embarrassing. Although I, Fatty, can’t help much, I can always be there whenever you need help with anything. Even if I need to act as cannon fodder for you, I will be more than willing to do so,” Qian Jinbao seriously replied.

“I really can’t tell that your awareness is so extraordinary. Alright, since you are so sincere, I will accept you. Let’s have lunch together.”

“Hmph!” The moment Cheng Yu sat down, Lin Yuhan harrumphed and turned her head.

“What’s wrong? Hanhan, could it be that you are also able to feel my monarch vibe?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“As to whether you have a monarch vibe I am not sure, but I am able to sense your irritating vibe.”

“Haha! Hanhan, why are you acting like that? Is it because I didn’t spend the whole day in school yesterday? Did it make you feel like I gave you the cold shoulder?”


“Hanhan, don’t worry. Although my body left school, my heart was always here to accompany you. If you really feel that you received injustice because of this, I will stay here and accompany you for the whole day. I will not go anywhere. Are you happy now?”

Lin Yuhan was too lazy to pay attention to this scoundrel as she lowered her head and continued reading her book.

“Hanhan, it has already been a day since I read. My body now feels extremely uncomfortable because of that. Can you lend me some books?”

She continued to ignore him.

Cheng Yu had no other ideas and decided to help himself. He stretched his hand and grabbed one of the books in front of Lin Yuhan. When Lin Yuhan saw that, she immediately snatched it back and said angrily, ”What are you trying to do?!”

“Borrowing a book. Didn’t you agree?”

“When did I agree to lend it to you?”

“When I asked you to lend me a book just now, you kept quiet. I thought you acquiesced.”

“Is there someone who is more shameless than him?” Lin Yuhan was angered.

“When I kept quiet, it meant that I rejected you.”

Cheng Yu placed the book down as he looked at Lin Yuhan and said, ”Hanhan, what you just did wasn’t very good. Girls have to be more magnanimous. This way, I will like you even more.”

“I don’t need you to like me more.”

“Don’t you think it is very inappropriate if you were to study while I am sleeping beside you? If I didn’t remember wrongly, you are our class study committee member. From the way you are treating me, how are you even be worthy of the trust that has been given to you by everyone, teachers included? Do you know that the way you are acting now is causing our country to lose out one of their potential politicians? Will you be able to shoulder the responsibilities?” Cheng Yu clenched his chest and said shamelessly.

Lin Yuhan was angered to the point of her face turning green and her body was trembling. Lin Yuhan kept on panting while her complexion changed from green to white. Her back was drenched in cold sweat as she collapsed on the floor.

Cheng Yu immediately went forward and caught her. He used his immortal Qi to circulate through her body once before he realized that her respiratory tract had some issues. He quickly used his immortal Qi to protect her respiratory tract, which allowed her to resume breathing normally. Immediately, Lin Yuhan felt that a warm and tingling feeling came from Cheng Yu’s hands as it passed through her throat and chest. Immediately, her breathing returned to normal.

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“Why do you have this kind of sickness?” Cheng Yu asked as he used his sleeve to wipe off the sweat on Lin Yuhan’s forehead.

Lin Yuhan blushed as she moved her head away and kept quiet. As her mother had asthma, she inherited it from her mother. From a young age, she was unable to play as much as she wanted. The moment she became excited, her asthma would relapse. In addition, because her mother had asthma, she had no idea how much more pressure her mother was facing because of this. Not only did her mother have to pay for two doses of medicine, but she also needed to pay for her education. When Lin Yuhan thought of all this, her eyes started to turn red.

“Why are you crying? I know that it’s my fault this time. I shouldn’t have angered you. I guarantee that I will not make you angry anymore,” When he saw Lin Yuhan’s moisty eyes, Cheng Yu assumed that it was because he had been pushing her too far, which caused her to be too angry.

From his storage ring, Cheng Yu took out a pill bottle and poured out a brown pill. “Here, eat this.”

Lin Yuhan looked at the pill in Cheng Yu’s hands. It was very fragrant as she asked, ”What is this?”

“Something that can cure your illness. I only helped you to alleviate your illness now as it was impossible for me to bring it under control permanently. After you eat this pill, you will be the same as everyone. You will be able to do all sorts of strenuous activity and even if I were to anger you again, your illness will not relapse.

“Can this pill really cure my illness?”

“Didn’t you feel it just now? Do you still think that I am the same as all those doctors you visited before? Besides, how can I bear to hurt you?”

“I will eat it then,” Lin Yuhan hesitated before swallowing the pill. Immediately, she felt her whole body turning warm as she felt very comfortable.

“Can you give me another one?” Lin Yuhan asked embarrassingly.

“Another one? It’s useless even if you were to eat more of it,” Cheng Yu replied as he was confused.

“I am giving it to my mom. She also has asthma!” Lin Yuhan said softly.

“Oh! No wonder you had this kind of illness when you are still so young. I will pass it to you at night after school. If you were to carry it around, you might lose it,” Cheng Yu said considerately.

“Thank you! Have I really recovered?” Lin Yuhan asked gratefully. Although she did not know that if she had really fully recovered, she still felt extremely grateful to Cheng Yu.

“Haha! Of course. Do you want me to try angering you again? Let’s see if your illness will relapse,” Cheng Yu laughed.

Lin Yuhan glared at Cheng Yu coldly.

“Hanhan, it would be great if you were to treat me gently forever. Now you look so much more adorable!”

“Where did you get this pill from? It must be very expensive. Wait until I start earning money. I will return the money to you.”

“Look at you. I just praised you, and you changed back to your previous self. Do I look like someone who is lacking money?”

“I know that you are not lacking money. But this pill was so mystical. You must have paid a huge price for it, right?”

“I refined this pill myself, and it is very cheap. If you really wish to repay me, you can do so by smiling more often. I love to look at your smile.”

When she heard this, Lin Yuhan lowered her head as her face turned red from embarrassment. When Cheng Yu saw this side of Lin Yuhan, he felt extremely happy. It was so amusing!

“Hanhan, can you lend me a book now?” Cheng Yu laughed.

This time, Lin Yuhan still didn’t reply.

“I take it as you have agreed,” Cheng Yu grabbed a book and said. Lin Yuhan did not try to take it back.

The morning passed by just like that. When the lesson ended, Cheng Yu followed behind Lin Yuhan as they walked towards the cafeteria.

“Why are you following me?” Lin Yuhan asked with a red face.

“Didn’t I promise you that I will accompany you for the whole day in school? I am a person who honors his promises.”

Lin Yuhan ignored him as she quickened her pace to the cafeteria. At this moment, Fatty ran over and said to Cheng Yu, ”Boss, you are so formidable. Even our campus princess who has always placed herself above the commoners has been conquered by you! As expected from the person I chose to learn from.”

“Haha. Since you acknowledged me as your boss, I will also help you find a pretty girl,” Cheng Yu spoke magnanimously.

They walked into the cafeteria. Cheng Yu swept his eyes across the cafeteria and found that a guy was sitting opposite Lin Yuhan. The guy was actually laughing nonstop while talking to her. He instructed Fatty to help him get his food as he walked towards the table.

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Arriving at the table, he heard the guy say, ”Yuhan, I bought two movie tickets for ‘The Dream Of Red Mansion’[1]. The movie is very popular, so let’s go and watch it after school!”

“Jiang Ming, I will tell you again. Either call me Lin Yuhan or Student Lin,” Lin Yuhan said impatiently.

When he heard this, Cheng Yu felt very happy in his heart as he laughed, ”Hanhan, why are you facing a dog when having your lunch? How will you still have the appetite to eat?”

“Who are you calling dog? Besides, is Hanhan something you can call her?” Jiang Ming said furiously.

“Of course you are a dog! What? Got a problem with that?”

“Cheng Yu! Let me tell you, don’t think that I will be scared of you just because you are the Mayor’s nephew. Also, don’t think that just because you were able to beat Xu Dongyuan up you are someone terrific!” Jiang Ming said ferociously.

“Hanhan, why are you eating this? It only has radish and cabbage without even a single piece of meat,” Cheng Yu ignored Jiang Ming as he looked at Lin Yuhan’s plate and frowned.

“What I eat isn’t that important. What is more important is that I just need to feel full,” Lin Yuhan said indifferently.

When he saw Fatty came over with two plates of food, Cheng Yu took Lin Yuhan’s plate away and placed one of the plates from Fatty’s hands in front of her, ”Eat this.”

“No,” Lin Yuhan looked at the lavish meal in front of her and frowned.

“If you don’t eat it, I will not give you the pill,” Cheng Yu threatened.

“Jerk!” Lin Yuhan looked at Cheng Yu angrily.

“I have already made my stand. It’s up to you if you want to eat it,” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

When he saw Lin Yuhan actually listening to Cheng Yu as she obediently ate the food that was placed in front of her, Jiang Ming was filled with rage. D*mn it! When he was in front of Lin Yuhan, she was like a ferocious cat. But when she was in front of Cheng Yu, she was like an obedient little baby.

“Cheng Yu, did you use some despicable method to threaten Yuhan? Yuhan, don’t be afraid. Tell me! What did he use to threaten you? I will definitely put him in jail to repent,” Jiang Ming said loudly. As a result, everyone surrounding them started to eavesdrop on their conversation.

What is this situation? Are the two young masters going to fight over the campus princess? Although they had no idea what was going on, they felt that it would still be very interesting. When they saw the furious Jiang Ming, they knew something was going to happen. Looks like the school’s forum was going to get busy again! *Pinned Thread “Unveiling the Two Young Masters and the Campus Princess Secret Story!”* En! This caption would definitely attract a lot of attention!

However, the atmosphere was now quite awkward. Why? It was because Lin Yuhan and Cheng Yu actually ignored him. As for Fatty Qian? He was busy finishing his lavish meal.

It turned out that Jiang Ming’s wrath would cause his face to turn ashen. He clenched both of his fists, ”Just wait! I will let you experience the consequences of offending me!” Jiang Ming spoke angrily before leaving while stomping his feet.

[1] – Ed Note – A classical novel (like Shakespeare) that is famous in China.

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