Chapter 13: Teachers In School

“What? You can’t even recognize your homeroom teacher? Cheng Yu, you are really the best student I have ever seen!” Yao Na mocked sarcastically.

“Homeroom teacher? Teacher? There are actually teachers in school? Why have I not met any teachers before?”

This couldn’t be completely blamed on Cheng Yu being ignorant. In his previous life, Cheng Yu was very poor and never attended any private schools before. Once he was taken to the immortal world by his teacher, he no longer dealt with the mortal world, so he never came across traditional teachers. As for the old soul of this body, he didn’t even bring any books when he came for lessons. He didn’t have any thoughts of studying. All he did was loiter around school. The moment he saw a pretty girl, he would go forward and tease her. If there wasn’t any, he would go out of school and head to the nightclub or bar.

He didn’t even bother to remember his classmates, so why would he bother to remember his teachers or his homeroom teacher?

Third year high school students, who were going to graduate if they successfully finished their national exams, spent most of their time on self-study during the second half of the year because they needed to prepare for the national exams. This means that Cheng Yu would not come across any teachers for most of his time in school. It was only during the afternoon and night classes that a teacher would be there to tutor and help students with questions or homework.

Unfortunately, Cheng Yu spent significantly more time at school than the old soul of the body did. But even if it was like that, Cheng Yu never attended the afternoon lesson. Even yesterday, a teacher had come, but he was sleeping next to Lin Yuhan. The teachers would just close their eyes to the actions of the wealthy young masters. Offending them was far more dangerous than just letting them sleep in class. As long as they do not cause a disturbance in the class and affect the other students, they would just ignore them. Therefore, Cheng Yu only learned of teachers being in this school today.

“Haha! So you are a teacher. Nice to meet you. I was too excited just now. When I saw that teacher is so feminine and charming, I almost succumbed to my lust,” Cheng Yu bragged. Cheng Yu never feared women, especially beautiful women. Cheng Yu believed that as long as they were a woman, he would be able to conquer them.

“Teacher will gladly accept your praise. But since you are so happy, I will also tell you some good news. The first mock test starts tomorrow, and if you fail English, I will let you know what a real hell is!” Yao Na said angrily before picking up her bag and leaving the classroom.

When Fatty saw that the teacher had left, he immediately ran over, ”Boss, you are so awesome! You actually dare to tease our homeroom teacher! However, why are you getting more and more handsome every day? Did you eat some immortal potion? If you have such a potion, you must never forget about me! I also want some of it!”

After he heard Fatty’s words, he was stunned. Soon after, he understood. It was because he had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm. In theory, it could be said that he was no longer a mortal. If they were to look at his temperament, he would no longer be the same. Now, whenever someone looks at Cheng Yu, they will feel that he has an air of mystery around him. It would be as if he is standing there, yet he is unreachable.

“No problem. The best decision you made in your life was to decide to follow me. Oh right, what is that teacher’s name?” Cheng Yu felt that Fatty was not a bad person. Although he liked to curry favor with Cheng Yu, Fatty’s character was not that bad.

“Are you serious? Boss, you really don’t recognize her?” Fatty Qian was surprised. At first, he thought that Cheng Yu was just purposely doing that to tease her, but he didn’t expect him to really not know who their homeroom teacher was!

“You don’t say! If I really recognized her, why would I be asking you?” Cheng Yu said unhappily.

“She is called Yao Na, our homeroom teacher. She is also our English teacher.”

“Oh? What’s her origin?”

“She just graduated from university. However, I think that will use you as an example to show her dominance. Aish! Tomorrow is the start of the first mock test. I guess I will need to suffer my father’s wrath again. Perhaps, after I graduate from high school, I will really start taking over my father’s business,” Fatty Qian said painstakingly before walking back to his seat.

Looking at Fatty Qian’s worrying expression, Cheng Yu sat down in his seat and muttered, ”Che! He only has this much courage, and he still wants to participate in the national exams? He might as well follow his dad’s business and slaughter pigs! However, with his fatty body, he might be slaughtered by the pigs instead of him slaughtering pigs! It seems like I will have to help him out.”

Cheng Yu was thinking of giving Fatty a Soul Pill. The Soul Pill was the first pill Cheng Yu refined in Yang Ruoxue’s house. It was meant to increase a person’s ability to memorize anything. After consuming a Soul Pill, the pill would enhance a person’s memory. Incidentally, this was also linked to a person’s constitution. If the person’s constitution is good, they might gain a photographic memory. This was also one of the products that Cheng Yu wished to partner with Yang Ruoxue to sell. However, she was already busy with the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill. He intended to pass the pill recipe over for the Soul Pill after the sales of the first two pills stabilized. In any case, the money would not run away and a sudden influx of pills would not necessarily be a good thing.

“What are you muttering about?” At this moment, Lin Yuhan asked softly.

“Ah! Hanhan, if my memory didn’t fail me, this should be the first time you have initiated a conversation with me. This is really a touching moment for me. In the future, you must continue to do so! This way, you will be able to conquer my heart very quickly.”

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The moment Cheng Yu started to talk nonsene to her, Lin Yuhan’s face reddened as she turned her head embarrassingly.

“Haha! Hanhan, why are you blushing so easily nowadays? Are you embarrassed? But I don’t remember you being like this previously.”

“What am I like?”

“Previously, you used to anger easily because you despised me. Though, sometimes you would be amazed by my actions. You also chose to ignore me often, yet you also longed for me to disturb you. You also disdained talking to me, but you would also show hints of love.”

“Who’s treating you with reverence and love? Don’t talk rubbish!” Lin Yuhan said angrily.

“Haha! By the way, did your mother eat the pill?”

“Yes. At first, she didn’t dare to eat it. It was only after I told her that I also ate it that she reluctantly ate it. She also said that she was going to go to the doctor to do a body examination later. Please don’t take offense to it,” Lin Yuhan said awkwardly. After all, Cheng Yu had used such a precious pill to help her, yet she didn’t have any faith in him.

“Haha! What is there to take offense to? If such a pill were to fall to anyone, they would not believe it either. Besides, didn’t you both already eat it? I chose to present myself as a lecherous pervert, yet you know that I am an immortal. I just wanted to disguise myself as I do not desire to draw too much attention to myself yet. I also tried a lot of methods to hide my skills, and because of this, my chest occasionally hurts. Hanhan, help me give it a rub,” Cheng Yu started off with being very decent, but as he continued to talk, he started spouting nonsense again. Finally, he grabbed Lin Yuhan’s hands and placed it on his chest.

Cheng Yu was feeling elated. “Such small hands that are so smooth and tender. When I touch them, they feel so comfortable. In the future, I must touch them at least once every day.”

At first, Lin Yuhan was quite touched by his actions, but when Cheng Yu started to speak nonsense, she frowned. He even grabbed her hand! Lin Yuhan quickly pulled her hand away as she blushed and said, ”In the future, stop talking rubbish to me and don’t touch me.”

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“I’m sorry. Just now, I got too agitated, so I lost control of myself. I hope you don’t mind it,” Cheng Yu said decently.

“I am going to study. Tomorrow is our test, so you should also start studying. Just now, our homeroom teacher already said that if you fail your English, she will definitely let you experience hell.”

“You should know that I don’t understand English. If you were to help me with it, I might understand it,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hmph! I will not believe your lie. You are just thinking of taking advantage of me again.”

“It turns out that I am such a person in your heart. Do you really think that I am so shameless?”

“You are even more shameless then that.”

Cheng Yu kept quiet as he laid down on the table. Lin Yuhan ignored him and started to study.

After school, Fatty ran over and shook Cheng Yu who was still in his dreamland, ”Boss, let’s go and have barbeque tonight!”

Cheng Yu lifted up his head and wiped off his drool as he realized that Lin Yuhan had already left. “Barbeque? Sure! Your treat?”

“Of course! To have a meal together with boss, naturally I will treat,” Fatty said heroically.

When they left the school premises, they saw Lin Yuhan was obstructed by Jiang Ming and a bunch of his hooligans.

“Jiang Ming, if you continue like this, I will scream!” Lin Yuhan shouted. The moment she walked out of the school, Jiang Ming obstructed her from going home.

“Scream? Sure. Go ahead and scream! I would like to see who would dare to interfere. Do you know who is this? This is the Blood Wolf Gang’s Brother Dao. Even if the city region police chief were to be here, he would definitely not interfere. I want to see, who will help you!” Jiang Ming grabbed Lin Yuhan’s hand as he pointed at a red haired man arrogantly.

“Let go off me! Don’t touch me! What you are doing is illegal!” Lin Yuhan struggled.

“Haha! Illegal? Lin Yuhan, you brought this upon yourself. I, Jiang Ming, liked you for so long. Since when have I not treated you well? But you actually fell in love with that scum, Cheng Yu. How am I worse than him? He’s just the mayor’s nephew. My dad is the chairman of Yunneng Science and Technology, and he is very rich. How about dating me? I will show you how I am going to get rid of him today. I will make him kneel in front of me and beg to bring you away! HAHAHA!” Jiang Yu laughed heartily.

“Look! The person we are waiting for is here!” Jiang Ming looked at Cheng Yu and Fatty Qian who were walking over as he said to Lin Yuhan. “Cheng Yu. Not bad. You actually dared to come when you saw that we have so many people here. Seems like you really care about her!”

“I will give you a chance now. Release her and I will let you leave here safely,” Cheng Yu said tranquilly. Ever since Cheng Yu reached Foundation Establishment Realm, he really hoped that he didn’t have to stain his hands by beating up mortals as this was one of the unwritten rules in the immortal world. The cultivators in the immortal world would never attack a mortal because they knew that mortals were not fit to waste their time. It was also because cultivators all had their own arrogance, and they believed that mortals were just ants.

Naturally, when they say that they would not beat up the mortals, it didn’t mean that they couldn’t do it. In this current scenario, it would be impossible for him not to act.

“Haha! Brother Dao, did you hear that? He said that he’s giving us a chance to leave here safely!” Jiang Ming laughed viciously.

“Haha! Little kid, you have quite a sense of humor. I hope you maintain your humor after you are trashed by us!” Brother Dao laughed as well.

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