Chapter 12: Foundation Establishment

“I’m full.” Lin Yuhan spoke softly.

Cheng Yu looked at the plate still filled with food, “You ate so little.” He looked at Lin Yuhan’s unhappy expression and said, “Forget it, at least finish this drumstick.”

Lin Yuhan picked up the drumstick and nibbled on it before looking at Cheng Yu with a face of resentment. “Fine. I will let you off today.” He took the plate in front of Lin Yuhan and finished it. Lastly, he took the drumstick from Lin Yuhan and finished it off within a few bites, causing Lin Yuhan to blush when she saw that.

He wiped his mouth and said to Lin Yuhan, ”In the future, you have to eat like what I just ate. You are not allowed to say no! If next time I catch you eating radishes and cabbage only, you will know the consequences. Fatty, in the future, help me supervise her. Help me to pass this money to the chefs.” From his pocket, he took out $2000 and gave it to Fatty before walking out of the cafeteria. Looking at Cheng Yu’s back, Lin Yuhan had a complicated expression as she also left the cafeteria and walked back to the classroom.

In the afternoon, Cheng Yu read all of the remaining books before falling asleep. He slept all the way until school ended. He passed the Reversal Pill to Lin Yuhan and told her to only consume it when her mother was going to sleep. After that, he accompanied his cousin back home together.

He quickly finished his dinner and told everyone to not enter his room. Even if he was going to miss school tomorrow, they were not allowed to disturb him, unless he left the room on his own.

When they saw Cheng Yu’s serious expression, they knew that he had some matters that needed to be settled. Ever since Cheng Yu recovered from the accident, his temperament and character had a huge change. He also became more mysterious. Let’s talk about the mysterious pills he had. For example, the Longevity Pill. This pill could unexpectedly extend a person’s lifespan and help them no longer get sick. They were able to tell that this was something only an immortal would be able to achieve. However, everyone also knew that Cheng Yu would never tell them the truth. So everyone came to an understanding that they would let him continue his mysterious ways. They would not inquire into his secrets. It would be fine as long as he treated everyone well as that was way more important than anything else!

Cheng Yu sat inside his room as he took out the pill bottle. He poured out a Foundation Establishment Pill. He was prepared to charge straight to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

So, what is foundation establishment? As the name implies, it is the shaping of the foundation. It is the same as construction. They would first need to build a solid base before starting the main structure. So how does foundation establishment work for the human body? Basically, the foundation establishment for a human is to unclog all the meridians. So how was he going to unclog his meridians? Naturally, through the use of spiritual Qi that they had cultivated in their dantian. Cheng Yu already used the spiritual Qi pill to fill his dantian with spiritual Qi. He was prepared to unclog all of his meridians in one shot because the effect of unclogging them in his first try would be the best. However, his body’s spiritual Qi wouldn’t be able to last too long, so he would need the support of the Foundation Establishment Pill to speed up the unclogging process. This would lower the difficulty and increase the success rate of breaking through to Foundation Establishment Realm.

Cheng Yu swallowed the Foundation Establishment Pill and circulated his spiritual Qi through his body to start unclogging his meridians. It turned out that Cheng Yu’s meridians were heavily clogged. But Cheng Yu had immortal Qi that he had used to nourish his body, so his body’s constitution had slowly been changing. Therefore, the difficulty of unclogging his meridians was lower compared to before his body’s constitution changed.

Two hours later, Cheng Yu had successfully unclogged his du meridian as he started to attack his ren meridian. It was only at around 11 pm, and he successfully unclogged his conception meridian! Immediately, he knew his mind and upper body had formed a connection as he felt that his body had become more carefree.

The du meridian was located behind the back and was near the spine. As for the ren meridian, it was located at the abdomen and was near the thoracic cavity. Because he had unclogged the du and ren meridians, his body was able to have the spiritual Qi from his dantian circulate through his unclogged meridians.

However, Cheng Yu didn’t want to stop as he continued to attack the rest of his clogged meridians. It was not until the next day at 12 pm that all of his meridians were unclogged. Cheng Yu had successfully established his foundation. After that, he swallowed two spiritual Qi pills as he refined them into zhenqi that circulated through his body.

Cheng Yu stood up and sensed his body. His body was filled with abundant zhenqi so he felt very satisfied with it. He had finally entered the threshold of a cultivator again.

The cultivator’s realms in the immortal world are divided into the Body Strengthening Realm, Qi Training Realm, Foundation Establishment Realm, Golden Core Realm, Primordial Nascent Soul Realm, Spirit Severing Realm, Unification Realm, and Crossing Tribulation Realm. Finally, if he was able to soar freely through the immortal world, he would be crowned in the immortal position!

Cheng Yu was able to charge straight to Foundation Establishment Realm while skipping Body Strengthening Realm and Qi Training Realm. It was because his soul was an immortal soul, which is very different from a normal cultivator’s soul. Because of the existence of immortal Qi that continually nourished his body, his mortal body slowly started to change into an immortal body. That was why after Cheng Yu’s immortal soul had possessed this body, his body’s constitution had always been changing.

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Also, Cheng Yu had refined the Body Tempering Pill. This pill was used to strengthen the body and Cheng Yu had only used two pills to complete his body tempering because of his special body constitution. There wasn’t anything more powerful than immortal Qi to temper your body! If it was a normal mortal, they would need at least 50 Body Tempering Pills to reach the pinnacle of the Body Strengthening Realm. This was an estimate based on Cheng Yu’s top grade Body Tempering Pills.

With regards to Qi Training Realm, after a person broke through the bottleneck of the Body Strengthening Realm, his body would become extremely strong. Of course, that didn’t mean that it would be like a diamond body. What it meant was that his body would be able to handle more force compared to a normal mortal’s body. After the Body Strengthening Realm, if you wanted to still upgrade your body, it would be extremely hard. So, cultivators would start to feel the existence of spiritual Qi in their body. This was extremely hard for most people. It was also due to this that not everyone would be able to become a true cultivator. All of this boiled down to a person’s constitution and their comprehension ability. A lot of the mortals were unable to feel the existence of spiritual Qi, so they were stuck at the peak of Body Strengthening Realm for their whole lives. In the immortal world, aptitude had always been the most important factor when looking for a disciple. Cheng Yu’s aptitude was the reason he was selected as a disciple by his own master in the immortal world.

Cheng Yu was able to skip the Qi Training Realm because his dantian already had the existence of Qi, and it was not any ordinary spiritual Qi, but it was top grade immortal Qi. This immortal Qi helped him to feel the existence of ordinary spiritual Qi.

During this period of time, Cheng Yu used the Qi Gathering Pills to cultivate. He absorbed the spiritual Qi in a fast-paced manner and refined it into zhenqi in his dantian. As a pill master, cultivation was like refining a pill. For those with a poor aptitude, in their whole life, they would never be able to gather enough zhenqi to unclog all of their meridians. This also signified that they would never be able to enter Foundation Establishment Realm for their lives. As everyone needed to unclog their meridians one by one, the time taken to unclog one meridians would usually be a long period of time. More importantly, the process of unclogging a meridian did not have a 100% success rate. So, in the road of cultivation, every advancement was filled with difficulty. This caused pill masters in the immortal world to have very high statuses because being connected with a pill master meant that you would have an easier time on the road of cultivation.

If Cheng Yu did not have a solid understanding of his own body, he would not be able to easily unclog all his meridians. So, with sufficient pills, breaking through to Foundation Establishment Realm was a piece of cake to Cheng Yu.

Although Cheng Yu had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm, he had no idea if he would be able to climb back up to his immortal position. In this world, he had family and he didn’t wish for the regrets he experienced in his previous life to occur again here. Although he was a pill master, and had the means to allow his family to become cultivators to lead long lives, he didn’t know if his family was willing to accept being immortals and slaves. After he slowly integrated with this world, he realized that not everyone in this world wished to be an immortal. Most mortals just wished to be able to live a little bit longer so that they would be able to see their grandchildren grow old.

Besides, as long as one didn’t become an immortal, they would still have a limit to their lifespan. Though he could bring his family to the immortal world, but if they were unable to become immortals, it would only bring them endless loneliness as they would have to watch their younger generations grow old and die while they still needed to suffer thousands of years of loneliness before they would be freed.

Although they had a short lifespan now, their life was actually filled with happiness without any regrets. Thinking of all this, Cheng Yu had no idea what he should do. He already had a few hundred years for his lifespan.

“Aish, I should stop thinking about it. This problem will be easier to solve in the future. At that moment, it will be up to them whether they are willing or not.”

Exiting his room, he noticed that the house was silent as no one was around. Yang Sifeng had told him yesterday that she would be returning to the capital. Cheng Yu went to the kitchen to find something to eat before going to school.

Just outside of his class, Cheng Yu was stunned because there was such a beautiful woman standing in his classroom. She look around 28 years old. He felt strange as he had never seen her after coming to this world for so long.

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“Cheng Yu, I think I belittled you too much. I didn’t expect you to be able to locate our classroom!” The woman looked at Cheng Yu who was standing outside the classroom as she shouted.

When he heard the woman’s words, Cheng Yu was startled. Did he know her? It did not seem like he had offended her, right? If he had offended such a beautiful lady, he would definitely remember it.

“Pretty lady, this is my classroom. Of course I would be able to find it. As for you, do I know you? Why are you in our classroom?” Cheng Yu scratched his hair as he said unsure of his connection to this woman.

This time, it was the lady who was startled. The woman was called Yao Na. She handled the homeroom for the third year high school students. The previous homeroom teacher had only taught them for a semester before falling sick. So, Yao Na was tasked to be their homeroom teacher for this semester.

She also knew that Cheng Yu was an affluent second generation kid. Hence, every time she came to the class, this rascal was never actually in her class. Since the start of the school, the only time she saw him was the first day of school. After that, he disappeared. However, this was the first time for her to see such behavior in her high school students as she had just graduated from university. This sort of behavior was very common for high schoolers, but for Yao Na who was a teacher’s pet in school, it had never crossed her mind. However, since his family was rich, this would happen very often. The previous homeroom teacher had taught her about Cheng Yu. If she could discipline him, she was told to do it. Otherwise, just ignore him.

Therefore, when she came today and saw that Cheng Yu was not present, she was not concerned. However, since he just showed up to class, she could not possibly act like she did not see him. She was furious at Cheng Yu because of his tone. He acted like such a rascal that could not even recognize her!

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